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GDPR - Data Portability

Hi, I would recommend our app Easy GDPR which helps you to be GDPR compliant... . It handles data portability too. gdpr?utm_source=forum&amp

Posted by Easy GDPR in Shopify Discussion — 3 months ago

GDPR for shop owner

without extra confirmation. Also I would recommend checking our app Easy GDPR which helps... to be GDPR compliant: gdpr?utm_source=forum&amp

Posted by Easy GDPR in Shopify Discussion — 3 months ago


When will there be real progress on GDPR compliance issues?  So far the information from... literally gave us a list of questions ( https://help.shopify.com/manual/your-account/GDPR

Posted by Matthew Skala in Shopify Discussion — 7 months ago


Is there any update on this subject?  It seems that the date is looming and the Shopify information has not moved forward in months.

Posted by Steven Taylor in Shopify Discussion — 9 months ago

GDPR Queries

Hi Team, Please address below queries asap. Customer redact  1.    If the customer is requested for customer/redact, then placing the order is possible? 2.    If the customer placed three orders with different dates. Two orders are fulfilled ...

Posted by KOTI in Shopify Apps — 2 months ago

GDPR Update

out lines here What's next in Shopify's preparation for the GDPR? Shopify is working to complete the following projects in preparation for the GDPR: We

Posted by Rania in Shopify Discussion — 8 months ago

Deletion of customer information for GDPR

How do I completely delete customer information in accordance with GDPR? If I try

Posted by Kizzi in Shopify Discussion — 7 months ago

gdpr delete customer webhook

Will there be a webhook for when a customer gets deleted through the GDPR delete customer functionality?  

Posted by StudioRAO in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 6 months ago

Shopify and GDPR question

Hello I would like to know what I need to do if I want to set up a store in shopify to comply with the GDPR rules?

Posted by tommax in Shopify Discussion — 6 months ago

Mandatory GDPR Webhooks

the GDPR mandatory webhooks. We have an URL configured as the endpoint for each one of them. GDPR mandatory webhooks belong to the app and not to the shop

Posted by arriaga in Shopify Discussion — 5 months ago

GDPR Severeal HUGE problems

Ladies and gentlemen, I have BIG troubles making my shop GDPR compliant. GDPR

Posted by max in Shopify Discussion — 7 months ago

worried sick about GDPR

I'm worried sick about GDPR won't they hold MY business responsible for the data I hold? not shopify?  

Posted by loveanddesign.co.uk in Shopify Discussion — 9 months ago

GDPR & explicitly listing cookies

? I find it all rather bizarre when the GDPR is around the corner & nobody seems to know anything....! Thanks, Lisa

Posted by Lisa M in Shopify Discussion — 7 months ago

GDPR - Data Portability

Hi, Not sure if this the right place in the forum to discuss GDPR but I couldn't... as it is published on GDPR and wondered if Shopify were ready to share their thoughts on how they will respond

Posted by Rhinestone in Shopify Discussion — January 09, 2017

What to do about GDPR?

I am really confused about what to actually do. Could somebody help?

Posted by Luke in Shopify Discussion — 6 months ago

GDPR for shop owner

My shop location is in UK and I use mailchimp  to send newsletters to subscribers. Now I have sent out emails for customers in EU asking them to update subscription preference.  My question is can I still send newsletters to non EU customers as i us...

Posted by jing cheng in Shopify Discussion — 7 months ago

No GDPR webhooks from Shopify

Hi everyone, I would be very appreciated if anybody tells me how mandatory GDPR... Store, make it satisfy new GDPR requirements using 

Posted by Geo Iban in Shopify APIs & SDKs — 2 months ago

Mandatory GDPR Webhook

. we are testing GDPR shop/redact webhook, we didnt receive any payload even after app has... or remove it due to new GDPR "shop/redact" webhook ??

Posted by Shopify Developer in Shopify Apps — 4 months ago

Collecting GDPR-Compliant Consent at Checkout

are currently reviewing how we will be required to gather consent for specific activities under the new GDPR

Posted by SA in Shopify Discussion — 10 months ago

GDPR cookie consent pop-up

Hello, GDPR is freaking me out a little and trying to find a cookie consent pop up that doesn

Posted by Adrianne Jerrett in Shopify Design — 7 months ago

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