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ShopifyAPI Postman Collection g15

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Yesterday by Sushant Keni
Collection and Collect API Feature Requests

Hi everyone, At the risk of this thread getting out of hand, I'd love to know what requests you have for features in the area of collections. We're currently making changes to smart collections, and would like consider any ideas you might have as we make these. If you would rather share your requests privately, you can also use this form. Dominique

Nov 30 2018 by AlexanderCollins
How add a item in cart by using postman?

Hi Team  Is anyone try to add an item in the cart using the postman. I try to do but getting the error link Unauthorized or forbidden. If anyone knows how to do this then please replay. Any kind of reference you have then please provide ASAP.   Thanks

Today by Bhagyashree More
Any one know how make Ajax call for the Add to Cart?

Hi Team Actually, I've tried using some of the API's available on JavaScript Buy SDK  npm repository, but they don't have anything as such adding an item in a cart using an API. There is one thing called Ajax API calls. https://help.shopify.com/en/themes/development/getting-started/using-ajax-api#add-to-cart I've used this in node This is the code for it:   request({     url: 'htt...

Today by Bhagyashree More
GraphQL Query for track order status in Shopify Android app

Hi, I am new in GraphQL and Shopify also. My requirement is track order status using shopify iOS SDK and i am unable to find any solution to track order status. In latest release note for Buy3 SDK I see we can getch details . Can some one please help me to create that query. https://github.com/Shopify/mobile-buy-sdk-android/releases/tag/3.2.4  I am able to get user's order list usin...

Today by VenkataSeshaiah
Installation url

Hi Im trying to configure public app following the example.  I'm not sure if I understand where to get all those links from the sinatra example in rails app? I have generated  shopify_app:controllers and I suppose I should use some actions from controllers to install app?

Today by rdgh dfghdfh
Blocking API requests to Shopify from a certain URL?

Hi Guys, We installed the ShippingEasy Shopify app.  Problem is, the app updates the Shopify order status and other related fields.  I was hoping to block any updates from ShippingEasy pushed over to Shopify.   Does anyone know the proper way to block requests from Shopify standpoint?  Or if there is even a way to do this from the Shopify API? Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

Today by developer8971
Custom Carrier Service Not Work

Hi Buddies, ok my problem is some complex but i try explain to me that better possible. I developed two app to calculate custom rates 1.xpress 2.pickup store My first app xpress was working ok the last 3 months but yesterday i implement the second app pickup store and all will broke. ok both app calculate custom rates for shipping according the productos disponibility(this is a...

Yesterday by Carlos Narvaez
HMAC validation issues

Hello, I was wondering if there have been any changes regarding HMAC validation recently?  My code for validating them, which I've used for the past year or more, all of a sudden isn't working properly. I've also tried re-generating secret keys for my apps in case that was an issue, which didn't resolve the problem. One thing I did notice is that the URLs now include a parameter annota...

Yesterday by Clement
'Partner Friendly' Payment Handoff

I'd like to make my app 'partner friendly' but I'm having a hard time understanding the work flow. To start, I understand that I'll need to change my billing logic so that if plan_name = affiliate, that I'll register a $0 recuring charge, instead of the regular price. Easy enough. But then what is is supposed to happen when the app is handed over to the client? Am I supposed to register a...

Yesterday by Squarify
Create custom app to modify product price based on arbitrary rules

I have the need to modify prices of all products based on a database of rules from a separate source. The rules are based on sku, customer email, start/end dates, quantity discounts, customer tags, etc.  These prices need to be applied automatically, without a coupon, and are specific to each customer login. At a minumum I was thinking of a webhook that when each product is shown, it can ...

Yesterday by Steve Robbins
Billing API

Hi, We received an email from the Shopify apps team saying that we have to use the billing API. We are already using the billing API for our app. I wanted to see if anyone else received a similar email. Thanks for your help.

Yesterday by Shopify App Devel...
How to get the name and price of shipping option on Thank You / Order St...

Following the recent unannounced changes to the Shopify.checkout object available through Javascript (e.g. ScriptTag) I am unable to retrieve the name and price of the shipping method used by the client. Is there a way to get that information while on the Thank You / Order Status Page? My app needs to access it in order to update the order with appropriate note_attributes values. Thanks!

Yesterday by Olivier Hubert
Create Product Variant not working

please find the below request json when posting data to   https://{{api_key}}:{{api_password}}@{{store_name}}.myshopify.com/admin/products/{{product_id}}/variants.json please point me where am i going wrong? {"variant":{   "Barcode": null,   "CompareAtPrice": null,   "CreatedAt": null,   "FulfillmentService": "manual",   "Grams": 0,   "Weight": null,   "WeightUnit": "kg",   "Id...

Yesterday by Ryan O
GET Requests to External Endpoints

My company uses NetSuite for our ERP and we're looking to migrate our sites to Shopify from Magento. Is it possible from the client side to have a button on the cart page that makes a request to NetSuite. I would like to pass to NetSuite the items in the cart and have NetSuite respond with a shipping rate for a given courier and I'd like to do this securely. 

Yesterday by Karl Offenberger
If Shopifys API have no version management are all users on the "latest ...

Hi All, I am left slightly confused after a 3rd party working with us on a shopify store has told us that they won't be able to carry the works for use due to Shopifys version management not being apparent. They go on to say that different clients of theirs can have different implementations of the API deployed to their instance.   Am I missing something here?   From my understan...

Yesterday by Karl Offenberger
Issuing Refunds with Multi Currency Update (Shop Currency vs. Presentmen...

We have build a refund management interface that utilized what was consider the shop currency before the multi-currency was implemented. This provided a way for our clients to manage the refund in the currency that the retailers shop resides in (in most cases USD). In its simplest form the retailer is able to adjust deductions + fees, discounts, taxes, etc... before issuing the refund via the i...

Yesterday by Jamie M
Add to cart using Node.js

I've a chatbot in which some shopify products are displayed. Chatbot is handled using Node.js as a webhook. I'm getting product id of a shopify product from the chatbot. Could anyone please suggest me any API which I can use to add that product to cart from Node.js using that product ID.

Yesterday by Karl Offenberger
Javascript Buy SDK with Reports/Dashboard

Hi, I plan to create a custom storefront using the shopify API. is it possible to have data such as Unique Visitors, Added to Cart , Reached Checkout, and Purchased statistics reflected from an external website? What do I lose from moving away from a storefront hosted on shopify versus a Node server using the Shopify API for products/checkout?

Yesterday by Sushant Keni
Payment Details on transaction API when order is not paid by Shopify Pay...

Hello there I'm trying to retrieve the payment information like credit card flag and payment type of the order. Looking at the API documentation in the Transaction section we have the payment_details property, but when I make a call to this endpoint the response didn't come with this property. It is because I'm not using the Shopify Payments as the payment gateway? We are using Paypal an...

Yesterday by Pedro Prado