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Shopify has made it easier to get feedback on your store’s design

Getting feedback on your store’s design is an important part of winning at eCommerce. Shopify has made it easier to share your store’s design progress with others, with the new “Share preview” feature. It’s available for both current and unpublished themes, so you can share your store’s design before it’s live and your customers see it.  When previewing a theme, click on the “Share previe...

Yesterday by Matthew D
Rate my store

Good afternoon. Ive been using shopify for a year now and been trying out different themes and styles. I am very happy with the result. There is always room for improvement so I am looking forward to some criticism. We sell hobby and miniatures for role playing games mostly.  https://depognomos.com/

Today by Katerina
Anything I can improve? Womens' fashion

Hi guys, put a lot of work into my store over the last weeks and it's online for around 2 weeks now. Making first sales and been getting great feedback on the products. Traffic is decent, around 7k visitors, I guess. The number of returning visitors has been steadily gone up to 27% yesterday, which is a good sign, right? So, I am new with eCommerce and what is irritating me, is the inc...

Today by Felix
Looking for Criticism, Thanks!

We are a new store that is starting but seeks to improve. We have not had visitors, so we would appreciate any external opinion or criticism from our store. Our niche is products and equipment for fitness, running, yoga and swimming. Let us know what you think, thanks in advance for any advice! My Store is:  fitfervor.com

Today by Alma Leticia De Loera Ruvalcaba
CRO Expert Needed: 87,689 Unique Pageviews, 0.14% Conversion Rate, 29 Sa...

These numbers don't make sense. I have made some updates to my site, to address performance and optimization. I know there are still some improvements to be made, but from what i can see, the site provides a pretty smooth experience. I've even managed to streamline the checkout process (ApplePay, Amazon Pay, Paypal, as well as consolidating to one page for regular 'Checkout'). On top of that, I...

Today by Tom M
Advice on new store

Hi All I have recently started my shopify store at www.mybabyrompersonline.com Traffic to my site is good, and I have gained a healthy following on social media, with people liking my products on Instagram and Facebook. But I am struggling a little bit in turning that traffic into sales. I have only made 3 sales in 3 weeks. I wondered if a few people could have a look at my site and gi...

Today by Katerina
Feedback please

Looking for some honest / harsh / brutal feedback on our website please. I know it still needs lots of work, bullet points on what we need to change / add / improve etc would be great. Thanks in advance.

Today by Tom M
Roast my Store

Hi all, Looking for some feedback on my newly created store. It's been open for approximately 1 month, https://deskmess.com/ In that time I've done a bit of marketing, mainly created an Instagram account and created Instagram story ads.  For the month it's been open, its had 130 sessions and 612 pageviews (from google analytics, with my IP excluded). Unfortunately I haven't had any sal...

Today by Katerina
I am having high traffic but low sales

Good day guys, I launched my website 6 months ago. I am generating traffic via my social media accounts. But i am having low sales since the beginning. Please give your thoughts on improving my website and turning the traffic into sales my website is www.shopnuracosmetics.com

Today by Tom M

Can you please give me feedback on my store I have a month now but no sales.

Today by Ngwane store
Seeking feedback No sales after a few months of launching

Hi, I have had my site for about 2 to 3 months now, I have no sales, and the rate on the checkout page is very low..I am in the women’s clutches industry, my prices are reasonable, I offer free shipping. I have engaged with an influencer and currently hosting a giveaway. I upload content to social media on a daily basis and try to post varying content. I have professional shots and often pla...

Today by Nathalie Rafeh
Let me promote your shop through the YouTube video to NZ and worldwide

hi everyone Send us  1 best image of your shopping products and the website link and we will create a video to our viewers in New Zealand and worldwide audience on the Youtube. Please email the details to :  thecrossroadnz@gmail.com  Thecrossroad - sharing your values for success Cheers Eva

Today by Averil Quinn
New Business Feedback

Good Evening, I would love some feedback on my Shopify store, www.ItalianLinensBoutique.com. The store is an online Italian table and kitchen linens of fine/luxury quality. I launched in August 2017 and have had very few sales. I use Kit and Privy for sales promotions, have optimized my site for SEO, my facebook and Pintrest followers have grown in the last month or so. I  believe my pricing...

Today by Best Himalaya
Critique of store

Hello, I am looking for feedback on my store so that I can make necessary changes before I start to spend money on advertising. I have some traffic, for the most part driven through social media but limited sales.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Matt www.washagooutpost.com     

Today by Rockpapercopy

I'm not getting any sales, and I'm wondering if it's my website. Please give me any pointers you can think of. Thank you! www.thewatchdestination.com

Today by Jade
300 views, no sales

Hello! I had 350 visitors yesterday but no products added to cart. can i get some feedback please. www.easyway.shop 

Today by Nostromo
FREE Feedback and Promotion

Hi Everyone,  I would love to give you all feedback and feature your store on my Instagram page (@TheShopSmallBusiness) for free! All you have to do is leave your link below and I will do my best to give you the feedback you need as quick as possible. 

Today by Spencer
Pretty good visitor numbers but no sales!!!

I currently get around 250 visitors a week but no conversions.  I di have people adding to cart but again no actual sales.   Would be intersted in any feedback to assist in getting sales.  www.2madsisters.com.au  Thanks in advance. Cheers Sam

Today by Morgan
Recently Updated My Site - Any Pointers?

Hey, guys. I recently redid my website, and I'm looking to see if I did an okay job. If you have any critiques, please let me know! Thank you, and have a great day. www.thewatchdestination.com 

Today by Jeremy
Looking For Criticism, Thanks!

Hi, Like everyone we are a new store looking to improve.  We have had 1200 visitors in our first three weeks and only one sale so we would appreciate any outside opinions or criticisms of our store.  Our niche is reloading supplies & accessories for shooters.  Let us know what you think, thanks in advance for any advice! -Tom www.reloaderextreme.com

Yesterday by Tom