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Rethink Your Shirt

Hi shopify fans. We would love to get your feedback on our new store - http://www.rethinkyourshirt.com/ Thanks. Mark

Posted by mr shirt in Feedback On My Store — October 24, 2007

Defunkt Shirt Company

> Thanks to @pixallent and @shopify I recently launched my graphic tee shirt company Defunkt Shirt

Posted by Defunkt Shirt Company in Feedback On My Store — July 25, 2009

Correct format for importing products with variants... ?

; In this example, I'm attempting to import a single product called, 'Shirt'... Value Option2 Name Option2 Value shirt Shirt Color ...

Posted by Kristin Green in Shopify Discussion — March 19, 2017


I have T-shirt that I wish to sell, where can I indicate the size such as small, medium and large

Posted by Alexis in Shopify Discussion — September 15, 2008

Custom shirts

Hi i have installed printful app, but my intention was to offer the customers the opportunity to upload their own designs or pick any from my library, then choose the type,  material, color and size and see how it looks as last step before they confirm...

Posted by Esam Zayed in Wholesale & Dropshipping — June 24, 2016

332 visitors since last one week but no buyers

How come all of the shirts are on SALE? That looks suspicious. Also, the pictures have nothing... to do with the shirts, bc they are not wearing the shirts in the picture...

Posted by Natasha Smith in Ecommerce Marketing — August 22, 2015

Combined Products - One Product Page

We sell three unique T-Shirt Designs: Shirt A - XS, S, M, L, XL Shirt B - XS... , S, M, L, XL Shirt C - XS, S, M, L, XL Customers ca...

Posted by John Tawney in Shopify Design — March 09, 2016

label vs. type and categories

Yea, well it is Mens Short Sleeves Shirts but if you listed EVERY category/label at the top level... with child groups of their own. I'll use Mens Shirts as a good example. An outdoor gear store ...

Posted by carlhancock in Shopify Discussion — February 25, 2006

New T-Shirt Fulfillment by DynamicWear

Hello all! We're excited to launch a new t-shirt app for the Shopify community called... DynamicWear. In a nutshell if you want to sell t-shirts on your shopify store we'll print and fulfill

Posted by Matt in Shopify Apps — May 13, 2014

Product Title - Show t-shirt brand name & model or hide it from customer?

On my shopify POD apparel store Should I show the exact brand and type of T-shirt... in the product title or is it bad for business if the customer knows exactly what shirt brand and make

Posted by Avanti Designs in Feedback On My Store — 3 months ago

where to find an T-shirt fulfillment company that has technical moisture wicking shirts for active sports.

I have look everywhere and i cant find a T-shirt order fulfillment company that has&nbsp... ;moisture wicking shirts. Is there somthing i am missing in the lingo of shirts

Posted by Byron Bland in Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment — September 07, 2017

Scam Shopify Stores Scraping T-Shirt Content from Amazon Merch

;online. shirt... " target="_blank">https://www.madocat.com/products/rottweiler-dog-nickerstickers-t-shirt

Posted by Almost10 in Shopify Discussion — about 2 months ago

Custom page with specific products/collections?

/collections/shirts/product/red-shirt.  The handle would be red-shirt. Title: {{ all_products['red-shirt'].title }} Price: {{ all_products...

Posted by Alex in Shopify Design — August 11, 2016

SEO Keywords question

>It will be harder to rank for "mens t-shirt" than it would be to rank for "red mens t... -shirt". Ranking for "red mens t-shirt", "blue mens t-s...

Posted by Mike @ Analogy Marketing in Ecommerce Marketing — September 27, 2017

Two different products, same SKU. Double inventory count?

>Jason, a possible scenario: (I saw it in another post) You print shirts, but only have 10 blanks size M... , so all your shirt models' M size is the same SKU. Another scenario - sell

Posted by kal in Shopify Discussion — 2 months ago

Tagging / Sub-categories

Just thinking that if I've got collections "Men's Shirts" and "Women's Shirts" it'd be nice... to include those in "All Shirts" Perhaps it's easy enough to pick add prod...

Posted by Ryan in Shopify Discussion — April 19, 2006

Cart attributes on product pages

Thanks for the info Jamie I will be checking those links! Ken, All shirts we... sell are limited to specific number of prints. These shirts are printed after all the sales are made. I

Posted by ToddV in Shopify Design — December 28, 2011

Prevent Discount Codes from Being Used on Certain Products

called "t-shirts" with discount and non-discount items.  I create two new... separate collections. One is called "discount shirts" the other is "non-discount

Posted by Andrew Morris in Script Editor App — February 09, 2017

Products categories

hierarchy:   1. Mens 1.1 T-Shirts 1.1.1 T-Shirt #1 1.1.1 T... -Shirt #2 1.1.1 T-Shirt #3 1.2 V-Necks 1.2.1 V-Neck #1   2

Posted by phild in Shopify Discussion — May 25, 2010

Hi guys, I’m looking for feedback.

I appreciate the feedback. I'm not sure if you took a look at all of the t-shirts? I... , not all shirts are politically incorrect. I've linked a couple of shirts that I h...

Posted by POLITICALLY INCORRECT in Feedback On My Store — November 01, 2017

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