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ShopifyAPI Postman Collection g8

Hi Folks, Hope your doing fine. Here at basico.com we are working on a Platform Migration, in order to enter on the Shopify Domain. As we are documenting several aspects of the ShopifyAPI, we ended up with a tool we believe it will be very useful for everyone starting with ShopifyAPI or Integrations.  Today we released a Github Repository containin a Postman Collection with all the ...

Mar 28 2018 by Lux-Capacitor
Shopify Update: Apply Discounts through URL - merchant feature

In the coming months, Shopify will release an update that will allow merchants to generate URLs that can pre-apply discounts to a checkout.  This update will not break or limit existing app workarounds to provide this feature.   Once released it will be offered directly to merchants through the Shopify admin.   

Nov 6 2017 by Bogdan Radu
Attempting to GET all orders with financial_status = paid, order was omi...

We are attempting to perform a GET call for orders and there are orders missing from the response. Our call is based on the financial_status however some orders are being omitted. Our client is manually authorizing payment so we think that has something to do with it.   This order is not included in the response: # 1727

Today by Josh Wheeler
Bulk importing shipping rates from a spreadsheet

Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could kindly get some assitance on a problem I'm having. I am working with a company who are going to deal with shipping and returns of our products worldwide, once we launch our website in the next couple of months. They have provided us with an excel spreadsheet containing prices for every country. The prices are based on weights, so each 0.25kg step...

Today by hcmlopes
Product Update Webhooks Not Firing

We've recently noticed that for some stores the product/update webhooks that used to work just fine a few days ago are no longer firing when the merchant updates their inventory quantity, regardless of who's managing the inventory. Product Update is not firing after Order Create either, which I'm pretty sure it did a few days ago. Anyone run into this issue or know what's up?

Today by Jay El-Kaake
Fetching checkout after setting unavailable a product

I'm trying to download checkout through the storefront api. For available products everything works fine but if I make the products unavaiable in you CMS, I get error from backend which says : "Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.↵Request ID: 9fef2d0a-309b-4647-8b89-178e29cdcea5 (include this in support requests)." Is there anyway to fix this issue and return only a...

Today by Ralfger
Documentation of listed API

Hello Shopify Team, /collections/' + collection_handle + '/products.json I am using above api to get Products Result. But I didn't found any documentation regarding this. Please Provide me documentation regarding this one api.

Yesterday by Rupinder Kaur
Automatically log staff users into shopify admin webpage

Hi, Can you tell me how i can get staff users automatically logged in to shopify admin webpage without forcing them to go through the shopify login page? The objective is a seamless login to your platform from another platform. There are 2 authentication approaches as far as i am aware: 1. Login services which i have enabled and tested. This does not automatically log the staff user in...

Today by Finbarr
Query static page content (e.g. "About Us") via GraphQL API

I'm working with the GraphQL API and can't find any documentation on how to query for static pages. E.g. I have an "About Us" page and I want to query its title and content via GraphQL. Is that even possible right now? If so, how do I do that? And is it also possible to query those pages via their handle/slug similar to productByHandle?

Today by Tomas Huveneers
"shippinglines" and the "discounted_price" in the order array - Is this ...

We are currently attempting to import "discounted_price" for orders within our solution however our customers are indicating that the values are incorrect. Is this information provided on an order level and will not be affected by the total number of items within the order or the quantity (multiple) ordered of a single item? Are there any settings that will affect that discount price in the ...

Today by jthompson_SA
How to change sorting of bestsellers

Hello guys!  We are trying to change best sellers sorting on catalaog page and make it weighted based on some property of product. I wanted to know is it possible to do that. Should we use Shopify App Proxy to solve that task, or there is another way?  I know that there are apps which are doing resorting of bestsellers like https://apps.shopify.com/resort, but I am not suer how they are doing i...

Today by Aram
Mark orders paid and closed through API

Our client is sending shopify orders out through the API to another system for payment and fulfillment processing. They need to POST order status updates back to Shopify, including marking orders paid and then closed. It looks like the system won't allow a change in financial_status to come through the API, and having a financial_status as unpaid prevents the orders from being closed. We need t...

Today by DavidZ
Multi-Location Inventory API Questions

I'm trying to determine some things about the new multi-location inventory API that aren't clear from the documentation and my own testing: 1. When will the new inventory webhooks be triggered? The documentation is not specific as to when the new inventory webhooks (inventory_items/*, inventory_levels/*) will be triggered. In testing, I've subscribed my app to these webhooks and tried ...

Today by Pradeep
API Failure - Updating Listings via API to Shopify

Hi, We are trying to update a listing via API, but it returns error. The listing was done normally, but the update of it is not working. Could anybody try to help us? Bellow is the historic of the failure. We are trying to update our Shopify listings via API.    Among the other calls we make this one:   https://elementar-store.myshopify.com/admin/products/689185914946/metafields...

Today by ES
Issue in transaction api

We are trying to capture transaction for few unpaid order.  We are observing very wierd behaviour of transaction api. Order API has already an transaction data with kind of sale and status as pending. I am using follwing curl code to perform curl -X POST \  https://caa1b7dcea737f131cf241a3167df20e:1068a5b0c9e9ba169b255b33168cd714@{{mystore}}.myshopify.com/admin/orders/362536501301/t...

Today by Ashish - Lucent I...
Access Customer fields through APP

Hi there, I just started to worry about using APPs and there is the decission whether to use private App or public App. I like to access my customer fields, like tags, and read that private Apps have limited access to the API functions. Can I edit tags with an private App? There seem to be several approaches in App developement. One could use Ruby or Node.js as it seems? Is there a preffe...

Today by QnavWhat
Shopify App URL - Discrepancy with API Key display in URL

Hi, The app url for shopify has suddenly changed from https://<SHOP-NAME>/admin/apps/<API-KEY>  to  https://<SHOP-NAME>/admin/apps/<Some weird text>. It was working absolutely fine few days back. I have no idea why this must have happened. Can you please look into this for me.       Thanks!

Today by Meghna
Can't capture payments using the API

When I send this: {"transaction": {"kind":"capture"}} to: /admin/orders/4380038985/transactions.json I get  {   "errors": {     "transaction": "Required parameter missing or invalid"   } } Same happens if I specify the amount. The request is authenticated and I can't figure out what is wrong. The previously authorized payment is there and I can manually capture the payment...

Today by Kyle A Hill
API incorrect response

Hi, I'm trying to use the fulfillment API but I'm not getting the expected response. Instead of receiving a JSON response for sucess/failure, I'm getting an HTML response asking me to login. I'm sending a POST request https://SHOP.myshopify.com/admin/orders/389012619311/fulfillments.json { "fulfillment": { "tracking_number": null, "line_items": [ { "id":...

Yesterday by Lua
Getting empty API response in 1:50 cases.

Hi everyone, I'm doing this to find orders: GET /admin/orders.json&name={order_name} with quite high frequency, and I noticed that in around one of 50 cases, Instead of getting data from Shopify, I get just: {"orders":[]} Without any data inside. Do any of you know what can be the cause?

Yesterday by _pat