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Finances summary: add filters for discounts

Hi, When I run a finances summary, I am unable to know what are the discounts... for. Each month, we distribute promo codes for medias, customers refunds, etc. In the finances summary, I

Posted by Marc-Andre in Accounting & Taxes — 8 months ago

Business finance template or software for Mac

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some suggestions on basic business finance software

Posted by James in Accounting & Taxes — July 22, 2016

Shopify Payments - Access to Payout Data by Finance Users

share the Owners login with Finance. That's a no.If it was truly a security issue it would... owner email a report to Finance -- it can't even be scheduled, per Shopify support

Posted by Betsy Barefoot in Accounting & Taxes — 11 months ago

Why set up taxes when I pay local taxes?

If anyone need virtual accountant please call @ 9717065500 or visit - http://www.ivirtualemployee.com/services/accounts-finance

Posted by iVirtual in Accounting & Taxes — February 28, 2017

Local vs soleproprietor

finances with business finances) then only the business entity would be liable in the event... your business assets but not your personal finances and property(like your...

Posted by Owen Sechrist in Accounting & Taxes — March 06, 2013

Canada - US cross boarder taxes

Kassey hit the nail on the head - see a tax/finance professional in your area.&nbsp

Posted by MIke L in Accounting & Taxes — 17 days ago

Accounting solution w/ inventory managing to sync with Shopify: what's the best?

> Kabbage: https://apps.shopify.com/kabbage-instant-small-business-financing

Posted by Revamp in Accounting & Taxes — June 07, 2015

Sales Tax Details for Paid and Shipped Orders

Hi all If I run the Sales Tax report under Finance, I get the sales tax detail of all

Posted by Windham in Accounting & Taxes — 3 months ago

Need help reconciling Shopify Sales reports with 1099-K

deducted.  So far, so good. However, when I look at the Finance report for the month, the report... indicates a lot more in sales than is on the 1099-k.  The Finance report breaks down

Posted by KIRSTEN in Accounting & Taxes — 10 months ago

Net Sales on Taxed Goods Only when there are both taxed and untaxed items sold; Net Sales discrepancies on Finance Report

good from my net sales number. There's got to be a way to run a finance report that excludes

Posted by Alex Mitchell in Accounting & Taxes — April 01, 2017

Payments through PayPal--Sales tax accounting

in a Finances Summary Report. However, I can't figure out how to get details of those transactions

Posted by Doug in Accounting & Taxes — 4 months ago

offshore company in dubai

 Keywords: Corporate Finance Dubai, Free zone company formation in formation, Corporate Finance in Dubai, UAE, Bank Loan Dubai, UAE, 

Posted by alaguslsundaram in Accounting & Taxes — June 09, 2014

Anyone use Wave Accounting?

; There's also the  Personal Finance side of things: You can track your income

Posted by Rob from Wave in Accounting & Taxes — December 17, 2014

Taxes for Minors

taxes to your local government, there is a simple tax report available in Reports > Finances Summary

Posted by Leon in Accounting & Taxes — August 03, 2017

Does Quickbooks Know What's Taxable?

> My issue is the the reports.  The sales on the Finance reports don't match the 1099-k

Posted by KIRSTEN in Accounting & Taxes — 10 months ago

Need to start charging taxes and considering upgrading from a sole proprietorship in the process

to the business credit bureaus, that you can use to finance marketing expenses and supplies. 

Posted by Thomas Carey in Accounting & Taxes — September 15, 2016

Convert Currency on Invoices

> However, I am from Germany (where we pay in EUR) and my local finance authority told me

Posted by PKS Media in Accounting & Taxes — April 18, 2017

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