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We love giving feedback for new sites! g72

Hello all new Shopify owners! We here at Hivewyre initialy were going directly to new sites owner's posts, who were looking for feedback. and hopefully giving useful input on ways to improve their online ecommerce businesses - from the overall look of the site, functionality, marketing ideas, content, etc. We were getting great joy out of helping new ecommerce businesses get their sea-le...

Today by Sandra
Shopify has made it easier to get feedback on your store’s design

Getting feedback on your store’s design is an important part of winning at eCommerce. Shopify has made it easier to share your store’s design progress with others, with the new “Share preview” feature. It’s available for both current and unpublished themes, so you can share your store’s design before it’s live and your customers see it.  When previewing a theme, click on the “Share previe...

Today by Jamila Ashley-Rice
Feedback for my store

Hello all, I’ve been having trouble converting visitors to sales on my site. Would love some feedback. www.shopboundlessculture.com Thanks.

Today by Eric
Feedback on my clothing store?

Hi there! We launched our clothing brand this past January and haven't had the traffic or sales we hoped to get. Most of the sales we've had are from people who know us and want to support, which is great, but I don't think we're reaching our target audience. We've got a pretty low budget, so we haven't been able to invest in product photography yet, which we think is a huge part of a clothing ...

Today by Meg K

Hello Shopify family. I am green when it comes to e commerce. Well almost 2 months old after designing my first store. I would appreciate any and all advice in regards to my store as it has been opened since January 1st and has received over 400 visits and no sales. I am willing to act on any ideas that would help turn a profit. My store has turned into a general vs niche which if focused on mo...

Yesterday by Troy
Fair Expert Opinions required!!!

Hi People.  I have built a store https://bestup-store.com/ kindly have a look and provide me with your expert opinion. Right now my biggest concern is how to get more traffic/sales generating with Facebook Ads I don't know a good strategy to advertise on FB, please any help on that as well THANKS!!!

Yesterday by Mehtab Sarwar
New clothing line started!

Hi, I recently started up my own clothing line (https://crpapparel.com) and I'm looking for some help and feedback in the website design and also the clothes. I would also be appreicative if people could maybe leave any marketing tips down below as well.   Thanks for your time, CRP Apparel

Yesterday by Lisa
I just launched my store and I have a decent start for traffic, but I ca...

Can I have feedback on my store please. https://www.tapyourstory.com It is about travel and taking pictures. I am linked to Facebook, I have reduced the number of categories and products (which was done yesterday). I have cleaned up the titles of the products (done yesterday) and working on the images (today). I changed to this free template (Today). I am using a twitter builder and using...

Feb 23 2018 by Sahil Kapadia
Feedback on my store

Hello All, I would like some feedback on my store before I start advertising.  https://koashouse.com/ Thanks in advance

Feb 23 2018 by Meg K
Need opinion on new updated logo for re brand. Please give feedback.

Hi everyone, We are in the process of re-doing our logo. The one on our website header now is a new version, and the other version is a round design of it that you can see on the grey hat here in this link: https://www.staycoastalapparel.com/pages/tests Does this look professional? Would you buy this design? We are doing away with our old one which you can see on the clothing for sale o...

Feb 23 2018 by Marisa Barone
RE: Feed back on my store

Can you please help me? Can you provide feedback, offer tips on how to get more sales? We are getting traffic just no sales. I want to turn this around?    

Feb 23 2018 by Meg K
High Traffic, High ATC, Low Conversion Rate? Please provide feedback!

Hi everybody, I have had my shop up for a few weeks now and have been running a lot of facebook ads. I have had about 1.3k visitors but only 8 sales... I've gotten over 60 ATCs and have no idea what I'm doing wrong. If anyone can provide me ANY feedback I would appreciate it so much.   https://tailored2pets.com/

Feb 23 2018 by Gino Johnson
Before i spend tons of money

Any feedback on my store? www.sovo.no its in norwegian, but dont mind the writing

Feb 23 2018 by Meg K
Jewelry Store Feedback

Hello everyone, I am the owner of Gold City, a company that sells luxury jewelry online.  I'm looking for feedback on my store to help me improve and grow. SEO, better conversion rate and building customer trust, are just a few of the many topics that I'm looking to learn more of. ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks in advance, Justin - Gold City

Feb 23 2018 by Javier P
Need Your Feedback on My Anti-Aging Skincare Store

Hello All! I've had my store since September. I sell my own brand (private label)  of anti-aging skincare. I'm only selling one product which is my moisturzier. Once I'm successfully selling it, then I'll launch a second product. Just recently, I added three complementary products (Oberlo). My problem is - When I run Facebook Ads, I get lots of traffic but no sales. Please tell me what...

Feb 23 2018 by Eurydice Crockett
Insanely lower conversation rate than category average??

We have https://www.misdress.com It's great dresses the same ones we have at our flagship store princessly.com but we are looking to migrate over to Shopify completely but we haven't figured our way entirely yet. For example, we are experiencing an insanely lower conversation rate than the apparel & accessories category average as per the in-store stats: ==== Your conversion rat...

Feb 23 2018 by Yang Yang
Greetings everyone! Decent traffic for a start but no sales ??

Hello All,  My store is https://superrealdeal.com and is specialised in Jewellery,  I think I have done a terrific job with the website given it's a free template, I think it looks really great !! I have over 200 visits a day (readng the analytics) and I am selling worldwide. I gather my products off AliExpress and sell them 2 to 3 times more their original price using Oberlo. Shipp...

Feb 23 2018 by SuperD
What would deter you from buying from our shop? Feedback please!

Hi guys! My website is www.matsidiso.com and I'd be grateful for feedback around what would deter you from buying from our website so that I can improve it! Thank so much!! 

Feb 23 2018 by Rock Paper Copy
Please review my site and give me advice cause still no sales. www.prim...

Please give me advice cause still no sales www.primechick.com

Feb 23 2018 by Rock Paper Copy
Feed back on my store and why no one is buying anything


Feb 23 2018 by Brandon Brown