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Tipping Feature - Adding Tips to Checkout on POS g21

I believe a big feature is missing here. Allow customers to tip similar to Square Register. When a service is added to the checkout the system should ask for a tip as Square does.Right now this is the only feature holding us back from using Shopify.Please guys get this feature going!Thanks!

Yesterday by Caroline Vaught
Inventory for each location g35

The new POS looks and feels awesome - nice start!We have 4 locations... and 4 individual inventories. Locations seems useless without inventory control? Or how does Shopify POS users with 2+ locations handle inventory?/Kim

Aug 10 2017 by The Prosperous Shop
Add a customer to a completed POS order g10

I need add an existing or new Customer to an existing Order? Our POS staff sometimes forget to add customers to an order at POS and we need the update the data for our loyalty program. It would be good to be able to do this on POS iPad or in admin. Currently we have to put a note against a customer of $ spend and run reports and add them up manually to get total Customer spend.Big Pain! I ho...

Jul 28 2017 by Scott Wilson
POS discount codes? g8

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a few standard discount codes in Shopify POS? Currently, we have to type in the name of a code (eg "employee purchase") and then type in the percentage discount. And we have to do that anew with each order... It would save time and provide for better tracking to have a dropdown list of available discount codes in the Shopify POS cart screen. Thanks

Jul 27 2017 by lowertownwine Admin
Bluetooth cash drawer

Any chance the BluePRO® Bluetooth Enabled Cash Drawer will work with Shopify POS without a receipt printer? Would make the system much more portable. http://www.cashdrawer.com/mobile-solutions/bluepro-bluetooth-cash-drawers/?_vsrefdom=adwords&_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=CjwKCAjw2s_MBRA5EiwAmWIacwy_SIGgGtybEuGca-4Uag97hKkyxmNUpG-08BimMcmct57UbTLylRoCKTgQAvD_BwE  

Yesterday by Alexa
POS priceing different than online pricing

How to set two prices for each product.  ie. online pricing for product X is 100 retail (POS) price is 120    is there any app can do this ? 

Yesterday by Alexa
Can I customize the template of POS invoices and receipts ?

I wonder if I can customize the template of POS invoices and recipts as I want to translate all words to another language (Arabic) ?

Aug 18 2017 by Ibrahim Khan
Using Shopify card reader for sales in poor wi-fi signal buildings

Anyone any suggestions for boosting the signal in a steel clad building?  I'm doing a sale in a military drill shed which is steel framed.  Dubious about the signal for my card reader and wondered if anyone had any suggestions.   There will not be a router in the building Many thanks Paul

Aug 18 2017 by paulloseby
The new chip/swipe reader: what are those little white pad things?

I got my new chip/swipe card reader in the mail today.  I'm happy!  But, in the box along with the charger, cable, reader and box there are two flat white plastic things that look like pads of some kind....  screen protectors or something.  Double sided tape pads?  What in heck are they?  I watched the introductory video that listed everything in the box and it didn't mention these things. 

Aug 17 2017 by Sharon
Ipad hardware question

we're just getting started with shopify pos at our retail store. any thoughts on using ipad mini versus ipad? Or any hardware tips for the setup process would be most welcome. thx, michael

Aug 15 2017 by Ann
Out of Stock item can be sell on POS

I need your help, how can I set up to don't check out product that is Out of Stock in the POS Application. I want that automated the app doesnt permit to the staff to sell products that are Out of Stock in the Application Do you have any idea?

Aug 13 2017 by Edgardo Marin
Scanning barcode at checkout not working

Has anyone experienced automatically generating barcodes and then when you scan the barcode at checkout the price of the product is not reflected, but the barcode is?  Ex: barcode number is 123456. Product is priced at $20. When scanned in checkout, the sale amount is $123,456 instead of the actual price. 

Aug 13 2017 by Leslie Turner
POS Currency

Hi: I want to know, in my store all the prices are in USD, but I want to know if there the way to change the currency for only one client durring the check-out to another currency. And if I could print the invoice in that currency, IN THE POS, not in a webpage. Thanks

Aug 10 2017 by Edgardo Marin
Any way to capture online order payment using POS?

Hello there, My business invlose customer ordering  stuff online but without paying upfrone.   When the item was delivered, my delivery man will collect either cash or credit payment.  Right now, we have the POS swipe hardware to capturing credit card  on delivery. However, this is just creating an new order  in the POS channel, instead of completing the online order.  Then we are left ...

Aug 10 2017 by Brett Gray
can we have an 'exclude from discounts' button please

Ok, so something some of us have asked for for a while, can we have an 'exclude from discounts' button under either the 'edit product' or 'bulk actions' buttons on the 'products' bit of the POS site. so here is the problem.... we want to host a 48 hr flash sale and offer 30% off discount, but we have about 1000 products on our inventory, and some of those are already on special offer or s...

Aug 9 2017 by Julia
How do you pair multiple cash drawer POS systems on the same network?

We want to add a second till to the shop - cash drawer, iPad, barcode scanner - the whole lot. But the iPad automatically finds the cash drawer on the network so how do you ensure the iPad pairs with the right cash drawer?

Aug 3 2017 by Jade
Shopify POS and online store have inventory quantities that are not matc...

We have both a brick and mortar using shopify POS and an online store.  On occasion we have 2 left of an item and if we sell one on shopify POS it will say inventory is 0 but online it says we have 1 left which is accurate.  Why would there be this discrepency?  It has happened a few times now and my staff sees the 0 and doesn't restock the item.   Thanks! Christine

Jul 28 2017 by Troy DeRego
Cost of Goods

So, obviously many of us are a little frustrated with not have a COGS option on the POS. I've been using Stitch Labs. While they might be a great alternative, they are expensive and do not offer phone support, unless you're paying them a ridiculous amount. I do like the ability to enter a purchase order with the cost of goods, but I continuously have issue with their inventory not keeping corre...

Jul 26 2017 by Jeremy Simon
New Version is Very Slow - possible to downgrade?

With the new POS app dated 6/23/17, our clerks have reported that it is much slower than before.  There is significant lag time with about every action.  You can often even see the delay when just entering the PIN to login to the app.  The "Ultimate Special Offers" app that we use has also been rendered pretty much useless since it takes about 10 times longer to process than before (we have a m...

Jul 20 2017 by Sara Balderas
Constant Credit Card Declines

Is anyone else having this problem?? It seems like at least 25% of all our transactions get declined (from people I know have the money). If anyone is even remotely from out of town/state/country, it's pretty much guaranteed to decline them. Is there anything we can do to stop this from happening? It's embarassing on our end and we're losing numerous sales.

Jul 19 2017 by Joe