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ShopifyAPI Postman Collection g6

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Mar 25 2017 by Rob Weidner
Shopify Update: Apply Discounts through URL - merchant feature

In the coming months, Shopify will release an update that will allow merchants to generate URLs that can pre-apply discounts to a checkout.  This update will not break or limit existing app workarounds to provide this feature.   Once released it will be offered directly to merchants through the Shopify admin.   

Sep 25 2017 by Addison van Gulden
Adding information the checkout

Hi there, My name is Victor and I run our companies online store for merchandise. We are from Israel and we have a little challenge we need help with. The Israeli Post Office offers an API for a shipping method we are highly considering. However, This shipping method requires the users to choose the Post Office to which the package will be sent as part of the checkout process. In a more...

Yesterday by Victor Isarov
Android Mobile Buy SDK, Android Pay

I've implemented android pay in my application using the android mobile buy sdk. When using ENVIRONMENT_TEST I am able to go through the checkout flow all the way up until the end where I poll for a confimation number. I'm assuming since it is environment test that it won't go all the way through. I recently released my application to the google play store, and am now using ENVIRONMENT_PRODUCTI...

Oct 20 2017 by Connor Clayton
How to pass invoice id from my own database through Buy Button SDK and g...

How to pass invoice id from my own database through Buy Button SDK and get it in webhook data?

Oct 20 2017 by Alex Richter
How do I GET all products with inventory_quantity of 0?

I'm quite the API newbie and  need to GET all products with an inventory_quantity of 0. I can't seem to get the correct syntax for the URL to work. Currently I am trying to get all products updated before 21 days ago (I got that request working using updated_at_max) and quantity of 0. When I try doing both, it doesn't work. What am I missing? This is my latest try: https://key:PW@papas-koop....

Oct 20 2017 by Alex Richter
source_identifier and reference in Order API

Hello.  Source_identifier and reference keys in the order object are not documented. They are also set to null in all of the orders that I have ever encountered. What is their purpose? Can they be set with our own identifiers, by using the new order api call? Thanks Ruslan

Oct 20 2017 by Busfox
Determine if customer is a company

From the API documentation it is unclear to me if there is a way to determine if an order is placed by a company. I don't see any attributes like isCompany/vatNumber or any other indicator on the order or customer I could use to determine this. Any tips or suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance,

Oct 20 2017 by Alex Richter
Get all metafields for products

This has been posted before, but the Shopify support hasn't answered it yet... And it is a good and reasonable question.    I want to get all the metafields for all the products. My understanding is that there is no API like: /admin/products/metafields.json The only one is like this: /admin/products/#productid#/metafields.json Therefore, the only way is to get all the metaf...

Oct 20 2017 by HunkyBill
Cross-Domain Google Analytics with Buy Button

We currently have Google Analytics enabled on our website as well as our Shopify store. We're using the Buy Button to integrate Shopify with our website. Currently, GA Events that occur via the embedded Buy Button cart correctly pass the "Source / Medium" through to GA, which is expected as it's on the same domain (our website, unfolded.com). However, once a user decides to checkout, that op...

Oct 20 2017 by ShopShopMan
(422) Unprocessable Entity (Image Upload)

I am converting an image to base64 and uploading to :  admin/products/{{ProductID}}/images.json Currently, there are no images linked to the product.   Request Method: POST ContentType: application/json json: {     "image": {         "position": 1,         "attachment": "QzpcaW5ldHB1YlxQbHVnSW5BdXRob3JzXFVwbG9hZGVkUHJvZHVjdFBpY3NcSFNUXzE0NC1jaXJjdWxhci5wbmc=",         "fil...

Oct 20 2017 by Jason
403 When updating customer tags

My program can update product prices etc however I get a 403 Forbidden when updating and saving changes to Customer tags. Is it possible to do this with a private app key?

Oct 19 2017 by Jayvin
BUG: Access denied calling checkoutCompleteWithCreditCard from iOS App

I'm developing a proof-of-concept iOS app to help my company decide whether to use Shopify as a back-end for product sales.  I've followed the iOS SDK guides, and have created a working application that does nearly everything it needs: 1. Access store info 2. Access collections and product catalog 3. Build a shopping cart, update shipping address, use the cardVaultUrl and CardCiient to...

Oct 19 2017 by Dima Bart
Shipping Line and Draft Order via API

Hello, I am working on an creating draft order and marking them as paid using the draft order API. I am able to create the order with a product apply taxes to it ect... I would like to pass a single  USPS method (always the same) as delivery method. I have the customer address when I create the draft order. I am pretty sure I need to use the shipping_line  attributes of the draft order. I d...

Oct 19 2017 by TestAppCreation A...
[API] Invalid API key or access token

Hello, We are consistently recieving an error when uploading a tracking number for our orders through the API, with the response showing the message "[API] Invalid API key or access token (unrecognized login or wrong password)", even though the credentials are valid, and have all appropriate permissions.This error occurs regardless of the actual API key we use, even when all permissions are ...

Oct 19 2017 by Mike
"paid by customer" field in shopify's order dashboard - how can I modify...

Hello, I'm using the Shopify Rest API to browse store items and send orders to my dashboard. Everything is working fine. The only thing I can't find is how can I modify the "paid by customer" field in the order details. When I send an order it all appears as it should (amounts, taxes, shipping, products, customer) but I can't make the "paid by customer" field be different than 0.00 even though ...

Oct 19 2017 by HunkyBill
Archived orders being downloaded even with status=open

We have a vb.2010 desktop program that downloads orders with status=open. We then process the order in QuickBooks and then close the order. The order shows as Archived on the Shopify UI. We then redownload orders with status=open. The same order is downloaded again. It was my understanding that a closed order is show as archived on the UI. Why are archived orders (closed) bein...

Oct 19 2017 by QuickBooksDev3
Need API to doc to update CHeckout settings like "enable or disbale " Fo...

Hi   I have partner developement store and I am creating a shopify app. Using that app I want to change Checkout page setting like hidding shiping phone on checkout, makng first name required.   Thanks!

Oct 19 2017 by Jason
Can't generate a second option for a product [Workaround for some cases ...

First off, when creating a new topic here you get asked to check the API troubleshooting guide but the link https://help.shopify.com/Shopify_API_Troubleshooting shows a "Page not found". Anyway, back to my actual problem: I'm trying to generate a product with multiple options (color and size in this example) but I don't get it to work. First approach: Generate the product with the opti...

Oct 19 2017 by Matthias Dierberger
Item SKU are not coming with Order response

Hello Support,    We are facing an issue with orders items SKU.  We are not getting Item SKU in response from Shopify and SKU is assigned to Items on store.    Can you please check and suggest what is going wrong here.    Please find attached request and response file along with screen shot of store orders.  Looking for prompt response.  Attaching Postman screen shot ...

Oct 19 2017 by Jason