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Tipping Feature - Adding Tips to Checkout on POS g23

I believe a big feature is missing here. Allow customers to tip similar to Square Register. When a service is added to the checkout the system should ask for a tip as Square does.Right now this is the only feature holding us back from using Shopify.Please guys get this feature going!Thanks!

May 28 2018 by Jason

Hi,  The shopify pos app has been really slow in completing orders and printing receipts (takes about 1 min for receipt to print once you have clicked “charge”). I have attached a screenshot of what comes up on the app. https://imgur.com/a/sCFJJ I have a stable and fast internet connection. It is also happening in all 9 locations I have this app running at. So it is app related, not...

Today by Cameron
Hiding Sales From Staff Members

Is there anyway to hide what the POS has done daily from staff members?  I don't really think it is all of my staff's business what every day's sales are and I haven't found a way to hide it.

Today by John
Any one in New Zealand using Shopify POS?

If you are using the Shopify POS system in New Zealand, I want to know how you are using it.  Have you got the POS app talking to an eftpos terminal via bluetooth?  Do you just manually put in the Credit Card details? Or do you use the Shopify Card reader?  Who is your gateway provider?  Just gathering information to stay informed on how New Zealand retailers use the POS system. 

Jul 15 2018 by tommac99
Desktop POS Solution

Has shopify made any headway with a desktop POS solution? I have multiple companies utilizing shopify web based sales and the only thing holding us back from the POS opportunities is the limited use of Apple devices. While for small business the iPad may be just fine but what about medium to large business? We do large volume on 9 registers during our busy season and these little iPads will not...

Jul 11 2018 by John Biggs
Displays the price of the product on the product list [POS]

Hello, I have consider, Why is price of my products don't display in listing products of your POS app. how can i set up to display price of products in products list. Please email me if you are interested! Thanks, Quynh

Jul 11 2018 by Ted
iPad product limits

Recently found out the ipad 2018 32gb has a product limit of 5000, has anyone gone over this? We have approx. 20000 products to add. Support have just said they dont recommend going over the pos product limits. Seems the limit is due to performance, it would be nice for a web based version of the POS so we can run it on a PC, even a fully functional android version would be nice...

Jul 11 2018 by M C
Shopify POS requests

In Ontario, Canada, where Shopify is based I have a retail store and I'd like to use Shopify POS, but two things make me hesitant 1) There's no easy way to raise the price for a service "product". Example: I repair someone's gold ring. I want to select the product "Repair Ring" and enter a variable price because I can charge $50 to $500. Depnends on the work. 2) I'm surprised that there i...

Jun 30 2018 by RegisterOne
Shopify POS Hardware for sale

Hello, I live in Memphis, TN and bought my Shopify POS hardware a few months back. I ended up closing my website store (which used Shopify) before I was able to use my hardware and therefore, I no longer need the system for my brick and mortar store. The hardware has been unwrapped and taken out of it's orginial packaging but has never been used! I have a card reader, cash drawer, receipt pr...

Jun 22 2018 by Rebecca Buck
A WooCommerce website in placed - Can we still use Shopify POS?

Hi, i am helping my client to setup a Woocommerce website to kick off his e-retail business. He is considering using Shopify POS - is that possible to link 2 different things together? Please advised.  I have also came across. WooCommerce as the Front End Shopify as the Backend https://wordpress.org/plugins/connect-shopify-and-woocommerce/  I've also just discover this - https://...

Jun 22 2018 by BrandonSPX
POS Orders Appearing Unfulfilled and Sending Shipping Notifications

This has been happening for a few weeks: POS is listing orders as unfulfilled: randomly. They arrive on the back end as unfulfilled orders when indeed they were fulfilled in store at POS.  There also seems to be a bug with order notifications - Shopify POS is randomly sending shipment confirmation emails. They made a purchase in store and took the items with them - nothing was shipped. 

Jun 21 2018 by Walter Manning
Constant Credit Card Declines

Is anyone else having this problem?? It seems like at least 25% of all our transactions get declined (from people I know have the money). If anyone is even remotely from out of town/state/country, it's pretty much guaranteed to decline them. Is there anything we can do to stop this from happening? It's embarassing on our end and we're losing numerous sales.

Jun 21 2018 by BrandonSPX
POS for Switzerland

Dear Shopify Forum Have a few questions before i start with Shopify. I have a physical store in Switzerland where i would like to add a complete Shopify POS System with a Webshop. Is there a function for Customer Relationship Management CRM? What about ERP, to analyse sales and more? Can i get all this hardware for POS from Shopify? iPads Cash Register Creditcard Reader ...

Jun 16 2017 by Christophe Truchet
Using Shopify in Switzerland

Hello. I currently have an online a physical shop here in Switzerland. I use Squarespace for my online store and Sum Up to process payments in my shop. I love the idea of stremlining everything by using Shopify though it looks like there are several obstacles - does anyone have any experience with this? I know payments can not be processed by Shopify and I'd need to use an outside payment proce...

Jun 14 2018 by t.w.
Shopify POS Hardware for sale

Hi, I live in Quebec City, Canada, and I'm closing my brick and mortar store. Is there anybody interested in buying the POS hardware (printer, cash drawer and barcode scanner)? Kind regards, Marlus

Jun 14 2018 by Thien Pham
Order Numbers

Hi, Placing a few test orders, I can see using the Shopify POS system the order numbers have a prefix (based on location), followed by an order number. I only have one physical location, and was wondering if I can have the order number follow my online store order number, so it continues sequentially? Also is there anyway to change the location prefix number? For example, my orders are...

Jun 13 2018 by Alex Russell
Add Draft Order to POS Cart

Is there any way possible that using the Shopify POS SDK I can add a Shopify Draft Order to the POS cart for the customer to pay in store?

Jun 5 2018 by Tim_Miller
Inventory app recommednation

Hi, I'm looking for some recommendations on an inventory add on. I've used the regular Shopify inventory with POS, but I'm looking for somethign more robust. I would like to track inventory, record sales, and have reporting capabilities. Thanks

Jun 4 2018 by fizeto512
Scannable Discount Codes

The latest iOS update for POS says this in the What’s New: “Hardware barcode scanner can now be used to add discount codes”.  There is no other information on this new feature so I emailed Shopify support.  Here is what they said: "So since this is a new feature there are some limitation right now while our developers work out some things and to improve it. Currently the discount codes onl...

May 25 2018 by Joshua Barraza
Year End Inventory Count - manual?!

We only do inventory once a year for our year end and it is cruicial it is accurate.  With roughly 8,000 Skus the thought of doing a manual inventory almost makes me sick.  The time it would take and the human error possibilities??  With barcodes on everything and scanners in the store there must be a better option?  Please help.  This conversion has not gone well at all for us and we are ju...

May 24 2018 by The Prosperous Shop