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Destination based sales tax from out of state sales on NON Shopify Plus Stores

in the eCommerce space, and sales tax is a huge hot topic for the entire industry. I would suggest looking... beyond Shopify to address your Sales Tax needs. We have foound Tax...

Posted by Polaris Tax & Accounting in Accounting & Taxes — 8 months ago

Tax reporting by county - help

The State of CA has a very complex Sales Tax structure and I would suggest looking... very happy how the can streamline and automate your manual Sales Tax Reporting Process.

Posted by Polaris Tax & Accounting in Accounting & Taxes — 8 months ago


Oma, Many States are making it easier to collect sales tax by expanding the definition... /">TaxJar as a solution to streamline their Sales Tax Reporting process. I would also

Posted by Polaris Tax & Accounting in Accounting & Taxes — 8 months ago

Intimidated by Taxes

I would highly suggest you use TaxJar see link below for all your Sales Tax needs. We work

Posted by Polaris Tax & Accounting in Accounting & Taxes — 8 months ago


Hello,Can anyone tell me what tax settings I should follow if I am based in the UK

Posted by StraightMinset in Accounting & Taxes — July 04, 2012


Hi. I live in the state of MN and I am to collect taxes based on where the shipment... codes how do you set this up in Shopify to calculated the correct taxes? I have looked and spent

Posted by Lori Beattie in Accounting & Taxes — March 14, 2016

Count and municipal taxes not charged - only state tax

We just opened our new store on Shopify. We set up the tax calculation as directed. Our first... order was processed correctly but every order after the first the count and municipal taxes (where

Posted by David Wallace in Accounting & Taxes — April 15, 2015

Tax Included in Price - export does not attract tax

When I check the box that taxes are includes in price and sell domestically, no problem as tax... 'the tax is inlcuded in price' so that works great, no issues. HOWEVE...

Posted by Jason in Accounting & Taxes — September 13, 2015

Display items showing with Tax and without Tax.

program and creater of invoices. If I have Shopify set up to display products without Tax (Net... ), with taxes added at cart stage, this does nto satify all my suppliers. Where as, if I display my

Posted by Machina Espresso in Accounting & Taxes — February 06, 2016

Tax Confusion

the shipping to $5 default, in the UK, I set it for $9. Do I need to charge taxes on shipping? I have my stores set to include tax in my prices.

Posted by Numeg Kratom in Accounting & Taxes — January 11, 2013

Tax Calculations

;due to our drop shipping and different States rules we do have Nexus.  For the tax calculations... in - the tax calculations will still be calculated based on the delivery address, correct?&nbsp

Posted by Melissa in Accounting & Taxes — April 13, 2017

Tax Issues

I have been setting my products to collect taxes here in Texas. Shopify says they were saved... but when I go back and check via edit variants there is no tax column. Is anyone else having this issue

Posted by Johnny Boyd in Accounting & Taxes — April 22, 2017

Taxes issue

ship in USA, I witnessed that I might have to pay sale taxes, and there is a law called... nexus that made me go crazy. Now I don't know if I have to collect taxes as a retailer that sells

Posted by Amine in Accounting & Taxes — March 28, 2017

Tax setting

" and un-ticked the "All taxes are included in my prices If selected... , all taxes will be calculated using this formula:  tax = (tax rate ...

Posted by Ziggy in Accounting & Taxes — July 12, 2016

Tax Toggle

Our store sells to both business customers (Ex VAT) and personal customers (Inc VAT). Is there an easy way (or app) that I can utilise to have a Business / Personal toggle switch in a prominent position on the site which will display all prices eith...

Posted by jimg in Accounting & Taxes — September 12, 2017


to charge VAT tax if I sell goods to Europe or rest of the world for that matter?

Posted by ebizguy in Accounting & Taxes — April 07, 2017

Tax Exempt

How do you configure customers for tax exempt?  I cannot find information on this anywhere.

Posted by Customer Service in Accounting & Taxes — September 27, 2013

Tax Exempt

How are others solving having customers that have a tax exempt status?I have read... the following suggestion (and comments):1.  Create a discount code equal to the tax amount

Posted by Barry Voltz in Accounting & Taxes — December 07, 2013

Tax with discounts

from another website. The problem I have is that when checking out, the tax rate... , are both shipping and product cost supposed to be taxed or just the shipping cost?

Posted by Vinesh Patel in Accounting & Taxes — November 12, 2013

Tax and Discounts

Hello AllI am having a problem with sales tax.The Shopify system dose not seen... to apply a tax rate when a discount has been applied to the price. Eg.. €100

Posted by james gogarty in Accounting & Taxes — June 13, 2013

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