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March 30, 2009

Under Construction Page This post is outdated

Hi everyone, I'm creating my first shop with Shopify and I'm a bit lost. First, my shop is not running yet so I've password protected it using the general preferences in the admin panel. I would like to replace it by a customize "under construction page" instead (without the password field). I saw in the forums that there was a way to customize this page using notextile tags in the textarea in the admin panel (is there a cleaner way to do this now ?) Am I missing something here ? Thanks for the help, Sylvain
March 30, 2009

Hi Sylvain,

Welcome to the Shopify forums.

You can customize the password protected “under construction” page by specifying some code in the “message for your visitors” section (under Admin > Preferences).

You can format the message like a regular page, but the easiest way to do it is just use a html image tag.

HTH, Gavin.

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sceccaldi Member
March 30, 2009

Thanks for your answer. I thought there might be an editable template somewhere (I saw it announced in a previous post with the 404 and search pages) but your solution will be fine.

Thanks again,

raygun Member
May 10, 2009

Is there a way to change the green Shopify company color to match the website theme of the store being hosted?

Last edited May 20, 2009

You sure can! put something like this in the Message for your visitors section.

#system_status,#Login p{display:none;}
#title{background:#1754A1;color:#fff;font-weight:bold;padding:2px 5px;}
<div id="title">[MyGreatSite].com is Under Maintenance</div>
[MyGreatSite] is currently being upgraded to better serve your needs.
Please check back shortly & check out what's new!

You’ll probably want to keep the password field though so you can login ;-)

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