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Hosted Payment SDK - payment method response

For a client I would like to return the used payment method (for example MasterCard), but I don’t see a proper response value in the api documentation. https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/hosted-payment-sdk/api-reference/response-values In what way can I achieve this? Kind regards, Brecht

Jan 7 2018 by AT
Adding a new payment gateway

Hi, we are currently running a Magento 2 store and we are thinking of moving to Shopify. Problem here is, as we well adult toys it was hard to find a payment gateway for us in the first place, additional to paypal and we are using verotel now. They are very big and popular but they are not supported by Shopify. So the question is if its possible that pur programmer creates the payment gatewa...

Jan 7 2018 by AT
Order Details in Hosted Payment SDK

Hi Gurus, I am doing integration with a payment gateway using Hosted Payment SDK. I need order details e.g. Product Name, Quantity etc but API does not have these details available in "Request Values", what to do?  Waiting for kind reply,  Imran Subhani 

Dec 23 2017 by AT
Hosted Payment SDK - Localization

Hi everyone!   We've implemented Shopify's checkout process for the Hosted Payment SDK, but we found a limitation. We would like to localize our hosted page with the same language that the costumer is using to create the order in Shopify Store prior the first rediretion. Is there any way to retrieve the Shopify Store language? The request values seem to be only related the specific ...

Jan 7 2018 by AT
can I integrate my own payment gateway

My company is quite far along with the development of a payment gateway. We have worked with local banks to build something that is secure and cheap to use. We have a basic checkout api that can be incorperated into home grown online stores and we want to turn it into a shopify plugin. Does that sound possible? I've been looking at the docs and I havent found anything that looks like it'll work...

Feb 20 2018 by joana amaro da costa
Request to process an Authorization on Hosted Payment SDK

Hi all, Merchants have the option to "Automatically" or "Manually" capture payment for orders, however there is no Request value that defines the transaction kind on Hosted Payment SDK.   Does anyone know the Hosted Payment SDK Request to state whether transactions should be 'Authorization' or 'Sale'? Link to Hosted Payment SDK Request values - https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/hosted-...

Jan 7 2018 by AT
How to intregate the IDEX Onsite api into my store

Hello , I just made a new store also i have account on idexonline  site and i got my api for display inventory from idexonline  but how i will connect the api into my shopify store ? i saw my shopify admin panel and it look like there is no way to connect that api into my store, anyone help pls.. or anyone tell me how to call a 3rd party api into shopify store ? Thanks

Sep 19 2017 by AT
ScriptTags to popup windows on site when I want them to?

Hi guys, I'd like to pop-up a window on the front end of a store once the user has added something to their shopping cart.  I can get the webhook notification in my app so that I know when something has been added, but is there a way (maybe using ScriptTags to insert some JS into the front-end) to tell the store-front that I want to show a pop-up? (Sorry a bit new to all this!) Thanks!...

Feb 15 2017 by Henry Burns
Implement custom behavior on checkout

I'm trying to find a way to integrate Shopify with Mercado Envios, which is a service inside the Mercado Pago payment gateway that handles shipping. Mercado Pago only allow the use of their shipping service to orders that are processed through their payment service. The shipping information must go in the same request as the payment, so that the user will be able to select a shipping method as ...

Dec 11 2018 by Andres Ceccoli
Can i use shopify sdk in nodejs

Hi I am new in Shopify. Can you please guide me on how to use the Shopify SDK in nodejs. can I use sdk in any 3rd party project & manipulate the shopify data.   Thanks.

Dec 11 2018 by Bhagyashree More
Shopify Checkout customisation using custom sales channel

I want to make my own checkout experience in shopify website so I am building a sales channel app for processing the checkout  like boldcommerce cashier app. Now when any customer click on the checkout button , it should open customer login page(if they are not logged in ) after logged in should be redirect to our sales channel app. But it is not happening right now, it always redirect to...

Dec 11 2018 by pandavit
API Using SSIS Scipt Component

I am trying to access the Shopify API though an SSIS Scrip Component. The code below returns the following error from GetResponse(): "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send." HttpWebRequest httpReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(@"https://storeAcount.myshopify.com/admin/orders.json"); httpReq.Method = "GET"; httpReq.ContentType = "application...

Dec 11 2018 by Steve
Order with a third party API

Hi, We are a printer offering our clients (publishers and book stores) to connect there store to our API in order to order book (Print on Demand). Some of our clients want to develop a store with Shopify and are asking us if they would be able to place the orders directy to us throug our API when customer purchase through Shopify. Is it possible? How could we get information about that?

Dec 10 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Line items must be stocked at the same location - Error in fulfilment API

Hi, My store has a multiple locations.  When i tried to create fulfilment for my order i get "Line items must be stocked at the same location" error. Order has two items, Items are in different locations. How can i send the multiple location in fulfilment api. My request is URL : https://<MyStore>.myshopify.com/admin/orders/10456098258/fulfillments.xml Method : POST C...

Dec 10 2018 by Brian Oconnell
Need dynamic shopify store header & footer in private app(developed in php)

How we can get shopify store header & footer dynamically in private app(developed in php)? Any reference or code example would be highly appreciated 

Dec 10 2018 by Karl Offenberger
API rate limit for abandoned checkouts

Hello, Abandoned Checkouts API (i.e. /admin/checkouts/count.json,  /admin/checkouts.json) does not return http_x_shopify_shop_api_call_limit header. Does this mean that no rate limits are applied to Abandoned Checkouts API calls or this is a bug and limits are still applied but just header not returned?

Dec 10 2018 by onereal
Uninstalled App

Hey Guys, I'm writing an app for Shopify, using the Shopify_app Gem. I'm a programmer, but never used Ruby, let alone RoR before. So this is a fun experience :D I've set up billing for my app, and then store in the database that they are a paid customer along with my app settings. But i need to remove settings and mark them as unpaid if the user ininstalls the app. How should i do this? ...

Dec 10 2018 by Pratham Jani
problem with rest api using swift code

hello .. i make post request 100% using " Create a partially paid order with a new customer and addresses  API " ,  POST /admin/orders.json BUT  the problem is that i got the orders without customer information firstname , lastname etc .... very strange ! i got a piece of information from the whole information !!  let parameters = ["order": ["line_items": lineItems],"custom...

Dec 9 2018 by Karl Offenberger

Hi All,   We are unable to isynchronize inventory from unicommerce to shopify 1.created a private app 2.integration sucessful 3.Also given the following permissions Inventory read& write Locations read Orders, transactions and fulfillments: read Products, variants and collections 4. But whenever we sync the inventory following error is which we recvd:   R...

Dec 9 2018 by Karl Offenberger
GraphQL objects CustomerVisit and CustomerJourney don't exist

Hello guys, I'm trying to get data from the CustomerVisit and CustomerJourney nodes but seems like they don't exist, could you please provide me a code example that shows how to use them? Thanks! ps: https://help.shopify.com/en/api/graphql-admin-api/reference/object/customerjourney + https://help.shopify.com/en/api/graphql-admin-api/reference/object/customervisit

Dec 9 2018 by Pierre B.