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Shopify has made it easier to get feedback on your store’s design

Getting feedback on your store’s design is an important part of winning at eCommerce. Shopify has made it easier to share your store’s design progress with others, with the new “Share preview” feature. It’s available for both current and unpublished themes, so you can share your store’s design before it’s live and your customers see it.  When previewing a theme, click on the “Share previe...

Dec 9 2018 by Lavish Dash Admin
what does 'Direct' mean?

It says we are getting sales from 'Direct' what does it mean?

Today by Aria
Need some reviews on new store

Hi everyone! Our store has been up for a little over a month.  We've had minimal succes in sales but traffic has increased.  Shopify states that our traffic is in the top 9% of stores that launched in the same week.  We'd love to get to the top 9% of sales too! We have invested on Facebook ads and are pending in Google ads.  Also very heavy in Instagram influencers and brand marketing. ...

Today by Morgan
New guy with no sales

Greetings, I'm total newbie in shopify. I've started this store on friday 5 days ago and no sales yet. Also, i do have couple of abandoned checkouts. Running ads on facebook amd the page there have 500 people following. I'm welder fabricator of industiral machines so this is all new to me. Thanks people.      https://ellascee.myshopify.com/      

Yesterday by ellascee
Honest feedback of my store

Hey guys, this is my first store so far launched it a couple days ago and I'm building social proof through instagram right now. Please tell me what i can improve. Thanks ! www.spiritual-wear.com

Yesterday by Raminn
I am not getting any sells... Any suggestions?

Hello.  Please review our site.  We are Detroit based and have a social awareness to give to the autism alliance of michigan.  We have a small social media presence but things are not working out... What do you think?

Yesterday by Ash

Hi. I have launched my store and am getting visitors but only one sale in last 3 weeks. I really need your advice. Thanks

Yesterday by Lisa H
Ask us your Shopify Page Building Questions (We're Developers & Designers)

Hello Shopify Entrepreneurs! If you're looking for Shopify site development or design feedback, or have any Shopify page building & editing questions, me and my colleague Finbarr are here to help. Here are topics we can cover/questions we can field: Page Building Page Editing Development Customizations Design Styling This is advice is for free of course! We are th...

Yesterday by Patrick Shallis
Running ads, no sales

Hi all, i am just started with my website www.wannatrends.com I ran a few ads, got likes on it (30 likes after spending 3 dollar on average). A few visits and no ad to carts. Beside that i am very curious what would you change on my store? i would love to get some feedback. Thank you.  

Dec 11 2018 by Sven
PLEASE, i don't no what to do anymore ...Help me ...please ...

Can somebody tell me what should i improve? how to generate the first sale? What should i do?    I really want to make SPECIAL-DIMENSION  a profitable store. Im loving this but i think i may need some help ... Anybody with Successful Stores out there? Can samebody give a hint? ...  Don't know what to do anymore ... 

Dec 11 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Give me negative feedback!

Hi fellow shopifiers! i have launched a store just under 3 months ago. Luckily i am already getting sales, but its slow and my conversion rate is below 1%. Do you guys have any feedback on the store that might give sales a boost? Thank you! STORE- https://herstorm.com/

Dec 11 2018 by Mario
Could I Get Some Feedback Please?

https://www.dayspastgames.com/ Been open for a few months now and only have 3 sales all from people I know. I think my site is decent but any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

Dec 10 2018 by Jim Sweet
Product Proven, Website has Traffic, No Sales ?

Hi Everyone, I've run a few different stores before and am now really having a good run at this. I am selling homewares at https://yellowelement.com.au . I inititally tested some product with Facebook marketplace through my personal account and received multiple people asking to purchase. Now I am testing through facebook marketplace direct to my website. This is not working. I am real...

Dec 11 2018 by Mario
Lots of traffic, no sales!

started this store recently, and ran an influencer ad yesterday,. I’ve had over 600 sessions, but no sales. Over 30 people reached checkout. This is the page I ran the ad too https://cloudlighters.com/products/the-cirrus thanks guys!

Dec 11 2018 by Mario
Enthousiastic starter needs feedback

Hi! I have started with shopify a few weeks ago and already bought a full year 'membership' for shopify.  Feedback would be greatly appreciated! www.themillennialscompany.com

Dec 10 2018 by Mario
how to improve visitors but no sales.

Hello, i was hopeing to get some feed back on my store and what i can inprove to bring the most value to my customers and to make more sales. www.drinkwin.com  Back story on my store, its a year plus in the works and some visitor traffic. A good number of add to carts but few buys and im trying to figure out how to change that and make more sales.  Thank you for any feed back and help,...

Dec 10 2018 by Mario
Feedback on my store 🏬

Hey Everyone, I hope you all have an amazing day. Just wanted to get some feedback on my store: http://www.simplydej.com Thanks :)

Dec 7 2018 by Dmitriy
Lots of sessions on my store but no sales

Hello Everyone, I recently launched my Shopify store and I am getting lots of viewers and sessions. I have had over 1k views this week so far. But no sales what so ever. Can anyone help me please and explain what’s happening? My store is www.theluxedream.com. Your input is greatly appreciated. 

Dec 7 2018 by Jennifer Kelman
Feedback of my store

Hi there, I have been getting a lot of adds to cart in my online store but not many conversions.  First month in business got around 600 sessions tracked in the google Analytics and sold about 5 candles. What is your opinion of store? Any advice? thanks www.TheCandleStation.net Thank you very much

Dec 6 2018 by CandleMan
Feedback on new store please

Hi Guys, I would appreciate some feedback on my new store.  www.dukeydogduds.com Bill

Dec 10 2018 by Bill