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my store

I need someone to look at my store.  I have had it for a few monhts, lots of likes but no sales. Do I need to change anything, or improve on anything ? Thanks

Oct 2 2018 by Peter
UK Swimwear Supplier that supports dropshipping

Hi,  I am setting up a Swimwear shop on shopify and iam looking for a UK based supplier who supports dropshipping. I currently have items in the shop from oberlo but length of delivery is a problem. A UK based supplier that could ship with next day option would be perfect. Thanks in advance for replies  Graeme

Oct 2 2018 by Nick

Hi guys, Is any of you guys doing business with buy2bee ? They are selling branded products.  Can someone please confirm that they are not a scam?   Thanks

Oct 1 2018 by Mkur
Which products should we pick? Hot selling products or evergreen best it...

Hello guys! I have been doing drop shipping for a long and since the beginning, I always hear about hot selling products. Believe me, the newbies of the drop shipping industry are on the wrong path. Because every drop shipper is trying to build their business with hot selling products and creating a huge competition. So should we start finding evergreen best items to dropship instead of hot sel...

Sep 30 2018 by BusiTips
Dropshipping with Scandinavian Product Sources

Hello, does anyone know the rules when it comes to utilizing products that are dropshipped from Norway or Sweden into the US? Specifically, if as a US based shop, I use products that are dropshipped from these countries to my customers, can I still ask them (the nordic sources) to white label? If so, wouldn't that put me in the category of appearing as an importer vs. not? I want to do things c...

Sep 29 2018 by knels
droppshipping and salehoo

Well I was advice to register with salehoo to find dropshippers in the US while my company is USA based but they are maybe good but the suppliers there nether answer, it was wasted money that could have been better invested somewhere else... who knows droppshippers in the usa that are seriouse working with people for all in the Pet Supply branch? Same quesgtion for Australia and New Zeala...

Sep 29 2018 by PawsFamily
Payment Gateway Alternatives / Help Wanted

I just recently ran into an issue requiring me to find a new 3rd party payment gateway provider.  I am looking for the best alternative with a not so strengent approval process.  Someone please assist with any helpful information.  Thanks.

Sep 25 2018 by Steven Soroka
Drop shipping Supplier for Private Label Matcha and tea

Hello, I am looking to find a supplier that can drop ship private label high quality matcha to both the U.S. and internationally. I am hoping the supplier has competitive pricing for the matcha. Thank you.  Charles

Sep 24 2018 by Charles Willson
Expert App Development Guidance

We're looking for an expert who is able to guide us through the process of hiring a coder who can build a third party drop-shipping application for us, with Shopify integration. Thereafter, the expert will need to guide us through the implementation phase of the application onto the Shopify App Store and other marketplaces. We are able to pay this expert up to $100/hr USD for their guidance dep...

Sep 18 2018 by GhostApps
Seller Fulfillment and Dropship Products - is it possible to do both on ...

I have an existing Shopify Store where we stock items and fulfill ourselves (in Australia). I would like to be able to add dropshipping to our site for more products. I have been reading the documentation on several dropshipping apps and the forum but need some advice please! - Are there any stores out there running with both seller fulfilled orders and dropshipped? If so any advice on set u...

Jun 4 2018 by GhostApps
How to separate shipping charges on dropshipping product and my own inve...

Hi, I am planning to extend my store products by adding dropshipping product. Currently I have my own inventories. How do I separate shipping charges on dropshipping products and my own inventory products? Since I will be dropshipping from aliexpress and they will provide free shipping so in this case I will not charge any shipping fee, but I will still want to charge shipping fee for ...

Apr 23 2018 by GhostApps
Order processing drop shipping automation

Right now when a customer buys multiple items from my store from different vendors I need to export the items to excel, create a shipping label, create a customer receipt and email the documents to each vendor.  I was looking to see if anyone knows of a way to automate the process.  

Apr 12 2018 by guuds.com
Need dropshippers and suppliers for partnership

Hi, I'm the creator of the Simple Purchase Orders app which allows shop owners to send dropship orders to their suppliers automatically, importing the order's items, quanitities and shipping address and creating a professional looking PO. I would like to partner with dropshippers to test the app and with suppliers/manufacturers to improve the app and hopefully they can recommend it to the...

Mar 28 2018 by GhostApps
US Suppliers

I have an accessories store and am looking for US suppliers of workout clothing, and yoga clothes.  Also, hats, sunglasses, handbags and hats.  Any suggestions would be appreciated

Sep 23 2018 by Debora Adams-Truso
Looking for dropship supplier in EU

I'm looking for fashion clothing dropship supplier in EU who has reasonable prices and low shipping cost to Hungary.

Sep 21 2018 by ShopMaster ERP
Adding products from Amazon

Looking to add several products from Amazon due to better quality and pricing. What is the legality situation surrounding this drop-shipping practice? Descriptions and photos would not be the original sellers. Is this practice frowned upon?    

Jul 9 2018 by Anthony
dropshipping to ebay

Hello, I would like to know if it is profitable to buy a membership in shopify and then sell these items on eBay.com as dropshiping. Does any one from use this method ? I am waiting for your opinions and suggestions.

Feb 2 2018 by tommax
AliExpress Frustration/Disputes

Just wondering how successful you are using AliExpress? I've only been up and  running a few months and with the very few sales, I've had to refund 3 people. One item was just way too small, another supplier shipped the wrong item (and this after the customer waited one month to get besides being provided wrong tracking number) and now I have an item not delivered after seller guarantees 27 day...

May 22 2018 by Dan @ DropshipNews
Sourcing for High-Quality Merchandise???

I am creating a lifestyle brand featuring outdoor activities and adverture. Trying to source high-quality, long-lasting products to dropship.  Not much success in locating dropship suppliers with quality merchandise. Oberlo and AliExpress, while the selection is great, don't have what I'm looking for. Specifically, looking to source high-quality, long-lasting outdoor apparel, camping equi...

Jul 25 2018 by Eoghan
Looking For Us dropshippers in the automotive field

Hello,   I am looking to start a Shopify store and would like to partner with us wholesalers/drop shippers. I'm looking for performance car/truck parts.  wheels, engine parts, body parts, etc.   Thanks Ty

Jan 15 2018 by Cars2NV