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5 days ago

WEBSITE - HOME PAGE not showing up in Google Search


A few weeks ago I discovered that a search in Google completely omits my main homepage.

Google results include my collection & product page and by ebay store, my articles hosted on wordpress etc - but the main homepage is completely missing from search results.

On Yahoo search however this shows up perfectly.

website is

I do not know how to solve this. Can someone please help?






3 days ago

Hey jm,

Do you have a Google Search Console account? You can use it to submit sitemaps (which pages Google has "on file" to crawl) and manage your overall SEO performance.

The other thing I'd suggest is getting SSL/TLS enabled (getting that "https" in your url) as Google penalizes non-https traffic



Nick Shopify Employee
1 day ago

Hi Jaina, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Really good question, SEO can be difficult to figure out on the best of days. 

If some of your other pages are showing up such as collection and product pages but the homepage doesn't seem to be, it could also be something to do with your keywords. It might be that the keywords on your collections and product pages are resonating with Googles search engine better than the homepage and thus providing the result for it more frequently. You can see the information guide Shopify has for adding keywords here

There are a couple of other SEO guides which I feel you might benefit from to help get your homepage seen better:

Last but not least, the content team at Shopify wrote a great blog post with an SEO checklist which I highly recommend going through to make sure you have everything in order. You can see the blog post here

I hope this helps and gives you some direction on what to do next. My best advice would be to work on the keywords side of things first. Something else I thought is that people going to your product and collections page first is not necessarily a bad thing either. 

Any other questions, just let me know. 

All the best, Nick