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How often are the page analytics updated in the shop dashboard?

Posted by Benjamin Boulter in Ecommerce Marketing — November 12, 2012

Shopify Analytics - Google Analytics

Hello guys   Why it is different result between the shopify analytics... and google analytics   I just compare analytics data. it is too much different&nbsp

Posted by Monster in Ecommerce Marketing — April 20, 2012

Google Analytics Versus Shopify Analytics

So looking at the analytics on shopify it shows 0 add to carts. When I look at google analytics... on this page by using the real time analytics page.  Why is shopify ...

Posted by Jacob in Ecommerce Discussion — September 11, 2017

Affiliate and Referral Tracking

Hi there! I have 2 questions, first I'm in the market for the best affiliate tracking for our small ecommerce shop. I've seen recommendations around refersion, but was wondering what other solutions existed. second question, is there a way to track ...

Posted by Rational Analytics in Shopify Apps — October 23, 2015

Setting up both Google Ads tracking and Google Analytics

For Google Analytics, you can use the preferences section. That will work fine -  after... that turn on enhanced ecommerce tracking in your Google analytics account.  Here

Posted by Ben Kissi in Ecommerce Marketing — 6 days ago

Universal Google Analytics versus Classic Google Analytics

I was wondering why shopify always set-up the classic google analytics javascript instead... to put the unverisal one ? Basically how can I remove the google analytics code I set-up in my general p...

Posted by Alexia in Ecommerce Marketing — October 12, 2013

Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics completely different

Google Analytics set up and Shopify also has its own analytics. However, Google regularly says that I

Posted by Jack Spencer in Ecommerce Discussion — July 02, 2015

Duplicated Sales in Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics (Pixel)

. Yesterday I had two "ghost orders" that appeared in GA and Facebook Analytics but never... the order status page again and therefor GA and Facebook Analytics registered the already done order again

Posted by BB in Ecommerce Discussion — June 28, 2017

Implementing Analytics

Is there a tutorial or any documentation around on how to implement Google Analytics into Shopify

Posted by Jared Ross in Shopify Discussion — April 01, 2007

Google Analytics

I signed up for Google Analytics, and I originally placed the code snippet in Theme.liquid... the Google Analytics account # in the preferences. So, I did that, and removed the code snippet from Th...

Posted by Mike Stylagio in Ecommerce Marketing — November 29, 2007

Google Analytics

We have Google Analytics set up on our client's shopify site. It is recording transactions... up in Google Analytics. The click on the paid search ad shows up in Google Analyti...

Posted by mdombrow in Shopify Discussion — June 09, 2008

Google Analytics

Hi, I followed the exact directions for setting up google analytics, and for some reason

Posted by MIchael in Shopify Discussion — October 08, 2007

Improved Analytics

;analytic tools. I have worked with Amazon, Volusion and Yahoo e-commerce platforms and all... of their analytic tools allow the user to dive much further into the numbers behind a webstore. It would

Posted by Robert Fruechtenicht in Shopify Discussion — October 26, 2012

Analytics graphs

For the graphs displaying the visitors through time or revenue through time, can we get granularity options? For example by week instead of by day, to make the graph smoother and easier to interpret.

Posted by James Haydon in Shopify Discussion — November 01, 2012

google analytics

How do i install goggle analytics.

Posted by christopher gilley in Shopify Discussion — December 01, 2012

Analytics apps

Has anyone used the analytics apps on the shopify site? I'm using shopify's and really like

Posted by Josh Sprague in Ecommerce Marketing — November 23, 2012

Google analytics

How do I set google analytics up with my website?

Posted by Krystal Clayton in Shopify Discussion — September 20, 2012

Google Analytics

I set up Google Analytics over 24 hours ago but have not gotten my badge, am I doing something wrong?

Posted by Stacie Konecny in Shopify Discussion — August 05, 2012

Google Analytics

I've read the various documentation here, but I'm having analytics trouble. 1) Shopify... be adding the analytics js? Or should that go in themes.liquid? (Give me a hint, Shopify!!)

Posted by kayla in Shopify Discussion — August 21, 2010

Google Analytics

Adwords. I've set up both sites as e-commerce sites in Google Analytics. Both sites

Posted by Simon Lewin in Shopify Discussion — February 27, 2011

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