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Inventory for each location g36

The new POS looks and feels awesome - nice start!We have 4 locations... and 4 individual inventories. Locations seems useless without inventory control? Or how does Shopify POS users with 2+ locations handle inventory?/Kim

Nov 30 2017 by Daniel Oblitas Garafulic
POS and iZettle

Hi Does anyone know if there is a solution for Shopify POS and using the iZettle card reader ? (Apart from the obvious and use the iZettle app and manually enter the amount)

Dec 10 2017 by Martynas
Shipping Calculations on POS

We don't fulfill any product on-site or in person, everything requires shipping. I am not seeing where or how shipping calculations can be done in the POS app. We have tried to estimate and add in a flat amount, but that is really not helpful. If we know where it is shipping from and the customers shipping address, seems like this would be easy. Any solutions?

Dec 7 2017 by Matt
Why can't I accept AfterPay via the POS?

AfterPay is integrated with my Shopify Store and all of my online sales are via AfterPay - no one pays with anything else. When they come to my Shop in person, they want to pay with AfterPay, but the POS software simply doesn't have it as a payment method. Why is this? It makes no sense!

Dec 5 2017 by Natalie Buxton
Problem with Socket Scanner - Alternative from this scanner?

We've just started using Shopify Retail POS package and found the Socket scanner 7Ci to be working only about 60% of the time.  We have to scan many times to get some products to register.  It frequently has signal drops off and have problem recognizing some barcodes.  We own a small grocery store with average of 10-15 products per check out, so I can't afford to spend time scanning at the righ...

Dec 4 2017 by Plum
Cost of Goods

So, obviously many of us are a little frustrated with not have a COGS option on the POS. I've been using Stitch Labs. While they might be a great alternative, they are expensive and do not offer phone support, unless you're paying them a ridiculous amount. I do like the ability to enter a purchase order with the cost of goods, but I continuously have issue with their inventory not keeping corre...

Nov 29 2017 by OrderMetrics
Variable amounts

We have a product called Grooming for our dog groomer. The values for this product will vary depending on what the groomer wants to charge. So we'd like to setup the product as a type that we have to enter the amount each time we choose this product. For example, if she says the dog groom costs $55, we need to enter 55 in the amount. Each time the amount may be different.  How do we setup th...

Nov 27 2017 by Savannah F
Shopify POS UK - Amex Chip and Pin Process

When using an Amex card with Shopify POS in out UK store the process is very long winded and confusing for customers.  Here's the flow..... 1. Start the payment 2. Customer tries contactless - Reader says "Tap not supported with this card please insert or swipe"  3. Customer inserts card - Reader says "chip not supported please swipe"  4. Customer swipes card - It then works and the ...

Nov 21 2017 by PROMeera
Assign limitations on POS staff to not allow refunds on their staff account

I just started using the POS for my physical location and noticed that refunds are quite easy to do in the POS system, a little too easy. I know I can assign different staff, but is there a way only a manager can accept refunds?  It seems that right not it way to easy to accidently refund a sale (even from a few days ago). -Erick @ N8tiveArts.com  

Nov 20 2017 by Erick Begay
Shopify Reader Frozen!!!! Please, please help!!

Recently I have had issues where the card reader loses connection to my iPad, so I have to wake it up, not a problem. Today I made a card transaction then 1/2 hour later it won't connect to my iPad. Normally I would just re pair them but I can't get the Bluetooth sign to start flashing on the reader! In fact I can't turn it off or anything, seems like it's stuck! i have a major event on t...

Nov 20 2017 by Karlie


Oct 28 2017 by Darren Moore


Oct 12 2017 by Darren Moore
Pros and Cons for the POS

What are the Pros and Cons for a POS with Shopify?

Nov 18 2017 by nathan Smiddy
Shopify falling way behind Square

With Square's introduction of contactless / chip / NFC reader AND debit cards in Canada, the old shopify swipe reader is looking tired and costs more per transaction 2.7% vs 2.65% for Square. What is Shopify doing to keep up? What new POS options are coming? The US shopify stores at least have other options, which is sad considering shopify is a Canadian company.    

Nov 13 2017 by Donna M
Shopify POS sku limitation

Hello   I have not looked at the Shopify POS in about a year. A year ago the issue was the limit of 8k skus. It was not actually a limit but the performance would just drop to dial up speeds if we synced more than 8k skus. We have about 30k skus, will Shopify support this now and if not will anything reasonably priced that syncs to Shopify support this sku number?   Thank you   ...

Nov 13 2017 by Dave Madoch
POS saved orders should show as Draft orders on Backoffice

Is there anyone else that thinks having saved POS orders show up in the draft orders section. Also for POS saved orders to be available on all devices. Please some feedback. Im sure im not the only one who would like this.  

Nov 13 2017 by Bicalho
Draft Orders on POS

It would be nice if Saved cart orders could be saved as draft  orders . That way saved orders can be accessed from any Device .    Also if the saved orders can be emailed to a customer as a   estimate or printed on the the star printer as an estimate .    I wonder if the is other business who experience a simirlar situation . 

Nov 13 2017 by Bicalho
Staff account PINs not working!

I just upgraded our Shopify account up to the "retail package" so we could track sales by representative (and use the cool little cash register, too!). But none of our staff is able to log into the POS using their PINs. The screen just shakes, erases the entry and requests the PIN again. I have been talking to support about this, but the issue is still unresolved. I am wondering: a) if ot...

Nov 11 2017 by Ingrid
Need to be able to check PHYSICAL Gift Card balance for customers

I only sell physical gift cards as of right now. I offer the ecards, but they aren't being purchased. The problem we have is when they are given as gifts often times the giver doesn't tell the customer how much is on there. Or, they use only part of the balance and then forget what their balance is.  Is there an easy way for us to check with the Shopify POS system, or can they check someplace o...

Nov 8 2017 by JonathanJ
can i use a Star POPPack all in one POS till bought off ebay?

hi, ive been using the basic shopify pos tariff in my bricks and mortar shop for over a year which is great. i bought a barcode reader from you guys and link it to an ipad mini to scan products. i use a normal till to put cash through and a worldpay card machine, which doesnt give paper receipts. id like to start giving itemised receipts out to customers with each sale so was going to purchase ...

Nov 2 2017 by Panda Graffitiartist