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Hi! I'm new to this so bear with me. I do know CSS and I'm editing my css file in my theme

Posted by Amanda in Ecommerce Discussion — November 28, 2012


Hi! I'm new to this and I'm not even sure I'm posting in the right place. I do know CSS and when... editing the CSS in the back end of my theme it doesn't appear to do anything. Am I doing somethin...

Posted by Amanda in Shopify Design — November 28, 2012

How can i do Add to Cart Button Shake?

:).  css-tricks.com/snippets/css/shake-css-keyframe-animation/" target... ="_blank">https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/shake-

Posted by Mark Dowell in Shopify Design — 8 months ago

Footer and mysterious margin-top !


Posted by Mark in Shopify Design — January 05, 2014

Custom CSS app

If this is designed for the someone with CSS knowledge why wouldn't they just add the custom... CSS to the bottom of the existing stylesheet? Just curious to know what the benefits

Posted by Jason in Shopify Apps — February 20, 2017

How to add CSS to front end with app

What is the recommended way to add CSS to the store front end when an app is installed? 1. Should I add some in-line CSS using JavaScript in a script tag? 2. Or.. add a CSS...

Posted by Appifiny in Shopify APIs & SDKs — August 31, 2015

change colour background only on sides

to the CSS. Here is the code again. Insert it: css">/* ========= custom... CSS ======== */ body { background-color: #99bbe0; } Only for Homepage:

Posted by Arthur Korniyenko in Shopify Design — 2 months ago

Random image Javascript

="text/css" href="{{ 'binkie_1.css' | asset_url }}" title="bg1" /> css" href="{{ 'binkie_2.css' | asset_url }}" title="bg2" />

Posted by lorem ipsum in Shopify Design — September 28, 2007

How to use external CSS to override some parts of the Timber's CSS

about to modify timbers CSS rules to suite my branding needs. However, I like to keep the timber... 's default CSS intact so I can revert to defaults and troubleshoot more easily. 

Posted by Kasra Yousefi in Shopify Design — April 30, 2015

Customer Login Note

You will need to edit the CSS in the style.css.liquid file in your Theme Assets. If you... find the CSS that is currently styling the Sign In form, you can apply the same CSS

Posted by Leighton Taylor in Shopify Design — May 03, 2013

iPhone progress for Shopify store - beta running

css-techniques/quick-tip-a-crash-course-in-css... -media-queries/">Quick Tip: A Crash-Course in CSS Media Queries ^ nettuts

Posted by Caroline Schnapp in Shopify Design — September 17, 2010

Debut Theme > Hover Text over Image on collection page.

Hey Shane, which CSS trick did you use? We suggest using grid and it should be easy: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/complete-guide-grid/

Posted by Jarvis in Shopify Design — 11 months ago

Customizing design of Accordion/Jquery to fit theme

Hi Alex you can use CSS to customize the design of the accordion. There'... ;s a general overview of CSS here http://www.w3schools.com/css/  

Posted by Ricky in Shopify Design — September 11, 2015

Simple theme: Remove Table Borders

you can give css border: none; css property

Posted by Jai in Shopify Design — June 18, 2017

Need some JS help with age verification...

Technically you can put it in any file that ends in .css or .cc.liquid and loads in your... or anything similar as that is the css that is custom to your theme.I recommend when you

Posted by Owen Sechrist in Shopify Design — June 25, 2013

Splitting navigation

of CSS hook, like an id attribute. Say, id ="secondary-menu". Then add CSS rules... to your stylesheet that apply only to your menu like so: #secondary-menu { ... some

Posted by Caroline Schnapp in Shopify Design — February 18, 2009

Getting a picture to propogate

to troubleshoot this. If it is a css background image and you have not edited the css file in any... way since changing the image you are probably being served a server cached ...

Posted by Jamie in Shopify Design — June 15, 2010

Different CSS variables for different collections?

Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to set different CSS color variables... within there, based on a collection? or to define variables within CSS based on a collection? The only

Posted by General Admin in Ecommerce Discussion — August 26, 2016

Looking for Theme that shows products as Tiles (No Text Underneath)

the text from Liquid or CSS. To do it from css you simply add this to you style.scss.css. css">.details { display: none; } The rest

Posted by Mircea Piturca in Shopify Design — December 15, 2015

contact form

Wow, never heard of CSS? The use of CSS is a web standard, so I'm glad Shopify is playing a part in educating. Kudos! :)

Posted by Cliff in Shopify Discussion — July 08, 2006

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