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Adding Custom Fields to the Shopify Dashboard g14

What is this madness? In short, a tool to add Custom Fields to the admin dashboard. Since my other Dashboard tools are proving to be to super handy I figured Store Owners could do with a smaller version for adding metafields. Developers (and the brave) should stick with ShopifyFD.  How to install: http://freakdesign.com.au/blogs/news/how-to-setup-the-custom-fields-for-shopify-chrome-...

Apr 28 2017 by Isak
Useful and important links for creating your first Shopify theme g8

Let's move right along. Tools!: Shopify FD Dash Tool: I can't sing enough praises for this bookmarklet and extension. It is the swiss army knife for reaching metafields for everything within the admin. It's amazing. Rock on Jason. Please feel free to add something to his kitty for all the work and effort that went into this tool for everyone to benefit from. Chrome extension here: http...

Feb 15 2017 by Kim
Halfling -> Better email nofitications for Shopify g5

From our good friend Lance Sells: http://www.halfling.co/ Fork the repo here: https://github.com/lancesells/Halfling In two flavors.... Hobbiton:   And Dul Guldur:

Jan 28 2017 by Lance Sells
Shopify + rich snippets (Structured Data)

Last year, early in December we added the code to our Shopify web-store template to make use of structured data and essentially "rich snippets". Originally we wanted only the rating to be seen in search results (http://schema.org/AggregateRating) but after some research we decided to add product offer (http://schema.org/Offer) data as well.So the code was added and Google Structured Data Testin...

Mar 4 2017 by Ka yan Cheng
Tool to add new Dashboard features (metafields, bulk edits, time saving ...

Since I've been drinking way too much caffeine, I've put some extra awake time into collating all my little JavaScript dashboard hacks into a unified resource. I'm calling it ShopifyFD. Rubbish name, but we are stuck with it now! You can help keep me full of caffeine by dropping a few dollars in the tip jar.  I've got a form setup ready to take your feature requests. The tool is curre...

Oct 27 2016 by Jason
You can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!

Hey guys, good news! Thanks to the genius mind of Chris Saunders, you can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!  To use SCSS, simply upload a ".scss.liquid" file to your Assets: http://take.ms/1shoj, and load it up in your theme.liquid file like this:   {{ 'style.scss.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} I have attached a quick and dirty demo theme that uses SCSS for those who wan...

Nov 18 2016 by edwinsarabiame
Brooklyn Theme: How do I create drop down menu for product variants and ...

How do I create drop down menu for product variants and add logos under Add to Cart button? Here is another site I found using the Brooklyn theme that has this done.  http://prntscr.com/fbtbnv  

Today by jz888
Create downloadable PDF for each line item/product

Hi all! I'm using a combination of the Product Builder app by Bold Apps, and the Order Printer Emailer. Currently customers can create a customised product using the Product Builder app, and all the info gets stored as a single line item/customised-product. From there, they get the usual Order Confirmation email from Shopify once they've made their purchase. On top of that, in the email t...

Today by justanotherdesign
Change Title Format on Shopify

I would like to ask if how to change the title format for Tag Page on Shopify? I could see that the code for the title is like this: {{ page_title }}{% if current_tags %}{% assign meta_tags = current_tags | join: ', ' %} – {{ 'general.meta.tags' | t: tags: meta_tags }}{% endif %}{% if current_page != 1 %} – {{ 'general.meta.page' | t: page: current_page }}{% endif %}{% ...

Today by AlenM
Change footer colour in Debut theme

Hi, I'm fairly familiar with wordpress but not so much shopify. I want to change the footer colour to black on my store www.brickhq.com.au but cant in the theme settings and cant see a reference in the css.  Can anyone tell me where in the css I can adjust this please? thanks in advance. 

Today by John Attias
Debut Theme: Change Footer Background Color?

Hi Guys, I'm using the Debut Theme for my Shopify store. Anybody knows how to change the background color of the footer area?   Thanks

Today by John Attias
Go to domains first page.... Then Site Glitches...... then forwards to I...

When you go to my website:  www.calyxapparel.com it will start to load the front page, then it will glitch through a few more pages then lands on my social media accounts. It was working then it just started happening. I can edit the theme or any text. Just please help with some adivce on what is happeneing!  Thanks !

Today by Austin
Swapping Multiple Instances of Image Variants

I'm trying to customize the Boundless theme to highlight multiple images at the top of the page in a Slick carousel with thumbnails to control the slides. I've got most all of the code working, but in order to wrap things up, I need to be able to swap out the large image and the small thumbnail used in the Slick carousel navigation when a variant is selected/changed. Where I'm running into issu...

Today by dashdavid
HERO SLIDER Transparency - Uploaded .PNG changes to .JPG - Brooklyn Theme

Hey everyone, Theme: Brooklyn When i upload an image to be used by the hero banner, it changes my image! If i upload a .PNG or .GIF it will be changed to a .JPG, naturally replacing the transparency with a white background. How do you change the hero banner so it does not format the image on upload?

Yesterday by sage ryza
Favicon Help

Since changing my store to https:// my favicon is gone. Can anyone tell me how to get it back?  Previously it was added by my website designer but he has since left the country.

Yesterday by Stephen B.
Delete/Remove Search Bar in Header on Supply Theme

I tried googling and looking at old posts on the forum, but couldn't find a current way to remove the search element from the supply theme. Any help is appreciated! Thank you

Yesterday by tim
Changing Navigation menu font in Debut

Hi! This is beginner's stuff but I'm a beginner so I'd love any help/advice anyone may have! I'd like to have my navigation menu in the same font as my headings but it's linked to the body text settings. How do I change just that font? Thanks! 

Yesterday by Jane Bleecker
Specific Collections on a page

Hello everyone. I’ve been googling it for a while now and I can’t find a solution so I am hoping I can get it here. I want to create a page where I have a grid with specific collections (not products) Kind of like this that I have on my homepage: http://imgur.com/EXMh63B I am using the VENTURE theme. So the idea would be: MENU -> TRAVEL MEN -> CLOTHING (When clicking ...

Yesterday by Storefortravelers
Brooklyn theme reverse heading & subheading

Hi everyone, I'm new to Shopify and I'm now making my first site using the Brooklyn theme. A few minor things I've been able to figure out myself or other threads on this forum, but there's are issues I'm struggling with. 1) Is it possible to reverse the positions of the heading and subheading on the hero slideshow? For my site I would prefer the heading come first.  2) How to change t...

Yesterday by Savannah F
Change price in Debut Theme

Hello. In Debut theme the price is displayed only as a number but I would like to add a currency next to it and make the size of the price for bigger. Can someone help how to do it? 

Yesterday by Savannah F