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Setting up an affiliate store using Shopify

Hello, I currently manage a high traffic website in a very targeted niche.  We are looking to create a store offering products of interest to our user base.  However, as this is our first foray into ecommerce and we do not want to manage inventory and fulfillment ourselves initially, we are looking to create what we are calling an 'affiliate store."  Specifically, we want to have a normal ecom...

Aug 14 2014 by Victor Mathieux
Drop Ship

I was curious to know if there are any plans to incorporate Drop Ship capabilities into Shopify. Thanks, Will

May 17 2013 by ordoro
Drop Shipping Questions

Hi there, I'll be opening up a shopify store that will act as a middle person or Drop Shipper.  Example: Brand lists with us, consumer purchases, we send order confirmation and shipping into the brand. I had a question regarding this model and how Shopify can help. Forgive me if these questions have already been answered elsewhere but after an exhaustive search, I wasn't able to find any sol...

Mar 27 2013 by ecommhub
How do I sell stuff produced by others?

I really like what Shopify offers. I am writing from Europe, and I'd like to target the international market. I feel like I have a great idea, but I don't have the budget to buy a lot of products before I sell some. So, my question: when you're selling products produced by others, what do you do in practice? You order the product just ordered from you and ship it to your customer or... well,...

Aug 11 2011 by LittleEarthAngel.com
Best way to implement Wholesale pricing?

I have a Shopify site where I want to offer wholesale pricing. here's what i'm looking to do: Each product will have tiered pricing per quantity, ex: 36 - 71 pieces will be $10.15, 72-107 will be $8.60, etc. Each product will typically have a Size variant. Currently, i've built a form in javascript that totals up the number of pieces they have, so there's the total quantity. What I now nee...

Jul 25 2011 by rastabobb
Wholesale vs. Retail

Does shopify let the enduser seperate the accounts that get set up? Better yet, can we set up accounts for companies to do wholesale? Is there a way to set up the site so people can create logins so they can see the old shopping carts, purchased items, store credits and so on?

Nov 4 2010 by kidzculture
Dropshipping from multiple supplier question

I explain the processes that needs to be performed with this graph   Please take a look and advise me if Shopify can do this, even partially.   edit: Click this Hi-Res picture because the forum uploaded a very small picture :(

Mar 3 2011 by ecommhub
Selling via Dropshippers?

I'm currently only "considering" purchasing a Shopify Online Store, and was curious: Can we sell products provided by a dropshipper? And how easy (or difficult) is it to "upload" product images, content, and specs provided by the Dropship Product Provider? I've worked with a previous "ecommerce platform" and the product upload took hours upon hours upon hours. And, Lastly, lets say:  a custo...

Jan 5 2010 by brookgfain
Are You a Dropshipper?

Hello fellow Shopify users! If you are using shopify and are a dropshipper I would love to talk to you! My company is building an application that integrates Shopify with live inventory from dropshipping suppliers. If you would like to be able to sync your shopify inventory with your dropshipper supplier's inventory, please comment on this post with the company (and their website) you use...

Oct 23 2010 by checkoutmyinkstore