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Mobile App Development Platform

have been on the Shopify App Store for over 2 years now and have been proud of the way we have served... integrated with some of the best apps on Sho...

Posted by Plobal Apps Mobile App Builder in Shopify Apps — 18 days ago

TPSynergy - New App for managing Inventory , Orders , Shipping

TPSynergy.com introduces its Online inventory, orders management app for Shopify users. at $30... /month with unlimited SKU, Orders and Shipping , it is a great bargain app

Posted by TPSynergy App in Shopify Apps — December 30, 2013

I have idea for new Shopify app and would love to get your feedback

If its an app, Merchants will be expecting it on Shopify App Store, that's more trustworthy.

Posted by Zubair Mohsin in Shopify Apps — 4 months ago

Increase your merchant install base, Cross sell your app Or jumpstart your new app business - Shopify Apps for sale

> For the right purchaser, the apps will provide an active Shopify merchant install base to increase... of Shopify ap...

Posted by appseller in Shopify Apps — February 16, 2015

Spam from Shopify apps trying to get me to buy them

merchants - I recommend reaching out to Shopify directly with the names of the apps that are doing... Hey Jules, Shopify is very strict abou...

Posted by Sharon in Shopify Apps — 10 months ago

List Windows Desktop App in Shopify app store as a public app

a Windows Desktop App in the Shopify app store as a public app? I guess when a merchant clicks... I’m building a ...

Posted by benny in Shopify Apps — May 27, 2017

Customer Satisfaction service - confused about Billing API requirement

You are free as a bird to market your App as a Shopify integration. Just because you're... not in App store is not a big deal. If your App does...

Posted by HunkyBill in Shopify Apps — December 15, 2016

[New BETA] Mortar Order Map - Free App

free. I built this app to network with merchants and plan on releasing more. Your feedback helps me... .   shopify-app-store

Posted by Mortar Apps in Shopify Apps — December 07, 2016

Removing Liquid files from an uninstalled app?

App for merchants that need to uninstall. It should be as simple as reverting a file or two. Which... obviously could screw up some merchants ;)You would think though th...

Posted by HunkyBill in Shopify Apps — July 05, 2013

Is manual installation allowed for apps listed in the app store?

app requires any additional steps that must be done manually (either by you or by the merchant) you... looking at it from a merchant's point of view. How would you feel ...

Posted by Johannes Hodde in Shopify Apps — 8 months ago

Shipping Calculator Adder - Looking for feedback

We've just release a new Shoppify app that greatly reduces the process of adding the Shopify... feedback on the App before submitting it to the main A...

Posted by 4MK Apps in Shopify Apps — October 29, 2012

shopping comparison and merchant approvals

an app that help 2 Shopify stores share their product data with each other. With Shopify API... in the App, you have to know their email addre...

Posted by Andy Nguyen in Shopify Apps — October 30, 2017

How do I change an app's name?

Hi, I created this app called charitizer-test long time ago but now I want to change the name of the app, how should I do that?

Posted by demo app in Shopify Apps — December 30, 2014

Installing Apps but not via the Shopify App Store

I think Shopify has a policy against that. If an App developer is caught spamming merchants... the Shopify platform rules. As an Posted by HunkyBill in Shopify Apps — June 03, 2015

Google Shopping - merchant center and Shopify help please

Hello, I installed the Google Shopping App in Shopify and have managed to publish to Google... that the Shopify app takes care of this, is this...

Posted by Stuart Duncan in Shopify Apps — June 24, 2015

Google Shopping app -- anything we need to do in Google Merchant Center once it's set up?

My client has installed the Google Shopping app for their Shopify store to publish a feed. I don... 't have access to his Shopify account, but I manage his Google

Posted by Dylan Rhodes in Shopify Apps — July 13, 2017

Notice - Housekeeping in the Apps and APIs & Technology forums

?Where do merchants post requests for apps?This link:http://wiki.shopify.com... ://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-technology/t/what-kinds-of-...

Posted by SimplyTech in Shopify Apps — August 08, 2013

Fake App reviews

Reviews are critical for an app success because the position on the Shopify App... Store is determined, almost exclusively, by the number of reviews. And the position o...

Posted by Johannes Hodde in Shopify Apps — November 09, 2016

Best LookBook App

app, which was developed by Shopify experts, Oscar & Alfie. Merchants have commended the app... >In my experience, m...

Posted by Andrew C in Shopify Apps — December 07, 2015

App for Google Shopping / Merchant Centre - Automatic Syncing

Hi All, I'm looking to find the best app for automated syncs from Shopify... to Google Merchant Centre. I have tried using the official Google Shopping

Posted by Rhys Bevan in Shopify Apps — August 31, 2016

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