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Java script

Is there any one out there who can offer a 'fix' at a reasonable cost as follows: Reports are suggesting that the javascript is too much (forgive the lack of technical terms) and potentially impacting on performance.   

Posted by Steve MyToolkit in Shopify Design — March 03, 2017

Java issue

So, Im having an isue with Java not getting fired off onchange. Here's my code:

Posted by Menny Grossman in Shopify Design — October 27, 2015

Java API - Shopify4j question

for a few hours and can find no information regarding this matter.  Are there alternate Java libraries that are being used?

Posted by Maor Alkobi in Shopify APIs & SDKs — January 21, 2013

Read more Java Script.

Is there an easy way to create a button that expands the div of the description section of a product so you can hide and show a longer description? Thanks for your help in advance!

Posted by Evan McKenzie in Shopify Design — April 11, 2013

Problem Inserting Java Script

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://widgets.ziftsolutions.com/samsung.ziftsolutions.com/js/ff8081815613e1fd0156224d8af565f9' charset='utf-8'></script> I know this may be the wrong place, I am needing assistance getting these...

Posted by Justin Bitz in Shopify APIs & SDKs — September 30, 2016

Liquid Variables in Java Script

Is it possibel to use the Liquid variables in java script to set the values? some thing

Posted by Mihir in Shopify Apps — November 09, 2009

Java script Slideshow Issue

In Google Chrome, when I use the back button my slideshow gets messed up.  If I refresh, the problem goes away.  The site usually looks like this:   But when using back button or going to a different area on the website and pressing home, it does t...

Posted by kevdud in Shopify Design — September 16, 2010

Responde webhook in JAVA

header("http/1.1 200 ok") but not sure as I must do it in JAVA. So far, I understand I must

Posted by APALACE in Shopify APIs & SDKs — September 30, 2017

Load products from java

Hello! Does anybody know why my products are nod displayed ? $(document).ready(function(){ $('#id').on('change', function() { {% assign products = collection['mexton'].products %} {% assign products_per_row = section.settings...

Posted by Stefan P. in Shopify Design — 8 months ago

Shopify oAuth in Java

Hi,I have built an oAuth integration with shopify in Java which works for themost

Posted by Frank in Shopify APIs & SDKs — March 10, 2014

Java script Dynamic content

I am trying to drive content on my pages so that the search engine has something to read. I am planning on writing articles. I want to post those articles on certain product pages. I want to be able to post HTML code on my product page which can then b...

Posted by Josh Dray in Shopify Design — January 28, 2014

Downsides to using Java?

I want to randomize the products on my homepage.  After reading the following, is Java

Posted by Adam Schneider in Shopify Design — July 25, 2015

How to authenticate on shopify with JAVA

I have a private key and need to pass  the key to authenticate with shopify in JAVA.

Posted by pauloHess in Shopify APIs & SDKs — July 30, 2014

authenticate to shopify with JAVA.

I have a private key and need to pass  the key to authenticate with shopify in JAVA. Any idea?ThanksP.H.

Posted by pauloHess in Shopify Apps — July 30, 2014

window.location.href JAVA SCRIPT ISSUES

hi i've just launched a new shopify store to make a test sale when ever i goto checkout page i get an error (window.location.href =) and replace it with (window.top.location.href =) i've done that by downloading the theme file edited in atom.io and ...

Posted by Manvir Singh in Ecommerce Discussion — 4 months ago

443 Connection Failed, using JAVA

Hello, I am new to API's and need some assistance. In the end I will use JAVA

Posted by ORich17 in Shopify APIs & SDKs — May 04, 2017

Java (Reslet) "Update Product" Issue

Hey all,  I'm working with Java (Restlet API) to work against the Shopify API... on the uri and letting the Restlet API take care of it, no love either way. The relevant Java

Posted by Lypheus in Shopify Apps — July 31, 2010

java script job for chack out

We need some JavaScript work on this page. This page: http://shop.montreal-lawn.ca/cart (You have to choose at least one item to see the Quantity.)   I need to create 3 radio button on the final page before check out. These radio button will be use...

Posted by guilaume in Shopify & Ecommerce Jobs — March 04, 2011

Implementing Java script on my site

Hey everyone,  due to a new law in germany, I have to implement a java script

Posted by Alexander Giannitsis in Script Editor App — 11 months ago

Add To Cart from Java code

Hi there,I have a question when I execute the following Java code in eclipse.Java code? Best Regards,Max

Posted by MaxTian in Shopify APIs & SDKs — November 05, 2013

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