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Buy Button Embed Code SEO

I’m using the buy button embed code method to add many products on my wordpress site (using the template where the product photos and description are included).  I found this post where the reply states that the buy button "isn't the best" for SEO and ...

Posted by Laurie Dondelinger in Shopify Discussion — August 02, 2017

export my store data

I need this, too. Did anyone respond?

Posted by Laurie in Shopify Discussion — April 11, 2008

Looking for Developer/Designer to help me tweak shopify.

If you haven't found anyone, try Black Widow Web Design [webmistress@blackwidows.co.uk]. Mel is working on my design and is a pleasure to work with. She's in Liverpool, though, so email here before 2:00 PM US, if you want a same day reply. Good Luck!

Posted by Laurie in Shopify Design — April 11, 2008


Hi, I'm totally new to e-comm having been an affiliate marketer for years. I just launched ForBrideAndBaby on Shopify and am really enjoying working with it. I have limited knowledge of html, so it's hard to understand how to make changes. I'd love ...

Posted by Laurie in Feedback On My Store — April 21, 2008

Multi-products variants (Workaround)

I agree, this type of information and service should be available through shopify. It's a very common issue.

Posted by Laurie in Shopify Discussion — April 30, 2008

Selecting multiple variants

If you found an answer, please let us know. We all would love this ability.

Posted by Laurie in Shopify Discussion — April 30, 2008

Adding Photos to Pages Suggestion

Is there a way to upload many photos at a time and then browse them for the product pages?

Posted by Laurie in Shopify Discussion — May 02, 2008

back one page

This worked, but a developer friend said it should be: Go back to previous page and select more items

Posted by Laurie in Shopify Discussion — May 02, 2008

Reverse Order Blogs

Hi, Does anyone have the answer to this?

Posted by Laurie in Shopify Discussion — May 31, 2008

Sanity check your customer churn!

Hey everyone, I've made a free tool to help subscription stores understand churn. The idea came from hearing a friend talk about how counterintuitive it can be. The tool shows the huge effect small changes in churn can have on revenue and growth. ...

Posted by Laurie in Ecommerce Marketing — 2 months ago

Canadian Penny...will this be incorporated into the software for those that also accept cash?

With the phasing out of the penny, it doesn't effect our online credit purchased orders, but it does effect the cash payments. One at a time its not a big deal to round, but will it be integrated into the software for the long term?

Posted by Laurie McGowan in Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment — February 05, 2013

Need help editing my Order Printer Template

I've made a new invoice template to use with order printer, and for the most part it looks great, but for some reason on orders with multiple items the far right side of the Item/Quantity/Price/Total table is getting cut off when I try to print.  It se...

Posted by Laurie ONeill in Shopify Design — October 30, 2016

Need help editing my Order Printer Template

Update...I've narrowed the problem down further.  It isn't orders with multiple items that is causing the cut-off problem, it is orders with uploaded images that are part of the line item properties.  It is displaying the long url for the uploaded imag...

Posted by Laurie ONeill in Shopify Design — October 30, 2016

Pinterest pin icon directly on collections page on products when you hoover over

Can anyone recommend an app or platform they use for social sharing. I am really looking for the pin it button that a customer can click directly on when hoover over an image from the collections page or the product page itself. A pinterest button that...

Posted by Laurie Derickson in Ecommerce Marketing — April 06, 2017

Shipping Address overwrites Billing Address when Paying via Paypal

I am also having this problem as I sell mostly gift items, and am getting 2-3 emails a day from customers who are confused by the fact that the billing info they entered disappeared and it shows the shipping address as the billing address.  Has anyone ...

Posted by Laurie ONeill in Shopify Discussion — February 09, 2017

Change color of one link in Navigation menu

Thanks @Alex, that worked perfectly!

Posted by Laurie McCall in Shopify Design — March 02, 2017

Site not accepting credit cards.

Earlier, I submitted this question. I thought I would test my checkout with my own credit card, and it was declined. So, something is totally goofed. It looksl like only payment with paypal is working. I have no idea how to fix this, or where to look. ...

Posted by Laurie Nickerson in Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment — November 14, 2017

Abandoned Shopping Cart question

I just launched my shop and have had a few orders. Hooray! But, I've noticed I've had a bunch of abandoned checkouts with the message "Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available"  in the Fraud Analysis section. The orders that have come through have...

Posted by Laurie Nickerson in Shopify Discussion — November 13, 2017

Is my new site attractive enough? Not attracting customers!

I thnk it looks good. If you just opened, maybe you need a bit more time for people to find you. The only thing I would consider is changing "buy now" to "shop." I was quickly looking for your store tab and glossed over it. That could just be me though...

Posted by Laurie Nickerson in Build A Business Discussion — November 14, 2017

Site not accepting credit cards.

EDIT: BRILLIANT!!! It was the test mode button that was still ticked. I unchecked it and it is WORKING!!!  Hooray! Thanks!    Thanks Anders. I used a real credit card to check out as a real customer and my card was declined. The alert on my own c...

Posted by Laurie Nickerson in Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment — November 14, 2017

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