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7 days ago

Deeper Integration of Shopify

Hi there,

I help to run an ecommerce site where we sell our products using Shopify.

However, we have several challenges I need to address better integrate Shopify into how we work some of them as follows:

Trade customers currently order by email or phone, we want to change this to Shopify, but they have different pricing schemes and they can sometimes cause inventory issues to us due to the size of some of the orders.

Is it possible to open a seperate Shopify portal that allows access to their prices and is still linked to our inventory?

How should I go about setting up the portal for these type of customers?

We also provide a 'drop shipping' facility to some of these clients, we have faced challenges splitting the invoice between our customer and their customer. Is it better to have the seperate portal or use an App like receiptify to add onto our existing site?

Accounting, we currently duplicate every invoice and customer detail into quickbooks causing wasted valuable resource time. How can we use Shopify to help reduce this by using it to hold all of our transactions required to produce accounting records considering the different customers we have and different methods they use to buy: web, phone, email, trade shows / retail / cash? 





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Hi Lee,

For the first issue you can look into

This may solve your problem by opening a new chanel/portal. The inventory is synck with the store and you can set different pricing rules.

This is for Plus customers, has some limitations but can be the right tool for you.

Hope it helps

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6 days ago

Hi Lee,

We see this as a pretty common issue for those that want to sell B2B dropship and use Shopify as their Order Management System. As mentioned by Mircea, Shopify Plus helps accomplish this a bit better but for standard Shopify users it is a challenge.

We have solved this for many of our suppliers in our dropship network by setting up what we call "Shopify as a Supplier" in which we add a B2B layer/channel on top of Shopify to automate the inventory sync and ordering for their drophsip partners... while keeping Shopify as their main OMS and B2C management needs.

Let me know if you'd like to hop on a demo or discuss. Drop me a note at

-Travis Mariea

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Managing Director

5 days ago

Thank you Travis and Mircea,

I appreciate both of your feedback.

Travis I will take you up on your offer!