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Shopify vs. Wordpress? This post is outdated

Hi, I'm testing Shopify and comparing costs / features / ease of use to using WordPress. 

Who of you had WordPress stores and decided to switch to Shopify? Can you give me your reasons? What are the biggest pluses of Shopify vs. a WordPress e-commerce theme/plug-in? What are the cons?

I'd also be very interested in your experience with hosting large digital downloads if you've done that.

Thank you for your experience.

Little Lalu Shopify Partner
November 02, 2011

I moved from Wordpress to Shopify a few months ago and it was the best move I could have made!!

Wordpress is a cheaper option but Shopify makes up for it in features, reliability, super fast loading pages, amazing, friendly and super fast support and how easy it is to customize a theme. I don't really like php but .liquid is brilliant and so much easier to learn.

Hope that helps!


November 02, 2011

You know, at first, I thought Shopify was a lot more expensive, but when I started adding up costs like image hosting, the extra I'm paying for security, etc. The cost isn't that much different. I'm looking more at features now. Affiliate program, can I offer free downloads, gift certificates, security, the shopper's experience, etc. 

I'm going through and making a list of what I need, pro's and cons, and trying to figure out if Shopify can do everything for me. I'm very tempted! Thanks for your answer. Hope others chime in too. :-)

Jamie Chief Officer of Funness shopify.com/plus
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If you're using WP to sell I would add PCI compliance/security to your list. That's a biggie.

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November 02, 2011

Yeah, besides wanting to improve my customer experience, I was hacked twice in the last month with WordPress - which is why I'm looking around. I'm either going to use Shopify or switch my WP blog to managed hosting.

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