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Skipping Checkout Steps g7

Hi, I have a store where default shipping is $10, but shipping is free over $100. My problem is the check out from the cart skips the first two teps (including the shipping) if the user is logged in and goes directly to the payment screen (#3)? And it forgets about the free shipping alltogether. If the user changes the amounts in his cart and suddenly qualifies for free shipping, the che...

Sep 3 2017 by sajapansales
Autofill Discount via URL - A Step by Step Walkthrough (eg. Auto Apply d... g5

***April 2018 Update*** Shopify now has this functionality built in. Go here for a complete walkthrough. I recommend using their method instead of any of the code you will see in this thread. Thanks! ================================================ ================================================ The Problem I wanted customers to be able to click a link that would automatically a...

May 9 2016 by Mark-RX
Sudden Spike of Fake Vistors Using IE Browser Showing Up In Shopify Stats

I've been on Shopify for about 7 months so far and this is the first time I've experienced this, typically I've found Shopify is pretty good about weeding out SPAM hits but today this is not the case.  All of a sudden I'm gettting tons of "search" hits showing up on my Overview page, all coming from the USA and all using IE browser.  My Google Analytics doesn't reflect any of these so I assume ...

Mar 1 2016 by Jim West
Data Migration

We lost a lot of data moving from Magento to the new (not yet open) store. Yes, we used the migration tool but there way lots of custom coding. I am looking into hiring someone to read the old store and enter some text and do a lot of tagging. I see there's a way to restrict someone's access with individual logins. Is this safe? Is there a history of hacks and backdoor codes being entered? Any ...

Oct 24 2016 by KenShine
Set up automatic email

Hello Everyone, I have a question regarding to the option to send an automatic email to my costumers. When a new user enter to my store at the first time he will get a Pop-up with the option to register to my newsletter - i want to send a specific "Registration Confirmation" to the users that registered to the newsletter through the pop-up form. In the mail i want to give them a promotion ...

Nov 9 2016 by Brandon@Shopify
Opinions please - Is Shopify right for us

Hello, We are considering Shopify for our online store. We have been using Prestashop but it is difficult to keep up to date and we are not coders, nor do we have the money to hire coders. We tried Squarespace Commerce. Very beautiful but missing very basic functions - so a complete failure. We are in Canada, selling to Canadians. We need to support products that are both taxabl...

Sep 27 2016 by KenShine
Multiple Currencies and Stores

Hi Guys I run three businesses and would like to move them all from Magento to Shopify. The main issue I'm coming up against is this... On our Magento site we accept GBP £, USD $ and Euros. Our current website detects where the customer is from and directs them to a UK, Euro or USA site. All orders come to one backend so we can process all orders together.   I can't seem to fi...

Sep 26 2016 by KenShine
cant add product limit?

Why would I have to do all these edits OR download an app to be able to limit the purchase of a product.  Why cant this be a check box for the product page?  Doesnt make sense as this is a fundamental movement and every ecommerce option has this as a check mark

Mar 6 2017 by John Orozco
Accessing review information from Shopify

Good afternoon guys, I'm in the process of moving from Magento to Shopify and wondered how I can leverage the review information in Shopify please? I would like to be able to pull all reviews into a page dedicated to (What our customers say), and I'll randomly display these reviews (if possible). I would also like to be able to show an aggregated review in the footer of the site for examp...

May 3 2018 by Alex Kazlou
Advice for transferring site over to Shopify

Hello, I acquired this domain last year and I'm in the midst of redesigning the site from the ground up. I'll be transferring the domain over to Shopify and was looking for some advice on what I can do to ensure the existing traffice and sales are not affected. So far, I plan on submitting a sitemap to Google and will be managing 404 redirects. Is there any oth...

Oct 13 2016 by KenShine
Multi-Language Translation of Apps?

I'm hoping to move my multi-lingual store on Prestashop over to Shopify. I've installed and am testing out Langify, so far so good. However I will need a few different apps (product options, tabs, etc.) and am wondering how/if these can also be translated.  Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Sep 27 2016 by KenShine
Prestashop Migration to Shopify Questions

Hi! We have one shop built from scratch in shopify and love it.  Now we are planning to move our 1000+ product (18,000 customers) Prestashop over to Shopify.  We plan to use cart2cart for some of the migration, but I can't find any information about how to migrate these aspects from Prestashop to Shopify. 1.  Loyalty Points in Prestashop:  Loyalty Lion or Sweet Tooth should be able to han...

Shopify And Google Trusted Stores

Hello, Is Shopify looking to add Google Trusted Stores Integration or is this far off?  Thanks,

Jan 5 2017 by Igor Dernov
Need Help with Making Sales

Hi,  We just launched our website a couple months ago.  We're getting decent traffic to the site via a small PPC budget, some organic optimization, listing on directories, Facebook and Instagram and just started listing on Amazon also.  But sales are dismal. What do you see on our site that can be changed or improved?  What would keep you from buying from us?  A...

Mar 4 2018 by Jennie Warren
Dishonest Suppliers On AliExpress

Hi. I am not angry with Oberlo.  I am angry with AliExpress supplier. And MAYBE upset with doing business with Shopify. Problem With Supplier : I have tried to contact the supplier. But how to contact AliExpress to advise the supplier? Also, can I ask Oberlo (and Shopify?) to be careful or delete the supplier from Oberlo? Yesterday I added a product to my store costing $41.00 ... Today...

Mar 23 2018 by WenDu


Oct 27 2016 by vmw90
Color Swatch Liquid Code [Line Item Properties]

I’m attempting to create a product in shopify [using line-item properties] that has 5 different customizable sections and anywhere from 3-12 colors per area. Here is my code. I don’t have a live link available because it’s being designed for my employer and it has to be private until it’s completely finished. What’s wrong with this? Any ideas?   :) {% assign file_extension = 'png' %} {%...

Mar 11 2016 by Mark-RX
Shipping Transit Days Map on Checkout Page

I would like to add a Shipping Transit Map [like the image below] to our checkout page. We have had customers pay for overnight shipping when they would already get their order within 1 business day using UPS ground. The link here makes it sound like it's possible to include images on the checkout screens but then it doesn't even remotely explain how. Any ideas?!?

Apr 27 2015 by Mark-RX
[Free] App for Tracking Stock By Weight

Dear All, We are happy to announce our first and new app "Stock By Weight". Needy merchants can view the listing and install the app for free and give us feedback.  Benefits Track the stock by weight units. Easily find out how much stock is available Monitor weekly average sales (in weight units) Track the stock availability in weeks based on the previous orders (Weeks of Supply...

Aug 1 2016 by Cupel Apps
Stop Paying For Retargeting Apps! Here is how to do it for free!

Look this is not a sales pitch I am completely upset with these B******* Apps so I created a video to show you guys how to do it for free! Here you go Retargeting Video ! I also post a bunch of other free content on my page for you guys to check out rather than constantly spend money on brutal programs!

Jun 23 2017 by Jarrett