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All job postings should have...

Shopify is not professionaly affiliated with any of the designers or developers that may respond to your post and is in no way responsible for the individual's actions. Please add a way to contact you. Consider adding the following information to your job posting: Company name Your name The project's URL Budget (Only necessary if you are on a tight budget) Contact Info Description of...

Oct 6 2009 by Mark Dunkley
Read before posting

This section of the forums is for Merchants (aka: shop owners) looking to hire someone to help out with their shop (whether that be theme development, marketing, SEO, app dev, etc). It's not intended to be a section for suppliers and vendors to advertise their services. The reasoning here is that the merchant posts can easily get buried from those created by the many 1000s of experts and...

Jun 25 2017 by Jason
Shopify Developer Wanted!

Looking to work on some exciting Shopify and Shopify Plus projects? We are looking for a talented developer (Australian based) that has worked with Shopify. We have regular work for a passionate, hard working and for someone who likes a challenge! Weather it’s taking a theme and customising it or a full custom development. You are able to problem solve on the fly. We have clients from all di...

Today by andy_developer
Booking Form

Aloha!  I am looking for someone who can create a booking form for my store. My store is a babysitting agency where families can book a babysitter based on the number of hours they need a babysitter. At the moment I have displayed prices of the hourly rates, and the parents check out according to the hours (products). However, I would like to change that and not display the hours (products) ...

Dec 11 2017 by Anna J
For Hire: Make Custom Line Item Properties appear on cart

I'm having an issue with my cart.liquid template. The Custom Line Item Properties that are collected on the product template page is not appearing on the shopping cart. The custom line items are captured when the order is placed, but does not appear on the cart. I've read through all of the shopify tutorials, and help forums from other users. Can't figure out why the custom line items are ca...

Dec 11 2017 by Deep Vyas
Fixed navigation bar/header while scrolling on 3rd Party Theme

Hi Guys, Is there anyone who could help me to set up fixed navigation bar/header on my store? I was trying to do it by my own but with no luck. Any ideas? Please keep in mind that I'm using 3rd Party theme. www.zurbanoshoes.com  I would be more than happy with your help. Regards, Milosz

Dec 10 2017 by Holly
Pro Bono Work

Hi everyone!  Do you need help with marketing, design, adding products, SEO work, or something else for your Shopify store? Let my team and I help you with that. No charge at all. We just want to help you succeed. No gimmicks. No games. Our goal is to diversify our audience. 

Dec 10 2017 by WantEcommerce
Looking for help to finish our Shopify store - 75% done

We have launched a print-on-demand dropship store in partnership with a talk show host and a small team of talented artsists.  The radio show is called "Fearless" on the TruthFrequencyRadio network, the host is Frank Castle, and our shopify website is IAmWeAreFearLess.com We have approximately 40+ designs for apparel and various print-on-demand merchandise, and have launch the designs across...

Dec 8 2017 by andy_developer
Let me help you create/improve your Shopify store

Hello World;  I'm an experienced web developer with knowledge in all aspects of website creation and design. I'm here to help Shopify store owners create/improve their online shop. I'm never too busy to support small business customers and no job/question is too small.  If for some reason I don't possess the skills to properly serve your request/needs, I'll tell you immediately. Here are ...

Dec 7 2017 by InSergOf
Direct API Integration with Jet.com

Anyone have a suggestion on who to use to help me integrate my shopify store with www.jet.com?   Their api info is here. https://developer.jet.com/   I am really looking to get this done through odesk or elance to avoid costly developer fees in the USA> Any advice 

Nov 14 2017 by sanpetersan

We are a Los Angeles based digital agency specializing in Shopify and we want to make your day. Starting this month, we will each month select one lucky new client and make them a new Shopify store for a total price of $1 (an $800 value). It’s our way to give back to community. Main criteria for selection is that you have a clearly defined product market niche, a will to write original conte...

Dec 4 2017 by Spartacus
Help Developing A Giveaway Page

Hello, I'm looking for help developing a page on my website. It will be a page where people can enter their name and email address for a chance to win prizes.  

Nov 30 2017 by Deep Vyas
Improve existing website

Hello! We have been working with Shopify since April this year and are happy with the platform. Have a look at our shop: www.carrotbananapeach.com Lately, we had significantly more visitors on our website but not more sales. After checking with Google Speed Test and other platforms we figured that our website is way too slow, way too heavy and sends way too many requests while loading. Th...

Nov 29 2017 by WMS
Looking for a Shopify Developer

Hi, folks.  I run an ecomm marketplace. i moved from magento to shopify. I am looking for a developer for some tasks. Custom Mega Menu.  Custom Filters  And a few more Let me know if anyones interested Regards and thanks in advance

Nov 29 2017 by WhiteWater Web
Need Adwords help!

I'm looking for someone to help me take my adwords campaigns to another level! I run istrapdesigner.com and I'm currently running a google shopping campaign with all of my products. I am making sales!! but I am not where I want to be. I do not have much knowledge on adwords so I'm looking for someone that can do all of the tweaks possible to help me make more sales. I just started this shop and...

Nov 28 2017 by Deep Vyas
Create a form calculator

Hello,   We have a website to sell custom buttons (www.badg-it.be) and we create a new version with shopify (geekmonkey-buttons.myshopify.com). I'm looking to create a form calculator to give the possibility to calculate cost of order according to the chosen options For sample: Diameter of button : 25 mm Creative style : glossy finish Quantity:  250 pcs Cost = 57,50 € ...

Nov 27 2017 by Deep Vyas
Int to string Conversion

Hi guys,    Could anyone tell how can convert Int to string in dotliquid ?   Thank you.

Nov 27 2017 by xASU
Need some basic pre-existing code added to my cart page (drop down menu ...

Hi guys, I'm looking to have something rather simple added to my cart (shop is on the debut theme). There is even prexisting code out there for it https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/cart/add-shipping-calculator#sectioned-themes but I'd rather not mess around with it myself if I can help it.  Basically I'd like a drop down in the cart where people can see their shipping costs for ...

Nov 24 2017 by Deep Vyas
(CLOSED)Immediate theme customizing project

Found someone! thanks to everyone that reached out.

Nov 24 2017 by Lixon Louis
Partner or Joint Venture

Seeking someone who would like to work with me on my almost completed shopify store Willing to pay for ad spend to influenecers etc Just need someone who can help nail the promotion and marketing side of the business and help with the daily operations of the site For more info or any questions pls contact me captnecker@bigpond.com

Nov 24 2017 by Heyy_Javy