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We've made some changes to our API documentation

Hi all, We've made some changes to our API documentation today. You can view the changes here. The changes include a new landing page as well as some new content. We'd love to hear your feedback on these changes – feel free to reply to this thread and let us know what you think.

Feb 8 2017 by Jamie D.
Response Status Codes

Hey all, A number of different HTTP status codes can be returned when making a request to the Shopify API. This documentation contains a table of all the possible response codes that can be returned as well as a brief explanation. If you are receiving an unexpected response from the Shopify API, you should start with this table. 

Feb 1 2017 by HunkyBill
ShopifyAPI Postman Collection

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Jan 31 2017 by Jordan
HMAC verification issues

I'm trying to validate the requests coming from Shopify but I'm unable to do so. Here's the code I'm using to get the hmac hash from the request (from here): A protocol=http:// or https:// needs to be added to the message $params = $request; unset($params['signature']); unset($params['hmac']); $collected = array_map(function($key, $value) { return $key . "=" . $value;...

Jan 13 2017 by Vineet Saini
Shopify Webhook Requests Swamped My App

Earlier today we were receiving upwards of 500rpm that were webhook requests, coming from one store and I assume coming from one installed app making sweeping changes to variants. This effectively DOS'd our app, taking it offline for a period of time. This is frustrating, but I don't really have a good idea about how I can handle this. Has anyone ran into this problem? If so, what did you do ab...

Dec 14 2016 by HunkyBill
Issues with Metafields API

Hi, I've tried adding metafield data on one of my products, but it keeps failing even tho i've followed the docs, nothing is returned once i use get. Followed: https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/metafield#create Kind regards, Poul

Today by Andriy Kulak
Redeeming 3rd Party Physical Gift Cards

Hi all, Here is a good one. ValuTec is a 3rd party gift card provider. They simply generate 19 digit numbers, put them on a card, and manage the balance as these cards are redeemed. Would there be ANY WAY to integrate with Shopify in a way that these gift cards can be used to purchase products during a Shopify checkout. The best case scenario would be to create a custom payment method (like ...

Today by leysian
Suddenly getting Forbidden Request error from Shopify with cURL

Since 2015 I have been using PHP scripts that employ cURL to access public Shopify HTML and JSON data, and these scripts just stopped working this week, without any changes on my part. Thus, it seems that Shopify has placed some new restrictions that affect how cURL can be used.   Script 1 is very simple: https://audio.alternativeradio.org/atestHTML.php Here, I load the HTML of a produ...

Today by zaderade
API - Get Deleted Orders

Hi, I'm working with the Shopify API at the moment and I notice that I cannot get "deleted" orders using the "GET /admin/orders.json" endpoint. If a shop administrator cancels and deletes an order in the Shopify admin GUI, how can I get this information programatically in case a webhook fails? Thanks,

Yesterday by Josh Brown

I am trying to post data using ajax in Shopify code  But when I execute the code it throws  "Refused to connect to 'http://ipaddress' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "connect-src 'self' https://* wss://*"."  Following is my ajax code I have used in "Additional script section in settings->checkout->order processing": {% if checkout %}         ...

Yesterday by Busfox
How to sort results? Paging with since_id returns incomplete list or du...

I am attempting to page througth the complete list of products using the since_id to get the following page. However, I noticed that in some cases the results are NOT ordered by id and this completely breaks the paging using since_id. For testing I'm running this against a shop with 14 products in it, but depending on the limit I use I will get less than the expected products or duplicate pr...

Yesterday by Busfox
In NEED to change the Shopify checkout, no money for Shopify PLUS

Hello everyone, I am the owner of a Dutch website which is selling cosmetics. The current system runs on Django Oscar. We would like to expand the number of SKU's but since Django Oscar lacks filtering and some other important functionalities I think the time has come to move to another system. Luckily me and my partner both have a background in software engineering. Therefore we are able...

Yesterday by Mircea Piturca
How to open my shopify web page(safari) with customer logged in

Hi, In my iOS app, I need to use SFSafariViewController to open my shopify page.  But I don't want the customer to fill username/password to login the shop.  I want that after SFSafariViewController open my shopify page, the customer is already logged in. Is there any help to do it? How to provide the customer's username and password information in the SFSafariViewController URL? Thanks

Yesterday by zhm
Searching for Customers by Facebook ID

Greetings, We're wondering if there's a way to search for a customer via the API using a Facebook ID. Our clients have their stores set up to integrate with Facebook Messenger, so customers can contact them via FB and receive order updates via FB. On our app side, we pull in Facebook messages on our clients' Facebook Pages into our app, and we want to be able to match the Facebook user with ...

Yesterday by Reamaze
Extra Product not adding to Cart in First Attempt

Hi Here is link of product https://hydrofloss.com/products/hydro-floss I have use Shopify Ajax API to add a variant to the cart on click of 'Add to cart' button of another product. Means when we click 'Add to Cart' button of Hydro floss then an extra product 'll also added to cart automatically. The only issue I am having : this script is not working on incognito window into first attempt. whe...

Yesterday by Ankit Kumar
Converting non-embedded app to an embedded app

Hi, Is it possible to convert a non-embedded app to an embedded app? Should I just enable the EAS in the app settings, make the necessary code changes, and then I am good to go? The reason I ask instead of just trying, is that I remember I read somewhere that it would break the existing app if you enable the EAS. Thanks, -Louise

Yesterday by Busfox
how can i use the checkout api to discount code???

when the user enter the code I should use which one api to  verify  the code??   POST/admin/checkouts.json data: { "discount_code":"codetest" } return this msg {     "errors": "Not Found" } What should i do???

Yesterday by Busfox
Correct API GET request (users) keeps returning 404

Hey I'm trying to get current logged in customer, using this User reference: https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/user So, I'm calling for it like that (PHP + Guzzle): $client->request( 'GET', "https://{$store}/admin/users/current.json", [ 'query' => [ 'access_token' => $access_token ] ] )...

Feb 17 2017 by Mikh
Topic from the documentation is invalid?

I'm developing an app (PHP) and trying to register a 'carts/create' hook, referring to https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/webhook I'm sending a request using Guzzle like this:  $client->request( 'POST', "https://{$store}/admin/webhooks.json", [ 'query' => [ 'access_token' => $access_token, 'webhook' ...

Feb 16 2017 by Mikh
Change locale file loaded (i18n)

Hi there, I've saw the `locales/` folder and see lots of document about setting multiple language, but I don't know can we change the language setting dynamically from user view? (as I know, only one language can be used at the moment) For example, user can click a dropdown menu to choose their language. I thought it's some basically functionality for an e-commerce platform, but I d...

Yesterday by Asoul Yang