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Turbo theme logo size please

Hi, Just testing out Turbo theme ( unpublished) and am stuck on how to increase logo size or space given for logo.  It's great in desktop but tiny in mobile. Any help much appreciated.  Jess 

Mar 23 2018 by Jess Richardson
Introduce new awesome Shopify theme

Gecko – Responsive Fashion Shopify Theme ‘Gecko’ is a feature packed Premium Shopify theme with a modern design, minimal feel, bundled with powerful features for creating versatile online stores Responsive Design & Retina Ready Responsive design and development simply means that no matter what device your website is viewed upon, it will scale to meet the parameters and ...

Mar 18 2018 by
Basel - Responsive eCommerce Shopify Theme

BASEL is a professional minimalist AJAX responsive theme built to create modern powerful e-commerce web-site. Using popular Drag & Drop page builder, a lot of theme settings and options, premium sliders and Shopify, you are able to create a heavy store that looks perfect on any screen resolution. The theme is suitable for any kind of shops like cloth, electronics, furniture, accessories, fl...

Sep 5 2017 by
Claue - The best shopify theme with lookbook, fast loading....only 35$ H...

Claue – Clean, minimal Shopify theme for online fashion store, personal blog…. It comes with a lot of great features that would take you months to develop. It is fully responsive, it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices. Including easy to set up for MailChimp, Instagram Feed, Lookbook, Product Colour Swatch, Product Colours Swatch Gallery Images, Product Video Thumbnail, Instagram...

Apr 25 2017 by
Trendify - Boost sale, Drag Drop, Clean Fashion Shopify Theme

Trendify has a clean and minimalistic design which helps you to create an awesome and powerful project. The whole template was built based on the latest WordPress standarts and recommendations. This theme is a responsive perfectly suited for the brands & retailers who run online stores as well as other fashion related onliney businesses. It is laced with a host of features that ...

Dec 30 2016 by
Help with Design Mobile Friendly

My shopify store's homepage is not mobile friendly. Please help with code or app. Thank you very much.  

Apr 12 2017 by Kuching
Vision - Drag Order Section For Fashion, Digital Shopify Theme

Vision – Responsive Fashion, Digital Shopify Theme. It comes with a lot of great features that would take you months to develop. It is fully responsive, it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices, flexible layout easy to change header layout, footer layout, product detail page layout, category page layout suitable with online furniture store, handmade store, fashion store and digital...

Oct 27 2016 by
Change Background color to black on Password Page

So I'm almost ready with my site and overall I'm very happy. I got a developer to make the password page the splash page which is fine, however, the problem is the way that the image diplays on different devices.  As I'm aware that this is an ongoing issue I though the quickets workaround would be to simply change the background to black so that the page is filled.  At the moment the bottom ...

Sep 18 2016 by Nicholas Kay
Need help with adding a products Carousel/Products section

Hello everything.. Can someone help me with creating a new products section/Featured products section? So its like we need 4 or 5 products sections on homepage For example-Top Sellers,Popular Products,Featured Products,Special Deal Products and so on. Any help would be highly appreciated Thanks in Advance

Sep 23 2016 by Pratham Jani
Real quick, changing shopping cart icon color?

I'm using a theme called Decortica. The black cart icon up top in header_panel_top... I need to change it to white. I looked through the asset folder and can't find any picture of this shopping icon png file, and css doesn't show anything I recognize. help?

Sep 19 2016 by
Contact Us link on thank_you page

I am using the Brooklyn theme and at the bottom of the thank_you page there is some text thats says:   Need help? Contact us The problem is that  "contact us" is simply a mailto: link, where can I change what this links to? I would like to link to my FAQ or my Contact page. Thanks

Sep 19 2016 by Ben
Simple jQuery script not working

I'm finding it difficult to add additional jQuery functions even though our theme (Venture) supports jQuery.  I want to use a simple jQuery function to allow us to hide some text on the product page that is shown only when the end user clicks the Click Here for Details hyperlink. The jQuery is as follows: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { ...

Sep 18 2016 by
Looking to change font sizes for multiple areas (blog main page, blog po...

I have been trying to use other posts made about this subject to see if I can't figure out where to change them but I haven't had any luck. I want to increase the font size of my blogs main page (, my blog posts, and product descriptions. I tried to change the fonts to "h3" because that's about the size that I want, however, the letters are in all caps and I find ...

Sep 18 2016 by
Changing Product Image based on Line Item Selections

Hello! Using the tutorial here I’ve got my site currently setup to have the product image change based on the product variant you select from the drop down menu. Working example here. What I need is to create a product with around 300 or so different combinations of colors, so I’m forced to use line item properties instead of product variants. Is it possible to have the product image change ...

Oct 12 2015 by Mark-RX
Fixed Navigation Bar

Hello! I've been trying to put a fixed navigation bar on my online store but all the recommendations I have looked at from previous threads seem to not work for me. I have the Solo theme but I did change the theme's navigation bar to 100% full width. If anybody can help, I would really appreciate it! 

Mar 26 2017 by tim
[New App] Instant Cart - Ajax Cart Drawer for all themes

Hi All, We are happy to announce our app "Instant Cart" ajax side drawer for all themes.It includes sticky cart icon also or you can use existing theme icon. Instant Cart App Your feedback will be highly appreciated Regards S.Muthu CupelApps

Feb 16 2017 by Cupel Apps
How To Change the Style of the Price Under Each Product?

I am trying to figure out how I can make my product prices resemble the picture that is attached to this post. I do not necessarily want the prices all the way to the left like that, but I want the price of the item to be a bit large than the crossed out number and to be bold so it is easily noticeable as the price of the item. Also, if there is anyway to add a "percentage off" watermark ...

Jan 4 2017 by Zackori Scalf
Removing Table Borders/Gridline

Sorry, I've seen this asked before, but cannot seem to follow the advice given. I simply want to remove the table borders on a home page table to get it a more clean look without showing the gridlines....seems like a simple concept. Please advise.  I appreciate the help.  Thanks!.

Nov 29 2016 by Joe Miller
Ajax mobile cart icon

Hello, We added a little icon behind the hamburger navigation on mobile to indicate that there is an item in the cart. Just a simple red circle. We are also using Ajaxify that Caroline put on github On desktop, we are using cart.item_count and it updates just fine. However on mobile, we would to display the icon u...

Oct 20 2016 by Christopher
Venture Button color change

Hello Everyone, Really hoping someone can help me change the arrow color on my product page. Should be easy but I am not having any luck finding and changing the correct html. I have circled exactly what I am trying to change in this picture. Thanks

Oct 21 2016 by Lixon Louis