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need help!

im wanting to make a website and dont have a tax id but want to acept credit cards. The person... im chating with said i dont need a tax id that shopify can process credit cards is that correct als...

Posted by makayla in Accounting & Taxes — February 19, 2015

Shopify Payment Fees: Shopify - Veeqo - Xero integration

not moving to Payments just yet. Instead of $98 credit, we want to see $100 credit, $2 debit. Makes reconcile a breeze.

Posted by standoutd in Accounting & Taxes — April 07, 2015

Quickbooks Accounting - Webgility Unify integration

down into Quickbooks, it always just adjusts the sales receipt instead of creating a credit memo. I... found the setting to create a credit memo if an order is cancelled, but that forces at least ...

Posted by John Vecchio in Accounting & Taxes — October 27, 2016

Shopify billing with virtual mastercard

but I don't have a credit card to pay for my shopify plan , but I have a virtual mastercard that I... I need a plastic bank credit card ? Thanks in advance

Posted by Akramreal in Accounting & Taxes — 10 months ago

Shopify billing with virtual mastercard

'm a guru here at Shopify! Currently, virtual credit cards aren't officially... supported as a payment method for Shopify subscriptions - it's standard credit cards only. &nbsp

Posted by Alex in Accounting & Taxes — 10 months ago

Need to start charging taxes and considering upgrading from a sole proprietorship in the process

to apply for commerical loans and lines of credit that won't wont appear on your personal credit... report.  There are several banks that offer commercial credit line...

Posted by Thomas Carey in Accounting & Taxes — September 15, 2016

Suggestion: End of day batching to xero

>AND, if that end of day batching would break down what was paid in cash, credit card, gift card, that would... ; credit, and when it imports to Xero it shows both of them together in one payment...

Posted by Roshan Richards in Accounting & Taxes — October 29, 2016

Shopify monthly fee expense account?

just a credit card processor, I would classify it under Credit Card Processing Fees. But since

Posted by David Anderson in Accounting & Taxes — May 01, 2016

How to deal with Shopify invoices

invoices are paid on credit card in Canadian dollars, they are invoiced in american dollars... started using quickbooks online so my credit invoices appear in there but i can't figure out

Posted by John Mathieson in Accounting & Taxes — 13 days ago

Year end shopify payments, shipping total, taxes collected, summary for taxes?

, nor the credit card fees charged by Shopify for using Shopify's card merchant service.

Posted by JeffDM in Accounting & Taxes — February 02, 2017

Is there a way of finding the VAT element of each and every payment Shopify make to our bank account without going into each individual order/sale?'

for other things as well as the total of discounts, and how each sale was processed, like credit card type

Posted by HunkyBill in Accounting & Taxes — February 03, 2015

Tax Exempt Customers - what is the status?

> Note: This response can be credited in part to a similar topic on discounts located

Posted by Ivan F Hall in Accounting & Taxes — August 24, 2014

New to this whole thing and my head is spinning!

, credit cards AND Paypal - downloading and reconciling against sales and expenses. We do

Posted by Jo Nicholson in Accounting & Taxes — September 06, 2015

Business expenses

=referral&utm_source=shforums&utm_campaign=applisting">Pipemonk will create a credit note... -transaction-fee-credit-card-fee-merchant-fee-from-shopify-to-quick?utm_medium=referral&amp

Posted by Tejaswi in Accounting & Taxes — January 13, 2016

Add Tax at Checkout

for you to use with your shop in addition to PayPal Express. These credit card gateways can... through your site with a credit card, or complete payment on PayPal.http://www.shopify.com/payment

Posted by Matthew Buttler in Accounting & Taxes — December 06, 2013

UK Tax & Shopify Monthly Payments

;on your credit card. We bill in US dollars for all customers since it can convert to your local currency... with almost every credit card. If you are concerned about fluctuations and projection...

Posted by Massaad in Accounting & Taxes — January 12, 2015

Selling in $, need invoices in €? Is this possible

to Euro occurred in the account that received the payment, e.g. Paypal or my credit card processor.credit card companies, etc. all use their own (worse for you, better for them) exchange rates

Posted by Thomas Borowski in Accounting & Taxes — September 18, 2016

Paypal UK

of cost associated with processing ecommerce orders.  Credit card rates...  Shopify Payments enabled :)  The credit card rates applied by PayPal will vary

Posted by Genevieve Shanahan in Accounting & Taxes — December 18, 2015

Getting Paid

be able to accept credit cards from other issuers such as Visa, AmEx, Discover and JCB. This info

Posted by Leon in Accounting & Taxes — 10 months ago

Need Help with Checkout Provider Registration

to accept payments from credit/debit card and i decided to register in 2Checkout. In the registration

Posted by Gentian Kasi in Accounting & Taxes — November 05, 2017

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