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All job postings should have...

Shopify is not professionaly affiliated with any of the designers or developers that may respond to your post and is in no way responsible for the individual's actions. Please add a way to contact you. Consider adding the following information to your job posting: Company name Your name The project's URL Budget (Only necessary if you are on a tight budget) Contact Info Description of...

Oct 6 2009 by Mark Dunkley
Read before posting

This section of the forums is for Merchants (aka: shop owners) looking to hire someone to help out with their shop (whether that be theme development, marketing, SEO, app dev, etc). It's not intended to be a section for suppliers and vendors to advertise their services. The reasoning here is that the merchant posts can easily get buried from those created by the many 1000s of experts and...

Jun 25 2017 by Jason
Looking for Senior Shopify developer with 5+ years of experience

Looking for Senior Shopify developer with 5+ years of experience Websites we like: fleetilya.com pringlescotland.com   Contact for more details

Yesterday by WhiteWater Web
Custom HTML Work

Aptitude Apparel Will Hunt URL can be given upon request Please reply to this listing and I will open communication I'm in need of some simple HTML custom work completing for my plug in App Shipstation to customize my packing slips. It's a simple job of adding a reutrns form to the packing slip and changing the location of certain logos etc on the form. I will provide images regarding ...

Jun 26 2017 by Deep Vyas
Need to have email collection pop up tweaked

Hello, My site, gocasamia.com, has an email pop up that I'd like to have fine tuned. Specifically, I'd like to: -Tweak look of pop ups -Change verbiage of pop ups -Create notification system so I get notification when it's a customer's birthday so we can give them a free pizza -Couple odds and ends If this is a gig you'd be interested in, please email will (at) gocasamia.com w...

Jun 26 2017 by Sam__Hen
Looking for layout changes

Touch of Finland Bryan www.touchoffinland.com news@touchoffinland.com Job Description I have multiple small fixes that need to be done. 1) Evenly space out footer so that link lists take up the entire space. Currently there is a large amount of black space on the right side. I am thinking use that black space up by just making the column with the large paragraph wider. 2)...

Jun 26 2017 by Deep Vyas
Permanent front-end developer vacancy at London agency

Please see below, originally posted at https://webwisemedia.co.uk/jobs/front-end-web-developer/: This is an exciting opportunity to join our fast-growing website design and marketing agency. We are looking for a hard-working web coder to help us to manage our projects and take the business forward. We’re very flexible with this position: There is the opportunity to work hours that fit ...

Jun 26 2017 by bluetech
I need the help of a expert!!!

Hello, My name is Marc and I'm a partner with Uniquekitchengadgetsandtools.com We have been live going on 4 months and still no conversion. We hoping someone can take a look at our website and tell us what we might be doing wrong.  Thanks in advance for any help and guidance..    Regards    

Jun 25 2017 by Deep Vyas
Someone sell me a Vape store or build me one

looking for a turn key drop ship store in the vape niche. email me claudio.villanova@hotmail.ca

Jun 25 2017 by Priyal Parikh
I Need some Custom CSS changes to a New Site ($25US / 1hr)

Hi, we have started a new project and would like to grab a freelance web designer to do some small things to change our site to the way we like it. The changes are so small and easy therefore if your good at what you do this is basically some free cash. It should take way under an hour to complete but we will pay you $25US for the hour anyway. We will provide a small list of what we would li...

Jun 25 2017 by Priyal Parikh
Help me build my site!

Super interested in working with someone who can help me build a site. 

Jun 5 2017 by Deep Vyas
Looking for a partner To help me with my business

I am looking for a partner with great ambitious and knowledge of marketing To help me with my ecommerce. If you want more details give me your email 

Jun 23 2017 by Deep Vyas
Need financial report tools / app to create 100% robust reports

Hello, The Shopify financial reporting tools are not robust. Over time, seemingly without reason, numbers change. I need a 100% bullet proof reporting app / tool for reporting product / order / shipping revenue and taxes. Can you help? Are you currently using a tool that does this? Is it perfect? If so, I'd love to give it a test. Also - here's a question. Can apps / tools pull t...

Jun 22 2017 by bluetech
2 Tag System Job

I'm looking for someone who can solve some tag issues I am having.   I wanted a brand list in each collection so I coded the tag list to not show any brands ive put as tags, and then put them seperately. I also have a counter for tags and brands present in a collection. But when I go to a second page all tags vanish and the count only seems to count per page not per collection.So I'd like...

Jun 20 2017 by bluetech
Hiring Social Media Marketer

Hi, i am about to release a new eCommerce store. However, i am a looking for a dedicated person to help with Social Media Marketing. Please leave your contact information below, and i`ll send out questions. 

Jun 20 2017 by ryann
What do you do if someone wants to order as a gift for someone today, fo...

It seems there is no functionality in Shopify for this. 1. An order delay system, so you can take orders now for a future date (eg. person X buys for person Y whose birthday is in 1 month). The shopify order management system is poor as it doesn't show enough information in the feed. 2. A reminder service, so the customer X is reminded nearer the date about person Y's birthday (this optio...

Jun 20 2017 by Deep Vyas
Customise Cash on Delivery option

Hi everyone, I am working on a store that is asking for a feature that's not available, not sure how to go about developing it and appreciate your input -- you can also propose to develop it. We need to be able to set a custom price for Cash on Delivery option: Identify the payment method, and if it's CoD check the location, Identify the location the product is being shipped to, a...

Jun 18 2017 by George
Help with hover

We would like to implement a feature that allows our hover to display our second image (model shot).  We use Mobilia by Out of the Sandbox.  Thank you, Seth  

Jun 18 2017 by Anzimaty sarl

Looking to input customized banner into css any ideas?

Jun 14 2017 by Annacis
Need dropshipping store built

Need website built for a Canadian dropshipping niche. I have suppliers inventory and product feed from which I need products placed on the website.  Suppliers does not permit copying their images, banners or videos expect what is provided in the feed. I will pay the right amount for the right work 

Jun 13 2017 by Sven Homan