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Inventory for each location g34

The new POS looks and feels awesome - nice start!We have 4 locations... and 4 individual inventories. Locations seems useless without inventory control? Or how does Shopify POS users with 2+ locations handle inventory?/Kim

Jun 20 2017 by Sandra
POS discount codes? g8

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a few standard discount codes in Shopify POS? Currently, we have to type in the name of a code (eg "employee purchase") and then type in the percentage discount. And we have to do that anew with each order... It would save time and provide for better tracking to have a dropdown list of available discount codes in the Shopify POS cart screen. Thanks

Jun 18 2017 by Eddy
Tipping Feature - Adding Tips to Checkout on POS g19

I believe a big feature is missing here. Allow customers to tip similar to Square Register. When a service is added to the checkout the system should ask for a tip as Square does.Right now this is the only feature holding us back from using Shopify.Please guys get this feature going!Thanks!

Jun 7 2017 by Amy McWilliams
Credit Cards won't process

We are experiencing an increasing daily issue when running a charge card. The chip/tap/swipe reader and the POS screen says the charge is Processing but never completes the process. We've let it run for up to 5 minutes before Cancelling the charge. This is happening once or twice daily. Ultimately we have to Cancel the charge and run it as a Square. We have the Square app loaded on the same ipa...

Jun 26 2017 by Martha
Shopify POS and online store have inventory quantities that are not matc...

We have both a brick and mortar using shopify POS and an online store.  On occasion we have 2 left of an item and if we sell one on shopify POS it will say inventory is 0 but online it says we have 1 left which is accurate.  Why would there be this discrepency?  It has happened a few times now and my staff sees the 0 and doesn't restock the item.   Thanks! Christine

Jun 26 2017 by Raymond Bates
Version 4 (Regret or Happy)

Hi I would like to know is anyone enjoying the new update . -Pictures are smaller  -Quicksale location has moved  -Bottom tab  -Logging out of POS staff -Nice new sms iterface  -All new purple colour.   Let us know on your thoughts. Who regrets updating?  

Jun 26 2017 by Debbe Hamada
Not happy with the new POS update

I really dislike the UI in the new POS app for the following reasons: 1. The product titles are now much shorter. In fact most of my product titles are cutoff half way, so it's very hard to discern between some products which may have a similar title. 2. The product pictures are now much smaller, and even more rectangle. The images should be bigger and ideally a square aspect ratio (as th...

Jun 26 2017 by Super Goods
Your Shopify Payments account is on hold

Logged in today and got this message in my account no email from support Your Shopify Payments account is on hold We’re unable to deposit your Shopify Payments payouts into your bank account.

Jun 25 2017 by Trevor M
Shopify POS printers for ITALY - BLACK MARK!

Hello all. Unfortunately, receipts in Italy must be printed with black mark, and in double copy. Star Micronics models with black mark are TSP 700 series, which are not in the Shopify compatible printers list. Has ANYONE tested STAR MICRONICS TSP 700 series printers? I really would like to customize a retail package/POS for my temporary shopping events, but no one in Shopify can help. The on...

Jun 25 2017 by Marco Operti
Switching Users in POS

With the new update it is now a complete pain in the a$$ to switch between users! Before you simply hit the menu in upper left hand corner and logged out then a new user typed their pin and logged in. Now, you have to hit store at the bottom, logout, Type new number, hit checkout. What was the point in changing this?!    Also, why have you not made it so every employee can NOT see busines...

Jun 24 2017 by Clement
UK Postcode Address Lookup

I'm getting on really well with the POS App.  I suppose we are slightly unusual in that we use it to sell goods that we deliver to the Customer. One killer addition would be the integration of a UK Postcode Address Lookup function.  This would dramatically speed up the use of the App and cut down on bad address data being entered. We use Crafty Clicks Postcode lookup in our online store a...

Jun 23 2017 by Christopher Newman
Shopify payments in IOS Shopify POS

Hi all, Just starting configuring my shopify site and have a few questions with regards to the POS app. When i use the android version of the POS app i can checkout and select the shopify credit card payment option but when i use the IOS version of the app it doesnt show up and i can even turn it on as an option. btw im based in Australia. Also as im based in australia the shopify c...

Jun 21 2017 by Kenneth Tasker Collaborator
Apple Wallet for gift cards actually doesn't work?

I just upgraded my Shopify to enable gift cards, and notice you can add them to Apple Wallet. Awesome! I was excited about this because I am opening a brick and mortar in a few months and this is a cool feature to have. I bought a gift card from my website as a test (I don't like the proccess for gift cards... The customer gets an email that the order is being prepped and then immediently ge...

Jun 20 2017 by Alicja Buchowicz
Draft Orders on POS

It would be nice if Saved cart orders could be saved as draft  orders . That way saved orders can be accessed from any Device .    Also if the saved orders can be emailed to a customer as a   estimate or printed on the the star printer as an estimate .    I wonder if the is other business who experience a simirlar situation . 

Jun 18 2017 by Eddy
Issue with partial refunds and partial payments on orders

I've run into an issue where the "take payment" button for partially paid orders disappears after a partial refund has been issued, even if there is a remaining outstanding balance. The "Mark as Paid" button also disappears on desktop. I have a cheque in my hand waiting to be applied to an active order with an outstanding balance but I have no way of applying the payment. I was told by Shopi...

Jun 18 2017 by Eddy
POS for Switzerland

Dear Shopify Forum Have a few questions before i start with Shopify. I have a physical store in Switzerland where i would like to add a complete Shopify POS System with a Webshop. Is there a function for Customer Relationship Management CRM? What about ERP, to analyse sales and more? Can i get all this hardware for POS from Shopify? iPads Cash Register Creditcard Reader ...

Jun 16 2017 by Christophe Truchet
Config category to filter checkout

Hi all, I'm building my Shopify store to use and currently held back by POS system. I understand that the way the checkout items are filtered is by collection. However, is there a way to do some deep search in this? Like Collection 1 & Collection2? Or if not, is there a way to separate the items inside 1 collection based on tags?

Jun 10 2017 by Martha
Using Shopify POS in France and Europe

As Shopify Partners in France, we would love to offer POS to our French clients. However, the French government has recently passed a set of laws on point of sale systems in an effort to reduce tax fraud, and they will be put into effect on January 2018.  Unfortunately, a lot of POS software out there enables merchants to permanently delete or edit transactions, enabling them to retrieve cas...

Jun 8 2017 by Antoine Pottier
Constant Credit Card Declines

Is anyone else having this problem?? It seems like at least 25% of all our transactions get declined (from people I know have the money). If anyone is even remotely from out of town/state/country, it's pretty much guaranteed to decline them. Is there anything we can do to stop this from happening? It's embarassing on our end and we're losing numerous sales.

Jun 5 2017 by Nicholas Matlaga
Shopify POS not including taxes

My Shopify POS app is not calulating tax into the total when I go to checkout.  When I tap on an item, it shows the retial price with no tax added.  I have no idea what to do as I feel my settings are all done correctly.  Any advice would be really helpful as I'm losing money each purchase.   Thanks.

Jun 5 2017 by Kassey S.