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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

May 4 2017 by Steve Vu
The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Hey folks, If you haven't already seen it yet, make sure you check out our Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping. https://ecommerce.shopify.com/guides/dropshippingThis guide will teach you everything you need to know to get your own dropshipping business off the ground while avoiding the costly mistakes that can kill new dropshipping ventures. It dives into everything from dropshipping basics to opera...

Mar 24 2017 by Wowpos
Printed Clothing Dropship Suppliers

Hi there, I am looking for a supplier with great communication skills for printed clothings such as t-shirts, vests, jackets, hoodies, hats, socks, caps, shirts and etc. We want to design our own styles and etc but we need someone to manufacture these and if possible do dropshipping (optional but would be a plus factor),  Let me know if you are interested or email me at ansh33t@gmail.com

Yesterday by Alon
Wholesale Supplier

I am looking for a verified wholesale suppliers for video games such as PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles, games, and accessories 

Yesterday by yesiamrich
Hi Dropshippers! Some advice please :)

Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a store in the men's apparel/accessories niche that I might like to eventually evolve further beyond a simple drop shipping model (ie. own print designs / private label items). I am having a particularly challenging time figuring out how I would build brand trust with a dropship model while using a method like AliExpress. From my research, it seems th...

Yesterday by Lisa H
Looking for way to have pricing hidden unless logged in

Hi, I am trying to find out how to have my website pricing hidden and no ability to order, until the visitor is logged in. I also need visitors to register for an approved account to be authorised. I am wholesale-only, b2b, so don't not need retail prices visible. Can anyone advise apps? Thanks.

May 23 2017 by Nile
Dropshipping Womens Shoes

Looking for a dropshipper for Women's Shoes - need something with better shipping times than Aliexpress

May 23 2017 by Gina B
Dropshipping from Aliexpress - payment problems

For some reason I am having a hard time getting Aliexpress to accept my payments for my dropshipping business. I placed a couple of orders that went through but now I am unable to order anything as I am waiting to be "verified" with Aliexpress and they are giving me the runaround.  Has anyone else had this problem, and, how did you solve it? I am in Canada and using a USD credit card to d...

May 23 2017 by Nawaz
Dropshipping of Women and Men Apparel

Good Day All, I know this question has been asked a many but I am a new to the online retail world and I am looking for legitimate dropshippers for Female and Male clothing. Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Thank you   alex

May 22 2017 by Roei Klein
Looking for women's Romper and Jumpsuits Dropshipper!

Looking to team up with a Dropship or Wholesaler for women's rompers and jumpsuits. I would prefer you be in the US. 

May 22 2017 by Ciara G
Women's Indian Clothing Wholesale from Mumbai, India

Hello, We sell wholesale, stitched and ready to wear pieces out of India. Our clothes are mainly sarees, shalwar suits, kurtis, anarkalis, and our speciality is we can sell you one piece of each design or multiple pieces also Intereted parties please contact crepescottons@gmail.com Thank you

Mar 9 2016 by Jyoti Sheth
Re dropship order model

Hi do you use the customer order money (after it gets into the bank) to actually buy from your dropshipper. Or do you have to already have your own money for placing an order from your dropshipper as the payment from your customer order is delayed into the account.   Please let me know guys what's the process.   Thanks

May 20 2017 by hayl mya
How on earth do you find.....

How on earth do you find a dropship supplier for your niche? I've been looking for a good dropshipper for NAME BRAND fishing gear and apparel for a few years and I have yet to find one.  Do any of you know if a dropshipper for NAME BRAND fishing gear and apparel even exhists??? Brands like, Columbia, Under Armor, Salt Life, Costa del Mar, Berkley, Shimano, Castaway........etc.   Thank you

May 19 2017 by Melissa
Is there anyone needs dropshipping agent?

Hi,I'm Seree From Yiwu,China.   As your know,Yiwu is the largest wholesale market in the world,   especially on jewelry(Bracelet,Ring,Necklace...and so on) and small commodities(dayly goods,tools...),I'm posting to discuss some cooperation.   Custom made products / package / QC are provided for your store in a low quantity.   also I can ship the package to all over the world for you,one...

May 19 2017 by ali seree
Looking For A Luxury Dropshipper

Hey, I am working on a brand where I will sell custom made wooden products such as wooden phonecases, -powerbanks, -sunglasses etc. I would like to add some other luxury products to this website. So I am looking for someone who can produce custom made products and who can also dropship them for me.  

May 19 2017 by ali seree
Need DROPSHIPPER urgently!

I am in need of womens apparel including bathers, womens accessories, and maybe womens shoes if I find the right ones ;) I  am opening a shopify store and have had experience with selling womens clothing online. Thankyou xx

May 19 2017 by ali seree
Looking for reseller or dropshippers who want an easy and non competitiv...

Hi Guys, Our products have been picking up, and we are looking for further exposure around the globe.  Love to have some strong partners join us and become part of our marble family. We specialize in natural marble fashion accessories.  Hit items are iPhone Cases, notebooks, tie clips, cufflinks and bracelets. Website is: www.Mikolmarmi.com Please give us a shout or email us if you'...

May 19 2017 by ali seree
Looking for dropship wholesaler for women's fashion

Hi all,   I am looking to start a store for my little sister where she can sell some clothing and jewelry. We've found a few things on AliExpress and eBay.  I'm looking for more.    Thanks in advance!

May 19 2017 by ali seree
Private Label Partner for Premium Quality Leather Goods

We are looking for brands and entrepreneurs looking to have their line of leather goods produced.  We are a boutique manufacturing shop and specializes in making one-offs.  You have your own shopify shop looking to have your line of leather phone cases, wallets, keychains produced in low MOQ please PM me.

May 18 2017 by Jerry Lee
The key to HIGH PROFIT drop shipping

Hi guys,  Not promoting anything here, just want to share a thought I had about dropshipping and how it's influenced my business decisions moving forward.  I used to be obsessed with finding any product I could, usually cheap, less than £100 items and drop shipping on ebay, using other retailers as the unknowing dropshippers! I used an app that compared product prices to find the cheapest...

May 18 2017 by Oluwaseyi Esan