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Feature Requests: How do I make them?

Hey all! We're currently in the process of changing how we store our feature requests internally. There used to be an email to send those requests to specifically; that email is no longer being used. We'd love if you can send all of your requests to a Shopify staff member at support@shopify.com. While we make our changes, this makes sure that we definitely read your requests and are able ...

Jul 7 2018 by Ricardo Alves
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team. We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopify in this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow storeow...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
Draft Order accept partial payment

I don't think we are the only ones on the planet with this issue.  Okay, here's the breakdown: Create a draft order - email to client Client makes a "partial payment" with a check Want to move draft order to active orders Cannot find a way to accept partial payment to order Winding up cancelling draft order and create a new order  With new order I have ability to accept a partia...

Today by PrestonH
Product Detail Page Custom Feature

Hey guys, I wanted to recreate a feature seen on a ecommerce site (its also a different CMS).. Its a flavor selector seen here: https://www.myvapeorder.com/keep-it-100-blue-slushie-tropical does shopify have a plugin that can recreate this? Thanks

Today by Pockets
Post Dynamic Price to Cart

I have searched the forumn and wasn't able to come back with a resolution to my issue. So I am posting my own hoping to find an answer to this puzzle. We have a Shopify store in which we set the prices dynamically for the product using an API call, which works quite well. However what we now need is to pass that dynamic price into the shopping cart and that doesn't seem to be something that ...

Today by Chris Collier
Additional Email Opt-in Requirements to access free content on site

Hi everyone! I am creating "How To" type content that I would like to leverage to market my new childrens line. We all know how important it is to capture more email addresses for sales & marketing so I will be leveraging this content to capture additional email sign-ups. Ideally when people go to a specific page on my site a snippet of the How To content will be included (there will be ...

Today by Isaac Bowen
Change " Subscribe to our newsletter" in payment page checkout

Hello, I've been looking for a way to edit the "Subscribe to our newsletter" from the payment page during checkout. It seems like it's not in the "edit language" section since it's not part of the theme. Can anyone guide me how to change that phrase "Subscribe to our newsletter" in the payment page at checkout?   Thanks in advance,

Today by Lee Warren
how to push currency converter all the way up to the " complete order" page

Hi, im from south africa. iv intergrated 2 payment methods into our store. 1) pay pay - to accept paypal payments 2) payfast - to accept debit/credit card purchases.  south africa doesnt support shopify payments as an alternative payment gateway so we had to use payfast to accept credit/debit card payments which is supported in our country.   Issue : we use the USD as our primary...

Today by syllogism
Creating a Gift Receipt option?

We're looking for a way to add an option that displays a "This is a Gift" checkbox during checkout that then prompts the customers for the recipient's email and sends them a gift receipt. We're not looking for something that offers gift wrap options or gift cards at this time, only the ability to let customers send gift receipts. Are there any apps available that would add this function?

Today by Robert
No Views on Shopify Exchange?

Hi. I'm looking to sell my shopify store on the exchange market app, it's been a day and there has been no views. Does anyone know if this is normal? Thanks.

Today by Ted
need help: site wont load with "www." in front of it

hey guys my website will only load when i dont put www. in front of it, i already added it as a subdomain but its still not working.. Any idea how to resolve this?  mypurrshop.com www.mypurrshop.com try it out and you will see..   EDIT: I FIXED IT. But now i have another problem.. when trying to verify my zoho mail domain in mailchimp the activation email wont reach my i...

Today by Ted
Domain forwarding

Hello there. Im having trouble with domain forwarding. I have tried to forward domains from freenom.com but they don't get forwarded to my store. I researched across the web and it seems that Shopify should allow this forwarding to happen. Can you please help me on this? Thanks

Today by Don
HELP - I am trying to re add the instagram sales channel after removing ...

Hi, I had originally added the instagram sales channel and was not approved for selling on instagram. I then fixed what I think was the issue and removed the instagram channel so I could re-add it so it could be reviewed again (as there appears to be no other way to get instagram to review it again besides removing and starting again). Anyway, now that I have removed it as a sales channel I ...

Today by Don
Canada Post Deliver times do not allow for delivery times from supplier

So I;m setting up my first Shopify store. Upon checkout Canada Post has delivery times listed under thier different service rates. This delivery times are for delivery time from when I send the product out to the customer, it does not allow for the time it takes for me to get the product from my suppliers. Is there a way to edit this? I tried looking in the edit language and edit code for the c...

Today by Brian
Dropshipping in US

Afternoon All, I am based in the UK, but want to start a store aimed primarily at the US market. It seems that AliExpress is the best place to source products, unless anybody can recommend somewhere else?    My question is, do I have to do anything specifically different to sell in the US rather than UK (Where I live)? I'm thinking in terms of banking/taxes/shipping costs, etc.  ...

Yesterday by YiuKai

Hey Google can't index my links because the robots.txt file is blocking it. How do I fix that?

Jul 14 2018 by Jolly Printify

Please for the love of God Shopify increase this. I'm begging you with all of my heart and soul. 500-1000 would be amazing. Literally on my knees at this exact moment. It can't be that difficult of a fix.  Yes I know there are ways around this with apps and line items. We can't use those hacks as we are using a fulfillment app which only allows us 100 variants.  

Jul 14 2018 by Tim Brennan
Traffic & Order

Hi! Why do I have between 150-200 visitors per day and have only one 35 $ selling so far? Can you help me with some tips? The site is www.mondayexpress.com

Jul 13 2018 by Iordache Cosmin G...
Cart page update automatically when item quantity change

Can anyone help me ...? I want to create my cart page such that the page automatically update when we change the quantity of item. I do not want to use update cart button.. my shopify store https://bangoshoping.myshopify.com/cart  

Jul 13 2018 by Marty
Need Help In Enlargng AddToCart Button

Hey guys i need help. I want to make my AddToCart Button larger. Can someone help me and guide me through the steps.. My theme is Venture. Thank You

Jul 13 2018 by Ivan