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hurstsecurity.com feedback

Hi, Newbie here. I've recently started a shopify store selling home security

Posted by Hurst Home Security in Feedback On My Store — 9 months ago

Any Constructive Feedback For my Store?

Hi, Newbie here. I've recently started a shopify store selling home security

Posted by Hurst Home Security in Enterprise Ecommerce — 9 months ago


Suddenly each time I log into my site I get security warning. It repeats itself on every page I

Posted by Rosie in Shopify Discussion — March 09, 2013

Secure and Non-Secure Items in Checkout Pages

I've just noticed my checkout pages are showing that the page contains non-secure items... of the items in the basket that are not secure, but this may put people off from buying. Any ideas? Th...

Posted by AA in Shopify Discussion — February 25, 2008

3D Secure

Goodness, I am sorry to be raising the 3D Secure question again. I seem to have spent hours... a way of using 3D secure with Sagepay Form, I am not clear if, outside of Sagepay, 3D Posted by Viper in Shopify Discussion — May 19, 2011

Security issues

New Shopify site has been live a week. Just received this email, from a customer who received our Newsletter (MailChimp) with links to new site: Just a head's up...when I click the links to your recipes here, a "DANGEROUS PAGE" window comes u...

Posted by Red Stick Spice in Shopify Discussion — February 06, 2013

McAfee Secure

Hi, I have two shops and McAfee has stopped working on the first one with an error message of 'Host already exists in another account'.  I've tried reinstalling the app but it doesn't make any difference. How do I solve the problem please?

Posted by Karen in Shopify Apps — February 06, 2017

Site not secure?

I had a customer today tell me that Chrome warned her that my Shopify site is not secure.

Posted by Peter Price in Shopify Discussion — 11 months ago

Security badges

Hello dear Friends,  I am trying to add payment badges to the footer of my pages but when I try to edit the code and save I see this message: **"an error prevented error liquid to be saved"** However I followed carefullythe instruction from th...

Posted by Emmanuel Belrhalia in Shopify Design — 9 months ago

Security of the platform

wanted to ask about the security of the platform. How resistant is the platform to a cyber attack? My

Posted by dennisphartz in Shopify Discussion — 8 months ago

Security add-on?

Do I need to add a security type thing to my checkout/site or is that all included in Shopify?  I have my own domain name.Thanks.

Posted by Katied772 in Ecommerce Discussion — December 05, 2013

Site is NOT secure?

shopify site. It is not secure. Anyone who is a hacker can see your login and password and therefore see... to is NOT SECURE and a button to "GET YOU BACK TO SAFETY!" I have found out if I

Posted by Victoria Sylvestre in Shopify Discussion — April 11, 2015

Web Security

I'm currently writing a project about Web security. The problem is that I have no idea what... Web security is. Can anyone explain to me it in his/her words? Doston.kholmatov@mail.ru

Posted by Dostonbek in Ecommerce Discussion — November 15, 2015

Understanding security

When using the Shopify API, is it considered a security concern for users to have access

Posted by test-store-916 in Shopify APIs & SDKs — May 27, 2015

Api security

security. When I do the order api call for instance :

Posted by Alex in Shopify APIs & SDKs — February 19, 2016

Editing Product difficult

edit page. Before anyone freaks out over seeing the words security is comprised below in those logs...  - don't be.SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by res

Posted by Jason in Shopify Discussion — August 15, 2013

3D Secure integration possible with Paypal Payflow Pro in UK?

Hello I would like to integrate 3D Secure into my checkout process. I have Paypal... Pro, which incorporates 3D Secure as a security layer. Switching from Shopify Paym...

Posted by Tom P in Ecommerce Discussion — March 27, 2017

Shopify Secure Image

Hi, what file and where in that file should I add the Shopify Secure image. Code... is: <a href="//www.shopify.ca/pci-compliant/?utm_source=secure&amp;utm_medium=shop

Posted by Mister Max in Shopify Design — September 02, 2016

Recommended secure payment gateways ?

Hi Thanks for the reply but your actually incorrect . 3D secure is a 3rd level of security... offered by mastercard and visa by verisign. By implementing 3D Secure, your ...

Posted by Brian in Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment — November 20, 2015

CORS issues with API requests to Checkfront

can mess with your API since the XHR calls cannot be secured. Instead, setup an App Proxy... in a secured App, installed in the shop. That proxy can securely accept XHR ...

Posted by HunkyBill in Shopify APIs & SDKs — October 03, 2014

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