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Inventory for each location g34

The new POS looks and feels awesome - nice start!We have 4 locations... and 4 individual inventories. Locations seems useless without inventory control? Or how does Shopify POS users with 2+ locations handle inventory?/Kim

Yesterday by The Prosperous Shop
Tipping Feature - Adding Tips to Checkout on POS g19

I believe a big feature is missing here. Allow customers to tip similar to Square Register. When a service is added to the checkout the system should ask for a tip as Square does.Right now this is the only feature holding us back from using Shopify.Please guys get this feature going!Thanks!

May 4 2017 by Helpful Human
We're seriously considering switching to Lightspeed. Can anyone convince...

We've been using Shopify POS for over a year now and although we like the look and feel of it, it has a few shortcomings that have caused major headaches for our accountant and the technical issues we've found and brought to support's attention have been treated as 'feature requests' which may never actually be fixed. Major problem #1: Incorrect Sales Totals in Reports We charge out product...

Today by Clement
POS Receipts and Austrian Law

Hi all, I live in Austria an beginning April 2017 all retail payment receipts must follow new regulations. I love shopify and I can recommend it to a few dozen of businesses as POS solution, in addition to their online shops, but these regulations pose some problems. The government saw an opportunity to stop the circumvention of tax fraud and requires all retail cash systems to follow new...

Yesterday by Thomas Wiesner
creating products from existing barcodes

is there a way to scan an existing barcode on a product & have that information load into a new product page? we are just setting up shopify with the pos for our bricks & mortar homewares & gift store, but have around 2000 existing products, so trying to avoid manually entering every single piece of information for each unique product.  what is the most efficient way to enter ...

May 23 2017 by Aaron B
Multiple registers in one location

sorry if I am repeating another post, but I didn't see a specific response to what I was looking for.  I have a retail location that I use shopify POS at, and would like to have two different registers in the store using the same backend. I understand I could assign each iPad their own "location", but is there a way to have each with their own sales/totals for the day? Is that something I wo...

May 17 2017 by Clement
How do I set up a vendor booth/trunk show at sporting events/parking lot...

Hey there! I sell clothing and accessories for swimmers and water polo players. I want to start selling my products in person. My online sales are doing well, and my brand has a great customer/fan base. I have been getting many requests from customers to come out to their tournaments and swim meets and set up a table to sell merchandise/hold trunk shows. I know I would be able to ma...

May 17 2017 by Rory
Can No Longer Issue Store Credit to an Order with a Split Payment?

I have an order that was paid partially in store credit and partially with a credit card. I want to refund the entire amount of the order (both the SC and the CC) to store credit. The only option POS is giving me is to refund the Store Credit back to Store Credit and the CC charge back to the card.  This was definitely a feature that Shopify POS used to have as I have used it many times befo...

May 16 2017 by Amy
Another Card Reader

I am a contractor from Switzerland. We have a shop with an old POS. I really liked the Shopify POS so far. Unfortunately i have read that the card readers are not supported in Switzerland. That's why I want to know, if we can use other card readers from Switzerland. We would like to use the one we already have from Aduno. Is there any chance to integrate this card reader to the POS App, so we d...

May 15 2017 by t.w.
POS for Switzerland

Dear Shopify Forum Have a few questions before i start with Shopify. I have a physical store in Switzerland where i would like to add a complete Shopify POS System with a Webshop. Is there a function for Customer Relationship Management CRM? What about ERP, to analyse sales and more? Can i get all this hardware for POS from Shopify? iPads Cash Register Creditcard Reader ...

May 15 2017 by t.w.
Unrecognized bar code

Has anybody else had problem with getting an error message of an unrecognized bar code for a valid bar code.  I just got a second ipad and installed the pos.  On the new pos, I have gotten this issue, but on the old ipad the bar code works fine.  When I go to do a search to manual do the transaction, it doesn't find the item. I have updated the os and pos software. I contacted tec support and t...

May 13 2017 by Tiger Lee
Tap, Chip, and Swipe Card Reader Reviews

For those of you with the Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader, how do you like it? We sell primarily online and with the recent changes in some iOS devices I'm going to have to go to the new Tap, Chip, and Swipe reader sooner than later. I was wondering of any issues you've had or any positives you've had.

May 11 2017 by AUSA National

I enabled the gift cards on my online store and pos. I have no problem with the ecards, but I ordered and received the physical ones...but cant for the life of me figure out how to purchase them on the ipad POS and not the ecard ones? Help?

May 6 2017 by Dale Pearsall
Is it possible to use a card reader to swipe in the Shopify admin?

We use the shopify admin to conduct business in person in a retail store. Is it possible to use something like a magtek card reader to swipe credit cards info into shopify payments without getting the keyed (online) entry rate? Better yet, would the shopify branded wireless bluetooth readers work for this application? The reason we use the admin for taking orders in person is that our bus...

May 2 2017 by Trevor M
Gift Receipt in POS no more?

I noticed on the most recent update that the gift receipt option is no longer available on the register. Is there a new area it is located or has this option been completely removed? Thank you!

May 1 2017 by Ari Yahalom
How to configure to checkouts

My store has 2 checkouts.  I will need to setup client mode because my modem is not close to my retail checkouts so I will attach an Apple Airport Express to my modem, and then I know I will need two more (one for each receipt printer).  My question is will the 2 Airports that are connected to the receipt printers both be able to "talk" to the Airport that's attached to the modem, or do they ea...

Apr 24 2017 by Michele Johanson
Cash sale rounding

There appears to be posts re this from a few years ago now but nothing current. Can't see how to do this still??? Is this going to me made available or has everyone just given up on this feature?

Apr 24 2017 by Lori Somerville
Using Shopify POS in France and Europe

As Shopify Partners in France, we would love to offer POS to our French clients. However, the French government has recently passed a set of laws on point of sale systems in an effort to reduce tax fraud, and they will be put into effect on January 2018.  Unfortunately, a lot of POS software out there enables merchants to permanently delete or edit transactions, enabling them to retrieve cas...

Apr 19 2017 by Maxim
Online Store does not keep sequential order numbering when POS is instal...

If you have an Online Store and POS on Shopify you will have noticed by now that each of these 'locations' numbers their orders separately (POS with a '#1-' prefix). So far so good, as it allows you to track orders coming from each location. And for book-keeping issues it is not a problem as (at least in the UK) you can keep invoice 'series' as long as each one is numbered sequentially. The pro...

Apr 18 2017 by TILT Makeup
scan some products and then edit price

we would like to scan the items on our store shelves and then edit each price as   needed at once or in batches can you help with that?

Apr 13 2017 by cbarber