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All job postings should have...

Shopify is not professionaly affiliated with any of the designers or developers that may respond to your post and is in no way responsible for the individual's actions. Please add a way to contact you. Consider adding the following information to your job posting: Company name Your name The project's URL Budget (Only necessary if you are on a tight budget) Contact Info Description of...

Oct 6 2009 by Mark Dunkley
Cross browser testing and fixing. IE variants

Hello, Following on from my issues posted here: https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussion/t/ie-not-allowing-customers-to-buy-414769 (Summary: People cant add items to the Cart under IE) I am unable to implement the fix for IE lower down. I dont have IE or PC. Or the skill level to understand what is needed. Our site, located at: http://www.tenderessence.com We use boun...

Today by Essential Oils UK
Order printer templates - cleaning up my mess of a copy-paste job

I need my order printer template for a vendor’s orders code cleaned up, consisting primarily of shipping (customer)/billing (shop) addresses, a QTY-SKU-TITLE table with that vendor’s fullfillment items, and a per-order gross item count and weight. If possible, I also need another template version of similar layout combining multiple unfulfilled orders for that vendor with multiple per-order ...

Today by bluetech
Seeking Developer - Help With Correlating Variant Name in Drop-Down When...

Company Name: Gypsy and LoLo www.gypsyandlolo.com Theme: Minimal We are looking for a Developer to help us make things a little easier for our customers to purchase the product variant that they want. We'd like to be able to connect variant thumbnail images to the appropriate product name in the color variant drop down menu.  We sell hats. Let's use our Up Beanie as an example: https...

Yesterday by priyal shivlab
Looking for Data import - copywriter - work from home job

Hello, I am looking to hire a data import specialist with copywrite experience.  Other qualifications I am looking for include: proficient with shopify able to edit photos square and presentable import via spreadsheet able to establish error and correct errors keyword capable when creating title and product descriptions proper spelling and punctuation no payment will be mad...

Mar 23 2017 by GarryJones
Variant Inventory Policy -"continue" , "deny" depending whether it s a W...

Hi, Is it possible if we show "continue" for  Variant Inventory Policy to WHOLESALE Buyers that are somehow tagged "gold" or anything. And the retail customers (anyone who comes to our website and wanna buy a few pieces) will see "deny" (SOLD OUT) since they did not login. I mean, I want my WHOLESALE Buyers to ADD TO CART as many quantity as they want to create an order where as Retail bu...

Mar 23 2017 by bluetech
Face book fan page specialist

I would love to offer my services as a facebook fanpage specialist. I can post and engage with your audience. I am ready to start any time and have good rates.

Mar 22 2017 by eddyedu9
Designs for your tshirts, mugs and other Print On Demand Products

Hi, If you are looking for designs for your print on demand products hit me up. I will send you samples of my work. Turn around is 24 hours or less.  Thanks, Craig

Mar 21 2017 by Craig Cameron
Adding a lightbox feature to my product pages on a Supply theme

Hi This is probabaly a quick job for someone who knows what he / she is doing. But I would like to disable the zoom image function on the product pages of the Supply theme and have a lightbox open instead. There are a few threads on the helpdesk about this, but the information seems very outdated. Thanks in advance for getting in touch. Roger    

Mar 21 2017 by priyal shivlab
Looking for long time Shopify specialist, need some tweaking.

As title says, looking for somebody who will be able to edit some things in the core of my website. ASAP please.

Mar 20 2017 by priyal shivlab
Looking to hire someone to build a self-hosted landing page to direct vi...

  Hi everyone, I currently own two Shopify Stores: US Store: us.mystore.com UK Store: uk.mystore.com   Currently, I'm using a forced-redirect method (embedding a code in each store) that will force customers to be directed to the right store based on their IP address. However, it presents an issue because our customers are not able to place an order to be shipped to the location...

Mar 20 2017 by vincent
Still frustrated with Google? Find out why you aren't ranking as well as...

Hi, I'm Alasdair, I run Ocean One SEO, based in Dumfries Scotland. I'm a Google Partner, and I have been running successful SEO campaigns for clients in eCommerce and other niches for the past 18 months, and have the testimonials to back it all up.  But I really want to start giving out more value to anyone who is struggling and feeling frustrated with Google SEO and would like a video an...

Feb 19 2017 by Alasdair Walker
Ho to setup 301 Redirects Correctly

Hi Guys,  We are migrating from X-cart and would like to know what is the correct procedure to setup 301 redirects ? Is there a  tool or app can we can use for this ?

Mar 18 2017 by WhiteWater Web
Hiring Shopify Developer

Hi everyone, We're an agency based out of Kansas City, MO and we're looking for a part time developer to add to our team. We've had a difficult time finding people with a strong understanding of development on Shopify (along with CSS, Javascript, etc), so I figured I'd try here. Our requirements: Must be in the US/Canada Available during the workweek during normal business hours (...

Mar 18 2017 by Deep Vyas
Looking for help with Showcase theme

This post is closed. Thank you.  We recently changed our Shopify theme to the Showcase design. We're not happy with a few design elements but before we abandon it, we thought we'd see if it's possible to change. We're trying to achieve a simple design but need more focus on purchase info. We also believe that customers need a few visual cues to know when to scroll etc. Please take a look and...

Mar 10 2017 by Xperteria
Hire Ecommerce Copywriter to Help You Make More Sales

Hi guys,  I'm a specialized ecommerce copywriter, and I'm here to help you make your website better and make more sales. Let me take burdens off your shoulders while you concentrate on other important aspects.  I can help you write unique product descriptions, homepage copy, about page copy, or any other page on your website. I can also help you run your ads.  I've analyzed several ...

Mar 13 2017 by Fouad
Need someone live in USA do the order fulfillment !

Hi, I'm preparing to open a Tea shop so I and I need some one in US do the labeling and repack the tea supplier for me. (My supplier from USA) Job details : 1. I order tea from supplier ( - 30 lbs) and send it to your address. 2. I send you my shop label and the tea paper bag. 3. You repack the tea into paper bag and put my label on it. 4. When I receive order from customer, I...

Mar 14 2017 by james blackburn
help with csv file upload.

Hi, I get this message when i try to upload a csv file. Invalid CSV Header: Missing headers Title. I understand that the headings are wrong but I need help fixing it. I want to learn how to fix this problem. please help.    

Mar 14 2017 by Deep Vyas
MENU not working properly on ANDROID phones

Hi, Looking to hire someone who can fix ASAP the problem. The menu on my website is working fine, but not on ANDROID phones. When it drops down, it collapses almost straight away (on chrome and other browers on Android) Could also not be working on iphone, haven't checked yet. The theme i am using is custom made. If anyone could help please contact me with quote and how quickly it can be ...

Mar 14 2017 by Deep Vyas
JOB: Select which image to show in each collection.

I have collections called Women, Kids, Unisex/Men... They all contain many of the same products. But when you click on Kids Collection, I would like for the product image to show a certain picture (of a kid) instead of the main product image. And for Unisex/Men, I want the product image to show a certain picture of a man in the product instead of the main product image. I don’t want to have to ...

Mar 14 2017 by vincent