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Shopify or WP?

Hello everyone, I'm sorry if my question is off topic.I have this e-commerce site: http://extravirginshop.com/I created this site with wordpress, but I read that Shopify is really a good choice for e-commerce.I will not be convinced by you, I want to k...

Posted by delu in Shopify Discussion — June 05, 2014

Building an ecommerce WP Site

on this forum have great expertise.  I have various sites, ALL WP but cant get my developers around

Posted by Sablelodge in Ecommerce Discussion — September 24, 2015

Importing WP blog

I have recently dropped wordpress.org and woocommerce in favour of shopify. I downloaded my old blog as an xml document but haven't been able to work out how to upload the content onto Shopify. Any hints? There is 4+ years worth of blogging that I hope...

Posted by lovejane in Shopify Design — October 14, 2015

Shopify and Wordpress- Marketing Shopify Shop on Wordpress Blog

You will have to manually build everything on your WP site that is Shopify facing. Add the link... to your shop in your WP navigation. If you want to make banners etc to be placed on your

Posted by Jamie in Shopify Discussion — November 29, 2010

Bulk uploading products from an XML file

;producttablehtml> <table class="wps-inc-table"> <tbody> <tr class="wps-inc-tr"&gt... ; <th class="wps-inc-th">Part Number</td> <th cl...

Posted by Jeremy Thomas in Shopify Discussion — February 04, 2013

Shopify/Wordpress Integration

Hi I was wondering if it was possible to integegrate Shopify and WP? Shopify is very... limited in terms of blogging so, but great at e-commerce, WP the other way round, but can I specify

Posted by JamieBellezo in Shopify Discussion — June 16, 2015

Login and Register links go to blank page

Hello,re: https://beautybreeze.ca/shop/WP version 3.8 (using multi site)WP... /?page=loginI have have enabled WP debug in wp-config.php, but not...

Posted by jer123 in Ecommerce Discussion — January 16, 2014

I do not understand how this works

I have designed several sites with WordPress (WP) - very simple and basic! Not sure, why you'... ;re not using woocommerce (ecommerce plugin) for WP? But, you can still use your existing

Posted by Carlos in Shopify Discussion — February 02, 2015

Looking for some tips on how to add Shopping Cart to my Wordpress page?

Not sure why a Wordpress question is posted here on Shopify, as there are forums in WP to assist... you with these type of questions! But, here it goes: WP has numerous of plugins

Posted by Carlos in Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment — January 04, 2015

Is Groupon worth it?


Posted by Bartek in Ecommerce Marketing — October 07, 2010

What to use... ScriptTag or update product.liquid value?

Ok,This is the link to the script tag: wp... -content/uploads/2014/08/scriptasdf.js">http://www.atualbussola.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/scriptasdf.js

Posted by Tiago Sousa in Shopify APIs & SDKs — August 20, 2014

The Ultimate Shopify SEO Guide

; line-height: 19px;"> wp-admin/post-new.php#It's All About SEO... ">It's All About SEO wp-admin/post-new.php#Size up Your

Posted by Bizelo in Shopify Discussion — November 01, 2012

customize paypal website payments standard (WPS)

From paypal.com WPS FAQ (Question 5): Can I customize my checkout pages on PayPal.com with my... by customizing your checkout pages on PayPal.com with your colors and logo. Question: How much can

Posted by hng in Shopify Discussion — September 05, 2006

Importer for Shopify

blogger -> shopify, so I did an import from blogger -> wp which worked fine. However when I try... to import from wp -> shopify I get the above error. Which versions of Posted by RobP in Shopify Discussion — November 04, 2010

Giving wordpress its own directory

I'm assuming you have another hosting account where you've uploaded the WP files and created... the subdomain. As long as your DNS is setup to point blog.myshop.com -> WP and everything else

Posted by Stuart Whitman in Shopify Discussion — November 16, 2009

The Rise of E-Commerce!

/com_wordpress/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/boothby-taylor-ecommerce.png" style="height:4335px; width:900px" /> 

Posted by BradleyLeonard in Ecommerce Discussion — July 11, 2014

Import Users and Products from WP-Ecommerce

wordpress and the wp-ecommerce plugin.  Is there a way to export from wp-ecommerce

Posted by drazin in Shopify Discussion — March 28, 2012

Canonical tag on categories

/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Untitled.png">wp... ://shopifynation.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Untitled1.png">

Posted by Vishal in Ecommerce Marketing — 10 months ago

Setting up Wordpress with Shopify

Why can't you  just use the hosted version of WP? or Tumblr for that matter?

Posted by Jamie in Shopify Discussion — May 25, 2012

Test post.

wp-content/uploads/2014/05/city-wallpaper-7.jpg" />

Posted by White in Manufacturing & Crowd Funding — June 10, 2015

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