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We love giving feedback for new sites! g9

Hello all new Shopify owners! We here at Hivewyre initialy were going directly to new sites owner's posts, who were looking for feedback. and hopefully giving useful input on ways to improve their online ecommerce businesses - from the overall look of the site, functionality, marketing ideas, content, etc. We were getting great joy out of helping new ecommerce businesses get their sea-le...

Today by Lon Seng
Online Tea House - 150+ Teas - Picked, Packed & Shipped Direct from Indi...

Unlike a fine wine, tea looses flavor, character & aroma over time. Most of the tea available in the market is pretty old.  We at Vahdam Teas source garden fresh teas direct from 150+ plantations in India & door delivery to consumers worldwide via express shipping, sometimes in less than week from harvest.  We just launched our store at www.vahdamteas.com a few months back.  We...

Today by Arvind Krishnan
Low traffic, low sales, but reasonable social media following, any sugge...

We recently changed to Shopify (from Open Cart) ... most of our sales are in person at events and through Ebay and Etsy and we have a reasonable following on Facebook, Twitter and more recently Instagram, but we've always found it hard to get people to convert to our website, despite sending out discount coupns with sales from the other platforms ... we are at a loss to know why we can't get pe...

Today by Lee Franklin
Can we review your store and provide some fast honest feedback?

Hi Store members As a  complementary discounted offer we would like to assist all shopify store owners in reviewing their sites with a 10 minute English narrative Video. If this is something your business  would be interested in please feel to contact us via email where we can  quickly correspond back with the necessary  information (see our profile) . Things to include within the emai...

Today by Leon Henry
Any feedback is greatly appreciated

Hello all, I hope you are having a great day. We just launched our store yesterday. It is more like a soft opening but we have suprisingly good traffic (probably family and friends :). It is a soft opening for now. We have added 1/10 of our inventory. Taking our own pictures taking a lot of time.  I would like to hear your thoughts about the design and interface of the website. There is s...

Today by Arvind Krishnan
Feedback please

I opened my website 2 years ago. I have a few sales but I would like to have more. Please give me some feedback (picture, SEO, design).

Today by Andrew C
Do you like my homepage design? please tell me

i will be happy to hear your opinion about my new site www.keren-center.com thank you

Yesterday by Leon Henry
Feedback Requested on Order Taking Shopify implementation

Hi, We have a different business model.  We do not accept online payments, we are building an online presence so that customers can place orders online to be picked up later within our store.   We are still working on our site, but would love feedback. https://cheese-crackers-inc.myshopify.com/ Please direct all feedback to me either here, or at bart@crackerscheese.com Thanks, ...

Yesterday by Leon Henry
Improvements made second opinions please

Your feedback please. I fixed the problems that others suggested, is this ready for FB ads?   FB ad attached. Regards.

Yesterday by Viper Depot
Gunpowder Girls needs your help!

We are generating a decent amount of traffic and have, over the last 90 days, the following statistics: 1.23% Added to Cart / 0.52% Reached Checkout / 0.49% Purchased 95% of our traffic is mobile So the good news is we seem to be doing well between "Reached Checkout" and closing the same (thank you Shopify). We get a little more than 50% falloff between "Added to Cart" and "Reached Check...

Yesterday by Eva Lobel
Clinically Proven Anti-Aging products. Collaboration on Social Media: fo...

Hello, I just launched a new store MDBeautyBeverlyHills.com  I'm looking for collaboration on Social Media, please attach your account name so we can do follow for follow, comment and like your content, etc   

Yesterday by Leon Henry
Giving a Shopify Experts Point of View For Your Websites

Hello Shopify Community, You read that right, we are considered your neighbourhood Shopify Experts and we love seeing new websites and love giving feedback. We have lots of experience with eCommerce websites from graphic design to web content. Technology is changing everyday and let us tell you what your website lacks in. A website is what your customers see first and could mean the differen...

Jul 23 2016 by Digitally Inspired
eCommerce Web Design [Shopify Expert]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres never si...

Jul 7 2016 by AlexR
Feed back on Board Game Store

Hi, my name is Adam I own an online boardgame store.  I have been getting some good traffic with advertising, but I think my cost of shipping has been the deal breaker for sales.  I started out with the shipping cost seperate to offer the best product price, but I think I may try free shipping next.  Has anyone gone one step further and done the price you see is the price you pay (tax and sh...

Jul 21 2016 by Leon Henry
Homebrew supplies store recently switched over to Shopify and would love...

Hi guys, We sell equipment for brewing beer at home and we've recently changed over from our own website to a shopify store: www.chapmanequipment.com  In the last couple of weeks we've experienced some what of a dip in sales. We're still getting traffic each day but our conversion rate has noticably fallen. Since we're knew to Shopify and not too SEO-savy we're wondering if we are doing s...

Jul 19 2016 by Nick Majors
Help please!

Hi everyone, my name's Lauren and I launched my store over a week ago. We've received zero orders since then, although have been receiving orders via eBay. Could we have some brutally honest feedback please? I'm selling second hand kids toys, and decided to launch the store after getting fed up with exorbitant eBay fees. i was so excited for the launch of our store but feeling really deflate...

Jul 18 2016 by Rhonda LaBatt
Feedback on our store would be great!

Seeking some feedback on our online store. We sell a range of imported European equestrian gear mainly in Australia (we are based in Western Australia) but are looking to boost our online sales and expand our market beyond Australia... Thoughts on how we could improve?  https://shop.kentauraustralia.com/

Jul 18 2016 by Lixon Louis
New matcha tea site. tons of traffic. Little sales

Hey everyone. Just launched a new matcha site about a month ago. We've had 18 sales total from Facebook ads and our recipe freebie.    Our site is theflavorproj.com   Traffic has been greAt. About 7k total in the past 3 weeks but again little sales.    Any feedback would be great. 

Jul 21 2016 by Eric Davis
Would be thankful for feedback on my new store www.shnipa.com

Would be thankful for feedback on my new store www.shnipa.com Thank you! Rasa

Jul 17 2016 by Leon Henry
feedback for www.TrumpFanApparel.com

appreciated, thanks

Jul 19 2016 by Jordy