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Would love some feedback on menswear store

Hey guys,  I just sent our new design live and would love some criticap feedback and suggestions for improvements Thanks! Website

Today by Reece
Need somes advices for my shop please

Hello everyone,      I created this new shop (new niche) i spent somes money on FB Ads, i have somes traffic but no Conversions... For me everything is good thats why i need your advices please.     Regards 

Today by Matthew Skala
FB WC ADs Lots Of Traffic But No Add To Carts Or Sales

Hey guys, I recently created a few campaigns for my t shirts, and I am getting a lot of traffic to my website, and even likes, comments & shares on my ADs, but no one is even adding the products im advertising to cart, let alone purchasing. I am optimizing my Website conversion ADs for View content because im trying to go up the chain VC->ATC->purchase, but im not sure whats wrong. Ca...

Yesterday by Khal El
Store has been up for a while - no sales

Hi all, I opened my store technically in July but only recently started putting a ton of work into marketing using social, FB ads (until my FB ads account got locked for a few days). I haven't had a lot of sales but I revamped my website and have some original products on there that I think are fun, but I guess not since there's no sales! I'd love to hear your feedback.

Yesterday by Jennifer Smith
Traffic = 1,000 / Sales = 0 pandasonline.net

Hi, I really could use some advice for my store. I have plenty of traffic but zero sales.  I get most of my traffic from my Facebook page.  I have tried with the beeketing apps on and off but either way has made no difference (countdown cart and sales pop) Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you  pandasonline.net

Yesterday by Ant
Sellers, Gurus, Geniuses Lend Me Your Ears

Hello everyone,   I Run the store https://threadiverseapparel.com/ Which was started back in march(no where near as equipped as it is now). And I had some general Questions. The biggest question is I have pop ups on the site and wanted to ask, am I offering enough incentive to subscribe to the news letter? Are there any extra things you would do that would convince people to subscribe ...

Yesterday by matthew fort
Any critique on my store would be fantastic!

Hi, I have launched my store www.eathealthy.sg a couple months ago, and have been actively investing on SEO and SEM but the conversion rates are really poor (1.1%-1.6%). Could you please check out my site and let me know if there are any inadequacies that I have to fix? Any help is truly appreciated!

Yesterday by Dean Chan
Giving Store and Strategy Feedback

Hello All, I have been going thread by thread for the last day or so commenting on people's stores, conversion issues,etc. I thought it be easiest to create a new thread to try to give feedback in one place. If you'd like some store feedback or suggestions on conversion strategy, post here or email me (mail.dasmith@gmail.com). I will try to answer as many of them as possible. Best, Dak...

Oct 20 2017 by Dakota Smith
Looking for Advice

We opened up Frozen Head Distributing, its an outdoor & survival related site offering recreation and survival items. Just wanting some feedback on design, pricing etc. We kept pricing as low as we could (hopefully not too low) and offering free shipping. We have found out that Facebook marketing is really just not working so any advice there would be welcome as well. We are trying many di...

Yesterday by Roger Bunch
Feedback on my store

Hi. I was advised previously about certain changes to make to my store.  Would be great if I could receive further feedback on my store and how it looks now. Please be critical. I finally made some sales but not as many as I had expected. No sales directly from my website. Not sure what could be done. Regards Ishan Beri

Yesterday by Ishan Beri
I think my store looks great but what do you think

just like everyone else lots of traffic little sales need any feedback 

Oct 16 2017 by Robert Seal
Looking for answers about shop navigation

Hi everyone, My shop is an art and craft supply store that sells my favourite brands - Tim Holtz, Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley, Darkroom Door, Strathmore and a few others. Its a shop full of treasure :) I'm looking for answers on how people shop - so I can create the best navigation for my customers. What I'd like to know is: Is there a difference in the wording to customers between "...

Yesterday by Art by Jenny
More than $150 spent - ZERO SELLS - Please help!

This are my expenses so far, the image just shows FB ads but there's also Instagram influencers costs and Adwords costs. I've been very SPECIFIC with the audience I target, for example when I launched the Kitty Case Collection I created a custom image to show towards people that liked "iPhone lovers" and "iPhone accessories" limiting the public with a few specific cat pages. Around 300k ...

Oct 19 2017 by Ivan Prats
Feedback for Glow in the Dark website

Hey crew, Read a lot of threads and I know I could use some feedback. The last time I got feedback my store was still in development. Now I have added some products & features. I know there are a few more things to work out, but any and all feedback is appreciated. I am in the US if that matters at all, to anyone. Be sure to browse products for feedback. Thanks. https://www.uvcandles....

Oct 20 2017 by Genie Squad
Ok I'm at my wits end!!

Wondering if I can get some quality insight?  We have had our store up and running for almost 2 years now.  We are a print shop that manufactures alot of the items on our site and we have alot of items we don't manufacture.  All is print related.  We get alot of search traffic, do alot of facebook paid adv, and are on some other popular sales channels but our sales on our site is so minimal tha...

Oct 20 2017 by Genie Squad
I’m launching a new store & need get some tips/advice please help ?!

  Hello,  I’m launching a new store for my brand Bishyika.com, It’s a fashion store that sells mainlys Women’s wear aimed at young millennials aged between the ages of 18 - 30. We’re based in Manchester, UK  and there’s a lot more to our story and history but I didn’t want to make this post too long.have been been running the store for a long time .   We have recently moved to Shopi...

Oct 20 2017 by Devon Thomas
Need brutal honesty

Hi everyone, Im looking for some brutal honesty in what i can do to approve my website. So far ive spent $100 on Facebook adds with nothing to show for it.  There are a few things on my to-do list like update the blog more, make sure every product has sales copy and adjust prices, but other than that ive hit a wall on ideas. Its time for some 3rd party evaluation. Id really appreciate ...

Oct 20 2017 by Nick
I would really appreciate your help

Dear Mr/Mrs, I opened my online store www.babyhedonist.com last week. I've made an instagram account which is going pretty well, i've reached more followers in these few days than i thought i would. The problem is that i don't get any visits on my store. Per day i get around 20 which i really don't understand. Could someone please be so kind and check my page, tell me what i have to fi...

Oct 20 2017 by Devon Thomas
Female design lovers, anyone interested in homeware stores or who likes ...

Hello lovely Shopify community! If you are into design, homeware/interior decorating, interested in slow living or just someone willing to give constructive feedback, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on our store What do you like/dislike? What stands out? What needs to improve?  What would you like to see more of? Any other helpful tips and pointers? Our website can...

Oct 20 2017 by Devon Thomas
Advice on the overall look and function of the store.

I am getting quite a few people stop by the store from google ads, facebook ads, etc, but no one is buying anything.  My pricing is in lne with others, so it must be the way the store looks/operates.  Any advice on changes would be most appreiated!   a1fitnessmarket.com

Oct 20 2017 by Devon Thomas