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Tipping Feature - Adding Tips to Checkout on POS g22

I believe a big feature is missing here. Allow customers to tip similar to Square Register. When a service is added to the checkout the system should ask for a tip as Square does.Right now this is the only feature holding us back from using Shopify.Please guys get this feature going!Thanks!

Oct 6 2017 by Shane Starr
Inventory for each location g37

The new POS looks and feels awesome - nice start!We have 4 locations... and 4 individual inventories. Locations seems useless without inventory control? Or how does Shopify POS users with 2+ locations handle inventory?/Kim

Feb 19 2018 by The Prosperous Shop
POS discount codes? g8

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a few standard discount codes in Shopify POS? Currently, we have to type in the name of a code (eg "employee purchase") and then type in the percentage discount. And we have to do that anew with each order... It would save time and provide for better tracking to have a dropdown list of available discount codes in the Shopify POS cart screen. Thanks

Jan 22 2018 by Kate - bnkle.com
Barcode App - Dymo app multiple barcodes

Hi guys, I've been trying to use the Integrated barcode app, but the template is not to our liking (price, variant and product name are very small with no way to change this). So now we are importing the barcodes in the Dymo software and using a custom template, this works fine except for 1 thing: - You can't select how many barcodes you want for each variant. Is there any way around t...

Feb 22 2018 by Matt
Cost of Goods

So, obviously many of us are a little frustrated with not have a COGS option on the POS. I've been using Stitch Labs. While they might be a great alternative, they are expensive and do not offer phone support, unless you're paying them a ridiculous amount. I do like the ability to enter a purchase order with the cost of goods, but I continuously have issue with their inventory not keeping corre...

Oct 27 2017 by John. S
Is Shopify POS really going anywhere???

After a really promising start and great intentions am I the only one wondering what the roadmap for shopify POS is? We put considerable effort in migrating from Vend last year as we thought that Shopify POS would be a real winner but now i am not so sure. We raised a number of issues and are still waiting for a response on any of them! Andrew and co. seem to be periodic visitors to this forum ...

Feb 1 2017 by Douglas
How can I make scan-able discount codes for my POS, I want to make physi...

I know how to create a discount online and I know how to give a discount on POS but I would love to figure out how I can make a scan-able barcode that I can scan so it takes the discount off the cart automatically, you know like at the grocery store. We have a set up where you buy a "Tour Ticket" which is $5 and I want the ticket to have a coupon on the back for $5 off a $20 or more purchase...

Feb 18 2018 by Ari Yahalom
Any way to capture online order payment using POS?

Hello there, My business invlose customer ordering  stuff online but without paying upfrone.   When the item was delivered, my delivery man will collect either cash or credit payment.  Right now, we have the POS swipe hardware to capturing credit card  on delivery. However, this is just creating an new order  in the POS channel, instead of completing the online order.  Then we are left ...

Feb 5 2018 by Sara Ward
Sopify Pos illegal in France since first of january ... please Help !!!

Can Shopify team hepl french users, delivring an agreement of use in France ? Indeed since the new law for POS systems, shopify Pos' use can be a problem for merchant here in France. Here I rely a post I found on the forum which need an answer, Please : " As Shopify Partners in France, we would love to offer POS to our French clients. However, the French government has recently pass...

Feb 5 2018 by Thomas Borowski
POS iPad beep if barcode not recognised

Hey everyone, I wanted to see if there was any way to have the iPad beep if a scanned barcode is not recognised?  We have over 1500 items in our store and would like the ability for the POS to beep in the event the iPad can't read a barcode.  Right now the scanner beeps as normal, and the employee must carefully check the screen to make sure everything is added properly.  This would help imp...

Feb 3 2018 by John
stocking in products, COG, SKU

Hi, We have a clothes shop and an online store. We currently run, vend as our pos and shopify as our ecommerce. We are looking to stream line things and move onto one platform for everything. I have been reviewing shopifys pos, and while it is a attractive product, i have found a few issues on the back office side of it.  Currently on vend, we are able to stock a product in, add the co...

Jan 25 2018 by Clement
Pros and Cons for the POS

What are the Pros and Cons for a POS with Shopify?

Jan 25 2018 by Matt
Automatically delete styles once they are sold

I run a vintage store and I have a bulk of product that I sell in store only (that is only available on my POS) and I have key collections that I feature online. The products that are POS only are organized Product Types and Price points. ie. Women's LS Blouses...$18, $20, etc... The products that are online are one of a kind and of course offered both in store and online. That said, once...

Jan 25 2018 by Alex
What are the Top advertising solutions for brick & mortar stores

Brick & mortar advertising in the digital age is a huge challenge. But there are some amazing new solutions bridging the digital divide between online customers, who want to shop in brick and mortar stores, and us, the real world retailers themselves. So we're starting of creating a list of the best, cheapest, most effective advertising and marketing options we can find. A list we'd like...

Jan 12 2018 by Kate - bnkle.com
Bricks & Mortar Shop in the US

Hello, This is not strictly a question about Shopify POS but I was hoping to get an idea of general costs of running a bricks & mortar shop in the US from store owners. I appreicate different locations have varying costs but looking for info relating to costs that are specific to premises. Here in the UK there are certain costs involved such as business rates, water rates etc and wond...

Jan 23 2018 by Kate - bnkle.com
We're seriously considering switching to Lightspeed. Can anyone convince...

We've been using Shopify POS for over a year now and although we like the look and feel of it, it has a few shortcomings that have caused major headaches for our accountant and the technical issues we've found and brought to support's attention have been treated as 'feature requests' which may never actually be fixed. Major problem #1: Incorrect Sales Totals in Reports We charge out product...

Jan 22 2018 by Kate - bnkle.com
Using Shopify POS in France and Europe

As Shopify Partners in France, we would love to offer POS to our French clients. However, the French government has recently passed a set of laws on point of sale systems in an effort to reduce tax fraud, and they will be put into effect on January 2018.  Unfortunately, a lot of POS software out there enables merchants to permanently delete or edit transactions, enabling them to retrieve cas...

Jan 22 2018 by sullizer
Need to be able to check PHYSICAL Gift Card balance for customers

I only sell physical gift cards as of right now. I offer the ecards, but they aren't being purchased. The problem we have is when they are given as gifts often times the giver doesn't tell the customer how much is on there. Or, they use only part of the balance and then forget what their balance is.  Is there an easy way for us to check with the Shopify POS system, or can they check someplace o...

Jan 21 2018 by Kate - bnkle.com
Shopify POS for Affiliates

Hello,   is there an way to get multiple accounts for POS to see who was sell the Items? We would like to give Affiliates access to our POS.   Thanks for your Answers. Lukas

Jan 20 2018 by Alicia D.
New Feature Request: Different Pricing For POS vs Online and Inventory ...

We sell at events and have different pricing for POS vs online.  We currently have to duplicate the online products and classify them POS sale only and change the price.  We can’t use discount codes for the online product because there’s too many variants in the pricing on products online.  We set our price to one for all products at the events for POS.   What would be GREAT is if the inv...

Jan 16 2018 by Kate - bnkle.com