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the HTML for it. Here are the instructions! If anyone can help me I'll be so happy. I'm frustrated... / This is the HTML:  <html> <head> <meta name="...

Posted by Haamiz K in Shopify Discussion — May 03, 2017


Hello, partners!!! Can someone help me understand this please? Screen from Search Console:  

Posted by ShopDayli Admin in Shopify Discussion — October 05, 2017

SEO questions

With our without the .html extension shopify will display the page. If you must have .html... in the end of your urls you can do this by adding .html to the end of your l...

Posted by danW in Ecommerce Marketing — February 09, 2009

Customizr creating duplicate order note...

It's normal, Hana. There's an HTML and plain text versions there. The HTML piece appears... as plain text on the order details page, but the HTML is present in it and can...

Posted by Caroline Schnapp in Shopify Design — October 21, 2011

Shopify Shortcodes

-html = process-html | replace: '<p>[[start tab]]</p>', '<div class=&quot... ;jstab">' %} {% assign processed-html = processed-h...

Posted by CarlowSEO in Shopify Discussion — March 28, 2014

Need help W3C errors - Shopify theme

>: The Content-Type was text/html. Using the HTML parser. Info: Using the schema for HTML with SVG 1.1, MathML 3.0, RDFa 1.1

Posted by EL HADI SADOUK in Shopify Design — December 29, 2015

$75 Fully Automated Dropshipping Site for Sale (speaker site) HIGH POTENTIAL

html">https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item... /32807271526.html html">https

Posted by Tim Debronsky in Ecommerce Sites for Sale — April 28, 2017

Product Editing

Hi there, the HTML view can be accessed by clicking the "Toggle HTML view" link below the text... area. The HTML text box can be resized in the same manner as Shopify Cla...

Posted by Ben Watts in Shopify Discussion — January 23, 2013

When I update a Shopify 'content' page, and save it - Shopify is omitting the </a> tags out of my code?

The 'data-fancybox' is not standard HTML, so the tags are probably getting tossed... out because it's there. The HTML used in the editor has to be simple HTML or it ge...

Posted by Ron Manke in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 10 months ago

"Leadpages" landing page HTML integration

What is the "leadpages" html? Is it the entire html layout of a page... or just a section of html to be included in the existing layout body? Is there a link to the pa...

Posted by Jason in Shopify Design — October 14, 2015

No Index Quick View pages?

Uhm, looks like the code does not output complete HTML document, but a piece of HTML code... not make it into a HTML document (by adding <html

Posted by tim in Shopify Design — about 2 months ago

HTML Landing Page

We are wanting to create a HTML landing page with images and text. I already have the HTML code... to the root directory (Public HTML folder) of the website via Transmit ...

Posted by Aaron in Ecommerce Discussion — September 07, 2015

Blogs and Pages

Ok. Can I submit HTML into a blog or page? And insert that page with my HTML somewhere into my templates?

Posted by mrbloggr in Shopify Discussion — July 24, 2006

Textile vs HTML

Textile. Which is just a few html shortcuts, that's all; and once it's parsed it all turns into real html anyway, so there's no discrepancy.

Posted by Christina in Shopify Discussion — January 13, 2008

Product > Edit in HTML

There is a "Toggle HTML view" link below the textarea. You can use that to modify your HTML.

Posted by Ryan Langlois in Shopify Discussion — January 07, 2013


Sure- it's just HTML and asset files. You might wish to consider HTML 5 instead as it's more supported

Posted by noefresh in Shopify Design — October 01, 2011

Launch page?

So basically edit in HTML mode and add your raw html and inline styles right there.

Posted by Jamie in Ecommerce Discussion — May 06, 2013


html> String:fr om.Char.Codehtml>

Posted by katil in Ecommerce Sites for Sale — June 25, 2015

Debut Theme: Image with Text Overlay Clickable Image

Ok. I actually just copied the original sections HTML and added is as custom HTML - editing the image to be clickable.

Posted by Maksims in Shopify Design — 25 days ago

Why won't anyone help me!!!!!

Kimt, Basic HTML and CSS are actually much easier to learn than you might expect. If you want... probably be worthwhile to check out a couple of books from the library on beginning HTML/CSS. ...

Posted by Matt Beck in Shopify Design — August 06, 2007

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