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Drop ship supplier - how to create a product feed for retailers

We have been drop shipping our products for a number of retailers for a few years.
As we have now grown to around 1000 items in our gallery more of the drop shippers are asking for access to a product feed not only to upload our products but also to keep track of stock levels and/or out of stocks.
They often ask for it in XML or CSV format
We do currently have a google shopping feed using the app by Simprosys so perhaps there would be a way of making that available to the retailers as well but I have no idea what that link would be or if its possible.
I know I can export the CSV product file from shopify but I realy don't want to be manually creating and emailing that out every day so I am idealy looking for something a little more automated/live and flexible.
Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Hey Don,

Our app, EZ Exporter, can automate this process for you.

You can create multiple "Export Profiles" with our app and have a custom CSV set up for each dropshipper and schedule them to get sent out via email automatically.

We have a Dropbox integration as well so you can technically just schedule an automated CSV export directly to Dropbox, say every 15 minutes, and that file just gets overwritten with the latest data.  In Dropbox, you can then create a "shared link" of that file that your dropshippers can access.  This is probably a simpler approach.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at jonathan@highviewapps.com if you have any questions about our app.

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Thanks Jonathan, I will definitely check that out.