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All job postings should have...

Shopify is not professionaly affiliated with any of the designers or developers that may respond to your post and is in no way responsible for the individual's actions. Please add a way to contact you. Consider adding the following information to your job posting: Company name Your name The project's URL Budget (Only necessary if you are on a tight budget) Contact Info Description of...

Oct 6 2009 by Mark Dunkley
Read before posting

This section of the forums is for Merchants (aka: shop owners) looking to hire someone to help out with their shop (whether that be theme development, marketing, SEO, app dev, etc). It's not intended to be a section for suppliers and vendors to advertise their services. The reasoning here is that the merchant posts can easily get buried from those created by the many 1000s of experts and...

Jun 25 2017 by Jason
Cost Estimate - Developers needed Feature request for "Buy The Look" and...

Looking for some development quotes for some features which I need using my current theme. I am using the Icon Shopify Theme and require 2 additional enhancements. Feature 1 1. On Product (and quick View Product Pages) if a variant (size) is not in Stock when the customer selects a variant from the dropdown selection box I wish to display (not only an out of stock label as is currently dis...

Feb 23 2018 by Lixon Louis
Needing Help to Get Started :)

I have 9 days left of my FREE Shopify startup and could benefit from some help just to get started. I'm located in the UK. Thank you.   John

Feb 23 2018 by Bryan
Adding multiple products to Buy Button

I have a site that is not currently using Shopify. The order page allows the visitor to use an Add to Cart button to add products to a cart, which is stored on the site. Doing that allows the visitor to add additional products to the cart depending on what is already in the cart. This site is currently not using Shopify. I would like the visitor to be able to click a Shopify Buy Button and h...

Feb 23 2018 by vincent
Need Shopify Developer

Start-up nutritional company.  Rebranding and moving platform from Wordpress to Shopify.  Midway through building the site and definitely need expertise in completing.  Most information is migrated, framework is set - requires theme customization, plug ins, coding, etc.  Perhaps someone has extra time to work on this project.  Big push to get the site live.  We are currently paying $20 an hour ...

Feb 23 2018 by Deep Vyas
Add note to order for new customers

Hello, I am seeking some help. I want to be able to "flag" orders that are for new customers (ordering for the first time ever). My goal is to provide new customers with a free product. I do not want the customer to be able to see that the new product has been added to their order so I believe that the easiest way to do this would be to add a note to the order. The note could be read by ShipSta...

Sep 18 2017 by Antropy
Picking and packing fee for certain product types

Dear developers, Some of the items within our store (product type = "stock" or "stock-resource") are stored within a third-party-logistics service (3PL). Picking and packing fees need to be added to these items at the checkout: $3.20 per order $0.65 packing $0.45 per item No shipping apps are used or shipping services enabled. Please let me know your rates. Warm regards, Micha...

Sep 5 2017 by Michael Cohen
Price testing app

I would like to make a product price testing app for private use on my store. Do you have the right expertise and are you available? Send me an email to sdhoman@earthlink.net and pleae write something to convince me that you are right for the job. Thanks, Sven

Jul 4 2017 by bluetech
NEED a Cart Expert

I have a fully functioning site www.promomotive.com but the cart is a failure due to my peculiar business model....corporate logos   I am looking hire an expert to make my cart and abandonment issues go away or get better,,:)   anyone?

Jul 4 2017 by bluetech
Someone sell me a Vape store or build me one

looking for a turn key drop ship store in the vape niche. email me claudio.villanova@hotmail.ca

Jun 25 2017 by Priyal Parikh
Slick Slider by Ken Wheeler

I would like to install slick slider by ken wheeler into my shopify debut theme and integrate it to my product pages so my product page would show a horizontal slider instead of the regular thumbnails below the main picture. please drop me an email at gbpukco@gmail.com if you can do it for me and we'll take it from there. many thanks.  

May 25 2017 by PSDCenter
Interactive customizer for our product

*** Thank you for your enquiries everyone, applications have now closed. ***   Hi! - we're Nekochii! We need help to make a visual product customiser for our handmade cat ears. Ideally, we would like an app in shopify that could let a customer visually create and order a pair of custom ears... similar to these customisation sites below: http://www.adidas.com/us/customize https://...

May 25 2017 by Anzimaty sarl
I need some help

I need someone to look a link/button 'connect with Facebook' on my Home Page that it is not working  and why please   thank you

May 22 2017 by Antropy
Product images not working on Website

Hello, We’re looking for someone to correct an issue we are having with our shopify storefront; when expanding product images or attempting to cycle through pictures the picture is continually stuck with a loading icon until the page is refreshed.  None of the thumbnails work either, only the main image is displayed.  There are a few javascript console errors. We also have a number of oth...

May 15 2017 by Andrew
Two tweaks to theme for mobile variant selection and zoom.

Two minor tweaks to my Venture theme on Shopify On mobile, when selecting a variant of a product, the drop down window is perfect except that when you scroll to select a variant, it will not select that variant UNLESS you click "done" on the pop-up scroll tab. Best example, when on a site like Zappo's, if you select an item size on the scroll wheel and then click OUTSIDE the window, it will ...

Oct 29 2017 by Daljit Singh
Seeking Developer: Pre-populate Shopping Cart by Reading a DB Table

My Company: HyperGold Web Services My name: Rob Wood The project's URL: www.hypergold.com Budget: Looking for a quote  Contact Info: rwood@hypergold.com DO NOT CALL ME! EMAIL, ONLY! Portfolio and referrals required Description of the services required: Membership Management for Non-profit Club The project is to develop an e-commerce solution for one of our long-time clients ...

Mar 28 2017 by priyal shivlab
Designs for your tshirts, mugs and other Print On Demand Products

Hi, If you are looking for designs for your print on demand products hit me up. I will send you samples of my work. Turn around is 24 hours or less.  Thanks, Craig

Apr 21 2017 by Shawn Freeman
Need to verify customer status from a desktop app using the email as the...

Hi, I have a subscription-based desktop app.  I use the BOLD commerce membership app to manage the subscriptions which updates the tag field in the customer record. I need the code to access the customer record from my desktop app.  Can anyone help me.  I am happy to pay for your time.   Lily      

Feb 8 2017 by Deep Vyas
Assisti - Your Personal Design Team

Hello Shopify users! My name is Harry, i run a company called www.assisti.co  We are a team of 35 designers that are looking to revolutionise the way that people work with designers and marketers.  We offer unlimited design requests, and consultancy on how to grow a successful shopify business. Our main goal is to help you achieve higher conversions, as for some this can be a challenge...

Feb 11 2017 by Deep Vyas