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Stuck: Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping

Hello Karen, We collected lots of merchant errors and action at: https://www.adwordsrobot.com/en/help/merchant-center-warnings-and-errors Check it out, maybe you can find a solution there.   Dennis

Posted by AdWords Robot in Ecommerce Marketing — 10 months ago

Google Adwords

, and as a result, I'm considering signing up for google adwords. What are people's experiences... with Adwords when it comes to generating sales? My site now appears in google and yahoo, and I've

Posted by inthedontknow in Ecommerce Marketing — March 27, 2007

Google Adwords

Any suggestions regarding Google Adwords, I get tons of hits but no sells, thanks!

Posted by Stacie Konecny in Ecommerce Marketing — August 25, 2012

AdWords Voucher

Hello, does anyone know how to redeem the AdWords voucher?

Posted by Anthony Logothetis in Ecommerce Marketing — December 06, 2012

adwords budget

What do people spend on average on their adwords advertising?

Posted by zackpschneider in Ecommerce Marketing — December 10, 2012

adwords coupon

ok so used the coupon code that came with when launching the website. But Ive gotten another coupon code from elsewhere and i cant seem to use it. has anyone else run into this problem?

Posted by Elise Kama in Ecommerce Marketing — December 08, 2012

adwords was a bust

HI all, we tried Adwords and paid $200 for 10 days...and you know how much traffic increase we got

Posted by yalda bahari in Ecommerce Marketing — August 09, 2012

AdWords Remarketing

Hi there, I am new to shopify, but an AdWords expert.  I want... to implement a pixel (slice of code) into specific product pages on my site to use AdWords remarketing. &nbsp

Posted by heilmaem in Ecommerce Marketing — February 02, 2012

Adwords credit?

Hello,I've been searching all over for the Adwords and Facebook ads credits. &nbsp

Posted by Nancy Sackman in Ecommerce Marketing — March 09, 2014

Suggestions to increase sales

In terms of Adwords,  I would suggest taking advantage of the $100 coupon shopify offers... . In Adwords, you'll be able to set a daily budget that Google won't exceed. Once you have

Posted by Malika Wilson in Ecommerce Marketing — May 14, 2013

Which one is better facebook or adowrds ?

Hi Julio Cesar: my exprience is that adwords is a beter alternative in my field, selling... alterntive therapy and corses services. I recognize however, that adwords requieres a los ox learning

Posted by Jorge Turenne in Ecommerce Marketing — October 13, 2016

Setup tags for Google Analytics, Google Adwords conversion and Google Dynamic Remarketing

Liz- Do yop have 'auto-tagging' setup in Adwords? If you don't GA... will see the traffic comes from Google, but won't know it is from Adwords - so it will all

Posted by Steve @ PromoPrep in Ecommerce Marketing — 7 months ago

6 months old website and still very little traffic, need help.

Are you running adwords? With an offer so specific, you'd highly benefit from... adwords. Google adwords allows you to run ads on specific google searches.

Posted by Natalie Elliott in Ecommerce Marketing — 8 months ago

Anyone else using Google PPC?

I'm happy to chime in and answer any Adwords questions. I spent 4 years optimizing client... campaigns using Google Adwords. I also passed Google's adwords professional e...

Posted by sydneyfx in Ecommerce Marketing — June 23, 2010

Can't Use Adwords Credit??

Adwords is telling me I can't use my $50 credit for signing up with Shopify because my Adwords... me to use Adwords. Is there any way around this? I want my $50 credit :(

Posted by StacyT in Ecommerce Marketing — January 12, 2010

Google Shopping showing as Organic traffic

Setup the autolink between AdWords and Analytics. This is done in the admin section of your... analytics profile. With this link, by default AdWords will autotag all clicks. You'll get all

Posted by Joshua Uebergang in Ecommerce Marketing — July 04, 2017

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

research and thought I might be able to offer some assistance. Note that GA and Adwords are totally... separate systems. And Adwords has no way of tracking across domains since it uses simpl...

Posted by BenT in Ecommerce Marketing — January 21, 2008

Additional Adwords Credit? Mailchimp Credit?

When you sign up for Adwords it has a spot to claim the $100 in free adwords. You have to fund at least an additional $25 to claim the $100.

Posted by Morgan Fender in Ecommerce Marketing — November 19, 2012

Need help for Facebook ads

Google AdWords is best than Facebook ads.You can try Google AdWords by creating best keywords for your website.

Posted by Loretta Delgado in Ecommerce Marketing — 9 months ago

'Free' Adwords Credit

I redeemed my £75 of Adwords credit and a thought occured to me. Do I have to pay this back to AdWords or is it 100% free?

Posted by Alfie in Ecommerce Marketing — 5 months ago

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