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ecommerce site marketing

What are some good ways to market online my ecommerce store besides Google Adwords?

Posted by pos in Ecommerce Marketing — January 18, 2013

POS SDK fetchCart not getting correct scopes

;the latest update (4.4). Our store uses an POS App that needs to get the cart many times

Posted by John in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 9 months ago

POS and POS Products Error

Hello everyone, We recently had the Shopify POS at a trade show and had major issues... . We have two sets of the same products (Webstore only and POS only) which all have the same UPC

Posted by Chris in Shopify POS — June 09, 2015

Vend POS vs Shopify POS??

We're currently using VEND pos for our two shops integrated with a Shopify online store. We... 've seen that Shopify POS is now available. Should we consider changing?Has anyone tried

Posted by Michele Ferron-Leckie in Shopify POS — January 16, 2014

Migration: Quickbooks POS to Shopify POS

What is the most efficient way to move all the data from Quickbooks POS to the Shopify POS? We... want to stop using Quickbooks POS all together and use a service like st...

Posted by Joshua Roberts in Shopify POS — January 06, 2015

New POS Update & POS SDK

Hi all, I run a custom POS app that we launch through the "Add to Cart&quot... ; integration (https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/shopify-apps/shopify-pos-app-sdk#add-to-cart-action

Posted by tnasc in Shopify APIs & SDKs — June 26, 2017

Brick and Mortar how-tos?

’d found the Shopify POS docs here: pos">http... ://docs.shopify.com/posI’d recommend you take a look at these sections in particular:

Posted by Therese in Shopify POS — October 16, 2014

SALE Items listed on POS Receipt and POS Screen

on the POS or on the receipts for the customers. Our customers would really like to be able to see... to tell if an item is discounted on the POS screen.  Any way to do this? We can't just do

Posted by Anne Hawkins in Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment — July 08, 2016

POS system

I am just starting to use VEND as my point of sale (POS) system does anyone know how to delete the default products and integrate my products?

Posted by Shantell McDonald in Shopify Discussion — November 08, 2012

Android POS

transaction fees by not being compatible with android devices with their POS hardware? Apple users

Posted by Laura Hayes in Shopify Discussion — March 11, 2017

POS in Australia

POS in their physical store in Australia? I currently use Vend which is integrated with a Shopify

Posted by Gill Di Pasquale in Ecommerce Discussion — July 08, 2016

POS and iZettle

Hi Does anyone know if there is a solution for Shopify POS and using the iZettle card

Posted by David De Bono in Shopify POS — December 06, 2017

Shopify POS

Hi!I'm really excited about trying the pos... ">Shopify POS app.  There are three pieces that are holding me back:1. Returns. &nbsp

Posted by Will Cervarich in Shopify Apps — September 02, 2013

Fees on POS

Hi,If we were to go on any of the lower plans available, does the % transaction fee also apply to sales made through POS?Michael

Posted by Michael in Shopify POS — September 11, 2013

Shopify POS

Can I use Shopify platfrom with a card reader different than that of shopify. If So , what guide/APIs to read/use ? Are there restrictions on card reader types ?Thanks.

Posted by Mahmoud Rouby in Shopify APIs & SDKs — October 10, 2013

Shopify POS

I am interested in Shopify POS. I want customers to place order in our site. Then they come... POS may be perfect for my business model. But it looks like it is not. Customer placed the order

Posted by Prabu Murugan in Ecommerce Discussion — December 13, 2013

POS Locations

the location_id mentioned in the order JSON. As I understand it, a location is created for one or more POS... that a user of the POS system can get the location id so it can be used in my app?Many...

Posted by Ed in Shopify APIs & SDKs — October 30, 2013

Possible POS!

Does anybody have experience with possible pos?

Posted by sakshisyan in Shopify Discussion — February 20, 2014

POS in Canada?

Hi there!  Is the POS Swipe ready to go in Canada?

Posted by Carrie Paxson in Shopify POS — January 02, 2014

PoS Loyalty?

Are there any plans for a loyalty program? We are already capturing emails at the register etc. Most other systems have this in place.

Posted by Cory McElroy in Shopify POS — January 10, 2014

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