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Buy low, win high sports books, instruction, and clothing.

https://www.performancebyphysics.com/ my background is as an NSCA CSCS Strength Coach, B.A. In social sciences (the strict research and reading/writing/citation kind).  I currently write for breaking muscle and bad some cool ideas for clothing as well. My last four years I was a professionally baseball player. my first book Hip Hinging for Hard Hitting doubled its first month profit wise ...

Today by Daniel Treccia
Minimalism Dropshipping Store for Sale

Uzoyo.com is a fully automated dropshipping store that sells minimalist products for you, your home and your kitchen. Uzoyo offers simple, stylish minimalist stuff for in and around the home. Minimalism is very popular right now and ridding your home of clutter is an artform. Minimalism is a lifestyle that helps people question what things add value to their lives. By clearing the clutter...

Today by LevantaMktg
Fully set-up Jewelry store with 2 influencer deals secured.

Hello, I am selling my jewelry website, that is fully set up, with multiple apps. It has Oberlo set up, and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account. The Instagram account has about 1500 followers. UPDATE: The site is now open for everybody, use the code: "censor" at Goldour.com to get in. Most noteworthy, I have secured an affiliate discount code with the Instagram account @simplerlu...

Today by MrEcommercer
$450 - Fully Set Up Drop-Shipping Store With 200+ Products

Want to run an e-commerce store, but don't want to put in the initial time and effort? I've got the store for you! I started my store about 2 months ago, but with other ventures taking off, I have less time than anticipated to run this store. It has had one sale so far, and product prices range from $20 - $10,000+, with most products falling in the $150 - $500 range. There are 276 products o...

Today by MrEcommercer
Smoking accessories subscription box website + 16K+ Instagram page

Selling my smoking accessories ecommerce site (420surprise.com) with Instagram page with over 16K followers. I will also include the wholesalers source with the purchase. Message me with a fair offer at: Kia.jahromi@gmail.com   website has had 0 marketing done and had an average of 15 active subscribers monthly. Best month had 40 subscribers. It definitely has a lot of potential and can b...

Today by MrEcommercer
For Sale: Great SaaS Invoicing App

Ever thought of running your own member site while making money on autopilot from Adsense and Clickbank checks? This site offers a complete invoicing app with client management, payments and much more. Invoice It is an invoicing app that goes beyond just sending invoices. Users can send invoices to their clients, manage them, check overdues, collect statistics and even manage payments. Wi...

Feb 19 2017 by Pascal
For Sale: Kindle e-Reader Amazon Store – Fully Automated Affiliate Income

What is this? ActiveReader.co is a fully automated Amazon affiliate store. This ready-made store automatically synchronizes stock and prices with that of Amazon, and you (the owner) earn money for each referral through Amazon's affiliate program.    Concept This store takes care of everything and is 100% automated through Amazon’s affiliate program. This means you get a commission for ...

Feb 17 2017 by Bhupinder
Are You Looking To Crush The Survival Niche With A $12,500 Store?

Hi Shopifyers.  Up for grabs is survivaldiscountdepot.com. Survival is HUGE with a wordlwide, evergreen audiences. You can literally sell ANYWHERE. Our customers are about 90% US followed by Canada, Australia and the UK. We sourced and listed some of the hottest products on the market which can be found easily with at least 60% gross margins.  The store is listed over at Flippa too. Here'...

Today by Sanjay Modha
Looking for a cheap ecomm business

I want to make some extra money while running a website. I hope there's someone who can sell me a cheap one and show me the ropes. Definitely send me some lends. ASAP! Thank you!

Today by Creet316
Instagram account

    Selling a 13.6k instagram account with a super high engagement for only150$ Averaging 1500-2000likes per post and several comments per post Contact me on Gmail at Geoffreysmithhd@gmail.com  

Today by Smith1
Touma - Drop Shipping store for sale - SOLD

The following website has now been sold:  Please feel free to message me about building YOUR ecommerce site! I've always got one in the works!  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Touma is a website centered around infant and toddler apparel.  For $150 USD - Paypal only please  You are purchasing Dropshipping store...

Yesterday by Amy McWilliams
Drop Shipping Website With 1800+ Products For Sale

So on the first of November, me and a buddy of mine had a lot of free time. During this time we wanted to open a clothing website so we teamed up and got to work. After a few weeks of work we finished. However, as we finished we both began to get really busy with finals and real life jobs. Fast forward to today, and we are still super busy. This has left us paying the fees for our new website b...

Dec 30 2016 by Bryce Adams
Affiliate DropShip Store For Sale.

Leave your email address if interested.

Jan 17 2017 by ami
Rapidly growing store for sale / $17k revenue in last 2 months

Hi, Looking to get potential offers on an established ecommerce site I own. It's generated $17,000 in revenue over November & December combined with absolute minimal marketing efforts. A majority of the products on there are dropshipped but a few are wholesale bought with them being sourced and manufactured in China. Looking for around $50,000 ONO. A few other facts: Si...

Feb 6 2017 by kalisha
Drop-Shipping Apparel Store Fully Set-Up - $80

Hey Everyone, I have a fully set up t-shirt store with Customcat integration and 6 designs. Included are the social media accounts and professional email set up. Looking to sell in the next day or two, so I'm only asking for $80. The store has had one sale. PM me if you're interested, thanks!

Dec 27 2016 by SP
HIGH POTENTIAL Drone Drop-Shipping Store With Over $1K in Sales - $500

Hey Everyone, I'm selling my fully set-up drop-shipping store featuring some of the top drones in the industry, by brands such as DJI and Autel. We sell drones and RC Helicopters and you can check out the site here: https://www.justgetadrone.com/. Drones are a massive industry for oppertunity as drone sales are going to surge over the next 5 years and annual consumer drone sales is expected ...

Jan 3 2017 by Eric Anderson
Scalable 5 Figure General Store For Sale - will guide you aftersale

Hello, Thanks for looking at my listing!  History of the site This store had already made some sales and now coming to 3 months old. It is a general product store with Facebook advertising, shipment to US, mail listings, etc all set up. Sales The store had made sales in the first month, when I first launch it. I had stopped business due to focusing on other services.  Monetizatio...

Jan 3 2017 by Roberta
Drop shipping store for sale. Cheap

I'm selling this store as I literally get to work on it for 10mins a day. My schedule has been really busy. But yeah, nothing too fancy. Started it very recently thinking I could manage it on my free time. Everything is basically set up. I can recommend methods that I think would work well with the website through email. It gets 3-10 visitors a day now without ads. I ran one or two ads and got ...

Feb 16 2017 by Adel Coo
Popular Bamboo Niche Dropshipping Store - $1050USD in sales in the last ...

I am open to selling my latest store; It is a great niche with targeted marketing; Bamboo Items. Everything dropships with 40-65% markup. Very reliable supplier. Facebook page has over 1500 likes. Instagram page has 360 followers. Store is fully integrated in google, with shopping ads for each individual product. Getting over 8000 visitors in the last 60 days. www.BambooLives.com Open ...

Jan 3 2017 by James Rollo
New dropshipping site is for sale. Asking price is $300

website name www.dowryshop.com Is it dropshipping site Yes, through Oberlo Price $300 (I paid $160 for the theme) Please drop me a line at info@dowryshop.com if you are interested.

Dec 7 2016 by sukru