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Natural Cosmetics, Natural Skin and Hair Care for the European Market

Hello, iam looking for a droppshipping supplier for Natural Cosmetics, Natural Skin and Hair Care for the European Market (Targeting German-speaking countries) found some in the USA but unfortunately Europe has a lot of Restriction when it comes over Beauty and Cosmetics. Any ideas? would help a lot ;) Thanks

Dec 7 2018 by john
Amazon affiliate

I have an Amazon affiliate a/c and I advertised products on a website and get commission. Now have a separate shopify site and use Aliexpress for products.  I wish to use my Amazon affiliate a/c and put some books from Amazon on my Shopify site, because Aliexpress don't have the books in the subject I need. How to do this please and thank you. Meg

Dec 5 2018 by Nick
Private Label/dropship Performance Shirts

Anyone aware of a dropship company that works with shopify that will do custom logo printing and private labeling per order?  Looking at first starting with Long sleeve UPF performance shirts with company logo

Dec 5 2018 by 86deal

Im starting up my own clothing line and looking for a quality manufacturer who concentrates on streetwear (T-shirts/Hoodies/Hats) ETC would like to deal with overseas suppliers but if if cost is down i would deal with a australian supplier aswell if you know anyone please contact me thankyou EMAIL: haichx1@gmail.com

Nov 14 2018 by Haichx
If you know that this method has never been easier to drive to dropship...

Eprolo Shopify App is the must-have app if you are interested in dropshipping.  You sell it! Eprolo ship it! Forever free to use, it costs you nothing! Eprolo will add your company info and logo on the scotch tape, invoice, label, and box! Thousands and thousands of trending products listed in Eprolo catalog. Not just that, you can also import product from Aliexpress, Amazon, Dhgate, e...

Dec 4 2018 by eprolo
Seeking a print on demand dropshipper that offers 100% moisture wicking ...

Hey Shopifiyers, We have been using Printful & Printaura for over a year and they are top quality, no complaints.  We are looking to add performance wear to our store & this is something neither offer. We found Custom Cat through the Shopify app store and they offer 100% performance shirts. We sampled their work and it was awful! The order took nearly a month to arrive! The emb...

Dec 3 2018 by Don
Looking for droopshippers with ECO/VEGAN/VEGAN FRIENDLY products for a f...

Hi, We’re working on creating a platform to sell vegan, eco friendly products in UK. One of our goals is to ease shopping experience of vegan people and ones that care for environment. We are growing faster than we thought we’ll be and welcoming more parteners everyday, although we are online for a short amount of time. If you are a dropshipper, a vegan/eco company or have some vegan or e...

Sep 17 2018 by appfreaker.com
USA Supplier

Hi everyone: I have a dropshipping store but prior to that I created a product and sold it on Amazon and my own website. I have focused more lately on my dropshipping store which has nothing to do with my product. Since I hold the inventory for my product I thought I could offer it to my fellow dropshippers to add to their site.  The product is in the health and beauty niche. It's a disposable ...

Nov 29 2018 by Morgan
Need Print On-demand Supplier— MUST USE COMFORT COLORS

I’ve been using Amazon print on-demand services, but have found their stock T-shirts aren’t the high end quality I’m looking for and their available colors are extremely limited. Consequently, I’d like to move to Shopify with a print on-demand vendor using Comfort Colors products. However, I’ve been unsuccessful finding any here. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Kind r...

Nov 29 2018 by Allison Wonderland
Chinese jeans manufacturer look for sales partner

We are a jeans producer in Guangzhou, China. We have great source of denim jeans in stock. If you are sorcing jeans products, please feel free to contact us. 

Nov 28 2018 by PDPplayer
Drop ship supplier - how to create a product feed for retailers

Hi We have been drop shipping our products for a number of retailers for a few years. As we have now grown to around 1000 items in our gallery more of the drop shippers are asking for access to a product feed not only to upload our products but also to keep track of stock levels and/or out of stocks. They often ask for it in XML or CSV format We do currently have a google shopping feed usin...

Nov 28 2018 by Don Campbell
Integrating with a 3P Warehouse through custom FTP Feeds

Hi everyone, We want to integrate our Shopify store with a new third party warehouse. We should be able to export our orders via a customised text file via ftp, import ftp ASN feeds that have the tracing numbers, and sync inventory daily. We have been searching for such a service for a long time now to no avail. The problem we're having is that the files that need to be sent are extemely ...

Sep 8 2018 by Jonathan
Dropship Supplier App

Good Day, I would like to be a dropship supplier (I'll be supplying to dropshippers), but only to Australia. We would like to integrate our inventory with our existing shopify store. Can anyone recommend an app or a way to export our inventory to our dropshippers? I would prefer an app that would integrate directly with their shopify store...but will settle for a daily inventory CSV th...

Sep 20 2018 by Jonathan
Automatically send order fulfillment details

I am currently working on managing quite a few one-off relationships with businesses on a drop shipping model, and was wondering if there was any app that could streamline the process of send the customer shipping details to the manufacturer? Ideally I could pre-load a destination for the details to go based off the "vendor" tag, but I am open to really any app or creative solution. Appreciate ...

Apr 23 2018 by GhostApps
Linking dropshippers API Keys to shopify

Hi all, Please can someone help us?  We are in the process of building an ecommerce shopify business and are having problems with integrating new product supplier API keys to our site. It is fine where the established dropshippers like Oberlo, Inkthreadables, ArtsAdd have developed plug ins for shopify, but please can someone tell me what we need to do to work with new suppliers who have ...

Oct 31 2017 by Jonathan
Drop shipping order full filling information

Hi everyone i am about to start my first e-commerce business of drop shipping. I have a small issue that i would like to get help with.  Lets say i get a order from my customer for item called (ABC), and the vendor for that is (XYZ).  Can i use custom order fullfilment feature to automatically send my customers order to Vendor XYZ email, so they can process the order and ship to my cus...

Aug 17 2017 by Jonathan
Looking for a co-founder of Hong Kong company for sourcing/trade business

Hello, how are you? I am about to form a HK company due to few even no tax for sourcing business, looking for Australian/American/Canadian/European patner. Anyone who has interest in expanding a trade/sourcing branch in China, pls contact me. As you know, one's power is limited, two's is strong. Best Regards Johnming

Nov 27 2018 by Nick
Plus Size Dropshipper - US preferred

I am looking for a dropshipper that offers plus size men and women clothing. I am also looking for customizable or maybe POD (Print on Demand): T-Shirts/Shirts (XL - 5XL) Leggings (Full Color) Hoodies (XL - 5XL) Socks Any leads? Most of the POD apps and dropshippers here do not have many options for plus size clothing.

Nov 27 2018 by www.vdesignfashion.com
How has your experience dropshipping experince with WISH gone?

I am starting a new clothing dropshipping business, Dope Ass Gear. When starting and looking at everyone's first go to, AliExpress, everything looked mega cheap and the shipping was at least 4 weeks. I didn't think I wanted to build my business so instead of AliExpress I found Modalyst came highly suggested. Modalyst is an intermediary for mostly Shein product and Wish products and a big featur...

Nov 27 2018 by Aria

We can offer free dropshipping for people who is the in decor and furniture industry. Our link is on top. We can ship to your customers.  www.decor26.com

Nov 24 2018 by DecorTwo6