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Products Display - Collection page (Shopify)

Hello, I have a question regarding my collection page. I should see 12 products per page, but for some pages, I have less than 12 products.   And so I have an empty space. 1ST TAB = SEE ALL INDIVIDUAL TESTS (problems in all the pages, see example below for page 1 & 2) Page 1: https://d-teck.com/collections/individual-tests?page=1 Page 2: https://d-teck.com/collections/individual-...

Dec 6 2018 by Andreas
Shopify cart add URL does not pass along query parameters (including UTM)

Hello! I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this and knows of a workaround, but when creating an "Add to cart" button in our emails, we'd like to include UTM parameters such that any orders placed after a click-through are appropriately tracked as a conversion in Shopify. We use a link like the following: https://our-store.myshopify.com/cart/add/45468650505?utm_campaign=Welcome-638095...

Dec 6 2018 by Gerhard
Rest api and GraphQL - should I swap over

I have some large shops where I am using the restapi to update products, this can be slow as I need to do quite a few api calls to update the products (handle to get ID, variants, locations etc) I am wondering if using GraphQL will improve the performance.  If it would, does anyone have an example where a product is updated, with all the different elements, like variants, locations, inventor...

Dec 6 2018 by GrantDB
Response code = 429. Response message = Too Many Requests. Product: Dail...

Hi, all, and most importantly - Shopify! Our customers started to experience the following error when creating large volumes of products: Response code = 429.  Response message = Too Many Requests. Product: Daily SKU limit reached. Please try again later. This is an error being returned by Shopify API when creating more than 5000 Products per day. I cannot find any official announ...

Dec 6 2018 by Navdeep
How to add Facebook messenger into shopify

Hi Team  I am created Facebook messenger bot I want to add that bot in my Shopify website. I did this following steps but it's not showing messenger logo on the website. Steps are as follow: 1. On Facebook  Select page -> Setting -> Messenger Platform In this added my storeurl in the whitelist domain  Then click on Customer chat plugin - set up   click next get the co...

Dec 6 2018 by Bhagyashree More
Opening Slate / Starter-Theme builds intentionally lack styles? Why? How...

I've received some info on how to develop Shopify themes, and while trying to set up a local dev environment, I was reading the [README.md](https://github.com/Shopify/starter-theme#intentional-lack-of-styles) on the Shopify GitHub repository for Starter-Kit, I found this section that states that there is an "Intentional Lack of Style". My question today is... Why?  Is there any way to take a...

Dec 6 2018 by Karl Offenberger
BUG: FulfillmentEvent->status::READY_FOR_PICKUP breaking order detail page

When I add a new FulfillmentEvent with status "READY_FOR_PICKUP" (as documented in the GraphQL documentation), the order detail page (as seen by the customer/buyer) breaks with "There was a problem loading this website...".  All other statuses are fine. Is support for this status still under construction? What is the expected behaviour of having a fulfillment event with status "ready_for_pic...

Dec 6 2018 by Billy Griffiths

Dear Sirs, Can you please advise me how i can enable the cost feature of the product variants? As a starting point I have installed the GraphQL Admin API appl, but i am stuck up to the point where i need to generate credentials of the application, in order to provide OAuth for the authorization. But i have no idea how to do that. Actually i don't know how to generate the API credentials. Should...

Dec 5 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
Discount amount in checkout shows $0.00 when changing line item price

Have a script that changes line item price if discount code is present. The discount works, and the script returns no errors, but this discount value is always at $0.00 when the discount utilizes the script.  In the example below both a 20% and 30% have already been applied and are being reflected in the subtotal.  Original price is $169.00.   Is there a method for reporting the dollar...

Dec 5 2018 by K&J Web Productions
GraphQL Test Data

Is there any test data that can be used when constructing queries, especially with GraphiQL?

Dec 5 2018 by Karl Offenberger
BUG: order status in limbo after 422 response on /orders/<id>/fulfillmen...

We are experiencing this issue with multiple Shopify stores as of few days ago where the call to complete the fulfillment fails with status: 422 body: {"errors":"An error occurred, please try again"} But the fulfillment object is transitioned to "sucess" ie complete and the order's `fulfillment_status` stays null Here are a few order IDs: id: 630150529120, 630392356960, 633046728...

Dec 5 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
GraphQL Date Query

I would like to know the orders on a specific date or range of dates, such as on 2018-12-04 or between 2018-11-01 and 2018-11-30. Does anyone know how to do this with GraphQL?

Dec 5 2018 by Zameer Masjedee
app_id from order API

hello guys, I am developing an app, and it need to extract all online orders for a customer. As there's no field such as "channel" in order API. I looked through the doc and found that "app_id", "source_name" seems to be a possible way to distinguish online &amp; pos orders.   And the API can only filter by attribution_app_id. (user source_name=web but do not work) now. As I know, app_...

Dec 5 2018 by Alex Richter
Can I modify the product display page from an App?

I've been combing through the documentation and there seem to be plenty of ways to change much of the process in a store via an App. But what I would love to do it allow a merchant to add my App and have it modify the content of the product display page. This does not seem to be something that's supported (or at least mentioned). Is this a case where I should simply modify a theme for the store...

Dec 5 2018 by Jon Yurek
Inventory set giving 404 (for some products)

I am seeing something strange using the invetory set api I use the varians api to get a list of variants for a product From that response I loop through the variants and get then get the inventory_item_id I get the location ids for the shop and then post something like this {"location_id": 55516427,"inventory_item_id": 15566111244399,"available": 2507} This works, yet sometimes I...

Dec 5 2018 by GrantDB
How do I Checkout Unpublished Products?

Hi There, I have a use case where its appropriate to hide a product from a shop however add it to the cart through a custom application. I have created the product with the following configuration: { "product": { ... "fulfillment_service": "MyFulfillmentServiceHandle" "inventory_management": null, "published": false, "inventory_policy...

Dec 2 2018 by AlexanderCollins
Item Cost through Product API

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a way to use the product API to export to my system the Item Cost of every item I sell on the store. Is it already possible? Looking through the documentation I do not see any field called Item Cost.   Thank you

Dec 5 2018 by Karl Offenberger
403 Forbidden Access Error in accessing ShopifyAPI

Hi Team We have developed a Shopify App and it was already in LIVE. We are getting  ActiveResource::ForbiddenAccess (Failed.  Response code = 403.  Response message = Forbidden. while loading the app from App listing page in Admin.  Very Rarely it throws the error, whenever we are trying to load the app index page. Our App index method calls the ShopifyAPI::Shop  api while execu...

Dec 5 2018 by Sowmiya
Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end when request ...

{     "errors": [         {             "message": "Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.\nRequest ID: 8fd10ef8-07c2-4e18-8aae-b1d3e585f7cb (include this in support requests)."         }     ] }

Dec 5 2018 by Bob
How to create assetlink?

I'm trying to create a page with a link like that: "STORENAME.myshopify.com/.well-known/assetlink.json" How can i create it?

Dec 5 2018 by Freddie