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API Orders

Hello! I am trying to get the orders via API. I have a problem with one scenario: I make a call for day let's say 2018-04-03. For that day I get all my orders with refunds even if they are made in other days. If one customer make an order on 2018-04-03 and then a refund on 2018-04-25, I don't get this action of refund in my call for date 2018-04-25. I have to call again for date 2018-04-03 ...

Jul 23 2018 by Mara


May 31 2018 by Brandon T
update customer record using api request in jquery

I am trying to update customer record using api request in javascript but it's not update record    var data = {                 "customer": {                   "id": 468737556539,                   "email": "changed@email.address.com"                   }             }                      alert()                 $.ajax({                  type: "PUT",                    url: "ht...

May 1 2018 by Jason


Jun 30 2017 by PurpleMamba
hasPreviousPage/ hasNextPage data type mismatch issue

please close this post.

Mar 17 2018 by Abhilash
Unable to test dev checkout - Checkout System disabled: Merchant's trial...

Hi, In my development store, when I click on "Checkout", I get the error: Checkout System disabled: Merchant's trial period expired. So I am unable to test my checkout. I did search Google & forums but the posts are all from 2013. Any idea why this is happening and how to solve it? Do I have to pay something just to test the dev site? Thanks, Heather

Mar 13 2018 by Jason
Is it possible to put 2 products onto another product page for a bundle ...

Hoping to find an answer to this question since there aren't many in depth instructions for using Metafields like this. The store I work with sells these Garden Markers which are sold as 2 separate products that need to be bought together for inventory purposes. But it's hard to make a bundle on Shopify for free without using a paid app. The owner of the site is kind of cheap so I'd prefer t...

Mar 4 2018 by Jason
Carrier service callbacks are not sent.

Hello. I need some help finding out why we no longer receive carrier service callbacks. I have double checked everything on our side and the endpoint is working flawlessly. Also this setup has been working without problems for almost a year. My dev store has this carrier_service: {     "id": 123,     "name": "Printify",     "active": true,     "service_discovery": true,     "carrier...

Feb 15 2018 by Alex Richter
Unbale to get shop data in array format & shop name .

We are genrate successfull access token . We have also get  shop data as json formate. we are unbale to get shop data  in array format & shop mail id. Following below code . // Set variables for our request $api_key = "API_KEY"; $shared_secret = "SECRET_KEY"; $params = $_GET; // Retrieve all request parameters $hmac = $_GET['hmac']; // Retrieve HMAC request parameter $params...

Feb 5 2018 by Jason
Unable to get Shop information

Hi, I have tried below mentioned code but unable to get shop information     $shop = "e-commerce-image-editing";     $token = $_SESSION['access_token'];   // Called generate-token.php   and stored in session.     $query = array(         "Content-type" => "application/json" // Tell Shopify that we're expecting a response in JSON format     );     // Run API call to get products ...

Feb 5 2018 by Jason
Mobile app developer for Custom mobile app

I am seeking a mobile app developer to provide quote development of my custom mobile app which I intend to integrate with shopify. I have a prototype ready.

Apr 6 2017 by Gathoni Mungai
Upserting several Variants with one web call. Possible?

Hello! I would like to update several Variants with one web call. Meaning - dump all the information in one JSON file and then send it off to Shopify API. It seems like that's not possible. Is that true? If it's possible, please elaborate on how to achieve that. Many thanks!

May 11 2017 by evs
Remove snippet on uninstallation of the app?

I created an app that create a snippet and add them to theme.liquid but i am not sure why removing snippet not working on app uninstallation?   Please give me advice about how to remove/delete that snippet when i uninstall the app?   Thanks

Apr 1 2017 by Jason
Buy/purchase option in the app

Hi, I have an app on shopify which does the outh and will redirect the user to the website.    Now I want to provide a purchase/buy option from within the shopify store where the app can be installed for free as it is but when the users click on the app they can see the screen to purchase product exposed on our website. Is there a way to do that and can I get some pointers?    Th...

Mar 20 2017 by svidhani
[duplicate post to be deleted] customers/delete webhook only returns cus...

Duplicate. Please delete. See updated question/post.

Mar 22 2017 by joyrexus
google.maps.Map api adding hidden style to my map_div without any error ...

Hello Experts, I am creating a map using google.maps.Map. But it is adding following style to map_div when i run the page and map does not show up. when i edit the html from firebug, default map show up. style="position: relative; overflow: hidden;" There is no error on console. what can be the reason. URL is https://starconcept.myshopify.com/pages/about-us password = feawhu R...

Mar 21 2017 by Jamie D.
Discounts - [API] That action is not currently supported

Whenever i am hitting "/admin/discounts.json" API , i am getting HTTP Response code "501" with response body {"errors":"[API] That action is not currently supported."} . Am i missing something? Also , is there any way to get discounts "count" from API ? 

Jun 6 2016 by Jamie D.
Every time I hit the refresh page I get the following error

Hello,  I'm building an app. Everything is working fine but when I hit the refresh button I get the following error :  [API] Invalid API key or access token (unrecognized login or wrong password) . I tried to keep the token and the rest of  my variables in a session but it's not working with or without the session.  Any suggestion will be great.  Thanks!  

Jun 16 2016 by Gustavo Waldman
Image upload Broken

Please some one response to my issues.   I'm trying to upload product images using the attachment method, however i get back a 422 with the following error { errors: { image: [ 'undefined method `first\' for nil:NilClass' ] } } I'm using the same sample payload that was provided in https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/product_image. Not sure what the issue is.     'X-Requ...

Feb 1 2017 by raymatos
Default Visibility Filters for Product Bulk Editing

Hi, I have a link in my sales channel that takes the user to the product bulk editor on Shopify when clicked. However, instead of the default bulk editor view, I'd like the user to immediately be editing the visibility of the product on my sales channel. For example, a link might look like this: https://{shopname}.myshopify.com/admin/bulk?resource_name=Product&edit=publications....

Jan 31 2017 by saminton