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Product variants page pagination

Hello, I'm displaying all product variants in a page with this code:          {% for product in collection.products %}               {% for variant in product.variants %}                  {% include 'product-listing-item' with 'image_size' %} ...

Posted by wefix-template Admin in Shopify Discussion — June 19, 2017


I'm looking for designers' - Cliff? ;) - advice on this. I was pointed recently to a web template... site and I was wondering, if I purchased a template from there, how hard would it be to convert

Posted by TarNation in Shopify Design — July 04, 2006


Where can I get new templates? or is there any tamplates to choose from aside from what's in the Themes's gallery?

Posted by Louiezen in Shopify Design — May 08, 2008


Just a quick check to see if there are any templates that would mimic the style of the &nbsp

Posted by eagle101 in Shopify Design — May 17, 2012


My company currently has a site up and running with shopify, I am in the midst of redesigning that. (I am new to shopify) I do not want to shut down the site that is currently running. Is there a way for me to build my redesign (i.e adding pages and i...

Posted by designgirl1133 in Shopify Design — February 11, 2010


illustrating, and article writing.I need a template where there is an option for a review tab... so people know what they're paying for.Are these templates customize able in that sense?

Posted by Dave Scott in Ecommerce Discussion — November 08, 2013

How to call a new template

Hi Andrew, A template is not a page, it's a blue print that tells how a certain piece... of content must be presented / rendered. Did you create a snippet or a template? If you have

Posted by Caroline Schnapp in Shopify Design — January 16, 2010

Active Class via Liquid

active_url %}{% if template == "index" %}/{% elsif template == "collection" %}/collections... /{{ collection.handle }}{% elsif template == "product" %}{% if collection %}...

Posted by AGL in Shopify Design — September 15, 2010

Product page variations

go to template editor Add a new template Make an alternate version... of (Collection) then use different html/css for this template the new temp...

Posted by spicydesign in Shopify Design — November 24, 2010

Change page title background color

This, I think, is the code then: .template-page... , .template-blog, .template-article, .template-collection, .te...

Posted by tim in Shopify Design — March 04, 2017

Indicator for current Page

As I understand it the {{ template }} only returns the type of template it is on thus for a page... using the collection.liquid template it will return collection. ?? ...

Posted by Matthew Blasi in Shopify Design — July 05, 2007

Dual Navigation Issues: Half of Site Requires One Nav, the Other Half Requires Another

This: {% unless template == 'page.real' or 'page.no-title.real' or 'blog' %} needs to be changed to: {% unless template == 'page.real' or template == 'page.no

Posted by Caroline Schnapp in Shopify Design — October 05, 2012

Create a landing page for your shop collections

There are not missing instructions. Look again. Under each area for templates in the admin... there is a button to create a new template. "Add a new layout" for theme.liquid and "Add a new

Posted by Jamie in Shopify Design — March 22, 2011

Gift Card images sent to Customer?!

Guillaume, we dont seem to have the gift card template option. on the product page we can change... the template but it only offers 'product' templates not gift card

Posted by Amy in Shopify Discussion — July 02, 2014

Creating a Customer Registration Form

I have no knowledge of templates coding etc., I do have a list of customer templates... in the template folder. Do you copy and paste what customer te...

Posted by Matt and Debbie Joris in Shopify Design — June 23, 2014

Odd CSS Problem when using alternate product template

;{% if template contains 'contact' %}template-contact{% else %}template-{{ template }}{% endif... ;{% if template con...

Posted by Caroline Schnapp in Shopify Design — December 24, 2013

help with uploading theme

> zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template "layout/theme.liquid&quot... ;, missing template "templates/index.liquid", missing ...

Posted by ben in Shopify Design — June 21, 2017

How can a create a completely different "landing page"

Hello, Here's how. 1. Create an alternate product template on your Template... Editor page. 2. Go to your product page in your admin and select your created template u...

Posted by Caroline Schnapp in Shopify Design — August 28, 2010

Pop Theme Problem at checkout

of these required files: layout/theme.liquid, templates/index.liquid, templates/collection.liquid, templates... /product.liquid, templates/page...

Posted by Presence Web Plus Attalah in Shopify Design — 11 months ago

I want to create a new template for the theme?

Hi., I am new to shopify , I am using sample free theme. I want to create to new template... for the theme , There is an option called create a new template under the templates<...

Posted by Nagesh kondapalli in Shopify Design — September 03, 2013

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