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HMAC verification issues

I'm trying to validate the requests coming from Shopify but I'm unable to do so. Here's the code I'm using to get the hmac hash from the request (from here): A protocol=http:// or https:// needs to be added to the message $params = $request; unset($params['signature']); unset($params['hmac']); $collected = array_map(function($key, $value) { return $key . "=" . $value;...

Aug 22 2016 by Benjamin Hill
Creating app

Hello, I am newcomer for create a shopify app as well as is there any one to make a knowledge there how to create an app even from the starting procedure and easy guide Thanks

Aug 18 2016 by SylarRuby
Product Visibility on Extra Sales Channels

I've been working on loading some products into Shopify using the API. I'm having a hard time setting the product data so that items are visible on the online store, POS, and Pinterest. Setting a published_scope of 'global' sets it visible on the online store and POS, but not Pinterest. I've also tried adding "pinterest" and similar values to the published_scope but that doesn't seem to help...

Aug 18 2016 by Chook
Shopify Webhook Requests Swamped My App

Earlier today we were receiving upwards of 500rpm that were webhook requests, coming from one store and I assume coming from one installed app making sweeping changes to variants. This effectively DOS'd our app, taking it offline for a period of time. This is frustrating, but I don't really have a good idea about how I can handle this. Has anyone ran into this problem? If so, what did you do ab...

Jul 20 2016 by Jason Buehler
Discounts - [API] That action is not currently supported

Whenever i am hitting "/admin/discounts.json" API , i am getting HTTP Response code "501" with response body {"errors":"[API] That action is not currently supported."} . Am i missing something? Also , is there any way to get discounts "count" from API ? 

Jun 6 2016 by Jamie D.
Implement Shopify in iOS app written in Swift

I'm new to Shopify and am trying to add a feature to my iOS app (written in Swift) to sell products from a business partner's Shopify store. I've imported the framework into my app, but am now stuck as I know Swift but not Objective-C and all of the Shopify documentation is written in Objective-C... How to I get a basic store up and running?? Thanks in advance!

Yesterday by mel
How to persist cart of the user in Android sdk?

Is there any way we can retreive cart of the user from API ? If I store it in local database, on website user won't be able to view this cart.  

Yesterday by saurabh
How to persist payment token?

payment token is associted to the cart not user. So is there a way if we can store payment token so that if user will have to enter credit card data for first time only.

Yesterday by Brent Gulanowski
Get order risk level

Hi, On Shopify order info page, it displays Risk level, such as Low, Medium, and High risk.  Is there any way I can translate order risk API response to risk levels? For example,    "risks": [ { "id": 284138680, "order_id": 450789469, "checkout_id": null, "source": "External", "score": "1.0", "recommendation": "cancel", "displa...

Yesterday by Chen Z.
Using Timber's ajaxify cart plugin

Hi,  I'm trying to get my ajaxify cart plugin from the Timber framework to work. The thing is that the cart works totally fine when adding from the product.liquid pages, but I'm trying to get the ajaxify cart to work in the collection.liquid pages. I'm using the same form markup for the collection and product pages with the relevant liquid tags changed, but it only works on product anyway...

Yesterday by James Lee
Timestamp of impression?

Hello I was hoping someone could point out how to get a timestamp of the page impression in liquid.  I tried something like {{ 'now' | date: '%s' }} but this just records the time that the .liquid file gets saved. Much appreciated.    

Yesterday by MatthewP
Is there a way to get orders with transaction data included ?

I need to have transactions data for all orders of a specific day. I see the only way is to call the transaction api for each order. I'm wondering if there's a better way: - having transactions data inside the order data once i call order api - having a way to get the transactions for all orders over a certain period of time Any help would be really appreciated.  

Yesterday by HunkyBill
Shopify App Proxy Form Submit

Hi all, I've been searching the forum for an issue I'm having, I found some similar questions but couldn't find any helpful answers. I'm trying to render a form on the front store of my development environment here: https://sygns-development.myshopify.com/apps/shop-proxy using app proxy, The form rendering fine in the store but when I try to submit the form it redirects me to password ...

Yesterday by Mo
ASSET reference shows up as text in browser!

I uploaded a js file into assets and put a .liquid extension on the end. (mysite.js.liquid) I refer to it in my page's html like this.... {{ "mysite.js" | asset_url | script_tag }} I've also tried... {{ "mysite.js.liquid" | asset_url | script_tag }} BUT, when I view the page I see the ACTUAL TEXT. Any idea why? What's the proper way to do this? I've seen online that it's recom...

Yesterday by WebDevGuy
PAGE SPECIFIC css, javacript, etc...

I would like to have css and js files that are specific to my page. It appears that all the instructions I have found online refer to editing the master TEMPLATE. I do not want to do that! I've tried editing the page online and adding <style> and <script> references through the editor but it doesn't work! In fact it won't even save <style> references. Any idea why and how I ac...

Yesterday by WebDevGuy
customer input to change metafields values

Hi Is it possible to code an app that uses customer input in customer/account.liquid to 1/ change the value of a metafield? 2/ create a new metafield? Or is an app only to add content to your website from the admin? I have been unsuccesful thus far in trying to create global varaiables in shopify and that's a deal breaker for me.

Yesterday by guillaume jolly
Webhooks: HTTP 499?

Running Express behind nginx. See 499s nginx logs: - - [26/Aug/2016:07:09:03 +0000] "POST /api/shopify/create_order_hook HTTP/1.1" 499 0 "-" "Ruby" "" - - [26/Aug/2016:07:11:46 +0000] "POST /api/shopify/create_order_hook HTTP/1.1" 499 0 "-" "Ruby" "" - - [26/Aug/2016:07:16:47 +0000] "POST /api/shopify/create_order_hook H...

Yesterday by Michael Pierce
Form Submission to External Database

I am creating a public Shopify app with Ruby on Rails.  I've already read the Shopify API documentation.  The documentation doesn't specify where to place code for API calls depending on the technology used.   I'm having trouble figuring out how to get a form to either appear on an existing template page, or to link to a new page with a form from an existing template page.  I don't know i...

Yesterday by OneCaseTwoCase
Missing API: Transfers for Incoming Inventory Management

Shopify recently launched "Transfers" to make it easy for customers to track incoming inventory from suppliers. See https://help.shopify.com/manual/products/inventory/transfers But when I create a Transfer for a product from my developer shop and parse the JSON from the product API endpoint it mentions the inventory quantity for each product as expected but I see no reference to the "incomin...

Yesterday by piyush
Redirect URL error

Hi        I am trying to create an embedded shopify application. i can able to install the application and test it end to end while the app is loaded via ngrok tunnel but when i try to install the application via my digital ocean url i am getting this following error  Mixed Content: The page at 'https://liveb4buy.myshopify.com/admin/apps/xxx...xxx/admin/?code=xxx...xxx&hmac=xxx...xxx&...

Yesterday by Rajasekar Rajendran