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ShopifyAPI Postman Collection g13

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Aug 28 2018 by SoloVueTest Admin
Collection and Collect API Feature Requests

Hi everyone, At the risk of this thread getting out of hand, I'd love to know what requests you have for features in the area of collections. We're currently making changes to smart collections, and would like consider any ideas you might have as we make these. If you would rather share your requests privately, you can also use this form. Dominique

Nov 12 2018 by Searchanise Team
Webhook for order/update not firing on location change

Hi, Whenever the location in the order from which the order can be fulfilled is changed as mentioned on the link https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/locations/managing-orders#changing-the-fulfillment-location, the order/update webhook is not filring. Also, as the fulfiment is not started, there are no fulfiment webhooks either. Hence, please let me know how can we detect the event of a manual...

Today by cartrover-will
Shopify.Modal.input Not Working

Hello, I'm using Embedded App modal mehtod "ShopifyApp.Modal.input", to catpure a user input. It was working fine until today, when I noticed that it doesn't do anything anymore. Nothing appears on screen, and no errors in console at all. Anyone has an idea about this? I'd appreciate your help on this! Note: I'm not using react and polaris.

Today by MrPunkin
Checkout API

Is it possible to transact and take payment through the Checkout API?   Has anyone tried to do this? If it's not, is there a way? I'm looking to take card details on a Magento install but transact through the Shopify checkout.   TIA, Brandon

Yesterday by Karl Offenberger
Article featured image is removed when I update article title and body_h...

My app is working for SEO. I was trying to update article title and body_html with Python API. It was successful but the article featured image was gone. The featured image can't be found in the blog post. My code didn't change featured image at all.  Why is it happening? How can I fix it?

Yesterday by Josh Wheeler
Unable to retrieve contents of specific assets via asset API

I am working on creating an app with this repo: https://github.com/Shopify/shopify-node-app/. Everything is working great in retrieving product data and some data about assets but I am having trouble with retrieving the contents of asset files. For example, this call works perfectly in retrieving a complete list of theme assets as an object: https://72926fc0.ngrok.io/shopify/api/themes/38...

Yesterday by devo774
accessToken's Becoming Invalid?

During app development, I installed my app on to a development store and received a working accessToken.  It worked fine for a few days, but then it suddenly stopped working, and I have no idea why. Is this normal?  Do apps need to periodically get new accessTokens to get at the Admin API?  

Yesterday by beppu
Custom icon for Navigation item

Is there a way to pass a custom icon in an item of `<Navigation.Section>` of new Polaris 3.0.0?

Yesterday by Rishabh Tayal
Shopify Admin GraphQL minVariantPrice is incorrect

When I retrieve the `minVariantPrice` of a product from the Admin GraphQL API (NOT the Storefront GraphQL API), I receive a value that is the amount of the least expensive variant multiplied by 100. For example a product's min variant will be $16.99, but the priceRange > minVariantPrice > amount will be $1699.0 Is this calculated by Shopify? Why is this happening?

Yesterday by projectspirit Admin
Problem cancelling and refunding a simple order

Dear Shopify,   I have cancelled the order 680277803097 using the REST API. However despite my indications for refunding, Shopify did not refund this order (I had to do it manually through the interface). However, Shopify did cancel the order.   This was the JSON payload I sent to the API:   {   "email": true,   "refund": {     "shipping": {       "full_refund":...

Yesterday by Pedro Domingues
Unable to set tax_lines in Draft Orders API

I’m having trouble setting the tax_line property for my custom line items, which seems to be possible as displayed in the Draft Orders API docs. Essentially, no matter what I do, the tax calculated is defaulting to the region I’m doing my testing - Victoria, BC. I also tried changing the dev shop’s province - but tax is still defaulting to PST 7% and GST 5%. I can successfully set the taxes ...

Yesterday by Hallie Gray
Custom Tax on Draft API not showing up

Hello, I am not seeing my custom tax line on my draft order when posting through the API.  Customer account is not tax exempt.  Any ideas as to why it won't show up at checkout?  Checkout is only showing subtotal and shipping.  Thanks! JSON posted to draft API:  {      "lineitems": [{          "id": 16014982578233,          "price": 5000,          "productid": 1636296065081,         ...

Yesterday by Hallie Gray
Questions related to multiple pricing tiers

We have more than four pricing tiers, however the app submission form has room for only four. Is there a workaround? I've noticed several apps have the ability to offer custom pricing plans by contacting the app's support. How is that possible? I should note that we are capabale of performing billing and provide excellent tracking for Shopify's 20%. However, it is my understanding that on...

Yesterday by ARF
REST API: Querying visited products

Is there a way to retrieve the visited products for a range of time using the REST API?

Yesterday by Pablo
Using the order timeline on the admin API

Hi, I saw a thread created ~2 years ago about being able to use the order timeline with the API and there was a reply saying that it was being looked into by a Shopify dev with hundreds of people upvoting the suggestion, but I haven't seen any communiction from Shopify since. Any word on if/when this will become availble, whether it's included in the Order object or it's own endpoint? Thanks.

Yesterday by Karl Offenberger
Who makes request to server?

Hi, I was directed by Shopify Support to this forum to ask the following question. When a customer chooses to install the app and presses the install button, will it be their IP address that's used to make the request to the server, or will Shopify make the request? It seems logical that if the customers IP address was used, the files would be sent back to that address, rather than being ...

Yesterday by Awin Advertiser Tracking Admin
GraphQL API: Field 'draftOrderCreate' doesn't exist on type 'Mutation'

The GraphQL API outlines creating draft orders in the documentation. https://help.shopify.com/en/api/graphql-admin-api/reference/mutation/draftordercreate When running the query i receive errors. { errors: [{ message: "Field 'draftOrderCreate' doesn't exist on type 'Mutation'", locations: [{ line: 2, column: 3 }], fie...

Yesterday by Karl Offenberger
Rails application Webhook error in Home Page Controller index action

Hi I am new to the Shopify, I am tring to register webhooks, I followd this documentation. I added below code in shopify_app.rb file config.webhooks = [ {topic: 'carts/create', address: 'https://95ecca2derw.ngrok.io/webhooks/carts_create', format: 'json'}, {topic: 'carts/update', address: 'https://95ecca2drew.ngrok.io/webhooks/carts_update', format: 'json'} ] I created 2 jobs for c...

Yesterday by Fashon For Men Admin
Partial lines cancellation API

Hello,   Can you please guide if there is an API to cancel the partial lines that are not fullfilled?   It would be great if you can provide sample API script.    Thanks, Raju 

Yesterday by Karl Offenberger