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Tipping Feature - Adding Tips to Checkout on POS g22

I believe a big feature is missing here. Allow customers to tip similar to Square Register. When a service is added to the checkout the system should ask for a tip as Square does.Right now this is the only feature holding us back from using Shopify.Please guys get this feature going!Thanks!

Oct 6 2017 by Shane Starr
Inventory for each location g36

The new POS looks and feels awesome - nice start!We have 4 locations... and 4 individual inventories. Locations seems useless without inventory control? Or how does Shopify POS users with 2+ locations handle inventory?/Kim

Sep 16 2017 by The Prosperous Shop
Staff account PINs not working!

I just upgraded our Shopify account up to the "retail package" so we could track sales by representative (and use the cool little cash register, too!). But none of our staff is able to log into the POS using their PINs. The screen just shakes, erases the entry and requests the PIN again. I have been talking to support about this, but the issue is still unresolved. I am wondering: a) if ot...

Oct 20 2017 by Eric Winston
Loosing Bluetooth connection

We have had problems keeping our iPads paired with our Shopify supplied label printer, barcode reader, and credit card readers.  What was an occasional problem has become a crisis where we need to force quit and/or re-boot our iPads multiple times a day. Areother people having this problem?

Oct 19 2017 by Matt

We use the Star Micronics TSP650ii printer purchased directly from Shopify. For over a year, the printer has worked fine. On Monday, we updated the iOS and now both the tap, chip, & swipe card reader as well as the printer disconnect over and over and over again. I thought maybe the card reader was a dud or something, so I switched to the new Shopify branded card reader and it works and ...

Oct 19 2017 by Samantha Palmer
Shopify falling way behind Square

With Square's introduction of contactless / chip / NFC reader AND debit cards in Canada, the old shopify swipe reader is looking tired and costs more per transaction 2.7% vs 2.65% for Square. What is Shopify doing to keep up? What new POS options are coming? The US shopify stores at least have other options, which is sad considering shopify is a Canadian company.    

Oct 17 2017 by Randy Spearing
Searching customer and order notes

It would be great if when searching on the CUSTOMERS or ORDERS page, the search included the notes field of the individual customer or order. I use the notes feature to keep track of all kinds of things. The tags feature works for a different kind of grouping. I want to search for a customer/order by a certain reference I made in the notes field.  

Oct 16 2017 by Remo Giuffre
New Feature Request: Different Pricing For POS vs Online and Inventory ...

We sell at events and have different pricing for POS vs online.  We currently have to duplicate the online products and classify them POS sale only and change the price.  We can’t use discount codes for the online product because there’s too many variants in the pricing on products online.  We set our price to one for all products at the events for POS.   What would be GREAT is if the inv...

Oct 12 2017 by Darren Moore
Can you reassign a barcode?

My question is, if I assign a UPC barcodes let’s say to a t-shirt and later after selling a few find out it’s not a great seller and decide to discontinue the design and delete the product from my store.  Can I reuse that UPC numbers on a new t-shirt?  We are planning to sell with other online retailers and provide them with the UPC codes.  I am assuming that if I discontinued product and if it...

Oct 12 2017 by Darren Moore
New Shopify Chip and Card Reader BLUETOOTH SECURITY

Hi. I'm new. I'm also a computer networking and security professional in my day job. My wife has a Shopify store and we're very interested in the new chip/card reader for POS transactions. What can you tell me about how secure the bluetooth connection is between the reader and the paired mobile phone/tablet? I want to know that it's secure, unbreakable, safe, non-toxic, etc. against hackers ...

Oct 9 2017 by AlanCNW
Cost of Goods

So, obviously many of us are a little frustrated with not have a COGS option on the POS. I've been using Stitch Labs. While they might be a great alternative, they are expensive and do not offer phone support, unless you're paying them a ridiculous amount. I do like the ability to enter a purchase order with the cost of goods, but I continuously have issue with their inventory not keeping corre...

Oct 9 2017 by jacob n masters
Constant Credit Card Declines

Is anyone else having this problem?? It seems like at least 25% of all our transactions get declined (from people I know have the money). If anyone is even remotely from out of town/state/country, it's pretty much guaranteed to decline them. Is there anything we can do to stop this from happening? It's embarassing on our end and we're losing numerous sales.

Oct 6 2017 by John
mPOP all in one harware

Hello, I am interested in getting the mPOP basic all in one printer/cash drawer but the shopify hardware store lists model 39650210 which is an old outdated model that has been replaced with the 39650211. It is the same as far as I can tell but does anyone know if it is compatable with the shopify POS using an ipad?

Oct 6 2017 by Mac Vapes
Cash sale rounding

There appears to be posts re this from a few years ago now but nothing current. Can't see how to do this still??? Is this going to me made available or has everyone just given up on this feature?

Oct 5 2017 by Mac Vapes
Shopify App shows sales for day, but does not include discounts, why?

When I look at the gross sales for the day in the app, it does not reduce the amount by the discounts on the transactions. Quite annoying seeing $2000 in sales when it might acutally be $1600. Makes this feature almost useless. Any way to fix this? (it should be default too)

Sep 21 2017 by Clement
Issue with partial refunds and partial payments on orders

I've run into an issue where the "take payment" button for partially paid orders disappears after a partial refund has been issued, even if there is a remaining outstanding balance. The "Mark as Paid" button also disappears on desktop. I have a cheque in my hand waiting to be applied to an active order with an outstanding balance but I have no way of applying the payment. I was told by Shopi...

Jun 28 2017 by Clement
Switching Users in POS

With the new update it is now a complete pain in the a$$ to switch between users! Before you simply hit the menu in upper left hand corner and logged out then a new user typed their pin and logged in. Now, you have to hit store at the bottom, logout, Type new number, hit checkout. What was the point in changing this?!    Also, why have you not made it so every employee can NOT see busines...

Jun 24 2017 by Clement
We're seriously considering switching to Lightspeed. Can anyone convince...

We've been using Shopify POS for over a year now and although we like the look and feel of it, it has a few shortcomings that have caused major headaches for our accountant and the technical issues we've found and brought to support's attention have been treated as 'feature requests' which may never actually be fixed. Major problem #1: Incorrect Sales Totals in Reports We charge out product...

May 25 2017 by Clement
Multiple registers in one location

sorry if I am repeating another post, but I didn't see a specific response to what I was looking for.  I have a retail location that I use shopify POS at, and would like to have two different registers in the store using the same backend. I understand I could assign each iPad their own "location", but is there a way to have each with their own sales/totals for the day? Is that something I wo...

May 17 2017 by Clement
Online Store does not keep sequential order numbering when POS is instal...

If you have an Online Store and POS on Shopify you will have noticed by now that each of these 'locations' numbers their orders separately (POS with a '#1-' prefix). So far so good, as it allows you to track orders coming from each location. And for book-keeping issues it is not a problem as (at least in the UK) you can keep invoice 'series' as long as each one is numbered sequentially. The pro...

Apr 18 2017 by TILT Makeup