April 03, 2012

Testing This post is outdated

Shopify should come up with a better way to test transactions.  After making my first sale, I was cruising along fat, dumb and happy until I got an email from a customer, well ex-customer, that was unable to to complete their purchase due to a gateway error.

I immediately jumped on and set my processor up in test mode and attempted a transaction and got the same result.  After some time with their support team and resetting the transaction key, all was well again.

I resolved to test the site every morning and did that for a couple of days until while checking this site for recommended testing plans, I discovered this was going to cost me big time unless I disputed the charges. 

Maybe that's not a hassle, I haven't gotten the invoice yet, but it seems pretty silly to have to go through that every month and I don't want to have to dispute 30 odd transactions each month.

The bogus payment setup is ideal when first starting out to check out Shopify, but once you're hooked up to a transaction processor there ought to be a convenient way to test the entire transaction process without encurring any charges.  I have no idea why it quit working and when it will go belly up next.

What is the test mode check box for on the transaction tab?  If Shopify and the transaction processor could both be put into test mode, it seems like it would make life better for everyone.  One thing I did learn from this forum is that I'm not the only one with this problem.

April 03, 2012

What's the name of the crappy payment gateway?


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April 04, 2012

Having just returned from my Shopify account page, it looks like they do indeed provide a no cost testing mode.  Wish it was documented someplace other than where it's used.  All of the articles here that refer to testing just mention the submit and dispute routine.

Seems this is important enough to be documented someplace.  Maybe it's in a blog somewhere.