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Response Status Codes

Hey all, A number of different HTTP status codes can be returned when making a request to the Shopify API. This documentation contains a table of all the possible response codes that can be returned as well as a brief explanation. If you are receiving an unexpected response from the Shopify API, you should start with this table. 

Today by John Drayton
HMAC verification issues

I'm trying to validate the requests coming from Shopify but I'm unable to do so. Here's the code I'm using to get the hmac hash from the request (from here): A protocol=http:// or https:// needs to be added to the message $params = $request; unset($params['signature']); unset($params['hmac']); $collected = array_map(function($key, $value) { return $key . "=" . $value;...

Yesterday by Cravid
ShopifyAPI Postman Collection

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Mar 22 2017 by svidhani
We've made some changes to our API documentation

Hi all, We've made some changes to our API documentation today. You can view the changes here. The changes include a new landing page as well as some new content. We'd love to hear your feedback on these changes – feel free to reply to this thread and let us know what you think.

Feb 8 2017 by Jamie D.
Shopify Webhook Requests Swamped My App

Earlier today we were receiving upwards of 500rpm that were webhook requests, coming from one store and I assume coming from one installed app making sweeping changes to variants. This effectively DOS'd our app, taking it offline for a period of time. This is frustrating, but I don't really have a good idea about how I can handle this. Has anyone ran into this problem? If so, what did you do ab...

Dec 14 2016 by HunkyBill
Order API Documentation - Missing Details

I'm using the Order API for the first time and looking through the documentation at: https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/order and cross referencing to when I do a GET all Orders request it looks like there are some items missing from the documentation: contact_email confirmed device_id landing_site_ref reference source_identifier source_url test

Today by Andrew Duncan
Delivery Plug In for shipping/delilvery charge

I really need a plug in or way on shopify to upon check out. Take a the distance (in miles) from the beginning destination to the end destination and using that distance add a delivery charge to the checkout screen. So for instance:   point A to Point B on a map is 6mi, roughly 10 minutes away delivery fee = $5.00 + (.30 x miles)                   = $5.00 + (.30 x 6mi)           ...

Today by takeoutdeliveries
Pass Custom Value from Cart to Checkout/thankyou Page

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but maybe someone could help... I'm trying to pass a value from Cart to the Checkout Thank You page so we can fire a third-party tracking script at Confirmation. Is there any way to achieve this without upgrading to Shopify Plus? I've tried to read cookies from Local Storage via the Settings > Checkout > Additional Scripts feature but it ...

Yesterday by Jamie D.
customers/delete webhook only returns customer id?

We've found empirically that the payload for `customers/delete` events only contains the customer id, not the full set of customer attributes, despite the api docs seeming to suggest otherwise. Others have noticed this discrepancy too. For our purposes, the customer ID alone isn't helpful. We have a Shopify app that shop owners use for sending out targeted messaging to their customers. We'd ...

Yesterday by Jamie D.
how to get variants id through sku id in shopify api

How to get variants id through SKU id by using Private APIs Api

Yesterday by Jamie D.
"Product/create" Webhook does not include image(s) when user does a "Dup...

Hi guys, I'm testing the product/create webhook, and I've noticed that when a user does a "Duplicate Product" on an existing product in the Shopify Admin area, and checks the "Duplicate product images" checkbox, the subsequent product/create webhook data does *not* include any image information.  Is this expected behaviour? Thanks! Matt.

Yesterday by Jamie D.
public app php get products

Hey, I have developed the app with reference code in php which will get the product listing of stores who will install the app The problem is that the code which i have used is for session based. If multiple merchants installs the app then how it will work the authenication process? $shopify = shopify\client($_SESSION['shop'], SHOPIFY_APP_API_KEY, $_SESSION['oauth_token']); $prod...

Yesterday by Jamie D.
NetworkError: 502 Bad Gateway - Shopify Proxy Feature

I have developed one shopify app. It is working fine with open source SSL crt. I have purchased SSL and enable. After enable new SSL this shopify app is not working properly, I found issue in Shopify APP proxy feature. NetworkError: 502 Bad Gateway - https://pepsiprintstudios.com/apps/place_bulk_order/?cid=4859757457 APP URL:- http://shopify-bulk-order.com/login This app is working fin...

Yesterday by kaushalk16
Get transactions in batches

Is it possible to retrieve Transactions in batches? I currently retrieve orders using: ShopifyAPI::Order.find(:all, params: {ids: order_ids.join(',')}) Where order_ids contains up to 50 order_ids. However, if I try to get the transactions attached to the other, it makes one get request per transaction, looking into the ShopifyAPI code under the hood it's doing this: Transaction.fin...

Yesterday by Clement
EASDK flashNotice takes focus away from app iframe

I want to keep an input field in focus in my app, but call ShopifyApp.flashNotice at certain points to give user feedback. Unfortunately, calling the flash causes the iframe to lose focus (or at least that's what I think is happening), and AFAIK there is no way to get focus back, as window.focus() is dependent on user settings. I've tried this in both Firefox and Chromium. I think the only way ...

Yesterday by Kelsey
Draft Orders Checkout -- set locale parameter for translation

Hi, The Shopify checkout appears translated if one adds parameters like this ?locale=de& and this functionality is used by multi-language apps, e.g. langify This works well in both regular & draft Checkout when locale query parameter is set. However, adding query parameters to invoice_url doesn't pass them to checkout. e.g. https://checkout.shopify.com/2342342/invoices/111?...

Yesterday by Marius from SuppleApps
Problems with Coinbase Checkout: Page Not Found HELP!

Hello, We recently set up Coinbase on our shopify store, www.infringedliberteez.com and I have gone thgrough the motions and had similar problems other Merchants had with API Integration. First, I had trouble with the V1 API Set up, which we were able to sort out very easily. Now, when a customer goes to check out > Pay with Bitcoin > Checkout *You will be redirected to Coinbase* it...

Yesterday by Jason
Accessing Multiple Stores from ShopifyAPI

Hi, We have built a admin rails app that help us control the fulfillment flow of the store, specifically for regulatory and verification reasons. The admin rails app currently connects to a singular store using: ShopifyAPI::Base.site = "https://#{API_KEY}:#{PASSWORD}@#{SHOP_NAME}.myshopify.com/admin" We are now trying to expand our business to multiple countries - requiring us to ...

Yesterday by Paul Rodgers
Error: Variant: Required parameter missing or invalid

Hello, please see this curl request and raw response (<...> - withheld): Array ( [CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER] => 1 [CURLOPT_CAINFO] => <...>/cacert.pem [CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT] => 5 [CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION] => 1 [CURLOPT_HEADER] => 1 [CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER] => Array ( [0] => Accept: application/json [1...

Yesterday by Boris Gurvich
Will Shopify ever have a REAL "Ajax API"?

Shopify has an awesome, stable, powerful, incredibly well-documented "back-end" (i.e. oAuth2 authenticated, https based, server-side) API. On the "front-end" (i.e. client, JavaScript, ajax) side they have this joke that they have the gall to call the "Ajax API".  Aside from the fact that the documentation page is filled with errors (starting with the fact that literally every single API U...

Yesterday by Lolo