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Brick & Mortar Quicksale Needs by Collection or Product Type

Hello, I run a brick and mortar boutique that merges curated vintage with emerging brands. I currently run square - which I Love because it's free AND because I DO NOT have to enter a price for every good and I don't have a big online presence because, I don't. My business is set up with a bulk of goods in store with a featured collection of best items by collection uploaded weekly and mo...

Nov 28 2018 by Patrick Armstrong
Afterpay support

Can you please build this into the POS! A lot of customers requsting this!

Nov 22 2018 by Peter
Online Store does not keep sequential order numbering when POS is instal...

If you have an Online Store and POS on Shopify you will have noticed by now that each of these 'locations' numbers their orders separately (POS with a '#1-' prefix). So far so good, as it allows you to track orders coming from each location. And for book-keeping issues it is not a problem as (at least in the UK) you can keep invoice 'series' as long as each one is numbered sequentially. The pro...

Nov 22 2018 by Bogdan Marin
Access POS Returns via API

Hi, Is there any way to access POS returns via API? Thank you.

Nov 21 2018 by Debbie

Hi,  The shopify pos app has been really slow in completing orders and printing receipts (takes about 1 min for receipt to print once you have clicked “charge”). I have attached a screenshot of what comes up on the app. I have a stable and fast internet connection. It is also happening in all 9 locations I have this app running at. So it is app related, not...

Aug 21 2018 by Robert Hamilton
Different Price for POS and Online

I have seen some old posts for this topic and wanted to know if we can have 2 different prices for the same product -  For Example - online we would sell a product for EUR 12 and in POS we would sell a product for EUR 10.  There has to be some way we can do this. I do not want to create duplicate products otherwise it will cause problems with the inventory. 

Nov 16 2018 by Dallas
Weight-based pricing for POS

Hello, We retail our products in-store in bulk and sell everything by weight (grams), making no two sales exactly alike. Our unit cost, in some cases, is less than $0.01/gram, or requires pricing to 4 decimal points to reflect our unit pricing in Quickbooks. I have 2 questions about the POS system: 1) Can Shopify support weight based pricing to 4 decimal points?; 2) Alternatively, can Sho...

Nov 15 2018 by Don
order.location in POS and Mobile Receipt notification?

Hello - We are trying to customize our POS and Mobile Receipt in Notifications using the available liquid variables. Instead of showing the shop.address on the POS Receipt Notification we would like to display the actual address assigned to the POS location (so the physical address of the B&M instead of the main Shopify shop/account address). We have tried to use the order.location liqui...

Nov 6 2018 by Rosemarie
Some POS App Settings Not Persisted Between Logins

For some reason our store was logged out completely from the POS app. When logging back in to the POS app I noticed that some information is not persisted between shop logins (store logins/outs not cashier pin logins/outs).  For Canadian merchants using a Moneris terminal, if you logout of the store and log back in, the Moneris Terminal is disabled as a payment type and you have to re-enable...

Nov 1 2018 by Joshua Barraza
Shopify POS Full Refund

Can the refund screen be changed somehow to allow a full refund without having to manually go to each item and select the quantities? We can sometimes have 50 items on a single order and to refund all of that is really awkward and time consuming with a customer standing there. Perhaps a "Refund All" option at the very top, which will max out all of the line item quantities?

Oct 30 2018 by Joshua Barraza
Issue with partial refunds and partial payments on orders

I've run into an issue where the "take payment" button for partially paid orders disappears after a partial refund has been issued, even if there is a remaining outstanding balance. The "Mark as Paid" button also disappears on desktop. I have a cheque in my hand waiting to be applied to an active order with an outstanding balance but I have no way of applying the payment. I was told by Shopi...

Oct 28 2018 by Daf-AB
Proveedor de Pago BBVA

Buenas noches, Tengo contratado un TPV virtual con la entidad financiera BBVA y no sé cómo relacionarlo con Shopify. ¿Es posible integrar un TPV virtual ajeno o deben ser los que aparecen en la lista?

Oct 26 2018 by Oscar Lira
Any way to capture online order payment using POS?

Hello there, My business invlose customer ordering  stuff online but without paying upfrone.   When the item was delivered, my delivery man will collect either cash or credit payment.  Right now, we have the POS swipe hardware to capturing credit card  on delivery. However, this is just creating an new order  in the POS channel, instead of completing the online order.  Then we are left ...

Oct 25 2018 by Longbury Collaborator
Cash sale rounding

There appears to be posts re this from a few years ago now but nothing current. Can't see how to do this still??? Is this going to me made available or has everyone just given up on this feature?

Oct 23 2018 by Josh
URGENT REQUEST: Make iPad phone field use the phone keyboard

Hi There. The phone field in the iPad app doesn't use the phone keybaord which makes it confusing, fiddly and time-consuming to enter a correctly formatted phone number (like +613 XXXX XXXX) - especially when an impatient customer is standing there. It also results in wrong data being entered or worse, no phone number which is painful when order notification emails end up in the customer's j...

Oct 15 2018 by Ann
My payment account on

Shopify has holed my payment account over one week.  I have already sent all document we have to prove our authentic products.  If they keep holding my account hold. What other payment options we can choose or give up this site?  Thanks.  

Oct 14 2018 by Jay
New exchange feature not showing up

Hi, I would like to test the new exchange feature I updated the POS app to the latest version on the ipad (5.0.0) and enalbed store credit. However there is no option to exchange. The button says "Refund products" instead of "Refund or exchange" and I cannot select a prodcut to exchange....

Oct 13 2018 by Dallas
URGENT REQUEST: Add customer to order after sale is complete

This is a constant frustration, we have a lot of trouble with this via the Shopify app and Shopify POS. Many things crop up in retail or at fast-paced consumer shows where we need to associate a customer with an order after the order is complete - like the customer changing their mind and now wants it shipped. Associating customer data with an order is critical for so many obvious reasons...

Oct 11 2018 by Lisa
Change Currency

Hi friends I am new to Shopfiy and I am using the trial version I want to change my currency. How do I change currency? and how can I get the payment if Paypal is not used in my country?

Oct 7 2018 by Elle
Desktop POS Solution

Has shopify made any headway with a desktop POS solution? I have multiple companies utilizing shopify web based sales and the only thing holding us back from the POS opportunities is the limited use of Apple devices. While for small business the iPad may be just fine but what about medium to large business? We do large volume on 9 registers during our busy season and these little iPads will not...

Oct 5 2018 by Kenny