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Shopify Webhook Requests Swamped My App

Earlier today we were receiving upwards of 500rpm that were webhook requests, coming from one store and I assume coming from one installed app making sweeping changes to variants. This effectively DOS'd our app, taking it offline for a period of time. This is frustrating, but I don't really have a good idea about how I can handle this. Has anyone ran into this problem? If so, what did you do ab...

Jun 24 2017 by Mike Potter
HMAC verification issues

I'm trying to validate the requests coming from Shopify but I'm unable to do so. Here's the code I'm using to get the hmac hash from the request (from here): A protocol=http:// or https:// needs to be added to the message $params = $request; unset($params['signature']); unset($params['hmac']); $collected = array_map(function($key, $value) { return $key . "=" . $value;...

Jun 9 2017 by Daniel K.
Response Status Codes

Hey all, A number of different HTTP status codes can be returned when making a request to the Shopify API. This documentation contains a table of all the possible response codes that can be returned as well as a brief explanation. If you are receiving an unexpected response from the Shopify API, you should start with this table. 

May 23 2017 by Wilhelm Uschtrin
We've made some changes to our API documentation

Hi all, We've made some changes to our API documentation today. You can view the changes here. The changes include a new landing page as well as some new content. We'd love to hear your feedback on these changes – feel free to reply to this thread and let us know what you think.

Apr 20 2017 by Darren Segal
ShopifyAPI Postman Collection

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Mar 25 2017 by Rob Weidner
Shopify API a little slow to update

Hi Shopify!  I am noticing when I make an update to my data via API, that information does not update for like 10 seconds sometimes. For example if I update customer notes via API, and then call back for the customer notes, it's still the old notes. But if I try 10 seconds later, it is updated. Is that normal for your API?

Today by Alex Richter
Pulling all customer records yields null last_order_id

These API results are confusing me.  When I pull all customers (customers.json?limit=250) some of the customers in the result have total spent = 0 and last order id = null.  Then when I make an API call for the specific customer, I get that data.  (customers.json?ids=53913 . . .) Why when pulling all customers I'm not getting all the data? Example - sensitive details omitted: https://[...

Today by Busfox
SDK and API tools and guidance for my first APP.

Hello everyone, I'm excited to start my first shopify app and after reading a lot of the SDK, API and different guides i'm somewhat still confused what one I will need. Here are a list of things I know my app will need to do: Manipulate the landing page theme in some way. (I was thinking of making a custome section for any theme but didn't find anything on how to do that) App setting...

Today by Alex Richter
Allow users to request payment

Hello there,   I've contacted a Shopify Guru and I was informed to make a post here.   I would like to know if the following is possible with Shopify:   I want to use Shopify (maybe an API) to make a functional currency system into my web-based application. Users will be able to purchase points with $$. These points will be used to purchase our online products, trade other use...

Today by Alex Richter
How do I get the current shop in my app?

The docs say to do this to start the session: session = ShopifyAPI::Session.new("SHOP_NAME.myshopify.com", token) Then this to activate the session: ShopifyAPI::Base.activate_session(session) Which should then allow me to declare the current shop like this: shop = ShopifyAPI::Shop.current The shop domain and token are stored in the shop table when the store installs the ...

Today by PurpleMamba
App Installation Problem - Embed (Admin) SDK

Hi I have trouble installing my app into my development sore. I created an app under my partner account, I created a development store under the same account. I saved the app and obtained the listing, I tunneled to my machine as instructed in your documentation, I also followed embed sdk and the init steps ... Still no luck, can somebody still contact me?  <head> &l...

Today by Alex Richter
Unannounced Change to Order Webhook / Fulfillments?

Hey there, I noticed that for cash-only Shopify POS orders, they are no longer making a "fulfillment" object. For the most part this is fine, except that I need to know the date of when an item is fulfilled. Is it safe to assume that if source_name == 'pos' AND there are no fulfillment objects AND fulfillment_status == 'fulfilled' then the fulfillment date is the same as the process date? ...

Today by Busfox
Oauth error invalid_request: The redirect_uri is missing or not whitelis...

 I building app using Third-party libraries PHP two day before installed app i install today app not install showing this error .  I followed the instruction here: https://github.com/cmcdonaldca/ohShopify.php on Server (https://centerserv.co.in/shopify/install.php) but can't get pass the installation:   Please help regarding this error ? App url  click here .    

Today by Alex Richter
How to get started in app development as a manager, not a coder myself

I want to create a custom app for my shopify store. It will be pretty complex with a backend database of metedata for our products, and a frontend interface to help customers navigate and exploit the database. Although I did a couple of compsci courses in university, I'm not up on the latest technologies nor do I have time to become a full on software developer. I have found a good team o...

Today by Zach
Loading Bar not working properly in my custom developed app admin page

I have created an app and everything seems to be working fine at https://apps.shopify.com/shipperapp. When I installed this app then I can see a loading bar in the store admin page in which my app page is shown in iframe which has been created with embedded app. now this loading bar is moving continuously even when my page is loaded perfectly and also works perfectly. Can any one help me ou...

Today by Alex Richter
Shopify Billing API - Creating plans and subscriptions

Hi Community, As per Shopify Billing docs, we can create Recurring charge by mentioning the charge in the API request. We are interested in creating plans and subscriptions under the plans created as per the merchants choice. The total charge will be equal to the plan price per unit and the number of units/ quantity the merchant wishes to purchase. Is that possible? 

Today by Alex Richter
Best way to store shops that have installed my app (and their token)

Hey there, I started developing my first Shopify Embedded App with Node.js and I've already set up the 0Auth flow to get the permanent access token for a store and use that to call the Shopify API. My question now is, how do I go about storing the token for each store? Do I just set up a database with documents that include the Shop URL and the token or do I have to generate a token (usin...

Today by Panagiotis Tsarouchis
Mobile application for your store (using Shopify Mobile SDK)

Hello! My name is Alexander and I am Managing Director at IceRock Development (Russian development company) www.icerockdev.com . We develop mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones. We’ve just finished a native mobile commerce app for iOS & Android for Shopify stores as a white label solution. You are literally 5 minutes away from your own mobile shop: this long it will take us to u...

Today by Alexandr Pogrebnyak
Getting issue in carrier services

Hi All, I am working with shopify API's, recently i tried getting carrier-services using "GET /admin/carrier_services.json"api but i got an empty array of  carrier services in response. I have defined carrier based shipping rules in my store.Whereas i am getting some carrier based shipping rules in "GET admin/shipping_zones.json". Can anyone help me understand why i am not getting carrier...

Today by Avnish Kumar Singh
Java Model Objects for Product JSON

Folks   i am looking for someone to share the me Java Object models written for Product JSONs so that i could use that to convert Shopify API returned JSONs to my java object ...  My use case is to update the price through backend program.  Also can someone give me code to convert the JSON into Java objects ..  Sreenath

Today by Sam