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Adding Custom Fields to the Shopify Dashboard g18

What is this madness? In short, a tool to add Custom Fields to the admin dashboard. Since my other Dashboard tools are proving to be to super handy I figured Store Owners could do with a smaller version for adding metafields. Developers (and the brave) should stick with ShopifyFD.  How to install: http://freakdesign.com.au/blogs/news/how-to-setup-the-custom-fields-for-shopify-chrome-...

Jun 13 2018 by József Jacsó
Useful and important links for creating your first Shopify theme g9

Let's move right along. Tools!: Shopify FD Dash Tool: I can't sing enough praises for this bookmarklet and extension. It is the swiss army knife for reaching metafields for everything within the admin. It's amazing. Rock on Jason. Please feel free to add something to his kitty for all the work and effort that went into this tool for everyone to benefit from. Chrome extension here: http...

Apr 24 2018 by Alex
Tool to add new Dashboard features (metafields, bulk edits, time saving ... g5

Since I've been drinking way too much caffeine, I've put some extra awake time into collating all my little JavaScript dashboard hacks into a unified resource. I'm calling it ShopifyFD. Rubbish name, but we are stuck with it now! You can help keep me full of caffeine by dropping a few dollars in the tip jar.  I've got a form setup ready to take your feature requests. The tool is curre...

May 18 2018 by Jason Mclean
Halfling -> Better email nofitications for Shopify g6

From our good friend Lance Sells: http://www.halfling.co/ Fork the repo here: https://github.com/lancesells/Halfling In two flavors.... Hobbiton:   And Dul Guldur:

Aug 7 2017 by Rocio Astudillo
Shopify + rich snippets (Structured Data)

Last year, early in December we added the code to our Shopify web-store template to make use of structured data and essentially "rich snippets". Originally we wanted only the rating to be seen in search results (http://schema.org/AggregateRating) but after some research we decided to add product offer (http://schema.org/Offer) data as well.So the code was added and Google Structured Data Testin...

May 3 2018 by Tien Do
Shopify has made it easier to get feedback on your store’s design

Getting feedback on your store’s design is an important part of winning at eCommerce. Shopify has made it easier to share your store’s design progress with others, with the new “Share preview” feature. It’s available for both current and unpublished themes, so you can share your store’s design before it’s live and your customers see it.  When previewing a theme, click on the “Share previe...

Feb 17 2018 by Liquify Web Design London
You can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!

Hey guys, good news! Thanks to the genius mind of Chris Saunders, you can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!  To use SCSS, simply upload a ".scss.liquid" file to your Assets: http://take.ms/1shoj, and load it up in your theme.liquid file like this:   {{ 'style.scss.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} I have attached a quick and dirty demo theme that uses SCSS for those who wan...

Dec 13 2017 by Ognjen Knaus
Can anyone help me? My logo is blurry - I am using the GRID theme? Any p...

Can anyone help me? My logo is blurry - I am using the GRID theme? Any pointers would be great. I have tried to follow a similar blog post answer on here but I can't see 'Stylesheet.css.liquid' in my assets to edit the code. Many thanks Sherine

Today by Sherine Walrond
Avoid line breaking hyphens?

Hi there, our product names have hyphens ("Omega-3"), and I do not want these hyphens to cause line breaks.  Simris Algae Omega- 3  Of course needs to be Simris Algae Omega-3 Since the product names occur frequently throughout the site, I am looking for a way to globally avoid hyphens to create line breaks, but always keep together (i.e. non-breaking hyphens). This shou...

Today by Jason
Theme seems to not update with code changes.

I'm sorry If I am posting a duplicate. I"m new to this and couldn't find an answer via the search.  When I share a link to my store via social media it gives an older description, picture and name. I thought this was pulling from the Title and Meta descriptions on the preferences  but I changed it and the link still stays the same. My store is www.alittlescruffy.com and my theme is the Pop t...

Today by Jason
Need to add second "ADD TO CART" button on my product pages? DEBUT THEME

Hello. I need to add a second add to cart button on my product pages. One is just not enough for long description pages.   I already have a "GO BACK TO TOP" button but I don't like it. I want an actual add to cart button just like the one I have except at the the bottom of my product description.    How do I accomplish this? Couldn't find ANY solid answers on how to do this so I hop...

Today by Bogdan
Editing sections code

I used the kickstarter theme and instead of the video at the top I added "Image with text overlay", I need to edit the code so it's slightly different from the original. I opened all the liquid files but I cannot find the one for this section. Is it hidden somewhere else?  Is there a way to edit the code from inside the theme builder?

Today by Thijs De Martelaer
Debut theme add more rows to featured collection

I would like to have 4 products in one row and add few more rows as it is only 5 rows allowed in featured collection.  Could someone help me ?

Today by Anders
Show price range on collection list?

Is their a way to show the price range of a collection? Can't seem to figure this one out. I've seen people do it on the collection page or for individual products but i need the price range for an entire collection of products.

Today by joshbedo
Out of the Sandbox | Parallax: How to show different product variations

I have a product that comes in different colors. I am looking to have a main product image with alternative colors below that a customer could scroll through. Each variation has it's own SKU as well. Does anyone know an app or how to implement this functionality?

Today by Kasey
Hiding the sidebar on specific pages?

To start this off I use the simple theme. I've made a landing page for my site, and it looks great except for one thing: the sidebar. The sidebar shows up on the side and uncenters everything and honestly looks pretty bad. Is there any way to hide the sidebar on a specific page? Thanks in advance for any answers!

Today by ebrock15
Supply Theme: Advanced Grouping, Tags

Nevermind :~)

Minimal Theme: Color, Quantity, Size on the same line

Hi all, I am working with the minimal theme and I am still trying to put the Color, Quantity, Size on the same line. I found some topics talking about this modifcation (for instance : https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-design/t/minimal-theme-color-quantity-size-style-on-the-same-line-426603), but it does not work as expected on my side. The 'AddToCart' button seems to be aut...

Today by daintybowshop
Supply Theme: Centering the Text for Tabbed Product Description

Hello, all! I have the Magic Tabs for Product Descriptions app installed on my shop. I am attempting to have the tabs alone centered, and the rest of the texted aligned as it is typed within the product pages themselves. For example, I have four product description tabs: Details - Specs - You'll Receive - Our Thoughts. I would like the page to be like: --------------------------...

Why Collections Images don't load??

Any idea someone? - see attached https://scysolution.com

Yesterday by Tangoz