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Adding Custom Fields to the Shopify Dashboard g14

What is this madness? In short, a tool to add Custom Fields to the admin dashboard. Since my other Dashboard tools are proving to be to super handy I figured Store Owners could do with a smaller version for adding metafields. Developers (and the brave) should stick with ShopifyFD.  How to install: http://freakdesign.com.au/blogs/news/how-to-setup-the-custom-fields-for-shopify-chrome-...

Nov 28 2016 by test
Useful and important links for creating your first Shopify theme g6

Let's move right along. Tools!: Shopify FD Dash Tool: I can't sing enough praises for this bookmarklet and extension. It is the swiss army knife for reaching metafields for everything within the admin. It's amazing. Rock on Jason. Please feel free to add something to his kitty for all the work and effort that went into this tool for everyone to benefit from. Chrome extension here: http...

Jun 29 2016 by Paul L. Newton
Shopify + rich snippets (Structured Data)

Last year, early in December we added the code to our Shopify web-store template to make use of structured data and essentially "rich snippets". Originally we wanted only the rating to be seen in search results (http://schema.org/AggregateRating) but after some research we decided to add product offer (http://schema.org/Offer) data as well.So the code was added and Google Structured Data Testin...

Jul 6 2016 by Subliworks Apparel
Tool to add new Dashboard features (metafields, bulk edits, time saving ...

Since I've been drinking way too much caffeine, I've put some extra awake time into collating all my little JavaScript dashboard hacks into a unified resource. I'm calling it ShopifyFD. Rubbish name, but we are stuck with it now! You can help keep me full of caffeine by dropping a few dollars in the tip jar.  I've got a form setup ready to take your feature requests. The tool is curre...

Dec 2 2016 by mas888
You can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!

Hey guys, good news! Thanks to the genius mind of Chris Saunders, you can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!  To use SCSS, simply upload a ".scss.liquid" file to your Assets: http://take.ms/1shoj, and load it up in your theme.liquid file like this:   {{ 'style.scss.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} I have attached a quick and dirty demo theme that uses SCSS for those who wan...

Nov 18 2016 by edwinsarabiame
Halfling -> Better email nofitications for Shopify

From our good friend Lance Sells: http://www.halfling.co/ Fork the repo here: https://github.com/lancesells/Halfling In two flavors.... Hobbiton:   And Dul Guldur:

Aug 24 2016 by vincent
Blurry logo on ipad

Hi, I've used the recommended size for the logo with my theme, and it looks fine on my desktop - even when using the shopify device widget to simulate tablet and mobile sizes. However, when I actually use my iPad to view the site it looks degraded and blurry. If anyone knows why this might be happening it would be great to hear from you. Also, while I'm on the subject of logos. Is it poss...

Today by Kevin Gómez
Calling to my dropdown cart icon

Hi,   I am having some trouble with something that I feel should be pretty simple. Hopefully someone here can tell me what i am missing.  I have a cart preview dropbown on my site that comes when you click on the cart icon on the top right www.GratefullyDyed.com Now, I styled my cart icon and apparently it changed the icon in the dropdown as well. So, I am trying to ID that icon and...

Today by GratefullyDyed
Displaying product information generated with a product "type" from a se...

I have a static section with blocks that allow the merchant to choose from a list of products. I have the blocks working in the dashboard as expected, but I can't figure out how to display the values of each of the products. This is what my schema looks like: {   "name": "New Arrivals",   "max_blocks": 4,   "blocks": [     {       "type": "new-arrival",       "name": "New Arrival", ...

Today by Benjamin Waldron
Customising order fulfilment email with product price and (hopefully) me...

Hi all Like a lot of people I'm looking for a way to easily determine the profitability of my orders and include a basic COGS to my products. Basically I'm hoping to find a way to calculate the profitability of each order based on a comparison of price to a COGS value for each product along with manually adding the postage cost to each order when I fulfill it. I've had a good look at t...

Today by The Prosperous Shop
Modifying Refund Email to show what is refunded?

Currently Shopify has a default refund emal that is sent and it has 3 possible triggers; A.  Are all items still present in the order then .... B. Are none of the items present in the order then ... C. Neither of those AKA SOME of the items are not available then ... After looking at the order I don't see anyway to Call which item is not available?  The only place I see it even ment...

Today by Caseyw
Change out of stock to <=3 instead of <=0

Hi, I have had a look into doing this but my theme uses product.available which I believe is looking to see if variant.inventory_quantity is &lt;=0. Is it possible to change the definition of product.available so that it returns false if variant.inventory_quantity is &lt;=3? Cheers

Yesterday by Game Play
Apply "smooth scroll down effect" to hero button

Hi all,  I'm using the Brooklyn theme and I'd like to know how to edit the call-to-action button text on the homepage's hero slideshow so that it scrolls down to the featured collections part of the same homepage. A smooth scroll down is what I'm looking for especially, because I want customers to see there is content between the hero slideshow and the featured collections.  I've found th...

Yesterday by Christophe Jasmin
Minimal Theme: Centre Home Page collection display

I am using the minimal theme for a site I am working on. I have added a collection section to the home page.  Collection has 2 products.  However, in the setting for that section, the minimum product qty is 3, so my two products are displaying left aligned. How can I get these two products centered on the page?

Yesterday by Chris
Help. Image Gallery with upvoting/thumbs up)

I'm looking for an app or something where you can put images and people can thumbs up it or like it and leave a comment. That's it. leaving a comment feature is optional. I was looking online and found something basically similar to this.  https://www.qwertee.com/tees/vote/popular It's just an image gallery and people can upvote what they like. Where can I find an app like this? how...

Yesterday by Phillip M.
new "generate now" buy button code no longer works on website for mobile...

I have contacted shopify's customer service and it's been a MONTH and I've received absolutely no help. I just keep getting a "we've sent this over to our team" reply from my customer service person.   So basically here's the deal: the old buy button code that was generated worked beautifully on my website. Now they've updated and made it more complicated, it's stopped working on mobile. ...

Yesterday by Mary Nguyen
canopy theme - header how to add new content or change the text

Hello, I have two questions,  1 - How can i add new content into header / contact info, support, or etc 2 - I want to delete LOGIN / JOIN buttons (or replace them with my own links). Thanks  Sceenshot: http://prnt.sc/dgmbv6  

Yesterday by dino
canopy theme - changing no content area background

Hello, i want to change the sides / no-content area by uploading an image. i want to keep the existing white background on the content area , pages, products, collections.  Thank you! http://prnt.sc/dgm9tc  

Yesterday by dino
Use a current theme font family in the middle of a paragraph

I would imagine this would be simple but I haven't found the answer yet. My theme comes with lots Google fonts but I have to change which one I'm using for what in the theme editor under "typography". I don't want to do that I just want to use one of the fonts in the middle of a paragraph. I tryed this with no luck. &lt;p style="font-family: Bevan;"&gt;&lt;span style="font-size: 60px;"...

Yesterday by Joe C
Adding Collection Title / Link / Image From Chosen Theme settings

I'm desiging a theme that has collections that can be chosen and displayed by theme settings. I want to be able to take off the limit on the following code, as well as change the current collection from,  collection in colletions to collection in collections.[settings.masonry-collection-one], in order to pull information that was chosen in theme settings. however this does not wo...

Yesterday by Eclypto