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Tipping Feature - Adding Tips to Checkout on POS g18

I believe a big feature is missing here. Allow customers to tip similar to Square Register. When a service is added to the checkout the system should ask for a tip as Square does.Right now this is the only feature holding us back from using Shopify.Please guys get this feature going!Thanks!

Today by BecaaJay
POS discount codes? g7

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a few standard discount codes in Shopify POS? Currently, we have to type in the name of a code (eg "employee purchase") and then type in the percentage discount. And we have to do that anew with each order... It would save time and provide for better tracking to have a dropdown list of available discount codes in the Shopify POS cart screen. Thanks

Mar 22 2017 by Christina A.
Inventory for each location g31

The new POS looks and feels awesome - nice start!We have 4 locations... and 4 individual inventories. Locations seems useless without inventory control? Or how does Shopify POS users with 2+ locations handle inventory?/Kim

Mar 21 2017 by EPG POS Developer
Add a customer to a completed POS order g8

I need add an existing or new Customer to an existing Order? Our POS staff sometimes forget to add customers to an order at POS and we need the update the data for our loyalty program. It would be good to be able to do this on POS iPad or in admin. Currently we have to put a note against a customer of $ spend and run reports and add them up manually to get total Customer spend.Big Pain! I ho...

Mar 20 2017 by Wowpos
returning item for store credit g5

Sometimes customers will return items for store credit (not a refund). right now we are giving the customer a credit note/voucher which is ok, however there doesn't seem to be a way to return the item to store inventory. For instance lets say customer buys a dress for €100 in cash, and then wants to return it a week later for store credit. We can find the original transaction and would like to ...

Mar 8 2017 by Jennifer Abernathy
Online Store does not keep sequential order numbering when POS is instal...

If you have an Online Store and POS on Shopify you will have noticed by now that each of these 'locations' numbers their orders separately (POS with a '#1-' prefix). So far so good, as it allows you to track orders coming from each location. And for book-keeping issues it is not a problem as (at least in the UK) you can keep invoice 'series' as long as each one is numbered sequentially. The pro...

Mar 21 2017 by Clement
Searching customer and order notes

It would be great if when searching on the CUSTOMERS or ORDERS page, the search included the notes field of the individual customer or order. I use the notes feature to keep track of all kinds of things. The tags feature works for a different kind of grouping. I want to search for a customer/order by a certain reference I made in the notes field.  

Mar 20 2017 by Clement
How Does The POS System Handle Multiple UPCs?

I have contacted support three times now and wasted over two hours and have yet to get a representative who can even understand by question let alone answer it. I am having serious doubts about using Shopify for our company. It has been exceptionally and extraordianitly poor, it's quite shocking. The first rep actually straight out lied to me. 1) Is that typical here? 2) We would like to ...

Mar 15 2017 by Jeffrey Shelton
POS Receipts and Austrian Law

Hi all, I live in Austria an beginning April 2017 all retail payment receipts must follow new regulations. I love shopify and I can recommend it to a few dozen of businesses as POS solution, in addition to their online shops, but these regulations pose some problems. The government saw an opportunity to stop the circumvention of tax fraud and requires all retail cash systems to follow new...

Mar 12 2017 by Thomas Wiesner
Allocate stock on draft orders.

Okay, so we run a retail business and we operate with a third-party seller. We get an order, ship it out, get paid about 2-3 down the line for a bulk of orders in one go. We are creating draft orders so as we can see how many orders are outstanding to be paid, however, it does not appear to allocate the stock without you processing the transaction. Something we don't want to do until the mon...

Mar 9 2017 by Kasimir
Why can't I access iPad Register Reports via Admin Portal?

I don't understand why I cannot access my register reports from my various iPads via my main Shopify admin portal.  It is to my understanding, if I change an ipad register, update it, remove shopify pos from it in anyway, I can no longer access the data that was stored on that ipad register.  How is that possible?  Isn't all this in the 'cloud'? I should be able to log into my Shopify Admin ...

Mar 4 2017 by Andrew Morsell
Shopify payments in IOS Shopify POS

Hi all, Just starting configuring my shopify site and have a few questions with regards to the POS app. When i use the android version of the POS app i can checkout and select the shopify credit card payment option but when i use the IOS version of the app it doesnt show up and i can even turn it on as an option. btw im based in Australia. Also as im based in australia the shopify c...

Mar 4 2017 by Carly S.
Customize Email notifications to include the Shopify User who placed the...

Hi everyone, When one of my partners sells items in person, I receive an email notification that states "Someone placed a new order with your store".  I understand that since my partners are not entering any customer information, the system is simply adding "Someone" to the email template. For the in-person sales, I'm not interested in the customer name but would really like to know which...

Mar 1 2017 by Rob
2 iPads - one cash drawer. Possible?

I know this was previously not possible (2 years ago) but is it still the case? Can two POS apps on the same network share a cash drawer, and by implication, the register I suppose. Thanks R

Mar 1 2017 by Alexis
Large Images instead of list display on android tablet POS

I would like to see an image of my product with the price under it in my POS system in a grid fashion.  Right now it has a listing line instead of image grid and an image in the listing line so small that it is not easily distinguishible as to what it is and its without the price.  I have seen the POS video that shows images of the products in a grid format with pricing under each.  Is that onl...

Feb 28 2017 by Outdoorstockroom
Register area

Where does everyone keep the chip card reader at the register area?  Seems likely to be stolen if you have it laying around.  I saw the stand but it does not look very sturdy.

Feb 26 2017 by Matthew Crowell
Accepting Physical Payments in Hong Kong

Hello, Does anyone know how to acquire and use a shopify payment reader in Hong Kong to facilitate physical sales? Thx! 

Feb 22 2017 by Ana W
Printing Gift Card QR Codes

I have a lot of pre-printed gift cards that I want to use.  I can generate shopify gift card codes for these on a thermal label which we put on the back of the physical gift cards and we can then sell them by using the normal shopify gift card functionality and manually entering the codes at checkout to activate and redeem them. I can also get the label printing software to print a QR code a...

Feb 14 2017 by Gav R
Socket Mobile 1D

OKay, So I sell comic books/magazines/sports cards, etc.  Comics/magazines use UPC-A or EAN-13 + 5 code...  Just received my Socket Mobile scanner yesterday, hooked the system all up and it's not reading my EAN-13+5 codes....  I had an old wired scanner that I used with my PC for inventory and it came with a sheet that was very specific and said UPC/EAN add the 2/5 Extra Code.  On the Socket Mo...

Feb 9 2017 by Matthew Crowell
Change Payment Method Post Sale

We had a sale today that was part credit card and part check, and unfortunately, the clerk accidentally chose CASH instead of CHECK. He refunded the cash part so our cash drawer would balance, but now we need to add the check portion to CHECK. Please explain how this can be done. Thankfully this was the first time for us in over a year of using the POS, but surely this must be a common mistake....

Feb 9 2017 by St Benedict's