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Can someone take a look and tell me what is wrong with my store?

Hi everyone, I've launched my online store for almost 3 weeks selling baby and maternity clothes now. I have used Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Pinterest Ads. The highest number of customers went to my online store was 138. Is it a good/normal number for someone new like me? And I have only made 3 sales so far. Could someone tell me if there is anything wrong with my store? Any feedback w...

Today by Reece
Constantly trying to improve art print site - let me know your thoughts!

I've been in business for a few months now, and I'm still trying to increase traffic.  Would appreciate candid feedback on sites and any advice to increase traffic. Thanks, Michelle https://applesauceart.com/

Today by Michelle Reyes
Feedback on Products & Store "Mommie & Me"

Hello! It's been three weeks since I've launch this store and I'm looking for some feedback on the products, and if my site is user friendly. I've done some facebook ads, and had a lot of traffic to the store, but no sales yet. Any advice?    

Today by Michelle Reyes
Handmade macrame and home decor shop

I have been running a succesfull Etsy shop for a while and have decided to expand to a shopify store. What do you think of my store?  I am thinking of adding a "chat with us" box to directly talk to customers and take on custom orders more easily. I think it would add to my unique selling point of being a handmade small business.  My shop is located here: www.mangoandmoreshop.com

Yesterday by Robin
No sales on new clothing store website

I've just launched a shopify site for an independent fashion designer and we haven't gotten a single sale as of yet.  We have a very small email list as this time so I've started with some facebook ads but they haven't created any type of conversion to speak of yet.   I'd love some constructive feedback on the online store.  Thank you! http://www.tiffanybean.com

Yesterday by Christy Bain
Review TopFabric.com

Hey guys and gals, Top Fabric is an e-commerce website where we sell luxury upholstery fabric by the yard. This is our 5th month in business and wanted to see if there is anything we should do/change/adjust that would make our site look more professional and lead to more more sales. We have had some sales so far and the sales are improving every month. We have some ads on google adwords. ...

Yesterday by Josh Nazarian
What do you really think?

Hi there,   How are you? 3 months ago when I decided to start ecomm business, I thought it's a piece of cake... It is enough to have a nice store, good prices, great merchandise and a fancy design and I am rich! Lol.  After 3 months, I am dizzy like an airplane who's going up and down in Bermuda triangle. Why? I learned a lot by social media and post on FCB, Instagram, twitter an...

Yesterday by MirunaMilan
Tried and failed; trying again. Could you have a look?

Hi everyone! I set up a clothing label nearly 4 years ago and made a bunch of missteps along the way! I learned a lot from those but eventually shelved the plan for a while when life got busy. Now I'm trying to set up again and not repeat the same mistakes - if you could have a look and give me some feedback that would be GREAT! The key question is "would you buy from me?" and any reasons fo...

Yesterday by Amanda Morisey
Just created a new store! Need honest review

I just started a new business. I need your review so that I can make certain changes to get my first sale. I'm new to shopify  and eager to learn a more about ecommerce business.

Yesterday by Nadine Cathleen
Just launched a sneaker store.

Hi guys, I set up my sneaker website about 5 weeks ago, generating traffic organically from my contacts and through ad campaigns on FB and Google. So far I'm averaging 30-40 visits a day with 3-5% "adding to cart". I've only done 2 domestic sales so far and would like to know if there's anything about my website that would stop someone from purchasing? Ie, website design? Photo quality? Pric...

Yesterday by Ivar Blankevoort
Tips for improvement on our site

Hi, my site is www.legendarymv.com and I would love some feedback on the store as a whole.  We haven't seen the conversion rate we are looking for and have a high bounce rate.  Any comments, suggestions, tips, criticism is welcomed.   Thanks for yoru help. 

Yesterday by Jonathan van Driessen
Visitors but no sales

Hi,  I'm currently at my second week after the launch of my website. I've been getting visitors for my site but still no sales. Spent quite a few dollars on facebook ads and even google but still no result. The visitors would just come and go. My payment gateway is functioning well. I need feedback on my site. I'm based in Singapore and the audience here is small. 

Yesterday by Hafiyyan Yazid
is there anything I could be doing better?

https://loophobby.myshopify.com/ Thanks for your time

Yesterday by Jonathan van Driessen
Love feedback on this bicycle clothing clicks and mortar website

Hi Love feedback on our website for our clicks and mortar bicycle clothing business. Our biggest issue is actually organic traffic in this highly competitive segment with world wide online category killers - but all input would be welcome. While still a small very business we arguably have the largest, widest real range and definately the  best service in Australia (probably southern h...

Yesterday by David Roche
I will provide real-time feedback

Hi, I've been active in online business and e-commerce for a few years now, and I recently sold my previous e-commerce business. If you want feedback on your store, I am offering to give you real-time feedback through a Skype / Google Hangouts call. I will spend up to 15 minutes sharing my screen and giving feedback while I'm browsing your website. That way you'll learn how a visitor actu...

Yesterday by Jonathan van Drie...
I've been in business for a year: Is it too late to ask for feedback?

I run a small fashion brand from Berkeley, California called Shenova Fashion. My niche is women in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) and I've had a good year, but last month was quiet. I'd love a set of second eyes on the site, particularly towards if my tech seems to be working fine? Does my page load fast? Is navigation clear? Any and all feedback is welcome! SHENOVA FASHION

Yesterday by David Roche
2 month old store, sales lacking

Hello all. I started my makeup store about 2 months ago now (Slayed Diva) and get a pretty decent amount of traffic to my online store each day.  I made several adjustments here and there, my biggest one being a special product collection that automatically qualified for two day shipping (and for only $5) for U.S residents (really thought that this would help to convert vistors to customers....

Yesterday by Rock Paper Copy
No Sales yet, store updated and review requested

Hi  My Store: https://casual-wallets.myshopify.com/ I have been running my store for a short while now about 7 weeks, initially received a lot of unique site visitors in the first 2-3 weeks, whilst the stores was being developed and as I was adding products to the catalog, and fixing various pages and so forth. I have spent a small amount money on FB Ads to promote the products and web...

Aug 25 2016 by Eddie Pregun
New Shopify Storefront - No sales. I could use some feedback.

I've recently moved my store over to Shopify, and I've been getting some visits, but no sales.  If you could take a look and give me some feedback, or constructive criticism, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks! www.wineohh.com  

Aug 25 2016 by Karen Neeley
I would love your critic on my over all store !

Hello, Shopify fam   I would love someone to critic my store, I've reveieved 1,000 hits within the last 3 months. however, i am getting 0 conversions. please help.   Website: blakeporter.net

Aug 25 2016 by rayona jeffries