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Shopify has made it easier to get feedback on your store’s design

Getting feedback on your store’s design is an important part of winning at eCommerce. Shopify has made it easier to share your store’s design progress with others, with the new “Share preview” feature. It’s available for both current and unpublished themes, so you can share your store’s design before it’s live and your customers see it.  When previewing a theme, click on the “Share previe...

Sep 9 2018 by Andreas Laure
First site build. Took a lot of time. Would really appreciate feedback

It's be a long road but I would love to hear the feedback from users on here.    My site is https://rashr.com/   Thanks.

Today by Alex
Looking for honest feedback

My store has been getting moderate views but little to no sales. I feel as if I have a good niche and a few good products. However, I'm wondering if my store is lacking something. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.  Store: bakeandshop.com  

Today by Amber
Website not working, maybe this is not the right approach!

I have now been on shopify for over a year and I am extremely disappointed with the performance of my shop.  I am not sure if its the shop, the platform or what?  But I am getting ok traffic.  But I can't get anyone to buy from my site.  What are we doing wrong?  We are getting anywhere from 75-150 a day.  No sales!  What is up?????  Help before we make a bad decision and closedown shop.... ...

Sep 12 2018 by Mass Koupons
Not getting sales but a lot of traffic

Hey can yall look at my site to see what going on with my site please, I really appreciate it. www.lsgtees.com

Sep 3 2018 by adamlukefoster
Steady traffic but sales are slow

Hi All,  I started my website in July. I have been using my time learning how to market. The store focuses on arts & crafts. Within that time frame I acquired a jewelry business as I love jewelry.  Both sites have seen an increase in traffic. But the sales are slow. Amun-Cloudd is seeing sales from Amazon but not direct site sales. The other one had 1 sale in August.  Can you take ...

Today by Nick
Lot's of website visitors but no sales!

I started my clothing brand off by selling to people over instagram in bulk orders once per month, and after a couple of months it was going really really well so I decided to start an online store to cut out people having to contact me directly for orders. I've been getting plenty of views on the site ( today was 112 ) but I haven't had very many sales at all, what can I do to increase sales? ...

Sep 3 2018 by adamlukefoster
Massive Drop Rate on Checkout Page

Hi everyone, My Facebook ads are now performing beautifully. My bounce rate is now in the mid 50's and I'm getting lots of adds to cart (this is what the ads are optimizing). Here's how it looks over the past 30 days: 79 adds to cart (8.49%) Yay! 11 reached checkout (1.18%) Hmm 2 sessions converted (0.22%) Ouch What's going on? I'm finally getting people adding to the cart at clo...

Aug 17 2018 by appfreaker.com
My store has a high bounce rate

Hi, I recently opened my store. I get some traffic from facebook and instagram adds but thus far I haven't converted a single sale. Could you please look at my store and give some advice on what I can improve www.mysticsprout.com

Mar 18 2018 by Javier P
Wix Convert - Any Advice Welcome

Hey guys,  Blown away by the amount of information on the shopify university page - definitely going to be spending numerous hours here.  I recently switched over from a WIX hosted website. My site has been live for almost 3 months on Shopify now. I'd love to hear some ways I could make the site better and any encouragment from the experienced e-commerce sellers out there.  www.feddesf...

May 31 2018 by Ryan Feddes
wanting some feedback on my store

Hello, I launched my first store last Friday. I have never done this before so i have some questions about what is considered normal. I ran a promotion on instagram with the launch of the store. Since last friday the site had a total of 139 vistors with ZERO purchases. Im not sure whats going on. My first question is, is a 139 visitors alot? Should i expect to get a sale with that many visit...

Today by appfreaker.com
My brand needs a good tune-up and need to hire someone

Has anyone had sucess with companies that help with brand development? My company needs a fresh start... New look, new markting campaigns, and some advice on social media marketing.   -Marisa

Today by appfreaker.com
Feedback for my new store

Hello ! I started a new shopify store like a month ago and i spent like 300$+ on FB ads but i only got 2 sales and a lot of visits ( like 150+ everyday ), what do you guys think the problem is ? I think my shop its pretty good but maybe i am missing something. Thanks !

Today by appfreaker.com
Feedback on a freshly launched store please!

Hi, I just launched my store over the weekend and would love some feedback please!  No sales yet but I haven’t expected it because I just started getting the word out today (through messaging my personal fb friends and asking them to share the info).  I would love any input or advice I can get. www.canvasswapdesigns.com  Thank you!

Today by Laura Henkel

https://AurumV.com password: coffeeloversonly321 Hey guys, I will be launching my store pretty soon. Thanks to your feedback on my last post, I had some work to do.  Now this is my final product. Looking forward to your constructive feedback. Please lmk what you think. Thank you Respectfully,  AV 

Today by AV
Just updated my website; still very few sales - need some advice, please

Have just completed a redesign on my website, www.condimentedpantry.com. Not getting a lot of traffic or sales. We have good sales at our pop-up markets, but not online. I am thinking about doing Pinterest. Some feedback & guidance would be helpful. Thank you.

Yesterday by John Halpin
New POD Store, No sales yet, what is wrong?

Hello, I've just launched my own POD store with my own brand, i'm already looking to expand the collection with different kinds of designs aswell. I have had more than 200 Visitors due to influencers and facebook ads, but still no sale? Perhaps someone of you guys will take a look and give some feedback what could be wrong with the site? The site is www.baboonboss.com Best Regards

Yesterday by Mass Koupons
Feedback Required


Yesterday by Rockpapercopy
New business start up feedback

Just looking to see what needs improving? All feedback will be taking on board! Www.pugmad.net

Yesterday by appfreaker.com
1 sale a week - what i'm doing wrong?

hello i launched my store 3 months ago and did a lot of chages, i see some good results but still i think i should do more but i don't know what.  my bounce rate is average 63% and every day i have minimum 3 Checkouts but 0 sales.  PLEASE, i don't understand what's the problem here, help me with this mistery! i do marketing only in italy so don't bother the language. http://fan-boho...

Yesterday by Kaoser Zaman