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The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Hey folks, If you haven't already seen it yet, make sure you check out our Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping. https://ecommerce.shopify.com/guides/dropshippingThis guide will teach you everything you need to know to get your own dropshipping business off the ground while avoiding the costly mistakes that can kill new dropshipping ventures. It dives into everything from dropshipping basics to opera...

Jul 16 2018 by ShopMaster ERP
Shopify Academy - Dropshipping 101

Are you looking to learn more about Dropshipping? If so check out the Dropshipping 101 course offered by the Shopify Academy that offers the following modules:   Welcome Learn how the dropshipping business model works. Identifying Your Niche Identify the target market or niche you want to build a business in. How to Start on Shopify Get a quick introduction to ...

Aug 2 2018 by Ty Williams
Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Jun 20 2018 by Terry Middleton
Dropshipping in Australia

Hi, I am looking for for some dropshipping suppliers in Australia. Have some niches in mind that I want to sell? Any  idea of any supplieres who can do dropshipping in Australia?? wholesalers with reasonal MOQ should also be fine.   Regards, Saiprasad

Yesterday by Lucas
Looking for Matcha Dropship / Private Label

Hey all We want to launch a shop with a single product. We have chosen the tea Matcha. we are looking for a supplier for throwing. We are in need of a dropshipper of Matcha tea the USA, UK or Canda. Please email musbadr@gmail.com We are also interested in custom labeling if this can be provided. Thanks Mus

Aug 15 2018 by Nick
Private label Tea Dropshipper

I am looking for a Tea Dropshipper that does private labels. USA supplier would be nice, but open to other countries depending on shipping costs and delivery times.

Aug 15 2018 by Nick
Seeking USA based men accessories (scarfs, bracelets, hats, glasses, etc...

Hello, I'm starting/building a men’s accessories drop shipping site. I’m looking for USA drop shipper suppliers of all men’s accessories. I would also like to find a drop shippers that gives the option to dropship private label/white label.   Thanks 

Aug 14 2018 by YiuKai
Dropshipping branded items

Hello,  I have question in regards to dropshipping the product from Aliexpress bellow: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Newest-Relieve-Snoring-Nose-Snore-Stopping-Breathing-Apparatus-Apnea-Guard-Sleeping-Aid-Mini-Snoring-Device-Anti/32816004968.html?spm=2114.search0604.3.1.35f773a0FACITz&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10342_10325_10546_10343_103...

Aug 13 2018 by Jan Pecnik
Dropshipper/On Demand Printer Using Recycled Materials

Hi All -  Does anyone know of any dropshippers (through Shopify or not) that ships shirts made of recycled plastic bottles? I've spent hours searching with no luck. Thanks 

Aug 13 2018 by Nick
Looking for resellers

Hello everyone! Our company is looking for the partners to resell our products. We are based in Eastern Europe and we make top quality fashion jewelry with crystals from Swarovski since 2012. For the Shopify community we can offer: - Huge selection of products - Prices starting from 8 USD - Automatic stock updates - Worldwide delivery - Drop shipping and wholesale - Top ...

Aug 13 2018 by Jack
What nobody is willing to say in Shopify

When I wanted to have a virtual store and I started to find out through google about the best options I found a lot of literature in English about the wonders of the shopify dropshipping system. This convinced me to use this platform and currently I have two stores dedicated to selling shoes for Colombia. It's been 4 months since I opened the first one and I've made 5 sales and I'm making a ...

Aug 12 2018 by Awen
Stainless steel fashion jewelry, provide freight quotes

Hi, I am from Yiwu, China. We supply exquisite stainless steel fashion jewellery And we can directly help distributors to ship, provide pictures, freight and item quotes.

Aug 11 2018 by YiuKai
Searching for Tea & Coffee Dropshipping/Private Label suppliers In USA

Hi everyone! 👋🏾👋🏾 I'm searching for tea herbs, coffee beans, cups and more products related to tea and coffee industry..  I need suppliers that work In a dropship method, And can produce a Private label with no minimum order!!  There is such thing?? Hoping for answers 👏👏👏 Edi. 

Aug 9 2018 by May
Customized hat brim dropshipper?

Does anyone know of a partner that will drop ship hats where the brim has a custom print on it? Thanks!

Aug 9 2018 by Brian Clark
Anyone know a CANADIAN alternative to printful?

Shipping sucks so bad, and I have some customers who abandon carts because a $23 T shirt becomes $41!!!! Shipping and taxes should not double the cost of a shirt, it's outrageous. I know the obvious answer is to just move on to doing printing and shipping locally via wholesale but I don't have the capital for that right now.

Aug 8 2018 by Vegan Hearts
Copy Written, or Trade Marked??

Ok so this might be a stupid question but I just want to make sure beforehand.  Can I sell shirts that use images or "similar logos" to that of actual characters from movies and TV shows? They don't directly have names or logos but it's pretty easy to tell what film/show it's from.  I'm sorry if you have to go through them all but the site won't let me just upload the images. Here are lin...

Aug 8 2018 by Don
How to set up shipping when using Oberlo and AliExpress

I am wondering how to connect my Shopify to AliExpress so they get the orders. Do I use the Custom Order Fulfillment option? What email do I put in? Thanks

Aug 8 2018 by Michael Wu
Print on demand supplier for a modest apparel

Is there any POD supplier who can do a modest collection rather than the usual tshirt and hoodies? I am looking for modest fashion apparel like a long sleeves tshirt with a longer body length or a dresslike hoodie with an option to print my own design and branding.  Other things like: Shawl modest swimwear kids modest swimwear long sleeve dress for both woman and little girls ...

Aug 7 2018 by Dalima B.
Adding products from Amazon

Looking to add several products from Amazon due to better quality and pricing. What is the legality situation surrounding this drop-shipping practice? Descriptions and photos would not be the original sellers. Is this practice frowned upon?    

Jul 9 2018 by Anthony
Add product on website.

How to add product on Amazon and flipkart?

Aug 7 2018 by ShopMaster ERP