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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Jun 20 2018 by Terry Middleton
The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Hey folks, If you haven't already seen it yet, make sure you check out our Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping. https://ecommerce.shopify.com/guides/dropshippingThis guide will teach you everything you need to know to get your own dropshipping business off the ground while avoiding the costly mistakes that can kill new dropshipping ventures. It dives into everything from dropshipping basics to opera...

Apr 22 2018 by ApaceIT
Private Label/dropship Performance Shirts

Anyone aware of a dropship company that works with shopify that will do custom logo printing and private labeling per order?  Looking at first starting with Long sleeve UPF performance shirts with company logo

Today by W_Keen

Good Morning Everyone, My question is this, I want to integrate products from EBay to my Shopify page, now here's my 2 questions, which app is best to do that, and the second question is, how am I able to show the inventory after something maybe sold on my Shopify site or the eBay site, how can the quantity be automatically updated, and if so, what app is best.  Thank you to all for your ...

Feb 3 2017 by Savannah F
Need Help! Zero sales! Need some advices.

Hello, I have already tired to get help in one of the topics, asked for help 2-3 times there. But it seems that my "S.O.S" messages just got lost there. I tried to run campaigns in Facebook, it brought some traffic and even few requests via messenger but no sales at all. I also created accounts in Instagram and Tweeter, no benefits as well. My first idea was to run dropshipping business and ...

Nov 6 2017 by Danil Ishimov
Looking for a USA/EUROPE based suppliers

Hi Everyone :) i running my store www.womenpalace.com store for womens only, everything in one place (clothing, footwear, accessories and more...) now i work with Oberlo, China based suppliers. i want to improve my products/shipping and i'm looking for US/EUROPE based suppliers with GOOD/HIGH QUALITY products with reasonble prices and low shipping price. i'm selling worldwide but...

Mar 14 2018 by Jiji Felice
Importing Amazon orders into Shopify

Hi there, I'm looking for a solution that allows me to import my amazon orders into shopify. I use many print on demand apps that integrate with shopify but not amazon. Right now I have to manually copy and paste each of my Amazon orders into every one of these print on demand apps in order to fulfill them. I think the best solution would be to import Amazon orders into Shopify where they...

Dec 5 2017 by Alena
Custom SPF fishing shirts

Looking to start to sell long sleeve UPF shirts with a custom design and logo.  Is this even possible to find a wholesaler that will do custom and do the drop shipping process?  DriFit style

Jun 22 2018 by W_Keen
AliExpress Frustration/Disputes

Just wondering how successful you are using AliExpress? I've only been up and  running a few months and with the very few sales, I've had to refund 3 people. One item was just way too small, another supplier shipped the wrong item (and this after the customer waited one month to get besides being provided wrong tracking number) and now I have an item not delivered after seller guarantees 27 day...

May 22 2018 by Dan @ DropshipNews
Dropshipping Womens Shoes

Looking for a dropshipper for Women's Shoes - need something with better shipping times than Aliexpress

May 22 2018 by ProductGuy
Looking for clothing suppliers that ship in under 3 weeks to US

Hello, I’ve recenrly been collecting information to launch a clothing drop shipping store but am wary of using suppliers that take up to 35 days to ship because I know my niche would immediately consider that a warning sign and wouldn’t buy, I know I wouldn’t. Does anyone know of any clothing/accessory suppliers that can do this? I’m mostly looking for trendy/eclectic/alternative fashions.

Apr 23 2018 by hktopcool
Looking to start Drop Shipping in UK, anyone else just work from UK supp...

Hi, I'm not new to internet run businesses and have looked in the past but I have never actully done any drop shipping.  This would be a completely new venture. I've seen a lot of people DS from China but wwhat I want to know is this feasable completely UK based?.. are there any others that successfully do this? I see lots of info and guides on here which is great but are these at all ...

Apr 6 2018 by Dan @ DropshipNews
Anyone know a CANADIAN alternative to printful?

Shipping sucks so bad, and I have some customers who abandon carts because a $23 T shirt becomes $41!!!! Shipping and taxes should not double the cost of a shirt, it's outrageous. I know the obvious answer is to just move on to doing printing and shipping locally via wholesale but I don't have the capital for that right now.

Jun 16 2018 by Hollyps
Looking for DROPSHIPPERS in USA only

Hello,  I am currently on a scavenger hunt for a reliable droppshipper in the United States for womens apparel. I am more interested in quality young contemporary clothing. Thank you (:

Jun 21 2018 by Halle Clark
Looking for Wholesale & Dropshipping Plus Size Womens Clothing

I am looking for a supplier that provides true size plus size womens clothing. Preferable US made but open to what you have. Has to be true to size. Please email me at customerservice@keewees3.com Thank you Allyson

Jun 21 2018 by Allyson Wagner Ro...
Looking for resellers

Hello everyone! Our company is looking for the partners to resell our products. We are based in Eastern Europe and we make top quality fashion jewelry with crystals from Swarovski since 2012. For the Shopify community we can offer: - Huge selection of products - Prices starting from 8 USD - Automatic stock updates - Worldwide delivery - Drop shipping and wholesale - Top ...

Jun 20 2018 by Allyson Wagner Rodriguez
US Dropshippers Available in over 50 niches

We have over 105 suppliers in United States and build Shopify stores in more than 50 niches. We dont use Oberlo or Aliexpress simply because they set you up for failure from day 1 and we want our clients to be successful, very successful as their success will eventually be our success in the long run so we provide them a platform to succeed which they then need to take it forward. If inte...

Jun 20 2018 by Allyson Wagner Rodriguez
Dropshipping for my resellers

We want to set up a system whereby retailers can sell our products and we would ship directly to their customers.We need to be able to accept an online order from the retailer and capture their customers address for the ultimate shipment. We would then ship to the customer. Has anyone set up a system like this? Any suggestions on how to do it or apps that you have used? Thanks for the ideas

Jun 20 2018 by Shopify Paradise
Need reliable dropshippers

I just opened an online boutique about 3 months ago, where I am selling handbags, wallets, backpacks, etc. I just went public almost a month ago. I wanted to make sure I had everything in place, but I still need a ton of help. Currently I am only using orbelo, which only allows me to import products from aliexpress. My issue is that shipping takes so long. Is there any reliable dropshippers tha...

Jun 20 2018 by Alexis Kemp
WANTED! Detox tea dropshipping supplier

I'm looking for a reliable detox tea dropshipping supplier who does private labelling.  The ideal supplier are able to offer multiple products like Detox tea, Energy tea, Morning Detox etc. Best Regards Nikolai H. Jensen

Jun 20 2018 by Lesley Robertson-Laxton