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ShopifyAPI Postman Collection g7

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Dec 5 2017 by aeveltstra
Shopify Update: Apply Discounts through URL - merchant feature

In the coming months, Shopify will release an update that will allow merchants to generate URLs that can pre-apply discounts to a checkout.  This update will not break or limit existing app workarounds to provide this feature.   Once released it will be offered directly to merchants through the Shopify admin.   

Nov 6 2017 by Bogdan Radu
Billing API implementation flow

Greetings, We are interested in publishing an app on Shopify - the app will basically use a Script Tag to add a widget to store pages. We have implemented this part and can install the app on test stores. We need to implement billing. A recurring charge, with an initial free trial. We are insure at which step we should post that initial charge. It is during the app installation? After ...

Today by Joel
[API] Add variant to product does respond with HTML page. Bug ?

Hello, Using postman  to post a new product variant,  I've got an html response back from API which correspond to my store admin page. I'm suspecting a bug here. If not, could you please tell me the correct way to implement such a method ? Of course credentials and store Url have been double checked. API rights are also set to read / write for all rights POST https://{{apikey}}:{{passw...

Today by Brian Kidd
BUG: Access denied calling checkoutCompleteWithCreditCard from iOS App

I'm developing a proof-of-concept iOS app to help my company decide whether to use Shopify as a back-end for product sales.  I've followed the iOS SDK guides, and have created a working application that does nearly everything it needs: 1. Access store info 2. Access collections and product catalog 3. Build a shopping cart, update shipping address, use the cardVaultUrl and CardCiient to...

Today by alberto
Multiple unique discount codes for one price rule

Hello, It is to my understanding that first I have to create a price rule before actually creating the discount code. My question is if I want to create 20 unique code for 20 customer, do i have to create 20 price rule then create a discount code with each of the price rule or i can create 1 price rule and create 20 discount code with that price rule Note that I am aware of the discount c...

Today by tien318
Customer Updated Seems Like it Fires Every Time There's a Customer Order...

Hi There, I'm trying to understand the Customer Updated event -- it seems like it fires whenever *anything* happens anywhere near a customer -- on new orders and refunds in addition to what I expected (address changes).  I see that I can limit the call by date (customers updated after x) but I'm hoping there's a way to see what updated, or to see what I'm actually looking for, which is on...

Today by Martin
Access denied calling checkoutCompleteWithCreditCard from Store Api toke...

I am  developing a app for client in which i need to complete checkout using store api token. but i can't able to proceed as i am getting access denied error. 

Today by alberto
Multiple conditions when searching for customers

Hello, I would like to use the Customer API endpoint to search for customers who have zero orders (orders_count:0) and have been created after a certain day (created_at>DATE). But I couldn't find information on how to 1. Chain two conditions 2. How to write conditions like ">" 3. How to count the total number of customers in the resultset (Need to use pagination for search ...

Today by Felix
API Display all product data

So Currently I am developing an external program for saving my product data using api, and I was wondering how to display all product using product api. since i saw there was a limit of 250 items, so is there any method to display all item without limit? thanks

Today by Felix
Fetch the shop to facebook

Hello, I am create a app using PHP to show the shopify product on facebook in a new shop tab as a I frame in my own layout. I get everything that I required by the Admin API scopes. But when I try to get the all collection using the /collection_listings.json but its not giving any result. As I check in detail its say it is only avaliable on sale channel SDK. Can anyone please help me on this...

Today by Villiam
Accessing Analytics API on server

The only way I can see to use the Analytics API is through the Embeddable sdk. Is it possible to use the Analytics API server-side? As an example use case, I'd like to send shop owners notifications when there is a spike in orders. Currently, I'd only be able to check the Analytics API when they're in the web admin.

Today by ansh
Checkout doubts

Hi, I'm integrating the iOS SDK and have some doubts. 1. I'm already vaulting the credit card information for the credit card checkout, is it possible to recover this information for next time the user logs in? I understand that for the customer the best experience would be entering the credit card information only once. 2. I'm getting an error when trying to do the final credit card che...

Today by GOTeam
JS Buy SDK Checkout webUrl

Hi, We are working on the JS Buy SDK. When browsing the webUrl returned from the checkout API, it will be redirected to DOMAINNAME.myshopify.com/cart, customer has to click the checkout button. Is it possible to skip that and directly go to checkout page instead? Thanks a lot.

Today by Kwinten
Extracting order status through the API

I've seen a post regarding this, but it was 3 years old so I am hoping there is new information. Is there any method exposed through the API to get the status of the current order? I know I can 'easily' restrict my extract to pull specific a specific status, but that is rather inefficient in a number of ways. I would first have to loop through my code once for each type of status and secondly s...

Today by josef
Query for searching articles by blog:title not working anymore

Hello, I have a mobile app and I want to get the articles which have a specific blog title. For this I use the following code: Storefront.QueryRootQuery query = Storefront.query( rootQuery -> rootQuery.shop( shopQuery -> shopQuery .articles(args -> args.qu...

Today by Andrei Vlad
Webhook theme/update doesn't fire on theme edit

Hi! We are working for the past couple of months on a new Shopify App that is build on our existing product SmartSearch (happy to give a preview to anyone who's interested btw!). Basically we enhance your search with machine learning, autocomplete, filters, business rules etc to drive more conversions (search is a very important driver!). Our app takes over your default search with our re...

Today by Conversify
Change ADMIN API PERMISSIONS from plugin side

How to do not ask merchants to create and share an API key? Can I obtain the access token after authentication to change ADMIN API PERMISSIONS plugin side? Merchants should not be asked to create a private app.

Today by Andriy
Webhooks bug

Hello, I tried to report this bug to support@shopify.com but they directed me to the forum, which I find a bit weird. Anyway, my App has successfully registered webhooks through the API for the following 6 topics: products/create products/delete products/update collections/create collections/delete collections/update My webserver receives the events for the first 5 topics, but fo...

Today by Chris Andrews
Collections update/delete webhooks are not sent

I've tested this with RequestBin (saving with updated title, description and conditions) and collections/create is sent through just fine, however neither update nor delete come through at all (unless by the "send test notification" button). This follows the experience I've had with our app for months as every other webhook comes through as expected, but have never seen a collections/update or ...

Yesterday by Derek Morin