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drop shipping from banggood and fashion wholesalers

hello i want to ask if any one has experience with drop shipping using banggood i would like to know your opinion? i am planing to start drop shipping from banggood ... aliexpress has long time for shipping but banggood has less time and any idea about other clothing and fashion drop shipping suppliers and wholesalers? thank you

Nov 11 2017 by most
dropshipping companies For wrist watches

Hi I am looking for dropshipping companies or Official distributors of watch brands  ( within the USA ). Thank you

Nov 10 2017 by appfreaker.com
Looking for Men/Women Suppliers!

Hey there, I was wondering where people go to look for suppliers!? I am opening a hair salon soon and I want to find suppliers for products, starting from clothes, to hats, to socks, to phone cases, to any hair cutting machines, or shampoo or color products etc. How does one go about finding this? Usually alibaba ones dont offer high quality product or weird sizing, was just curious where to lo...

Mar 2 2018 by Tae
Looking for handcraft item dropshipping

  Hi All, i am looking supplier that is doing by handmade/handcraft item dropshipping, please contact me through email wanurain8@gmail.com or drop your email here and i will contact you via email Regards Krafra Trader krafra.com

Nov 10 2017 by appfreaker.com
Looking for dropshipping company..

Does anyone know about any dropshipping companies that carries urban apperal in canada? 

Nov 15 2017 by Printify
Dealing with Aliexpress discounts and price changes

Hi guys! How do you deal with the fact, that sellers on Aliexpress change their price on product while your product on store has still the old price? How do you source products to avoid these kind of situations? Thanks in advance.

Nov 6 2017 by appfreaker.com
Dropshipping in the United States for Lingerie

Hello all,  I am starting my exciting online specialzing in plus size lingerie, I wanted to know if there are reputable companies that are in the U.S that i could perhaps begin to program with?     thanks 

Oct 29 2017 by appfreaker.com
Dropshipping or Wholesale Boho Fashion, Jewellery, Homewares , Natural S...

Hi , I'm looking for suppliers who either dropship or do wholesale in small quantities .... I'm based in Australia & would like anyone with quality items to sell . If anyone knows any reputable suppliers overseas i'd also be grateful . I do need more mens items , kids & homewares . And overall fashion/clothing  .  Any leads would be awesome !  Thanks Kylie 

Oct 25 2017 by appfreaker.com
Looking for Women's Nightshirt Supplier

Can anybody please offer recommendations on a women's nightshirt supplier?  Thank you,   Maggie - ShopTheDogStore.com

Dec 20 2017 by OF Fashion
Looking for a drone supplier DJI + PARROT + YUNEEC

Hey there I am looking for a drone supplier. Can anybody help me? I don't want to use Oberlo or Aliexpress since the customer would have to wait too much to recieve the product. I am trying with lots of other platforms (tomtop gearbest light in the box etc) but the prices are the same of the current market so it would be difficult to use competitive prices on my store. You can answer here...

Oct 29 2017 by Guobing
Drop Shippers in the U.S.

Hello everyone, I'm looking for drop shippers located in the U.S. for women's jewelry and apparel. Shipping time needs to be no more than 5 days.  Thanks in advance for any input.

Jul 30 2018 by Ebr gold
Looking for Women's shoe supplier

Hi, I am starting a women's shoe store and I am looking for suppliers with shipping in the US. Thanks!

Dec 20 2017 by Megan
Drop Shippers for Women's & Men's Accessories - scarves, gloves, etc

I am looking for a preferrable US supplier (drop shipper) for a quality line of women's and men's accessories (scarves, gloves, etc), plus handbags and wallets.  I have looked at a few that would have to be imported (Italian Leather) but would prefer to work with a vendor in the US.  Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 26 2017 by appfreaker.com
UK drop shipping

Hi all, I'm interested as to what can be offered in terms of drop shipping to the U.K. The products I would be looking to sell, must be able to be delivered to customers in the U.K. with no longer than a weeks delivery time. If you currently use a service that fits the requirements above, then I would be grateful to hear. Many thanks, Perry

Nov 3 2017 by appfreaker.com
Looking for a reliable wholesaler in the USA

Hi,   I'm Everett and, I am looking for a wholesaler in America. I prefer something around solar energy but, I am completely willing to look at other wholesale items. Price competition is a very important aspect in my search.                                               Thank you, Everett

Dec 27 2017 by Megan
Finding USA Based Wholesalers

Hello and Good day, I am running a droppshipping business selling bow-ties. As of now, I am using AliExpress to find wholesalers from which to dropship. However, you may have noticed that shipping from China is quite a slow process.  My questions are as follows: Q1: Where can one find a congragation of USA based wholesalers much in the same way AliExpress congragates China based wholes...

Oct 26 2017 by appfreaker.com
Looking 4 Dropshippers from CHINA, HONG KONG, USA

Hi, I am looking for really good DS from countries above for USA market for ebay.

Oct 28 2017 by Snuuks
Looking for dropship wholesaler for women's fashion

Hi all,   I am looking to start a store for my little sister where she can sell some clothing and jewelry. We've found a few things on AliExpress and eBay.  I'm looking for more.    Thanks in advance!

Dec 27 2017 by Megan
Which is the best Online shopping sites in India?

Hi,I have already searched of online shopping sites but i can't find better sites of online shopping,so please give me some tips or suggestion of any shopping website. 

Oct 27 2017 by appfreaker.com
New Business and New to Dropshipping and Wholesale Stuff! Where to find ...

Hi everyone,  I just started a business and am racking my brain and wasting so much time trying to find manufactures, wholesalers and most important, dropshippers for miniature garden accessories, fairy garden accessories and supplies like fairy doors, fairies, gnomes, fairy houses, terrarium supplies and accessories like teeny tiny miniatures and everything else for tiny gardening.  Also...

Oct 23 2017 by MagicalTinyGardens