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cms. I use shopify for my ecommerce clients but I wish there was something similar for just... , and form/contact us. I looked into many open source CMS they are great but require installation ...

Posted by alchris in Shopify Discussion — February 06, 2008

Shopify as CMS

Dear Shopify Dudes - Have you ever considered creating a CMS app (open source code or hosted... ) from Shopify... pretty much Shopify minus the shopping part. I've used quite a few open source CMS

Posted by rharlow in Shopify Discussion — March 14, 2007

Login & CMS!

the shop. I want to be able to create a similar thing... how would i go about this? Is it called CMS? thanks Paul 

Posted by goochie002 in Shopify Discussion — January 05, 2010

Shopify as a CMS

Hey guysI'm building a small website and shop for a client and I was hoping to allow Shopify to act as the backend for both the site and shop. I was wondering is there a way to add fields to the back end of pages beyond Title and Content? (like custom ...

Posted by Rory Bradley in Shopify Design — November 14, 2013

Collection Query in Shopify CMS

a collection in the Shopify CMS. For example: {% for product in products... > Does not query all products when pasted into the CMS. It renders this: # { for product

Posted by Julian in Shopify Design — January 31, 2007

Using Shopify With A PHP CMS

by a PHP based CMS. We've been looking into PHP shopping carts (and even pursued one of them) only... page built by the CMS, I'd like to have two hooks into an ecommerce system - one, a simple ...

Posted by Carl Collins in Shopify Discussion — August 23, 2007

Shopify CMS down?

Anyone else having trouble logging into the CMS?  Shopify 2 was too buggy, switched

Posted by deadstock.co.nz in Shopify Discussion — October 29, 2012

Better CMS Features? Pages?

Hi All, coming from an umbraco and orchard cms background I'm missing a lot

Posted by shoppit in Ecommerce Discussion — March 15, 2013

shopify checkout + drupal CMS

drupal more. Kindly wonder if possible to "embed" shopify checkout system into drupal CMS? Thanks!

Posted by andylau in Shopify Discussion — November 25, 2011

Question regarding CMS functionality

Hey all, I'm really looking forward to using Shopify in some of my next E-Commerce products. Right now I'm just playing around, and today I thought about a requirement and how to best solve it. In my imaginary case, the client wants to have a list of ...

Posted by MobWeb in Shopify Design — February 18, 2012

Using Shopify as a CMS

Hi guys, I usually build sites on Perch CMS - it gives a lot of room for bespoke

Posted by Harry in Shopify Discussion — November 27, 2017

Size chart in inches and cm

Hello, How would you go about creating a size chart for both inches and cm using

Posted by Fernando in Shopify Design — July 16, 2017

Shopify Integration with Refinery CMS (Rails)

to be using Refinery CMS for the client's site. I know Refinery has some extensions, but I haven't

Posted by mctenold in Shopify APIs & SDKs — April 15, 2013

Using Blog Feature for CMS Options

Hello all, I don't have a store "up" yet as we are still designing it but I wanted to know how well I can manipulate the blog feature. The client wants the ability to change some artwork in the header depending on the season or holiday. I was thinkin...

Posted by mark malta in Shopify Design — November 22, 2009

Managing CMS-Type Items on Templates?

Is there any type of mechanism or app available to manage custom items in the admin site like press releases, etc.? Something that could be customized with a few custom fields and managed by the user through the admin site? Any recommendations? Thank you.

Posted by Mathew Smith in Shopify Discussion — July 26, 2013

Settings file not creating options in the CMS

options in the CMS? <p>General</p> <p>Logo Options</p>

Posted by FCS Sneakers in Shopify Discussion — May 21, 2015

Insufficient detail on orders export

Ah, CM'ON!

Posted by Richard Elliott in Shopify Discussion — July 09, 2015

Single Sign On

I'm looking for an e-commerce solution which can work together with my CMS. Is it possible... to create some kind of Single Sign On so the user only need to login to my CMS and then open a new wind...

Posted by Emil Sundberg in Shopify Discussion — April 29, 2009

contact form

@ Christina, I have a bit of a snippet that CM gives me. I simply drop it in a div an put... it where I think it ought to go. When the user hits "submit" it posts to the CM account or specific

Posted by Jamie in Shopify Discussion — September 05, 2006

Price Calculation

? For instance could I get a price based on a calculation like this - (width(cm) x height(cm)) x price... of fabric(per cm^2^) = total price The customer would ente...

Posted by celldee in Shopify Discussion — August 17, 2006

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