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New POS Update & POS SDK

; integration (https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/shopify-apps/shopify-pos-app-sdk#add-to-cart-action... ; The POS SDK

Posted by tnasc in Shopify APIs & SDKs — June 26, 2017

Possibilities with POS SDK

of manual work for my client.   With the new POS SDK would it be possible to have... like me :(, so I'll try here:   I have a client who uses the POS but ships

Posted by Ryan Bennick in Shopify APIs & SDKs — September 23, 2015

POS SDK issue

I'm trying to create an app for the Shopify POS iPad app using the POSSDK. I'm hosting... while launching from the Shopify POS. When I click on the link from the Apps tab, it makes

Posted by Tim Lim in Shopify APIs & SDKs — November 03, 2015

iPad App That Integrates With Shopify POS

Yes, have a look at the Shopify POS App SDK: https://developers.shopify.com/shopify-pos-app-sdk

Posted by Rune Madsen in Shopify APIs & SDKs — December 21, 2015

Shopify POS SDK - Error in documentation? Or the SDK?

I think I've uncovered a small discrepancy in the Shopify POS SDK and wanted to get... a second set of eyes on it.  According to the POS SDK...

Posted by conrad.decker in Shopify APIs & SDKs — October 03, 2017


Hi all I'm playing around with the POS SDK at the moment and am just wondering how... everyone else gets the current shop URL when a request comes in e.g. from the POS...

Posted by Mind Yer Website in Shopify APIs & SDKs — November 12, 2016

Shopify POS JS SDK Bug?

I'm currently experiencing a strange bug (for lack of a better term) with the Shopify POS... SDK and I was hoping to get a second set of eyes on it if possible. This seems to be the best place

Posted by conrad.decker in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 7 months ago

Poor performance with the POS App SDK

Hi, I just started to play with the POS App SDK. I have noticed that the performance in the Edit... seconds to interact with SDK's API. Is there any way to improve the pe...

Posted by Kenny in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 2 months ago

Swipe Credit Cards on iOS - Shopify POS App SDK vs. Mobile Buy SDK?

credit cards. For that, the Shopify POS App SDK looks like the right choice, with the major exception... with checkout/payment? Is it possible to use the POS App

Posted by Doug in Shopify APIs & SDKs — August 03, 2017

3rd party SDK and “startActivityForResult” / “onActivityResult”

/shopify-pos-app-sdk">POS app SDK would be up your alley, but it currently only supports iOS... Hi Guntis, It sounds like the sdks/shopify...

Posted by Busfox in Shopify APIs & SDKs — June 14, 2017

Can Shopif POS SDK used by normal developer?

://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/shopify-apps/shopify-pos-app-sdk   And I am... Hello, I am an in-house developer, our company is using Shopify POS

Posted by lesliewong in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 10 months ago

POS SDK example App -Application failed to launch

Hi  Just getting started with the POS SDK. I downloaded and ran the example app...  pos-app-sdk-example">https://github.com/Shopify/pos-ap...

Posted by riacoding in Shopify APIs & SDKs — March 23, 2017

POS Android and Shopify API

Hey Sheldon, At this time, the POS SDK only works for iOS devices.

Posted by Jamie D. in Shopify APIs & SDKs — November 14, 2016

Invalid value for variant_id in POS App SDK

We are consuming Shopify POS App SDK with Rest Admin API created a product using REST... Admin API and adding that item to cart using POS App SDK

Posted by Naman in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 25 days ago

POS SDK fetchCart not getting correct scopes

After the upgrading to the POS iOS app 4.4 my app using the POS app sdk is failing. When

Posted by David Mosemann in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 9 months ago

iOS BUY SDK - Attach employee to purchase

a simple version of the POS for the phone that uses the BUY SDK. But, no matter where I... On the iPad POS, every order that goes through gets tagged to an employee. S...

Posted by Taylor Romero in Shopify APIs & SDKs — July 02, 2015

Access Barcode Scanner in a POS SDK App

is there a way for a POS SDK App (in modal or full screen) to access/use the iPad Camera or Barcode scanner as a input source?

Posted by PROMeera in Shopify APIs & SDKs — September 18, 2017

Access public/private app in POS sdk

Can we send AJAX requests from POS APP ? For example in Edit Cart Action  can I  fetch dynamic properties from my app ?

Posted by saurabh in Shopify APIs & SDKs — November 09, 2016

Cart Item in Order Complete POS SDK (fetchCart)

Hey folks! We are trying to modify the receipt in the shopify POS app for the iPad. We

Posted by Thomas Wiesner in Shopify APIs & SDKs — March 03, 2017

Creating custom amount Giftcard via POS SDK

Is it possible to create a custom amount Giftcard in the POS via de javascript SDK? I

Posted by Dimar van Overdijk in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 10 months ago

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