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About free Dropshipping platform Lettopia

Hi everyone, does anyone know Lettopia? I was told Lettopia provide US inventory and some interesting dropshipping functions like 1-click listing, inventory synchronization. They also gave me $10 in my balance to start dropship. Is it a reliable dropshipping platform?

Dec 12 2018 by Simon Xu
If you know that this method has never been easier to drive to dropship...

Eprolo Shopify App is the must-have app if you are interested in dropshipping.  You sell it! Eprolo ship it! Forever free to use, it costs you nothing! Eprolo will add your company info and logo on the scotch tape, invoice, label, and box! Thousands and thousands of trending products listed in Eprolo catalog. Not just that, you can also import product from Aliexpress, Amazon, Dhgate, e...

Dec 4 2018 by eprolo

We can offer free dropshipping for people who is the in decor and furniture industry. Our link is on top. We can ship to your customers.  www.decor26.com

Nov 24 2018 by DecorTwo6
Buying UPC codes from a third party reseller vs GS1

I did a lot of research and found a third party reseller with very good reviews and I'm considering buying UPC codes from them and not GS1 (plan to do this later if/as needed), for obvious reasons (beginning small business) - 10 UPC codes could be $35 vs $900. They come with a guarantee that they have not been recycled and don't exist in current databases. I have a couple of clarifications in t...

Nov 19 2018 by andlocley
Retailer asked for minimum advertising price policy MAPP

After negotiating to get products to some retailers, one retailer (not a large one) that has both a physical store and also sells online asked for a minimum advertising price policy MAPP to ensure the market price of the product. I don't know anything more about a MAPP than from what I read via Google. These are products made entirely in the US for the US market, no drop shipping or importing. ...

Nov 19 2018 by andlocley

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Nov 10 2018 by testuser
Why many buyers require Mandarin when souring in China?

1, Mandarin is easier to negotiate with suppliers in China. Many Chinese salesmen actually does not speak English well. Even usually one English word has different Chinese meaning. It is better to enhance mutual understanding especially on production details. 2, Mandarin can help you to check if this Chinese supplier is good or not. Such as for every Chinese company, there is a government we...

Nov 8 2018 by john
AliExpress Search Tool -- beta feedback wanted

Dear Shopify community, I've just launched http://www.dropspotter.com which is a search engine for scanning AliExpress and finding the products that are being drop-shipped most successfully. Basically, we are scanning order history in order to determine drop shipping orders and competition, then sorting those results based on profitability.   The product is in early stages but I'd be e...

Nov 7 2018 by Danny Hakim
Fine Jewelry Inventory Available (212k different skus)

Hello, We store more than 200k fine jewelry items that are stocked in U.S.A and can be shipped on the same or the next day latest. Contact us for your jewelry drop shipping needs. Regards.

Nov 1 2018 by Mike M. Ulu
A new way for a brighter tomorrow.....

We are looking for new Merchants for our marketplace that will be launching in two phases. Our soft launch is Q4 2018 to our State Employee/Retirees program (over 400,000 registered members), and with the MEGA launch Q1 of 2019. Our history: We have a long-standing trusted relationship with a key banking partner. Our banking partner can bring 3 million new customers with $10 Billion dolla...

Oct 22 2018 by Shop-WeSave
Looking for expensive, luxury, high end products to sell - Not looking f...

Team I am looking for 40-50 products which are high end, classy, luxurious and expensive in some sense.  In other words these items need to be atleast $100 or higher.  Not looking for accessories or shoes or clothes and all.  I AM NOT INTERESTED IN MAKING ANY PROFIT.  Strange but true. My purpose is to prove a point that online negotiation, bargaining has space/place in eCommerce and I...

Oct 20 2018 by Sami Shah

I am currently in the process of launching a Dropshipping store. I would love to hear from USA suppliers who are interested in creating a long last partnership.  I have a plan in place for social media marketing across all platforms. Along with plans for add campaigns. if anyone is interested feel free to email me at PMRizzo003@gmail.com

Oct 14 2018 by Paul M R
Pay-Per-Order Packaging For Dropshippers

Hey Guys, We offer a tailored, effective and quick pay-per-order customised packaging solution to enhance your dropshipping/ecommerce store. We provide: Pay-per-order custom packaging branded to your store. Seasonal packaging Take out any Chinese receipts from your product Took a photo of your item before sending so returns are protected against. Provided full tracking detai...

Oct 11 2018 by SimpShip
BeJeweler & Swarovski Crystals

Hello, We are Creative Crystal and we are looking for b2b clients that believe our signature product The BeJeweler Pro would be a good fit for their clientele. Our product has been recommended by Swarovski in the past and is considered to be the gold standard in the market of embellishment tools. We are particularly looking for businesses in Africa, Oceania, and East Asia because we get a lo...

Oct 9 2018 by CreativeCrystal

Hi guys, Is any of you guys doing business with buy2bee ? They are selling branded products.  Can someone please confirm that they are not a scam?   Thanks

Oct 1 2018 by Mkur
Which products should we pick? Hot selling products or evergreen best it...

Hello guys! I have been doing drop shipping for a long and since the beginning, I always hear about hot selling products. Believe me, the newbies of the drop shipping industry are on the wrong path. Because every drop shipper is trying to build their business with hot selling products and creating a huge competition. So should we start finding evergreen best items to dropship instead of hot sel...

Sep 30 2018 by BusiTips
Dropshipping with Scandinavian Product Sources

Hello, does anyone know the rules when it comes to utilizing products that are dropshipped from Norway or Sweden into the US? Specifically, if as a US based shop, I use products that are dropshipped from these countries to my customers, can I still ask them (the nordic sources) to white label? If so, wouldn't that put me in the category of appearing as an importer vs. not? I want to do things c...

Sep 29 2018 by knels
droppshipping and salehoo

Well I was advice to register with salehoo to find dropshippers in the US while my company is USA based but they are maybe good but the suppliers there nether answer, it was wasted money that could have been better invested somewhere else... who knows droppshippers in the usa that are seriouse working with people for all in the Pet Supply branch? Same quesgtion for Australia and New Zeala...

Sep 29 2018 by PawsFamily
Drop shipping Supplier for Private Label Matcha and tea

Hello, I am looking to find a supplier that can drop ship private label high quality matcha to both the U.S. and internationally. I am hoping the supplier has competitive pricing for the matcha. Thank you.  Charles

Sep 24 2018 by Charles Willson
UK 3rd Party Fulfilment

Hello all.  We are an indepedant 3PL company focused on provideing a high level of service to our clients who are seamlessly integrated via Shopify.  Please visit us at www.haulandstore.co.uk for more details.  Kind regards, Neil

Sep 15 2018 by Haul and Store