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We love giving feedback for new sites! g56

Hello all new Shopify owners! We here at Hivewyre initialy were going directly to new sites owner's posts, who were looking for feedback. and hopefully giving useful input on ways to improve their online ecommerce businesses - from the overall look of the site, functionality, marketing ideas, content, etc. We were getting great joy out of helping new ecommerce businesses get their sea-le...

Yesterday by Gaina George
Not 1 Sale Should I Thrown in the Towel?

Hi Shopifyers  Would love some feedback on my store. Every time I go to through in the towel I just look at the site and to me it looks so good i cant bear to get rid of it. As a result im just losing money on monthly fees. The store has been running for over a year ago I simply cannot get a single sale. Any form.of feedback on the site woukd be very much appreciated. Www.evoquip...

Today by David Brull
Makeup Tools Store - Would love your input!

Hey guys, I recently decided to start a store selling makeup tools, based on how much trouble I had finding online stores dedicated to just makeup tools.  My store is live, Im getting traffic (FB/AdWords), but like most other I am running into the Conversion challenge. I would LOVE your feedback on my store, anything tha doesnt look right, or could be tweaked.  Any input from you experts ...

Today by Alex. H
Feedback and traffic?

Hey guys, can someone give me some feedback on my store.If theres any other recommedations on apps i should use please let me know www.fairefashion.com Also follow me on my socials, i'll support you back @fairefashion

Today by Fashdime
Traffic, but no sales in MONTHS!

I don´t want to give up on my store, but I am losing way more money than I am making... can you please give me feedback? richardsmenstore.com

Yesterday by Ricardo Lira
Just another person getting traffic and no sales - help would be appreci...

Well yesterday was a pretty great day: I received 30 store visits, and they were all organic. I just opened my store about a week ago, so I was pretty excited. However, as you could tell from the title, no one bought anything. It seems as though I'm getting increased traffic just about every day, but no one is buying. This is my first estore, so I guess I should have expected this. But will som...

Yesterday by Mark Peel
Feedback please

hello, I just recently opened my store and am getting traffic but no sales. If anyone could provide feedback that'd be great.  Toadieandbullie.com

Yesterday by Cristina Ortega
Plenty of traffic but no sales

Hello, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but i need help and fast. I have lost of traffic even through i don't really have my seo stuff right...i don't think. I've been using fb ads and Instagram. However,  they love what they see on the social networks but fail to purchase after visiting the store.  I'm also in search of reasonable wholesalers for trendy women's clothing, shoes, and purses....

Yesterday by Fashdime
Lots of traffic and no sales.

Getting plenty of traffic but nobody is biting. Is there anything I can improve on with my site? www.fashiongenieboutique.com Someone did Point out I should add my name and address to the site to help the customers build a little trust and I will fix that soon.   

May 15 2017 by Pamela Gormley
Just opened my store but I think I rushed it.

I just opened my store a few weeks ago but still have no sales. Need advice on how to get over this big up. Also need so feedback on my site. 

Aug 18 2017 by Rosie
Feedback will be highly appreciated

Dear All ,  Hope everybody is doing well and enjoy their time doing business with Shopify.  A couple of month ago I started my first online dropshipping business.  Because of a tight budget I created the website by myself and I'm struggling to make sales .  I don't know what can be the problem , hope you can help me with some feedback regarding my store.  Also maybe you have some...

Yesterday by FaireFashion
My new store feedback

I just opened a store called FadsRUs.com. I am new to e-commerce, so I need lots of feedback as to how to improve and change this store to make it effective and successful. Thanks everyone for your help! John-Peter Chamberland FadsRUs  

Yesterday by Besttop66expert
I would appreciate some feedback for my store - thanks


Yesterday by Besttop66expert
Feedback on our work with these stores

hi am jack part off best top 66 experts team I would like you guise to evaluate our work building these three stores on shopify what did you like or hate and why? www.brands66.com www.cutepetsplus.com dropshippingstar.com

Yesterday by Besttop66expert
Please rate my store

Hello everyone Looking for feedback on my first shop looking for honest feedback and tips to help me make things better and better. Site: mytiptopshop.com Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.   Thanks

Yesterday by michael scott
Just launched, need some feedback.

Hello all. I just launched my store a few days ago. I've had around 60 store visits, and 5 people have added an item to their cart but then abandoned it. Can someone please leave some feedback and tell me how I can improve my store?

Aug 16 2017 by Mark Peel
Just launched a new store got 460 visits in 3 days, 1% CTR on fb ads but...

I Opend my store 3 days ago (www.cheapthrillsshop.com) . The name is Cheap Thrills we are aiming to offer trendy products at affordable prices with free shipping. I build the site myself and I get lots of positive feedback on it. My instagram is becoming more and more popular. I am doing mostly carousel ads with fb and little bit of google ad words. I also implemented an ambassador program f...

Aug 16 2017 by Sebastien Vandecasteele
I need of some feedback on my newly launched site. move from HighWire

Hey All, I launched my site a few days ago move from HighWire and I'm running a adwords ads that has shows only 100 click throughs. 1 Sale can recommend what best trafic for Shopify Much appreciated,  Thanks, Steve http://www.thaietcgroup.com/

Aug 15 2017 by Steve V.
Would love some feedback

Hi everyone,  My store has been open almost 2 weeks. I have run a couple of Facebook ads averaging $10, they've had good engagement and I've made 1 sale. I'm still working on expanding my product offerings but I would love any feedback. I don't have any abandoned carts so I'm just not converting products that have gotten good feedback on social media.  Any suggestions appreciated. Than...

Aug 15 2017 by Amara Beech
Really would appreciate feedback on site - absolute newbie to ecommerce

Hi - I just recently launched my first ecommerce business - Tieupandsocks.com on shopify.  Since launch, on July 25th, I have only had one sale.  I have spent a significant amount of money on advertising (facebook and google ads) to help drive traffic to the site.  I also have developed Facebook business page, Instagram and Twitter pages.  In addition, I have run two sales since opening.  Howev...

Aug 17 2017 by Diana Gonzalez