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I need something to sell lol, any thoughts?

Anybody familiar with a good drop shipping program, or a wholesale company that does fulfillment?

Mar 27 2013 by ecommhub
Part deliveries and stock call-off

Is it possible to do this in Shopify? Our customers order in bulk and pay up front for the whole order. We hold stock for them and they call it off in batches. It's custom branded goods, so we can't use the stock for other customers! I would like them to be able to log in to their account and view their stock levels and call off part orders and then re-order when the stock is getting low. The ...

Apr 2 2013 by Brad
Wholesale Opportunity for Wedding Accessories (Earrings, Necklaces, etc)...

If interested, contact wholesale@weddingcornerstore.com. Visit our site for product listings. New Products introduced each week www.weddingcornerstore.com

Mar 22 2013 by Wedding Corner Store
Different shipping prices for wholesale items

Is it possible to have different tiered prices for wholesale products and for non-wholesale products?

Mar 11 2013 by ryanfredrick
Hide Prices until Login

Hi there,   I'm just getting started with shopify and am setting up a website for wholesale purchases.   We don't want wholesale prices to be seen by the public. So my need is to hide prices until the user is logged in.  Is there a simple way to do this?   Thank you.   -Rob

Mar 4 2013 by Dean Swinton
Turn your TV into a Smart TV/ Offering wholesale on our products.

visit www.boxtoptheater.com

Feb 25 2013 by Cody Tuma
Any Australian Shopify Stores using a Dropshipper/Fulfilment Service?

I would like to know any suggestions. I am particularly interested in the US and Canadian market.  I am only a small business, and have interest from overseas and want to test the market.  I have applied to Fulfillrite and Shipwire, who both suggest they can cater for small business, but need to charge enormous amounts for a product that, unless in its thousands, would only take up a quarter ...

Feb 20 2013 by lalalou
Switching from self fulfillment to drop ship?

Has anybody here tried to do their own fulfillment, then transferred their product to a fulfillment house?  If so, did you find it worth your while?

Feb 11 2013 by Hotwicks

Hello everyone, We manufacture and offer diamond jewelry. We now offer a new service: If you like to sell jewelry items on your own website and wouldn't like to invest in inventory, photos, manufacturing, then you can have our full inventory with all specifications and photos and use it. Once you sell and make an order on our site we can either ship the item (in bulk or one by one) to you, ...

Jan 29 2013 by Admin @ ndstore
Customized Items Requiring Proof Approval

Hello, I've searched high and low for a solution but I'm guessing what I've been hired to do is a bit out of the ordinary. The company I'm interning at is selling a product that requires an image from the customer. The image will be sent to a vendor, a proof created and then approved by the customer before the product ships. The sale has already ended this is just a post-sale approval process...

Jan 18 2013 by Sam Stark
Selling International - How we set it up (Drop-shippers--> Our Warehouse...

We came up with this concept of selling products made by American Brands (manufactured everywhere inc China) and selling it on a daily basis (B2C) by involving FEDEX/DHL to deliver till last mile...with obviously lot involved in the backend process and surely made it work..more details coming soon... the few challenges we had -setting up a company in International 'country' -payment gateways...

Jan 8 2013 by Multimedia Marketing
Adding Shopify to a Cart 66 run site

Hi, I run a wordpress site running on Cart 66 as our shopping cart platform. We are currently in a subscription box business and want to move to ecommerce using dropshipping but are not happy with the features that Cart 66 provides with dropship. I believe Shopify can solve these issues for us. Is it possible to add shopify to our site ? I mean we want to continue running the cart66 platform bu...

Jan 2 2013 by sahil
sales price product

I changed the template to display the compare at price as a discount product and but it it still the regular price when I add it to the shopping cart... Anyone know how to fix this ? Thank you !

Dec 27 2012 by Sebas Ouellette

Does anyone know a good women's boutique wholesaler that i can start buying product from?????

Dec 15 2012 by Josee Tom
Tip: Grow Your Small Business with Multiple Ecommerce Stores

Thought I should share this upcoming webinar with you all, especially those who are trying to grow their business. The webinar is with Brennan Loh, Head of Business Development at Shopify, and Ron Schmelzer, CEO of Bizelo, who will show how to grow your small business with multiple ecommerce stores. You can ask questions or comment throughout the webinar with their live chat option and get your...

Nov 12 2012 by Kate.Bizelo
cosmetics and much more

hello welcome i am selling eco friendly and vegan cosmetics and yes i buy them from other sellers and companys and than sell them to you why you ask cause i want you to try more natural products and be happy. enjoy

Oct 30 2012 by yahaira pimentel
looking for a partner selling game gold(diablo3,wow,gw2,rs,RIFT)

I am game gold supplier, I'm looking for a partner selling game gold, my production game gold, RUNESCAPE, WOW, gw2,RIFT,diablo3 if you are interested in selling game gold together, please contact me Email:57042529@qq.com

Sep 16 2012 by kamilwang
Are you interested in Dropshipping?

Shopify has 45,000 merchants with 6 milion products listed. If you could sell any one of these millions of products on your store would you? For example if you sell handmade pants on your Shopify shop would you be interested in being able to dropship belts from another Shopify store? Would you as a merchant be interested in dropshipping for another Shopify store and increasing your store's vo...

Mar 5 2014 by Macelets
Want to Sell T-Shirts Anyone? (Wholesale Accounts Being Accepted NOW)

  Hi fellow Shopify users! IF you have a Shopify website, we've got an offer you can't refuse (ie. If you read this, you'll get that pink Cadillac for Christmas!). Solid Gold Bomb (SGB) www.solidgoldbomb.com is a Massachusetts, USA based Wholesale T-Shirt Company that sells t-shirts in more than 78+ Countries Worldwide and happens to use this little shopping cart called Shopify (Yep, for our ...

Aug 15 2012 by AlexW
Wholesale site End Users…

So I made a bright and shiny new Shopify site for wholesale customers. Through this I think I discovered a generation gap. While I find it easier to order online, some of our customers still prefer to place orders through the phone and email. I would still like to have all the orders processed through Shopify. I've investigated POS apps such as shopkeep and vend, but it seems that doesn't send ...

Sep 6 2014 by sophiwilsonau