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ShopifyAPI Postman Collection g13

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Aug 28 2018 by SoloVueTest Admin
NEW API with Development Stores

Hi, I need to create a Shopify API with all scope. I have created a  new APP in Shopify Partner account. And created one development store. How to install or add that app to My development store? Could you please provide the steps to implementation procedure asap. Please provide sample SDK (.NET) Thanks  Koteswararao.A    

Today by KOTI
Best way to add content in /checkout/thank_you

Hello, I'm working on an app that aim to add marketing pixel in different pages. My problem is, I can't find any way to get and change the content of the /checkout/thank_you with the API. Can someone tell me the best way to do that ?    Thank you

Today by Rico
[Solved] GraphQL Product Create with Variant Options issue

I'm stuck and theres something i don't understand with the product variant options upon creating a new product with variants. the options within the variant accepts an array of strings, but whatever i put in that array ends up as values to the title option, what i want todo is to add a size option with values like 42, 43, 45 and so on upon creating the product. mutation productCreate($i...

Today by Poul Poulsen
Getting 404 when I lookup objects using IDs in webhook payload

I have a question regarding an App we have developed, and which we have installed on our clients Shopify store. Our app is registered to receive callbacks, which we are getting, so all good here. But when I try to look up the objects (for example - Order, Product) using the "id" thats in the webhook payload, I get a 404 - NOT FOUND `Failed. Response code = 404. Response message = Not Foun...

Today by Kapil
Best way to Add tags - not replace - using API?

I'm trying to programmatically add tags to products. The only option I see would be using the /products/<#id>.json POST , but it seems this would replace the tags? Is that assumption correct? Is there a better way to add tags to the existing list of tags?

Today by Ravi
Shopify search api result issue

Hello I am getting issue in search result, In shopify customer page you  can search with only 1 character or multiple character, shopify return result and show related custom list. I am using same Shopify customer search api in my app, but in this it not return result as shopify working in admin. API: https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference/customers/customer#index Here is same se...

Today by Identixweb
Shopify App Proxy + Cloudflare = Error 1000 DNS

Problem:  Requests that go through an app proxy receive this error: https://imgur.com/aHXRmeL I found this out the hard way...  If you are an app developer, do not have your App Proxy pointing a cloudflare-hosted domain. Because if a shop is also hosted on Cloudflare, and installs your app, and then hits the app proxy, cloudflare will detect what it believes is a cyclic loop, and give ...

Yesterday by Sascha Krüsi
Setting Inventory_Levels doesn't recognize the inventory_item_id

I'm having a problem with /admin/inventory_levels/set.json. I post the JSON but I always get back a status 400 {"errors":{"inventory_item_id":"Required parameter missing or invalid"}} the JSON I'm posting is this {"location_id":5803180126,"available":100,"inventory_item_id":12894264033374} I'm not sure how this is going wrong. Does anyone have an idea of what I should tr...

Yesterday by Dave Smith
Create store via API

I need to have multiple instagram sales channels in my store, but its currently not possible. I'm thinking about creating multiple stores programmatically. Is there any way to do that?

Yesterday by Dmytro Riazanov
Webhooks not always sending

Hello everyone, I am using the orders/paid webhook to log all orders that are submitted to a store. Lately it seems that not all orders have been sent to my app via the webhook as they are not logged. There are however orders before and after that do get logged successfully.  Any thoughts on why not all orders would not be sent with the orders/paid webhook?   Thanks!

Yesterday by Bryan
Questions about 'app/uninstalled' webhook

Hi, Is 'app/uninstalled' emitted only when the app which created the webhook is removed? Or any app? If it's any app, how can I know that MY app was removed so I can delete stuff in my database?

Yesterday by Danilo Def
Fulfillment Api Steps

Hi guys,   i'm trying to fulfill an order with rest api, but I am not able to understand what the steps are for performing fulfillment. For example: If i create a fulfillment post like docs describe (https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference/shipping_and_fulfillment/fulfillment#create) the fulfillment main status are always in pending and not in success. Maybe i miss some steps l...

Yesterday by Danilo Def
reveal_new_review=true in the new app store

Hi. In the old app store, when I wanted to ask a customer to write us a review, I could send them a link of this format: https://apps.shopify.com/myapp?reveal_new_review=true And once they visit the page it would automatically popup the new review creation dialog for them. This was very convenient for our purposes. How do I do the same thing within the new app store relased today?...

Yesterday by Mateusz Kaminski
Missed access scope in settings

Hello everyone, i found one bug which i hope someone will fix soon, because i really need it for my work. Details: Here is documentation of GraphQL - https://help.shopify.com/en/api/graphql-admin-api/reference/mutation/publishablepublish  You can see at the top of the screen this text - "Required access: write_publications access scope" But when you will go to the settings of your a...

Yesterday by Kolja Kutschera
Fulfilling order with gift card and regular item

I am trying to send a fulfillment request for an order that contains a gift card and a regular instock item being shipped. The issue I am having is that the fulfillment is failing with an error that says the fulfillment service has to be the same for both items. This is the request: {"fulfillment":{"notify_customer":true,"tracking_numbers":["800025915202495"],"line_items":[{"id":"1291...

Yesterday by BradM
Shopify API (private app) is returning HTML login page

The method GET and POST are working on postman when cookies are deleted. The issue is the POST method is returning HTML codes using FETCH. I used this https://www.base64encode.org/ to encode the api key and password and both GET and POST method worked fine on postman. PS: I didn't used node or express here I wrote the FETCH POST method codes inside shopify theme file in <script> ...

Yesterday by van
Webhook "app/uninstalled" not triggered

Hello,  I'm having an issue with this hook. I'm not sure it's a shopify limitation or something wrong on my part (no errors in my logs).  My embedded APP is creating this webhook on install. But the webhook is never called on uninstall. Is anyone who could help me here?   Thank you

Yesterday by RK
pull basic data from shopify store - best way?

Hi all, Newbie here - so forgive the basic quesiton if you can, please! I have a shopify store and I am wanting to build my own dashboard for my business, using data from my shopify store, as well as elsewhere. I used to code a bit, so I can handle that side of things I think.   My question... I just want to pull basic details from my store such as:  - Number of orders today ...

Yesterday by Rob
Access underlying Stripe API of Shopify Payments account?

Hi, If I understand correctly, Shopify Payments is some sort of white label Stripe implementation. Is it possible to get access to the underlying Stripe account and use the Stripe API to retrieve transactions?

Yesterday by Clement