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How to upload files to files section in admin panel via API?

Hello. I am trying to upload image to files section in admin panel via python API, but I can't find any solution to do this.  Can someone help? Thank you.

Dec 11 2018 by Luke

Apologies for the caps but I couldn't find any information about this in any of the changelogs on these forums or on changelog.shopify.com and this is rather urgent. Suddenly our app is completely broken. We use a javascript checkout script (e.g. it is loaded on the Thank You page) and we then check the Shopify.checkout object for the contents of the shipping_rate property. All worked well 1...

Dec 11 2018 by Olivier Hubert
Problems with Coinbase Checkout: Page Not Found HELP!

Hello, We recently set up Coinbase on our shopify store, www.infringedliberteez.com and I have gone thgrough the motions and had similar problems other Merchants had with API Integration. First, I had trouble with the V1 API Set up, which we were able to sort out very easily. Now, when a customer goes to check out > Pay with Bitcoin > Checkout *You will be redirected to Coinbase* it...

Aug 22 2018 by Duan Damais
Is it possible to get canceled order data by using API?

Hi, I would like to know if it is possble to get canceled order data by using API. I understand that POST /admin/orders/#{order_id}/cancel.json can cancel an order. But I want to know how to get canceled order data by using API.

Aug 10 2018 by tera_key
How to get Order details from API (php program sample)

Good morning. In order to get order details from API. I saw the page  'https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/orders/order' I can understand that ,      Retrieve all orders GET /admin/orders.json But I would like to see program sample (PHP) to get the order detail. Would you please give me advice about where (URL) to get the sample program.  

Nov 13 2018 by Karl Offenberger
GraphQL to get all collection with products count

I need all the collection with total products. I first implemented by fetching all the smart and custom collection and iterate over it calling ShopifyAPI::Product.count(collection_id: id) Now I have to fetch over 400 collection and it was getting failed giving 500 after sometime. To fix this I have taken different approach where I fetch all the collects and do manual calculation t...

Jul 17 2018 by Stephen Gardner
testing paid apps without paid plan?

Hello, I'm developing an app with paid plan and I noticed that I can't accept the app payment unless I have paying plan (minimum 29$ ./ month).. This is a development store I opened in my dev account, so it seems kind of weird that I'll have to put a paid plan to test my own app.. PS. I know that the payment API allow to set test = true to create "fake" recurring payment, but it doesn't h...

Aug 9 2018 by Stephen Gardner
Suggestion: "order" Product API parameter (documentation and implementat...

The current Product API documentation makes no mention of a worthwhile and available "order" parameter that takes the following sort options: "total", "title", "created_at", and "updated_at" followed by one of "asc" or "desc". Example: order: "title desc" I suggest that the "sort" parameter for the Product API be included in the Product API documentation.  I'm confused why this was left o...

Jun 30 2018 by Stephen Gardner
Shopify App Proxy + Cloudflare = Error 1000 DNS

Problem:  Requests that go through an app proxy receive this error: https://imgur.com/aHXRmeL I found this out the hard way...  If you are an app developer, do not have your App Proxy pointing a cloudflare-hosted domain. Because if a shop is also hosted on Cloudflare, and installs your app, and then hits the app proxy, cloudflare will detect what it believes is a cyclic loop, and give ...

May 16 2018 by Stephen Gardner
Feature Request - Getting Sorted Collection Products from the API

I know that Collects store information pertaining to a Collection and a Product.   I'm creating an app that (for lack of a verbose explanation) re-creates the Collection page.  The Collection page has a specific default sort-order which is not re-creatable (short of making a ton of API calls) just via the API. It's easy to get and paginate products by Collection, but they're always return...

May 11 2018 by Stephen Gardner
variant inventory_quantity deprecated? What's the alternative?

Hi all, Now that variant's inventory_quantity field is deprecated, is there an alternative to get the total quantity across all locations? Is the only way to query the inventory levels and sum up the quantities for all locations?

May 27 2018 by Jordan
Does Shopify app "product reviews" provides an API to integrate with mob...

We are building native android mobile app using Shopify android Mobile Buy SDK. We would like to show product review ratings on the home and collection pages. Does Shopify app "product reviews" provides an API to integrate with mobile?

May 17 2018 by Stephen Gardner
Menu Items / Navigation by API

Hi Experts! I studied the Shopify API but didn't found an endpoint to gain information about Menu Items (or Navigation item). I found custom_collections.json and collects.json which will helps to understand the core structure of a shop. But is there also a way to get the menu structure of a shop as well? Thanks a lot for you valuable answer;) Best, Thomas

May 28 2018 by Semih Gökyer
Getting a count of products from a product query

I am familiar with this page:  https://docs.shopify.com/api/reference/product#count I know how to use this:  https://{myshop}.myshopify.com/admin/products/count.json?collection_id=202080963 or this: https://{myshop}.myshopify.com/admin/products/count.json But what I really need is to do this: https://{myshop}.myshopify.com/admin/products/count.json&query=tag:pants (note: this get...

Jun 30 2018 by Stephen Gardner
Inserting abandoned checkouts over API?

Hello there, My app replaces default Shopify's checkout process with own, therefore Shopify itself doesn't know if the checkout was abandoned or not. Is it possible to insert abandoned checkouts over API as I dont see it in official documentation? Perhaps there is workaround I could use?  The reason I wanna insert abandoned checkouts is because my users use abandoned carts recovery app...

Jul 14 2018 by AT
Any way to use Shopify cart and then move to my own hosted payment solut...

I have some specific, unique requirements for how to handle the payment processing that Shopify does not support.  I would like to use the Shopify system to allow users to create their full order, calculate shipping and tax, etc. up to the payment page.  Then from the payment page I would like to have them click a button to load a separate URL hosted on my own server, where I would pull the pen...

Jan 7 2018 by angelleye
Hosted Payment SDK Order Id

Hi, Is there any way to get the Order Id (as it appears in the Shopify Portal) when Shopify submits a request to our gateway per https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/hosted-payment-sdk/api-reference/request-values?   I want to get it in the same format as specified under the Settings -> General page.    I can confirm that x_reference and x_shopify_order_id are not the same as the Order Id in...

Jan 2 2018 by AT
Is Hosted Payment SDK closed now?

Hi, In the Hosted Payment SDK page https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/hosted-payment-sdk , it is mentioned there that "Access to the Hosted Payment SDK is closed. We are no longer accepting new integrations. Existing integrations will still be supported." I want to integrate a new payment gatewat with Shopify, what could be the options, please suggest.

Jan 8 2018 by Ron Manke
Payment Gateway Integration

Hello,  We are trying to integrate a payment gateway to Shopify. We are aware that currently you are not accepting new integrations, but we still have a techincal question.  We are aware that there is a single type of integration with a  hosted payment SDK and no possibility of API based integration. However, we also see that there are two types of payment integration providers, external ...

Jan 7 2018 by AT
Hosted Payment SDK: Is x_reference not unique in shopify?

I am integrating my payment gateway with shopify hosted payment SDK, According to the documentation: https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/hosted-payment-sdk/api-reference/request-values, x_reference should be unique for every transaction so that it becomes a unique transaction identifier for every individual transaction. This is not the case when i tested it. Its duplicate if my payment gateway fa...

Jan 7 2018 by AT