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Shipping Does Not Default to UK

So there was a good update to the shipping part of the POS app recently, which now doesn't automatically default my location as the address town, which is great as 99% of my use of this is for external orders from further away from my store. However one of the mandatory fields is Country, this does not auto select when you click next to keep filling out the details, and doesn't default to my...

Yesterday by Freddie
POS setup and receipts

Hi there I am looking for the pace to edit receipts for the POS and there seems to be a link missing. From my search, I see that I am supposed to go to Shopify POS, the Store the receipts. However, when I click on Shopify POS in the store backend, I get a setup page. There is no store link. The POS was added to the store by someone other than myself, and I have never done this before. Have w...

Dec 11 2018 by Nick
POS System for Sale

I have most of the POS system to run your Shopify store.  Items Included... Retail Card Reader (Lightning) Micro USB Cable Windfall IPad Air Stand (Black) IPAD (White) 1D Barcode Scanner (Grey) Barcode Printer Barcode Labels Barcode Scanner Charging Cradle Wireless Receipt Printer (Black) Can email me jenny@loveandsweat.net for more info.

Dec 11 2018 by Ted
staff user settings to allow use of POS mobile app on iphones?

We have been using the shopify POS app in our brick/mortar shop for the last 6 months, using an ipad on our counter.  We would now like to be able to check out 2 customers simultaneously by having one staff member using the ipad and another staff member using an iphone.  We have the ipad set up with connected card swipe unit and we also have a separate wireless card swipe unit on the back count...

Dec 10 2018 by Nick
Shopify POS Feedback From The Trenches!

Hey Guys, We switched from Vend for a week-long consumer show (crazy busy) and here's some feedback: Allow us to CHECK/EDIT customer info on a completed sale (needed this many times) Allow us to ADD a customer to a completed sale (needed this many times) Allow bank paymnts (EFTPOS) on external terminals (currently credit cards only) Refresh button to force-sync stock/order/custom...

Dec 8 2018 by cmscss
Adding a customer to an existing order or associating existing customer ...

If an employee fails to add customer info when creating an order manually, how can you go back and add the customer? Or if you already have the customer info due to a previous sale, how can you, after the additional sale, associate that sale with the existing customer? Problem was created when a manual sale was done over the phone. Shipping info was taken but not customer info. I need to ass...

Dec 8 2018 by cmscss
Missing POS sales

Me again.   So we've had some issue with our internet connection in our shop of late.  Sometimes we get the very slow connection and the Restart/Cancel option - if we hit restart this allows us to complete the sale and provides us with a #1-#### reference instead of our (currently) four digit reference. On Tuesday we had three transactions which struggled to through in the standard way...

Dec 7 2018 by Ted
POS SDK vs App Bridge

Is the new App Bridge replacing the Shopify POS SDK. The app bridge docs make it sound that way, however my POS app doesnt work well when using App Bridge.

Nov 30 2018 by JoshHighland
Shopify POS - Override Prices or Categorize Quick Sales

We run a flower and gift shop and we have just implented Shopify as the POS system.  Once it was put into place we quickly discovered a MAJOR problem.  We need the ability to either categorize Quick Sales or override Sale Prices.   We sell flower bouquets for a variety of prices and there is not an opportunity to enter them into inventory and then relieve them.  We of course have discovered ...

Nov 28 2018 by Joshua Barraza
Brick & Mortar Quicksale Needs by Collection or Product Type

Hello, I run a brick and mortar boutique that merges curated vintage with emerging brands. I currently run square - which I Love because it's free AND because I DO NOT have to enter a price for every good and I don't have a big online presence because, I don't. My business is set up with a bulk of goods in store with a featured collection of best items by collection uploaded weekly and mo...

Nov 28 2018 by Patrick Armstrong
Order Numbers

Hi, Placing a few test orders, I can see using the Shopify POS system the order numbers have a prefix (based on location), followed by an order number. I only have one physical location, and was wondering if I can have the order number follow my online store order number, so it continues sequentially? Also is there anyway to change the location prefix number? For example, my orders are...

Nov 23 2018 by Bogdan Marin
Afterpay support

Can you please build this into the POS! A lot of customers requsting this!

Nov 22 2018 by Peter
Online Store does not keep sequential order numbering when POS is instal...

If you have an Online Store and POS on Shopify you will have noticed by now that each of these 'locations' numbers their orders separately (POS with a '#1-' prefix). So far so good, as it allows you to track orders coming from each location. And for book-keeping issues it is not a problem as (at least in the UK) you can keep invoice 'series' as long as each one is numbered sequentially. The pro...

Nov 22 2018 by Bogdan Marin
Access POS Returns via API

Hi, Is there any way to access POS returns via API? Thank you.

Nov 21 2018 by Debbie

Hi,  The shopify pos app has been really slow in completing orders and printing receipts (takes about 1 min for receipt to print once you have clicked “charge”). I have attached a screenshot of what comes up on the app. https://imgur.com/a/sCFJJ I have a stable and fast internet connection. It is also happening in all 9 locations I have this app running at. So it is app related, not...

Aug 21 2018 by Robert Hamilton

Hello, I would like to be able to control which sales channels my products are available on while importing. My products need to be available on the POS as soon as they are created but should not available online immediately. With the current "Published" field I can only have available everywhere or nowhere (True or False).  I contacted shopify support and was told that this change was ma...

Nov 16 2018 by Max
Different Price for POS and Online

I have seen some old posts for this topic and wanted to know if we can have 2 different prices for the same product -  For Example - online we would sell a product for EUR 12 and in POS we would sell a product for EUR 10.  There has to be some way we can do this. I do not want to create duplicate products otherwise it will cause problems with the inventory. 

Nov 16 2018 by Dallas
Weight-based pricing for POS

Hello, We retail our products in-store in bulk and sell everything by weight (grams), making no two sales exactly alike. Our unit cost, in some cases, is less than $0.01/gram, or requires pricing to 4 decimal points to reflect our unit pricing in Quickbooks. I have 2 questions about the POS system: 1) Can Shopify support weight based pricing to 4 decimal points?; 2) Alternatively, can Sho...

Nov 15 2018 by Don
order.location in POS and Mobile Receipt notification?

Hello - We are trying to customize our POS and Mobile Receipt in Notifications using the available liquid variables. Instead of showing the shop.address on the POS Receipt Notification we would like to display the actual address assigned to the POS location (so the physical address of the B&M instead of the main Shopify shop/account address). We have tried to use the order.location liqui...

Nov 6 2018 by Rosemarie
Some POS App Settings Not Persisted Between Logins

For some reason our store was logged out completely from the POS app. When logging back in to the POS app I noticed that some information is not persisted between shop logins (store logins/outs not cashier pin logins/outs).  For Canadian merchants using a Moneris terminal, if you logout of the store and log back in, the Moneris Terminal is disabled as a payment type and you have to re-enable...

Nov 1 2018 by Joshua Barraza