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All job postings should have...

Shopify is not professionaly affiliated with any of the designers or developers that may respond to your post and is in no way responsible for the individual's actions. Please add a way to contact you. Consider adding the following information to your job posting: Company name Your name The project's URL Budget (Only necessary if you are on a tight budget) Contact Info Description of...

Oct 6 2009 by Mark Dunkley
Read before posting

This section of the forums is for Merchants (aka: shop owners) looking to hire someone to help out with their shop (whether that be theme development, marketing, SEO, app dev, etc). It's not intended to be a section for suppliers and vendors to advertise their services. The reasoning here is that the merchant posts can easily get buried from those created by the many 1000s of experts and...

Jun 25 2017 by Jason
Need to customize the landing page

Hi my name is Kris. Recently opened "Realm Distribution". This is what I'm looking for: 1. I'm searching for a developer who could adjust shop's landing page. At the moment it's like this: https://realmdt.com I want to have landing page where photo slideshow is visible on the front page. Similar to this site: https://sluggerdistribution.com/ 2. Take out "Continue as a guest...

Today by Deep Vyas
Shopify App Developer needed to build 1 simple Shopify App

Hello... We need a Shopify App Developer to create 1 simple Shopify App. App Function: Share Buy. App to help Shopify Merchants to enable Sticky/ Following (Add-to-cart Bar) on their stores.  The app function will enable Sticky Bar (Add-to-cart Bar) on Shopify Product Page, on mobile browser. The function of sticky bar:  - It will consist 2 buttons: Buy Now Button with Normal Price &...

Yesterday by bluetech
Expert App Development Guidance

We're looking for an expert who is able to guide us through the process of hiring a coder who can build a third party drop-shipping application for us, with Shopify Integration. Thereafter, the expert will need to guide us through the implementation phase of the application onto the Shopify App Store and other marketplaces. We are able to pay this expert up to $100/hr USD depending on previous ...

Yesterday by Deep Vyas
Need developer who can help us speed up our pages/theme loading times

We ahve our site up and runnig but page load times are too slow.  We do not have technical capability in house and do not want to jsut tyr an app to see if it works?   We have done the compression and minification but have consistent issues with render blocking  across all our product pages.  We would like to have someone who can work with us as we continue to grwo our famly of sites to appl...

Sep 16 2018 by Shivank Agrawal
Bundle products

Hello. I have been trying the majority of the apps out there related to bundles, but none of them solves the bundle issue very well. For instance, I want to create a new product page (the bundle) with it own price and description and include 3 different other products (different product) that already exsits when adding to cart, so that when the customer check out, they get a discount and ...

Sep 14 2018 by justit
Looking for a developer to build custom Shopify App (big potential)

Hi, I am looking for an experienced Shopify app developer to start a side business with, requiring no more than a few hours of support per week, after the development phase is complete. The app I am looking to build has a bundle/special offer functionality but for a special use case: this use case has not yet been explored by similar applications and it has a huge potential for a specific...

Sep 10 2018 by Orsolya Szentes
Customize Checkout process

Hello! I need to customize the checkout process. I want to access an external API from within checkout process. Any idea how to do that? thx alex

Sep 10 2018 by Deep Vyas
Will you help me?

Hi! This is a post to locate and contract with an urgently needed Shopify and website designer. It is important that I explain in detail my situation and the reason I need assistance. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Lovelady and I am 54 years old. I have been immensely blessed with a loving family. My beautiful wife Rebecca, and three sons ages 22, 20 and 13. Vann ...

Sep 3 2018 by Richard Lovelady
Looking for pixelunion/shopify developer to add pre buy option to store ...

Can anyone reccomend someone to allow for pre orders in my pixel union shopify store? https://help.shopify.com/en/themes/customization/products/add-to-cart/allow-pre-orders   Thank you! Ela

Aug 21 2018 by Deep Vyas
Shopify Expert /Store Manager - Part time

Hi, I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am new to shopify, just in the process of setting up my new store, https://aunzistore.com/ Since I am busy with my  other business, I am looking for is a Shopify Expert/Manager to work with me, long term. I have a full assistant who assists in posting the products, quick learner, good at PC etc.,   What am I looking for is expert: Someo...

Jun 12 2018 by Deep Vyas
App devs/owners wanted for profitable partnership (no investment required)

Hi, I'm looking for app devs / owners that have a great relationship with their users to setup with us a joint venture, full or part-time. You could do this while you keep your other job and get a profit share for life.   I will provide all the details, all the effort, all the guidance. You just provide the access to the shopify app users and you will get a permanent equity forever in every...

Sep 1 2018 by Jivan Suhagiya
Create Back In Stock App with SMS and Email Management

TouchDolls Marvin A. www.touchdolls.com TBD We are looking for a individual that excels in problem solving. Someone that has experience in developing shopify apps. At TouchDolls we currently use 2 different apps (Back in Stock - https://apps.shopify.com/back-in-stock & Now Back In Stock - https://apps.shopify.com/out-of-stock-1) to give our customers the ability to opt-in for ...

Aug 30 2018 by andy_developer

I have struggled to get this store consistent sales; would love to pay someone to help me!  Thanks!  Loveneverstops.com   

Aug 24 2018 by Paul
Need Shopify APP Marketer

Hi, I'm looking for Shopify APP marketer with revenue share(20% net profit). My Shopify APP is "Short & Track". target is to get 250 users in 2 month. PS: I'm going to hire based on revenue share, no any upfront payment. When I recieve payment from Shopify, I will send you 20% from that. Please don't post comment here like PM me, or provide email address. Email address is already on m...

Aug 21 2018 by Jivan Suhagiya
image mouseover coding for supply theme required

i want to switch to supply theme and have it perform the same mouseover my debut theme has now for products a simple product photo image to alternate image for all items..   and the other  is on the main page feature gallery in supply it theme shows link at top   ....more best sellers feature.... i want to remove that link  https://gq84hlwq0ae4ljw0-30107326.shopifypreview.com   If y...

Jun 12 2018 by Steve (Coast to Coast Web)
Need Help making Variation Grey out with Multiple Options 

Need Help making Variation Grey out with Multiple Options if variant stock is zero. I just need the snippet since I cannot provide access to the website. if you need the full source code just let me know I just need to make this part work   <fieldset class="single-option-radio {{ option.name }}" name="{{ option.name }}" ...

May 29 2018 by Antropy
help with schema.org

  Hi there, I'd like to get some assistance to fix any errors and get additional structured data markup for products and other pages on our Shopify store leathershop.com.au thanks, Dimitri  

May 17 2018 by Deep Vyas
Custom 3 Tier Pricing Development Needed (Shopify/Ruby) How much does th...

 a Wholesale Shopify Plus site needs custom Tier Pricing ( 3 Tiers ):   We sell Vape Hardware and Vape E-Liquid and need the following custom Tier Pricing Based on Customer Tag: Tier 1 = 15% OFF ALL X/ 5% OFF Y Tier 2 = 10% OFF ALL X/ 3% OFF Y Tier 3 = 5% OFF ALL X/ 2% OFF Y We have tried a couple apps and due to the issue of them creating additional sku's it will not work with our ...

May 31 2018 by criffel