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ShopifyAPI Postman Collection g9

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Jun 28 2018 by Christian Lepe
Cart Attributes captured in Webhooks responses?

I'm pretty sure the answer is affirmative, but I don't see any documentation / questions confirming this: If I add additional cart attributes to the checkout form, will that information be passed to the Webhook response bodies? Specifically the Order Created Webhook. What key is the cart attribute stored at? note_attributes? Appreciate any help!

Today by Admin Omtis
POST data to Shopify API returns Login Page

I'm currently working on a private app, while all GET API call works, I'm having troubles with POST APIs, currently I'm trying to create a new fulfillment, using this API https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference/shipping_and_fulfillment/fulfillment#create  I've googled and found that people have similar trouble and common solution would be to remove cookie data when POST-ing data. I'm cu...

Today by TestSeoul2U Admin
Shopify Product Delete Api not working

I am using C# to call the shopify Product Delete API, refer belo code var AdminUrl = string.Format("https://{0}/admin/", shop); var Client = new RestClient(AdminUrl); var request = CreateRequest(String.Format("products/#{variantID}.json", variantID), Method.DELETE); request.AddHeader("X-Shopify-Access-Token", Token); //request.AddHeader("access_token", Token); var result = Client.Execut...

Today by MukeshM
We are getting this error: "Internal Server Error" from multiple stores?

Hi , We connect to many shopify stores via API , and now most of them are throwing an error when creating an order: "Internal Server Error" Is Shopify having issues?

Yesterday by Nigel
inventory_level/set.json not working Error(400) Bad Request

I can use eversingel end point as described in the documentation. I have double and tripple checked my code there is nothing wrong with the way I send the POST request as I can post orders, products, and variants with the same code. The problem is the moment I try to use any of the inventory_level end points I get a Error(400) Bad Request. I can Query the inventory_level, but I cannot post. The...

Yesterday by wjvr Admin
BUG: checkbox on order status page not visible in Chrome

If you add a checkbox to the order status page it is visible in Firefox (v61) but not in Chrome (v67). Here's the test code to paste into the 'Additional scripts' form in Shopify Admin: <script> (function () { Shopify.Checkout.OrderStatus.addContentBox( '<h2>Buggy checkbox test</h2>', '<input type="checkbox" />' ); ...

Yesterday by Rory
Access Metafields from ScriptTag

I'm working on an app that creates some metafields and then uses those to add some markup to a page. I've read that if you can avoid editing a customer's theme that is the better route to go.  Once my backend app has created the metafields is it possible within a front end JS script tag to read from those metafields?  Right now my plan is just to do this in the liquid (as is shown in all of ...

Yesterday by Shawn Hind
422 unprocessable entity, without errors returned, but the product is cr...

I'm getting a 422 Unprocessable Entity while trying to create a product via the API. According to this doc https://help.shopify.com/en/api/getting-started/response-status-codes There should be errors returned. However, there are none. Are there always supposed to be errors returned or just if there is something to show? In addition; Even though I get a 422, the admin interface DOES sho...

Yesterday by g
How to update fulfillment shipment status by API?

I tried to update fulfillment shipment_status by "PUT" method with this link {myshopify-name}/admin/orders/{order-id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment-id}.json Shopify returns 200 OK response. But it seems do not affect the fulfillment's shipment_status. How to update fulfillment shipment status by API? Thanks in advance

Yesterday by Delfino Galindo
Multiple Api Calls Timing out

Hey guys. This may be better on Stack Overflow but thought I would try here. I have an App on a Heroku Server. One of the calls I make to that app is a Post where I send a Collection, an Array of Products and an Array of Customers. From there I make multiple API Calls to the Shopify Admin to create all those things. This is currently working great if there is just a few products and customers t...

Yesterday by Ian Brown
Inventory by default gets set to 1

After syncing the variants to shopify, I saw that the quantity against each variant sets to 1. I just want to assure that when I am syncing variants to shopify using variants api, inventory should be 0, not 1 against each variant. How this can be achieved using the variants API.

Yesterday by nitin
External Capture - Mark As Paid

If a shop is set up to authorize only, and the payment is captured through an external system, is there a way to mark the order as paid in Shopify through the API without capturing the payment in Shopify? We don't want to double charge the customer but want to mark it as paid so the customer knows the order was completed. We tried updating the financial_status directly but it had no effect and ...

Yesterday by K&J Web Productions
Marking An Order As Paid In Shopify After We Have Captured Payment Using...

We are transitioning several stores to Shopify for a large client who is deeply ingrained with Microsoft Dynamics SL as an ERP. They require using existing functions they have on SL for capturing payment from their payment provider (Payflow Pro), so we are helping to build an integration for that. The chain of events boils down to: Shopify takes the order and authorizes payment with Payfl...

Yesterday by K&J Web Produ...
addDiscount not found in NPM version of Buy SDK?

I am trying to apply a discount using js buy sdk 1.6.0. I just keep getting 'is not a function' error when I attempt to apply one. https://github.com/Shopify/js-buy-sdk/blob/master/README.md#adding-a-discount What is strange is the read me does not have .addDiscount listed on the NPM version -- yet it does on both Shopify and on github master version. https://www.npmjs.com/package/shop...

Yesterday by cocobum Admin
Product api call with a Single Variation generating a drop down

I am trying to create a product with a single variation using the API. No matter what value i place for title or option it always creates a variation thus creating a drop down on the product page. Everytime i need to manually delete the variant in order to get the "default" variation that does not trigger a drop down creation. What is the missing value/s that i need to get the "default" variati...

Yesterday by Chonmerch Admin
ChinaBrands API with Shopify

Good day all, I recently told Chinabrands that I would like to use their Shipping options as part of my checkout process. They sent me this API document https://files.fm/u/vja3ajdy I have no knowledge of coding or where to put what. I know that shipping methods and prices change a lot and would rather be safe and have their shipping prices display directly on my website or checkout pag...

Yesterday by Juan van Wyk
POST /orders.JSON - Ignoring Cancel Fields

To get full customer history, we're importing Cancelled orders into our Shopify instance. {'order': { ... "cancelled_at": "2015-07-16T16:35:46", "cancel_reason": "customer", ... }} However these attributes are being ignored.  The resulting record has: { "order": { ... "cancelled_at": null, "cancel_reason": null, ... } } Why would the API be ignoring the cance...

Yesterday by Zameer Masjedee
BUG: Access denied calling checkoutCompleteWithCreditCard from iOS App

I'm developing a proof-of-concept iOS app to help my company decide whether to use Shopify as a back-end for product sales.  I've followed the iOS SDK guides, and have created a working application that does nearly everything it needs: 1. Access store info 2. Access collections and product catalog 3. Build a shopping cart, update shipping address, use the cardVaultUrl and CardCiient to...

Yesterday by Dima Bart
Unable to update stock on All merchant stores

We have developed one public app which will update the product variant stock to all the Shopify stores. We have approx 700+ Shopify stores that installed the app and active. we have approx 7000 products with the different variants.  Now, Shopify launches the new stock update API: https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/inventory/inventorylevel which will allow updating stock per the variant b...

Yesterday by Jordan