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product/create webhook not including images

1 i have registerd product/create webhook.when i create product product/create webhook fired.it gives me jason payload but json payload doesnt included any images its showing imaes array NULL.so sometimes its gives images but sometimes not

Dec 4 2018 by ekta
SQL connection with Shopify

 have a database in SQL server, is it possible to connect this database with shopify? to centralize and update the inventory from any of the two platforms. Is it possible to create a development?

Dec 4 2018 by Niumar Melone
500 {"errors":"Internal Server Error"} from simple /admin/orders.json re...

My request: GET /admin/orders.json?fields=id,created_at,updated_at,status,financial_status,fulfillment_status&updated_at_min=2017-11-06T10:33:59.4800000Z&status=any&limit=250&page=1 Yields a 500 response code, with a body of: {"errors":"Internal Server Error"} This is after a number of successful requests, but happens each time I try to sync orders.  How can I get he...

Dec 4 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
admin/products/search.json?query=sku:Test1 getting 404 Not found on clie...

admin/products/search.json?query=sku:Test1 getting 404 Not found on client system but not development system is working from our development system but not on the client's machine. It is the same shopify account and same URL basic auth is being sent. Any idea? URL https://uuuu:pppp@themississippigiftcompany.myshopify.com/admin/products/search.json?query=sku:Test1

Dec 4 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
Incorrect syntax: response body {"error":"location_id must be specified ...

With the changes that Shopify made regarding Location IDs, the 422 response  when no location id is specificed when creating fulfillments now returns the body: {"error":"location_id must be specified when creating fulfillments."} All other error response bodies are formatted "errors", plural.  Will Shopify be correcting this to {"errors":"location_id must be specified when creating ful...

Dec 4 2018 by Joshua Lovell
location_id must be specified when creating fulfillments error

Hello , When I try to submit post fulfillment request I am getting "location_id must be specified when creating fulfillments" error. Can you please advice ,is this something related to app or do I need to change some settings at store level? Please let me know. Thnak you 

Dec 4 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
How to Limit access to Certain Data for our Drop Shipper via API

We are looking for a way where we can allow our supplier (Dropshipper) access to only their inventory listings and orders from their products through API. We have In-house inventory and so we would like to prevent them from having access to our data like orders placed from our in-house inventory,  our inventory listings (products) and customer info from our in house products (Like address, phon...

Dec 4 2018 by Karl Offenberger
How to see usage charge in app in partner account.

Hi, I have created usage charge using shopifu usage_charges.json I need some help regarding usage charge. I can see in my app back end that usage charge is created and balance remaining is 0. But i can not see the charge in app in partner dashboard. How long this is gonna take to appear charge in dashboard.

Dec 4 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
Order api

I will create order and all parameter pass and shipping_lines also pass but not any error get and order created but shipping_lines not apply please provide guidance. 

Dec 4 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Remove trailing snippets of code after app is uninstalled

Hi, one of our apps leaves a snippet of code after the app is uninstalled. Like many other apps. Some merchants complain.  Right now, the app/uninstalled webhook is called AFTER the app is uninstalled. Therefore the app doesn't have access to the store/theme anymore. Will Shopify introduce a way for apps to be uninstalled properly? Some possible solutions: Allow api calls during uni...

Dec 4 2018 by Karl Offenberger
API usage limit & admissible use of APIs

Hello guys, I would like to build a marketplace over Shopify that, shortly, works like this: A custom signup/signin process, not related to shopify A custom product upload process that will upload to shopify through APIs adding tags/attributes correlate users and products Based on different things happening, the products price can change even very ofter, updating it through the API...

Dec 4 2018 by Lorenzo
Location API: country or country_name?

There is something weird and inconsitent in the location API. https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference/inventory/location It appears that both country and country_code are returning the country code (e.g. CA). In addition, there is a non-documented country_name that does return the actually country (e.g. Canada). This is inconsistent with other APIs. And to make it even more con...

Dec 4 2018 by Clement
I need Exact code flow of creating Recurring application charges using P...

Hello Experts, I just stuck with creating Recurring application charges using PHP. I've seen a tutorial using Ruby but I've made my app in PHP and its completed just need the code of Charge an app just after installation step. I couldn't find any relate tutorial using PHP, Kindly help me with this! Thanks.

Dec 4 2018 by Pratham Jani
How can I find out active paid users for my Shopify app?

I tried to export app history and current merchants. But I don't know how I can filter them. Or app developers need to handle it in the database themsolves? I want to find out the email & LTV of active paid users and paid & uninstalled users. Shopify partner support just told me this could not be done in partner dashboard. I can at most export app history and current merchants in ...

Dec 4 2018 by cubewalker
Can't install payment gateway

Our company Oxipay provides a payment gateway for merchants to install on Shopify. We have a Shopify partner account which contains our payment gateways. Here are the instructions we provide merchants to install our plugin: http://docs.oxipay.com.au/platforms/shopify/ We provide our merchants with a link to install the Oxipay plugin as shown below in red: https://www.shopify.com/login?...

Dec 4 2018 by Michael H
Automatically Hide Product(s) From Collects (For Smart and Manual Collec...

Hi There, I am currently developing an application which adds products to the cart from within the cart. In my use case it does not make sense for the products to be visible elsewhere within the store. I have added the seo hidden meta fields as described here (https://help.shopify.com/en/api/guides/updating-seo-data) to hide the products from the sitemap and sitesearch. For example the fo...

Nov 30 2018 by AlexanderCollins
Get products by tags?

In the API is it possible to get products by tags? I have searched the forum and tried: admin/products.json?query=tag:TAGNAME admin/products.json?tags=TAGNAME niether works.  Is there another endpoint I need to be using? TIA  

Dec 3 2018 by Jeff Cubinski
Authentication process after user installed the app

I've implemented embedd app installation proccess and got access token for shop on backend. How do i supposed to authenticate user when he open the app now? There is no shop name and hmac in query string when user open my app.

Dec 3 2018 by Anatoly Levchik
Can we use both REST and GraphQL API with the same Authentication?

We have a public APP. The problem is Shopify cannot update the all variations' inventory level per product at once. So, can we use both REST and GraphQL API with the same Authentication? Which mean our current subscribers' don't need to re-auth again. Or, maybe there is a way to update variations with REST API? Thanks

Dec 3 2018 by ShopMaster ERP
ShopifyApp.Analytics.fetch not working

I try to make a request to the Analytics API, but there is no any answer from it...   var shopifyQL = "SHOW count() FROM visits SINCE -2w UNTIL today"; var renderData = function(response) { console.log(response); }; var handleError = function(response) { console.log(response); }; ShopifyApp.Analytics.fetch({ query: shopifyQL, succes...

Dec 3 2018 by Roman