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Tipping Feature - Adding Tips to Checkout on POS g24

I believe a big feature is missing here. Allow customers to tip similar to Square Register. When a service is added to the checkout the system should ask for a tip as Square does.Right now this is the only feature holding us back from using Shopify.Please guys get this feature going!Thanks!

Aug 30 2018 by Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation
Scannable Discount Codes

The latest iOS update for POS says this in the What’s New: “Hardware barcode scanner can now be used to add discount codes”.  There is no other information on this new feature so I emailed Shopify support.  Here is what they said: "So since this is a new feature there are some limitation right now while our developers work out some things and to improve it. Currently the discount codes onl...

Yesterday by Ramona Lara
URGENT REQUEST: Make iPad phone field use the phone keyboard

Hi There. The phone field in the iPad app doesn't use the phone keybaord which makes it confusing, fiddly and time-consuming to enter a correctly formatted phone number (like +613 XXXX XXXX) - especially when an impatient customer is standing there. It also results in wrong data being entered or worse, no phone number which is painful when order notification emails end up in the customer's j...

Yesterday by cmscss
Any app to select customer with barcode?

We are wanting to start up one of the loyalty apps and need to select a customer in order for their purchase to count toward their points.  Are there any apps that can scan a barcode (real scanner or QR with the camera) and pull up the associated customer?

Sep 17 2018 by William Spohr
POS priceing different than online pricing

How to set two prices for each product.  ie. online pricing for product X is 100 retail (POS) price is 120    is there any app can do this ? 

Sep 13 2018 by George Coghill
Shopify POS Feedback From The Trenches!

Hey Guys, We switched from Vend for a week-long consumer show (crazy busy) and here's some feedback: Allow us to CHECK/EDIT customer info on a completed sale (needed this many times) Allow us to ADD a customer to a completed sale (needed this many times) Allow bank paymnts (EFTPOS) on external terminals (currently credit cards only) Refresh button to force-sync stock/order/custom...

Sep 12 2018 by Joshua Barraza
Shopify POS Search (Not Good)

I would like to see the product search on the Shopify POS act similar to the admin version of Shopify.  If we have a product that is called "Shopify Point of Sale - Latte Mug" on the admin i can type Shopify Latte and it would come up with the results of that product.  However, on the POS i would type for example "Shopify Latte" and it wouldn't work, for me to bring that product up on sea...

Sep 7 2018 by Robert Hamilton
How do you make the phone an un-required filed?

When you create a customer, there are a bunch of things which really annoy customers: The manditory phone field The company field Auto-correct in the app How do you turn off the company field, auto-correct and stop the phone from being manditory? Shopify POS is not honouring these settings from our Shopify store. Any help would be much appreciated.

Sep 7 2018 by Katy
Need a compatible Swiper

Not sure if most of you know but you can use Shopify POS with a third party processor using a headphone jack swiper. However I am unable to find the shopify headphone jack swiper for sale anywhere anymore. Ours are failing on us.    Can you someone help us find a complitable headphone jack swiper to use? NOT ALL MAGNETIC SWIPERS WILL WORK... WE HAVE ALREADY TRIED SO THAT IS NOT THE ANS...

Sep 7 2018 by Brandon Mueller
How do you see, edit, update, remove customer info?

Hi There, the title says it all really. We can see customer info while entering but after a sale is complete, how do we see or update customer info from Shopify POS app? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers

Sep 6 2018 by cmscss
Does Shopify POS use your website receipt template for emailed receipts?

Hi There, Title says it all. Also, if email receipts use a different template, how do you preview your email reciepts? Cheers Ben

Sep 5 2018 by Peter
Disable credit card refunds?

Our store does not offer refunds, only store credit. Is there any way to set the POS to default to store credit? Thanks!

Sep 4 2018 by nancy hallman
Can Shopify POS park sales?

Much like a bar running a tab and save the sales record before checking out. Can I retrive the record and add items to it?

Sep 4 2018 by Ann
POS App Business Plan Research

Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but we are working on a start-up idea focused on tying online marketing and advertising to real-world foot traffic in retail stores. The idea being that sometimes you a getting people in the door through your efforts, but that they aren't necessarily buying stuff, or buying as much quantity. Or maybe the weather is bad the next f...

Sep 4 2018 by Aaron Goulding
Capture an arbitrary sum

Is Shopify POS capable of capturing an arbitrary sum? In our scenario, we get lots of custom orders. What we'd like to do is give the customer a quote, they pass their credit card details, we capture the custom amount. Can it be done?

Sep 4 2018 by Nick
How to connect Shopify POS with AirPrint printer?

Our iPads (and phones) can all print to our Epson TM-T82II printer (one of the most common POS printers in Australia/NZ). The printer is connected to a Mac which is sharing the printer via AirPrint - does Shopify POS support AirPrint printers? If the iPad can see/print to the printer, shouldn’t Shopify POS be able to print as well? Any help or pointers in the right direction would be m...

Sep 4 2018 by cmscss
Shopify POS not connecting to TSP100 Receipt Printer

Hello,  I am trying to connect to the TSP100 Receipt Printer via the Airport Express. I have followed all steps:  1. Connect the Airport express to the same wifi network as iPad (also checked on airport utility 2. Update the iPad app to 5.0.0  3. Connect the receipt printer to the USB port of the apple airport  However it does not show on the list of devices. When I click "Connec...

Sep 2 2018 by Nick
New exchange feature not showing up

Hi, I would like to test the new exchange feature  https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/sell-in-person/transactions/orders/exchange-item-new-flow I updated the POS app to the latest version on the ipad (5.0.0) and enalbed store credit. However there is no option to exchange. The button says "Refund products" instead of "Refund or exchange" and I cannot select a prodcut to exchange....

Aug 31 2018 by Clement
Same barcode (ISBN) diferent condition (new, used) How can i manage this...

Hello, can i scan a book ISBN with barcode scanner at POS and then select the condition (new/used) to manage each variant apart. Each ISBN will have new and used books with diferent stock & prices  Is this possible? 

Aug 25 2018 by Louise
POS Product Search

Is anyone else seeing a really slow product searches in Shopify POS?   We've been testing ours recently as the search seems to have been impacted by recent updates. We find that some searches are consistently slow while others are always fast. We have a deicated 20mb up and down internet connection so it's not the connection that's to blame. It's not possible for us to barcode all the ...

Aug 24 2018 by Louise