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oscommerce to shopify

OK I'm new to this so..sorry. What is the easiest way to take my oscommerce and transfer

Posted by johnrod in Shopify Design — November 25, 2010

Is this for me - from OsCommerce to this

. I originally started with osCommerce because of it's expansive community and support. The needs... of fun stuff. oscommerce">OsCommerce, when

Posted by Chongo in Shopify Discussion — September 27, 2006

Import from osCommerce 3.0

Has anyone got any experience in exporting from the new osCommerce 3.0 and importing... into Shopify? osCommerce 3 does not yet have an "Easy Populate" module. /Carsten

Posted by carsten in Shopify Discussion — November 02, 2011

Importer From OsCommerce to Shopify

OsCommerce into Shopify? Or will I have to do it manually

Posted by Danie Lyn in Ecommerce Discussion — November 15, 2013

PayPal Website Payments Pro setup - what are the steps?

into setting up an oscommerce">oscommerce cart... tangly mess (plus oscommerce is hideous). Could someone outline (or link to) a step by step setup of Shopify using Website Payments Pro? thank...

Posted by analogpanda in Shopify Discussion — October 30, 2006

Clothing & Accessories - Filthy Magic

Started on oscommerce">OsCommerce and now... I've made the switch to Shopify, it's not perfect but it's loads better than OsCommerce and easier

Posted by riamichelle in Feedback On My Store — March 19, 2011

Feature Request: Ajax star product ratings

HAHAHA @ovinaexpress, OSCommerce? You're kidding right... code that should've died in a nasty... upon a time I had to hack OSCommerce, nevermore quoth the raven..nevermore...

Posted by HunkyBill in Shopify Discussion — April 23, 2008

Sugar Free America Store Launched

://www.shopify.com/compare/shopify-vs-oscommerce">I ported everything over from osCommerce

Posted by Vishal in Feedback On My Store — September 03, 2007

Help uploading images

-oscommerce-to-shopify-migration-tool"> migrate osCommerce to Shopify. It costs you with reasonable

Posted by Lucy1629 in Ecommerce Discussion — July 26, 2016

Has anyone migrated oscommerce users to shopify?

I am looking at a migration to shopify for a client.  They only have 30 products which is easy but they have like 2000 customers.  What would that migration look like?   thanks

Posted by ravenna in Shopify Discussion — November 06, 2012

Been collaborating with bloggers and playing with ads, but since I'm a student my budget is limited. What are my next steps to boost traffic?

by OSCommerce techniques. oscommerce-can-benefit-your-e-commerce... -business">https://www.softprodigy.com/how-oscommerce-can-benefit-your-e-commerce-business

Posted by vinboris in Ecommerce Marketing — April 26, 2017

Implementation of jqZoom

Do you know how I would run this in Oscommerce?

Posted by oneplace2u in Shopify Design — November 11, 2009

Implementation of jqZoom

I would start by asking in an OsCommerce forum...

Posted by Gavin from Zetya in Shopify Design — November 11, 2009

Feature Request: Ajax star product ratings

oscommerce? You might as well go with magento. Good luck with setting everything up and maintaining it though.

Posted by rob. in Shopify Discussion — April 23, 2008

Hiring a design team

Wow is OScommerce your only choice? It really is a piece of crap. Your seo will fall through the floor.

Posted by Jamie in Shopify Design — April 24, 2010

New to this, shipping per number of items?

-vs-oscommerce">software like oscommerce and im wondering if there is anyway that i can have

Posted by Nick in Shopify Discussion — November 06, 2006

How to import all product information from OSCommerce to Shopify Database

Can anybody suggest is there the way to import all the product info in OSCommerce to Shopify... instead of add in one by one manually? Now my friend use OSCommerce and some products are uploaded

Posted by Bee in Shopify Discussion — November 07, 2006

Drop Ship

to them. I believe there are some modules for osCommerce and the CRE loaded osCommerce templates (I'm

Posted by Christopher Rees in Wholesale & Dropshipping — July 13, 2006

banks accepting credit card payments

I was trying to set up my shop with OsCommerce. By that time I found I contribution developed... by the "official" spain oscommerce support site. PHP and all that stuff. It includes the arguably most

Posted by Juan in Shopify Discussion — June 13, 2006

Manual input of CC data via POS terminals?

I would suggest to just use Paypal in this case. Taking Credit cards like oscommerce does

Posted by tobi in Shopify Discussion — December 26, 2006

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