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Feature Requests: How do I make them? g5

Hey all! We're currently in the process of changing how we store our feature requests internally. There used to be an email to send those requests to specifically; that email is no longer being used. We'd love if you can send all of your requests to a Shopify staff member at support@shopify.com. While we make our changes, this makes sure that we definitely read your requests and are able ...

Dec 7 2018 by Paul L. Newton
How to Associate Shopify's Product Catalogue (on FB) with my FB Pixel g8

Hi there, I've synced Shopify with our Facebook Shop. You can see the Shopify-created Catalogue (SCC) as well as my custom-created Catalogue (CCC) here, https://snag.gy/dMhkAs.jpg. Notice that My Role for Shopify Products is No Role Assigned. When I click on the SCC, then head to Settings, you'll notice that Shopify is listed as the Business Manager (https://snag.gy/oXeVEG.jpg). And it is...

Today by Daniel Garza
Introducing the Shopify changelog

Are you looking to stay updated on changes to the Shopify? If so make sure you check out the Shopify changelog located at https://changelog.shopify.com/. The changelog is an easy-to-read, chronological feed of changes, improvements, and additions Shopify is making to the platform so you can stay updated on new features, and updates at a glance.  If you have a question, or would like to...

Dec 1 2018 by RockItCool
How to put 'clickable' brandname in the topbar?

Hi all, I am trying to put my brandname text in the topbar beside the menu option. Now i have the brandname in the header but not in the topbar. Does anyone know how i can change it? I want it to be clickable (a clicks leads to the homepage). Thank you in advance! Regards.

Today by Sven
Transfering images

Hello how do I transfer images of the rpoducts for sale from Shopify to Amazon   Thanks

Today by timeandmotion.ca
2 niches for 1 Shopify?

Hello, I have a pet store niche. I want to open a wellness niche. How can I use the same Shopify account for both? thanks

Today by at
Shopify customers export

Hi, I want to give access to one of my developers, on my shopify store, and now I have a dilema. My question is, if he goes to do something that wasn't supposed to do ( e.g to export all info from my customers ) am I going to receive any e-mail notification or am I able to see that on some way? Thank you in advance!

Today by aky1337
Custom Abandoned to Cart email

Hi there, I am trying to create a custom, tailored abandoned cart email that displays a specific message to potential buyers who have left something in their cart without checking out. However I am not getting it to display the text I need (i.e. SOME TEXT) when the specific product is listed in the email <body> I am trying the following to no avail...  {% for line in subtotal_lin...

Today by Ben
Automatic BOGO + discount code

Hello everyone, Can you please help me out? :)   I am currently setting my store up, but have already come across a problem. Buy 2 get 1 Free to be specific. I am aware that Shopify only allows 1 discount code per purchase and this is where my problem starts.   Is there any way to initiate automatic cost deduction of the third & cheapest product ( without a code ) which wi...

Today by Patrick050289
Automatically change product default variant

Hi all Shopify wizards, I am having trouble finding a solution to what seems to be a fairly simple thing. When having a webshop I find that I want as many of my visitors as possible to only see products that they are able to buy. However with Shopify I currently find that it is very frustrating that products with variants always show their default variant eventhough it is sold out. Exampl...

Today by Nick
Non-WWW URLS Picked up in Search Console

Hi guys, We have opted to use the www. version of our url and have the necessary redirects from non-www to www. however I have just spotted in search console that a couple of pages are receiving internal links from non-www urls? This seems very strange and I am pretty concerned. Has anybody experience a similar issue or does any one have any suggestions? Thanks, Dan

Today by Dan J
Collection Pages JS Rendering

Looking for some advice please. We migrated to Shopify (from Magento 1) at the end of September this year. Since migrating we have lost our organic rankings in Google for the majority of terms and have therefore had an 60% drop in organic traffic. We have numerous SEO experts look over our site to spot any issues. One thing that has been highlighted to us recently is how our collection pages ar...

Today by Dan J
Impossible to canonicalize multiple urls with hash in URL

I have similar product so I need to canonicalize some Url, I found a shopify article which explain several ways to canonicalize multiple urls "https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/canonical-urls". One way explains we can put a hash a the end of URL to say google don't index this page but when I try to put hash in Url to canonicalize in the Url edit Seo it disappears just after saving. Could yo...

Today by Rudyto
How to open Email accounts if you use Shopify?

Hey there, So far I have been using only self hostep ecommerce platforms where I could open info email inbox.    Now I will give it a try with Shopify and now I am facing an issue how to open info email inbox since the domain is not pointing on the webhost.   How can I solve this issue?

Oct 19 2018 by Liquify Web Design London
website keep redirecting to password page

Hi! I have claimed my custom domain on Shopify Domain Admins Page and the status for www.mystore.com is marked as "OK". But when I go to www.mystore.com from browser, it redirects to www.mystore.com/password. I want visitors to visit my store and not the password page, How can I fix this? 2nd question: under domain, mystore.com is also marked as "OK" and there is a label "SSL unavailab...

Jun 25 2018 by Liquify Web Design London
Unused Tags will not Delete

Hi, I created several tags when first opening my store. I attempted to delete those tags as my overall store design took shape, and was surprised to see those tags still remain in my "filter" list when viewing my products in their catalog page. I read several posts made my by several shopify users over the past 3 years, and they all seem to have the same problem. I removed these tag...

Nov 20 2018 by chelles jewels
Setting up URL redirects, do i have to keep my old host?

I am incredibly confused , i hope someone can help! I want to move our site over from magento.  I ended up just starting fresh on shopify but want to be able to use the original domain name.  I know i can do that but I dont want to lose our google rankings and since you guys dont use .html in product links, i know i have to do redirects, but your support pages say:   "URL redirects must b...

Apr 13 2018 by Liquify Web Design London
Hreflang tags

Hi there :)  can someone check for me that i am doing this correct (trying to add hreflang to my site) my two domains are www.poppyscrafts.co.uk and www.poppys-crafts.com   <link rel="alternate" hreflang="x-default" href="{{ canonical_url | replace: shop.domain, 'www.poppyscrafts.co.uk'}}" /> < link rel="alternate" href="{{ canonical_url | replace: shop.domain, 'www.poppyscra...

Apr 17 2018 by Liquify Web Design London
Can't set up a SUBDOMAIN to point to my Shopify store. Help meee :)

Hi guys, I've been trying for a week to point my SUBDOMAIN to my Shopify store without any success. I have a blog ontomywardrobe.com and I am now launching my ecommerce shop.ontomywardrobe.com. Neither Aruba or Shopify were able to help me set my store up.... I put the right DNS settings: the IP goes to the one Shopify gave me and CNAME host is www - shop.ontomywardrobe.com which points t...

Aug 22 2017 by Liquify Web Design London
hreflang across my site

  Dear community, I want to add second domain name into my Shopify store in order to target two markets - US and GB. Among that I want to make sure that there is correct geo-targeting in place so there won't be any content duplication. mysite.com should be targeting US customers and mysite.co.uk - UK ones. Desired outcome: Page mysite.com/product has two hreflang tags: <link...

Oct 22 2018 by Joshua Uebergang