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Payment Gateway Error Message

I am developing a payment gateway for use with Shopify, and I am having trouble displaying errors after the customer is redirected to the checkout page (where payment method is chosen) on payment failure. I am able to display the error message just above the payment method selection begining with "( ! ) Payment Failed: ", but only once. If the customer attempts to use the gateway again on the s...

Dec 3 2018 by cmeurer
Integrating Store in React Native

Good morning,  What tool should be used to integrate a Shopify store within a React Native app? Buy JS SDK using Rest API or Storefront API using Graphql but currently in Beta?  Thanks Dave

Dec 2 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Missed access scope in settings

Hello everyone, i found one bug which i hope someone will fix soon, because i really need it for my work. Details: Here is documentation of GraphQL - https://help.shopify.com/en/api/graphql-admin-api/reference/mutation/publishablepublish  You can see at the top of the screen this text - "Required access: write_publications access scope" But when you will go to the settings of your a...

Dec 2 2018 by Karl Offenberger
What is the maximum response time to return the response to shopify on c...

I am creating a shipping app and sometime shopify show the rate and sometime didn't, So I think there is some limitation with response time on carrier service api, Can anyone please tell me the maximum response time for the carrier service api call.  

Dec 1 2018 by Thomas
Error when posting Product. Too many request on first request !

Hi administrators ! I'm trying post some products throw api. My store has ~13.000 products. When i send first post-request, i reviced a message : "429 too many request". However, i'm trying post to a small store, it works perfectly. Anyone help me ! (Sorry about my english skill)

Dec 1 2018 by Duy Bui
Changing the fulfillment location without creating the fulfillment

Hi, Is there a way with the API to change to fulfilment location without creating a fulfilment? I have some custom business logic that figures out which location should fulfil an order but I can't find a way to change the fulfilment location. This is possible in the admin as described at https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/fulfill-orders: "Optional: If you are using multiple loca...

Dec 1 2018 by Karl Offenberger
ApplicationCharge - Multiple Items

We have a use-case that requires our merchants to "checkout" using ApplicationCharge for multiple line items.  Does the API support this?  So ideally instead of grouping all the charges into a lump, we would like a list of charges and then a total cost.  We believe this will support our customer's better by providing a cleaner look.

Nov 30 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
500 and 502 API response errors

How do I address 500 errors? Is the Shopify team looking at them within their process or do I need to report them here? Seems to be happening on a regular brasis and is disrupting our integration w/out any info on how to rectify this if possible.  please help! 

Nov 30 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
Carrier service shipping rates timeout & ttl

I've written an app which uses the carrier service to set shipping rates for merchants. I'm getting reports from some customers during testing that they don't get a shipping rate returned. When I check the app logs it appears that the rate has been sent but for some reason it wasn't recieved bfore the checkout has timed out. Where can I find what the documented timeouts are for carrier service?...

Nov 30 2018 by Kele Nakamura
Recurring charges on dormant / frozen / closed stores

Hello, After the recent changes on the recurring charges billing cycles (to prevent double charges), we would like to know if the situation has changed regarding non-active stores. This is not documented but, as far as we know, this is how recurrent charges behave: Dormant stores: they are charged normally as if they were active stores Frozen / unfrozen stores: they are not charge...

Nov 30 2018 by Code Black Belt
Problem fetching images

Hello, we crate/update a lot of pruducts via the API on a daily basis and we always include an URL for the image in the JSON. Now, recently we noticed that we are missing product images here and there, which really shouldn't be able to happen. I already checked everything on our side, but can't find anything. Could someone please check the logs for me, to see what the responses for acc...

Nov 30 2018 by Wilhelm Uschtrin
How to authenticate shopify_app for rspec test

How can I authenticate in rspec fot test my shopify_app? when i run rspec it shows me the following error: Failure/Error: @shop ||= Shop.find_by_domain(session[:shop]) RuntimeError: ActionController::Metal#session delegated to @_request.session, but @_request is nil: #<Billing::ChargesController:0x007fe22a45c1d0 @_routes=nil, @_action_has_layout=true, @_headers={"Content-Type"=&g...

Nov 30 2018 by Snx
Shopify Tax Services API

Hi, What ever happened to the Tax Services API? I remember seeing documention in the API docs but all traces seems to have been wiped from the face of the earth, there are only a handful of references around the net now. Does anyone have a link to the documentation? has the API been closed off to developers? Thanks

Nov 30 2018 by Karl Offenberger
JS SDK API variant options vs.restAPI variant options

Why does the JS SDK API return variant options as an array 'selectedOptions' but the restAPI returns them as separate key/values (option1, option2). Surely it's more efficient to have the options as the array? And also more consistent with each other? Any explanations?

Nov 30 2018 by a-ok
Specific Flow for Shopify

Good day, everyone! We are trying to publish our app in the Shopify app store. The app name is CjDropshipping, and it is designed to provide fulfillment services to Shopify merchants, but also can be integrated into other e-commerce platforms, like  WooCommerce and Shipstation. As required, we should create a specific flow for Shopify. Thus, we made some changes to our app. And we have obser...

Nov 30 2018 by Andy
java.io.IOException: Failed to vault credit card, HTTP 404 Not Found

Good day guys, I'm using the SDK for Android and in this point. CreditCard creditCard = CreditCard.builder() .firstName(AddressInput.inputMailing.getFirstName()) .lastName(AddressInput.inputMailing.getLastName()) .number(creditCardViewModel.getNumber().get()) .expireMonth(creditCardViewModel.getMonth().get()) .expireYear(creditCardViewModel.getYear().get()) .v...

Nov 30 2018 by RadicalEd
How to authenticate shopify_app for rspec test

how can I authenticate in rspec fot test my shopify_app when i run rspec it shows me the following error: Failure/Error: @shop ||= Shop.find_by_domain(session[:shop]) RuntimeError: ActionController::Metal#session delegated to @_request.session, but @_request is nil: #<Billing::ChargesController:0x007fe22a45c1d0 @_routes=nil, @_action_has_layout=true, @_headers={"Content-Type"=&gt...

Nov 30 2018 by Snx
Is there a way to get uploaded files (admin/files) with the MobileBuy SKD?

Hi, Would like to build a rich mobile app for iOS for a store but wondering if I can get to uploaded files somehow or to do that one needs to use an admin API?   Thanks,   mat

Nov 29 2018 by matfx
Tax lines allocation in an order

When creating an order through the API, tax lines can be specified on the order or the line items but not both. Tax lines specified on the order are split across the taxable line items in the created order. Taxes specified on an order level are not split across "shipping lines", only in "line items". Is it correct behavior? 

Nov 29 2018 by Valerii Stadnyk
[PHP] No "shop" variable passed to an application

Hello, I've installed my beta app using the url: https://{shop}.myshopify.com/admin/oauth/authorize?client_id={api_key}&scope={scopes}&redirect_uri={redirect_uri} When I start my application from the admin panel/apps the "shop" variable isn't passed to an embedded script. $_GET & $_POST variables are empty (PHP). I can get the shop name from a session but not on another co...

Nov 29 2018 by Wolfairy