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limeng Member
Last edited 12 days ago

Is January must be a idle month due to China New Year? How do you deal with this?

Hi, guys, recently I have read many posts on Facebook and see many are hiding or ending their listings from China. Some of say dropshipping business will be down due to the China New Year. How do you guys think of it and how to make sales during this time?

Nick Shopify Employee
12 days ago

Hi limeng, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Really good question. To add more context and information to you I spoke to the Oberlo team about this for you. They mentioned that many of the CN factories stop working from the beginning of January and come back to work at the end of February (~ 2 months). Many of Oberlo's CN Suppliers will have Spring Festival from the beginning of February until the middle of February (Feb 4 - Feb 10) and will not be working at all during these days. Additionally, the suppliers should get more stock for best selling products before the factories go on hiatus. All of the above reasons will affect order fulfillment, order delivery, dispute and direct message response times in Oberlo Marketplace. This only applies to Chinese suppliers. Western suppliers should not be affected. 

Somebody asked about this in the Oberlo community forum before where the Oberlo team directly discussed it further with them which you can see here. A third party article within one of the responses of that forum has lots of good information also which I want to highlight here

I hope this helps and sheds some more light on this for you. Please don't hesitate to ask should you have any other questions. 

All the best, Nick

P.S. I will move your post to the Wholesale and Dropshipping topic rather than Build a Business which it is currently in. It will be better seen by other store owners who might have experienced this previously and can offer advice on that aspect of it. 

12 days ago

The Chinese traditional new year is 4th Feb 2019.  So people in the factory starting to go home since 20th Jan 2019 and they will come back around 15th Feb 2019. But there are many goods may not have stock until the end of Feb. Not only the workers, the courier service also will pause around 10 days. Thus if you are dropshipping from China you should plan in advance.

We helped a few fashion clothes sellers fulfill the orders from China to EU and USA, the fashion worker come home from Januaray and come back at the end of Feb, based on this case we already suggested the sellers to order some more stock for hotsale goods in advance, then shut off the facebook and instagram ads from 20th Jan to 10th Feb. After 10th Feb, the international and domestic courier service will start to work and we can help them fulfill the orders that have stock in our warehouse, once the workers come back to the factory the dropshipping business will work normally again.

So if you are dropshipping from China, you need to confirm with the vacation time with the suppliers in advance, then take a break during the Chinese Spring Festival, at the end of Feb everything will be work normally.

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